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Letter to Jack Herer: 'My Wonderful Fortune'

A letter to, from a friend of Jack Herer's.

Laurence Cherniak and Jack Herer
Photo by: JEROEN ROELEVELD (Amsterdam)

(HANOVER, Ontario) - (Forward: Hemp Icon Jack Herer, author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" had a heart attack last weekend at Hempstalk in Portland, Oregon. Jack & his wife Jeannie are friends of, and we have been covering the event with as much respect as possible over the last few days. Last Friday, a news organization released an article claiming that Jack had died, when in fact he had not. Moreover, the writer was extremely disrespectful toward Jack. We called the hospital and confirmed that the information was false, and quickly published the fact that Jack was very much alive, and remained in critical condition. It is an honor to receive and publish this response from one of Jack's oldest friends. For background, here is Tim King's article on the false media report on Jack Herer: Portland Media Group Releases False Report About Jack Herer's Death - Tim King

Dear Tim King,

Many thanks to you and Bonnie King of for your kind and much valued attention to Jack’s situation.

Thanks also for using the word ‘peeved’ in the beginning of relating to how “Friends of Jack Herer’s were (and rightly so) .... because of the media headline “Portland Media Group Releases False Report About Jack Herer's Death.

Peeved certainly is the right word partly because of the following understandings and forgiveness which now leads to Jack in a slightly more stable condition and is more conducive, over time, to him recovering...and gives us, some, time (as you so kindly mentioned) Tim “to celebrate Jack”, because he is still with us.

As one of Jack’s first and most encouraging source friends, (not only) in the world of Hemp (regardless of anything funny or weird that anyone, or even Jack says, especially to tease me) it behoves me to pay careful attention to the current situation, considering how profound Jack’s and my relationship has always been since I first took care of him back in the early 1970’s, about 40 years of history.

That was, well before, (seems like just last month) I picked him up at the Amsterdam airport, one morning to go touring through Europe, in the late (fabulous weather), summer and early fall of 2006.

The countryside was waiting for us, I told Jack as we drove though small towns and villages, enjoying being alive and together. I made a point of driving, as much as possible, on secondary roads. It was more pleasurable in many ways; or so Jack could get some sleep anytime he liked (as the days went by he had some really good rests).

Anyone who has Jack in their car knows he’s the world’s 2nd biggest back seat driver when it comes to thick traffic, unless Jack is asleep. I am not sure who beats him as the 1st biggest back seat driver, but there must be someone.

Any intense speed driving was out of the question. We had every good reason to take our time (especially because of it being that beautiful time of the year). So, I often drove like a back road country chauffeur, with Jack being my tie-dyed, ribbon wrapped package; it helped him to totally chill. We often easily stopped anywhere we liked for all kinds of fun reasons (more stories those are) :) Almost the only time it made sense to drive on the freeways, was when we decided, we were both up for it, on an overnight jaunt (a few more stories those are) :). We were definitely not like tourists (more stories those are) :)*1. Jack could see how much fun I was having taking care of him, with my linguistics (am always learning more), to speak each language in every country (more stories those are) :) that we went through, on that approximately 5,000 miles tour, with Jack was my co-pilot.

Jack never had to seriously worry about us being stranded etc, even for a second, knowing I could handle any situation and did.

Jack loved it, (he was in heaven) (more stories about that, for sure, there are) :) that, no one could ever mess with us. He watched with eyes of amazement, some of the times that his wishes included my exchanging impressions of life with what was or were not the locals. Jack’s eyes would smile and smile. Sometimes I would have them join me, to take care of him, for having anything he wished or loved, and then present him with it. Indeed there were a few times I also had to graciously dissipate situations (at one border crossing coming to Germany from Switzerland), then not much later (about an hour) that dark night, again a female and male police team, in Germany stopped us. Rarely did he have any concerns to think like at that time when we were alone (that one dark very late at night), since he had a handsome collection of pills to take regularly, due to his previous health (heart attack) encounters (some of which I knew plenty about and had come to his aid several years before, when he was living in Burbank, California). As well there was a little cannabis medicine, (which almost everyone we met, okay it was everyone, kindly donated) all along the way. They loved to impress us with the gifts which they had and shared.

We travelled through the resplendent European/French and Spanish countryside with awesome (late summer and fall) colors topped off with gorgeous sunsets. That tour’s purpose was to take lots of photos (of Jack with me and our mutual friends who virtually always invited other people who often really wished to meet us) (more stories there are) :) for the numerous pages, in the book dedicated to Jack; which is about to be published, in the next few weeks. Jack is an integral part to a grand promotion of this 3rd edition (in English) of my first book, which, as is now mentioned, dedicated to Jack and two other very special people, my son Osiris and Paul McCartney who all share, on the 18th of June, their birthday. JACK and I, for sure, during those three weeks, in Europe were very focused. We were once again discussing our affecting the architecture and engineering in defining a real structure to the word freedom. Another golden brick road resting on a rainbow, for as many people as possible to know that they too can make history in ways that more people should be able to ... that we ALL should be able to (and will) as (and) when we so choose. That is, especially, when contributing to the betterment of humanity now and for future generations. Concepts and theories which will filter on (into the higher times) that society will experience for millenniums to come. That is where we are now, on the threshold of inspiring and encouraging each other more and more, all the time, every second of every day = love).

Conversations like that, often went on for many hours, daily. Jack only sometimes thought I was (well you may know what a tease he can be).

In that book, actually 4 different languages this time, is a dedication to Jack (encompassing more than 32 pages. It will be no surprise when Jack sees it, upon his, soon to be recovery, but he will still be impressed with the art work which he loves. No one has ever done anything visually and textually, with so much cooperation from their community, like this, before and neither have I.

Deepest thanks should be mentioned to Ben Dronkers of Sensi Seeds who initially, was a major part of inspiring this form of a dedication and tour. It’s been a wonderful lesson for me.

In it, a great many of us proudly shout, from the roof-tops, to Jack Herer. Jack is featured (most prominently) like he so easily deserves. It is only one of the many limitless thanks, to come, from each of us for Jack’s loving devotion to our common visions on freedom. Subsequent to that we have to find a way to..., even though I am sure you, Tim, actually, have (indeed) seen this type of mistake made often, maybe not under exactly the same cloak of exploitation and sensationalism but certainly under very similar types of brazen “ignoranus” behaviour. “Ignoranus” is a recently invented word by a Mensa genius. (It is a word basically made up limiting its creator, to only change one letter. as anyone can see it means “someone who is stupid and an asshole (sometimes), = ignoranus.”

I urge everyone who is peeved to consider all this as a mere merde, (side theatre) revery, while Jack is in a very serious condition. I do know that from Jack’s point of view, when he comes into consciousness and learns about it, it will be very humorous to him. Jack will pass it off like he often has with most people no matter how much he might blasphem them one minute, he invariably has leant to forgive them as we all evolve to doing eventually.

I can assure you, that those of us who know Jack, much like those who knew Mark Twain in his time, will laughingly smile with a wry grin, just as I see Jack doing so and loving it.

This will however probably be about Jack the cat’s 6th or 7th life and we all wish and many pray that it is not, indeed, his last.

While I see that the person who wrote the lie about Jack is now known in this forum, it doesn’t really matter who wrote the article because the initial start of the shock did not really get to set in. It did not precede a horrific tsunami. It was only a rumor and never materialized.

In a very short time, it quickly lost its momentum. Thanks to our internet’s technology, that rumor fizzled the raining of tears to fuel any such horrible, disastrous wave that none of us should be awash in, especially if it meant that Jack had been whirl-pooled away, out of sight, from us who love him and care about the pain he’s been in, while sacrificing so much, (of his time, more than anything else), for so many people who truly ‘need’ help and encouragement. I know this (since he and I have discussed these things for hours on end while we travelled so closely together, so often in the past and will again in the future, of this I am sure.

I am dancing to see Jack live and present him with many copies of this new edition of the book that he will be gracing with his special presence and many smiles especially when we are both signing them.

Yes, it is sad, Tim, that there are vindictive people like that but, with the internet helping us all to be able to move into more disclosure and accountability it doesn’t take long (anymore - just like truth easily surfaced quickly about Jack still being here, alive and struggling as he often has before, in our world) to see who the frauds, scam artists, liars, cheats and ignoranus’ are.

Thank you again Tim for being so very sincere in your writings; knowing what it means to be a real journalist especially from the photo and graphic points of view. Thank you for joining us in our support and loving wishes for Jack. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you, very much, for this opportunity to share with you, Bonnie and the rest of the world my wonderful fortune.

*1 Jack, after one of those kinds of occasions, wished to debate that he was :) I reassured him, if he was with me, he wasn’t. (a few times later Jack talked about it again laughingly), but not for the reasons that most people would think, but rather more for what really makes Jack, Jack Herer the Great. And yes (more stories those are) :)


Visionary Peace Activist: Actor/Director/Published Writer/Photo-Journalist/Poet/Painter/Traveller/Linguist/Speaker/Historian. Designed original Canadian Actor’s Equity logo, Best photo tribute to Toronto’s 1992 World Series Champs. His portrait painting “My Honey and Me” launched 1st Annual Toronto Arts Week etc. He is one of the fist Canadians to endorse the 1st World March for Peace and Non-Violence.

Laurence is also well known as the first person in the world to do any close up photography of Hemp's cousin products, namely Hashish and its Cannabis Culture (on an international level). He is very well known to Hashish and Marijuana aficionados all over the world. Before Laurence's 1st trilogy "The Great Books of Hashish" subtitled ("Researching the Pleasures of the High Society") there were no close up photos, anywhere in the world that glorified Hashish. The only photos anyone had ever seen of Hashish before The Great Books of Hashish were the photos seen, in newspapers, when police authorities were arresting the contraband from smugglers and if possible them with it.

Laurence is also the only person ever to be listed on HighTimes Magazine's Masthead as International Correspondent, a position he also enjoyed with HIGHLIFE magazine, out of Nederland, (home of the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam). One of Laurence's photos graces the cover of the most sold issue of HighTimes magazine. That "best selling" issue also featured in the centerfold (of a three part set of consecutive centerfolds) entitled "Marijuana Around the World) which same photos are also featured in the popular movie series "The Drug Years" No set of books or book has seeded the cannabis culture more than this 1st trilogy.

Notwithstanding the point of view from which anyone approaches this subject Laurence's books are a valuable addition to our library on human behavior. Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, Ph.D., Jeffrey Professor, Director, Botanical Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1983 AD.

Laurence combines scholarly research, anthropological sensitivity, photographic genius, and human insight to remind us that these holy plants come from the earth, are cultivated by people close to the land, and used by those who wish to remain in union with life. These are beatuful affirmative books. "Dr. Timothy Leary. 1982 AD

I first saw Laurence's books in the early '70's. No one, even comes close to Laurence's comprehensive photos and editorials. All these years have passed and Laurence can still be proud of having the finest photographs of cannabis and hashish that I have ever seen. I grew up on his books."
Jack Herer, Author, The Emperer Wears No Clothes,2,3.html

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LAURENCE CHERNIAK November 7, 2009 6:24 pm (Pacific time)

Dear DdC

Thanks for your welcome addition to this story about our dear hero and warrior Jack Herer. For sure there was a great sigh of much relief for people to hear that Jack came out of that induced coma and is now recovering.

... and that his mission, our mission, to bring hemp into the spotlight, as more, (is more than an answer) for the multiple problems it can solve. We can help that more by saying to ourselves more too. (e.g.) Most times people have said "Hemp Can Save the World".  

I would love to hear more people say and write. "Hemp WILL Save the World".

Thanks again for your kind support.

Warmest regards,

laurence.  :)

October 13, 2009 4:36 pm (Pacific time)
Jack Herer Strives To Recover While The Fight For Hemp Goes On Jack Herer is recovering from a heart attack, but his mission to bring hemp into the spotlight as an answer for multiple problems, continues.

LAURENCE CHERNIAK November 7, 2009 6:18 pm (Pacific time)

Dear Anonymous, Thank you very much for your kind and welcome comments about Jack being out of ICU. I know what that is like and would not wish it on anyone, especially Jack. I am sure you are right about everyone's support vibes helping to cosmically make a difference to Jack's recovery. Yes, let's all keep it up and please accept my sincerest apologies for not getting back to you sooner about your comments. Am busy with my next, soon to be release set of 4 editions of the Great Books of Hashish due out in these next few weeks. I can hardly wait to send a bunch of copies to Jack as another way to help cheer him up. Warmest regards, laurence. :)

LAURENCE CHERNIAK November 7, 2009 6:13 pm (Pacific time)

Dear David from Abbotsford: Thank you for your incisive comments and especially your kind and welcome comments towards Jack's 100% total recovery. As for the rest of your comments, nothing could be closer to the truth especially regarding the number of happy families which have been destroyed. Having, what is really a “war on freedom” going on/flourishing, is what the media thrive on, especially regarding how much the USA (with bared fangs) was still insisting in leading the world to stomp on all the smuggling that had been going on. During the last 25 years, millions people, all over the world, who sometimes made a living being involved in unstable smuggling have turned to growing their own, to by-pass all the concerns about smuggling. Now cagillions of individuals, all over the world are growing pot more than ever before, especially for personal use, just like people all over the world people have their own vegetable garden. We have basically won this war and now have to finish cleaning up what we have started which I certainly intend to do my part to not take as long as it did for everyone to recognize that we had won this war back in the late 1960's. I could see, even then that we had won but knew it would be some time before the rest of the world would see it especially those mercenary government thugs you mention who work for the elitists and do not give a fig about anyone else but their own immortality. I hope to hook up with you again really soon and thanks a ca-zillion for the great visit I had with you last time we met. ...laurence.

DdC October 13, 2009 4:36 pm (Pacific time)

Jack Herer Strives To Recover While The Fight For Hemp Goes On Jack Herer is recovering from a heart attack, but his mission to bring hemp into the spotlight as an answer for multiple problems, continues.

Anonymous October 5, 2009 1:03 pm (Pacific time)

"Emperor of Hemp" Jack Herer Improving, Moved Out of ICU Jack's awake and out of ICU. He's not talking yet or moving around much. He starts physical therapy on Monday. I just want to thank everyone so much for all the prayers and good wishes. They really seem to be working. Progress will probably be slow so please keep it up.

LAURENCE CHERNIAK September 26, 2009 8:42 am (Pacific time)

Dear David, I would be delighted to have someone else drive, you betcha (at least most of the time too). There’s times I just happen to like to drive though. Then you could be doing something else with either of your hands :) Glad you “very enjoyed” the read. Thank you also for your most welcome comments for Jack to recover and all involved, especially Jeannie and Jack’s family to come through this very difficult time with excellent health. Best wishes to you to. laurence.

David from Abbotsford September 24, 2009 12:53 pm (Pacific time)

I hope that Jack recovers 100%. The world needs to have the hypocricy of the war on cannabis continually exposed. Too many of us have suffered irreperable harm at the hands of mercenary government thugs who should ALL be made to find HONEST jobs where they could do something USEFUL and PRODUCTIVE for society and for themselves instead of being nothing more than parasites sucking off of the public tit while they destory decent people and happy families!

LAURENCE CHERNIAK September 23, 2009 3:40 pm (Pacific time)

Dear Jacks Girlzz, Thank you sooooo much for your loving thoughts and prayers. Your continued support is appreciated every hour that Jack comes closer to being with us. XXX/000 :) cheers, laurence

David - NYC September 23, 2009 7:32 am (Pacific time)

A very enjoyable read Laurence Next time I know I will be driving ! Sending very best wishes to Jack for a fast, complete and painless recovery ... and very best wishes to Jeannie and Jack's family for the strength to get thru a very difficult time Love and very best wishes for excellent health David

LAURENCE CHERNIAK September 22, 2009 6:39 am (Pacific time)

Dear Linda, Thank you, for joining in to supporti Jack, along with the so many other folks, you mention, who have stories too. Sending all these spiritual messages to Jack, at this time, more than ever before, brings everyone rewards, which comes from more than his shouting and fighting for his own beliefs. We all love Jack because he is also shouting and fighting for us. Jack believes in us. Yes, we are all truly blessed to know him and have gigs with him. Please allow me to share with you the following about “HEMP CAN SAVE THE WORLD”, which is “HEMP WILL SAVE THE WORLD and it already is. Linda, many thanks for writing to us with your kind, good wishes, of love, in blessing Jack, his family, extended family and supporters. laurence.

Jacks Girlzzz September 21, 2009 8:30 pm (Pacific time)

We are praying and love you sooooo much! Get Well Soon!! XXX/000

LAURENCE CHERNIAK September 21, 2009 9:48 pm (Pacific time)

Hey Kushes, Thanks for your support :) Yes, Jack is immortalized because he is an interplanetary soul (not just on earth but into and beyond this galaxy). Jack is indeed exactly as you've wonderfully stated "a Saint". A Saint, which is very likely why virtually every other media (in the world) other than the Salem-news, is turning away from. Shame on them while they are in the same state as that ignoranus who tried to spread that most hurtful, to all of us, rumor of death. Being afraid of a true peace-loving Saint is where they are at, amazing. I am sure, that, when Jack soon comes smiling and flying out of that slumber, the illumination will be seen, from as far away as Mercury (his birth sign’s planet). That's how strong his and all of our souls are. We will be able to pick up the light and shine with his Saintly smile and sparkling eyes across that vast distance. It is certain, that awesome reflection of us and Jack will be seen, in the eyes and hearts of millions. Its illumination will be brighter than the sun ever was, in celebration of our Saint Geezer, who's time, definitely, has not yet come! inshallah. Thanks again. laurence

LAURENCE CHERNIAK September 21, 2009 5:05 pm (Pacific time)

Dear Jacks Our Hero. Thanks for reading through the story and enjoying it virtually as much as Jack and I did living through it and of course as much as I enjoyed writing it as a part of a greater work about Jack and myself.. There were so many great moments and I look forward to sharing more of them. So many funny things, that we experienced and so much good vibes all around. It was an experience of a life time for Jack and myself because of how much, so many people came out to meet us wherever we were visiting. I look forward to sharing all those adventures beyond what is in those 32 pages in the 4 new editions of that 1st book, from the 1st trilogy of The Great Books Of Hashish. The photos of us together are often a real hoot and the resources which were gathered for the imaging that I was able to do with the patrons of the works involved, as well, has been just what I dreamed it would be, pure love of art and HighTimes for all. Thanks for you continued support and thanks for your kind and welcome comments about Salem-news for keeping us all informed. If it was not for Salem-news you and I and Jack (I am sure who must be sensing all this is going on and meant to wake him), would not be communicating now. From my own new experiences with Salem-news I can assure you Salem-news is delighted *but also concerned* to now be the only source of what the real news is with Jack. As for being the best, you too are are the best for hanging in and (you too) are also heros. I look forward to hooking up with you any time. Wamest regards,


Linda Sturdivant September 21, 2009 6:59 pm (Pacific time)

Thank You for your story. So many folks have sories, of Jack, and his power and strength to shout about and fight for what he believes in. I am truly blessed to have met him, and even had a gig, in our small town, in Marin County,to watch him shout his words*HEMP CAN SAVE THE WORLD* God Bless Jack, his family, extended family and supporters, We love you Jack. Linda

Da Kushes September 21, 2009 2:41 pm (Pacific time)

Jack, you have reached immortality before your death, a rarity on this planet usually reserved for saints. Get better soon, ya geezer, it's not your time yet!

LAURENCE CHERNIAK September 21, 2009 1:50 pm (Pacific time)

Dear Marting Rodriguez, and thank you for your kind comments. Much appreciated. Yes, we all would be so very happy to hear that good news about Jack's speedy and complete recovery. It would make so many people, all over the world, ecstatic. Saludos. laurence.

Jacks Our Hero September 21, 2009 1:36 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you so much for the great story. Our family's eyes were opened by Mr. Herer's books, we love you Jack..get well Soon!! Also we THANK YOU Salem-news For keeping us informed, you all are the best!

Martin Rodriguez September 21, 2009 9:46 am (Pacific time)

Thank you Laurence for sharing this wonderful story. We are all hoping for Jack's speedy and complete recovery.

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