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The Terror Continues for Children in Gaza

Israeli forces fired dozens of tear gas and stun grenades at school kids on Tuesday.

gaza children
Israeli Forces fired tear gas and stun grenades at kids walking to school Tuesday.

(GAZA, Palestine) - Today on the route to school at the Salaymeh checkpoint, Hebron, Israeli Forces fired 29 rounds of tear gas and 5 stun grenades at kids walking to school.

The morning started off peacefully. Children passed through the checkpoint without problem. Then, the word on the street got around that two Palestinians had been murdered by the Israeli army.

Israeli Forces had a clear presence at the checkpoint from the start. A few small stones were thrown by a handful of young boys, but they landed nowhere near the checkpoint.

Suddenly, three Israeli Border police swapped their soft hats for helmets and proceeded to fire the first round of tear gas at the children.

29 tear gas canisters were fired and 5 stun grenades in total. This was extremely excessive and unnecessary as the Israeli border police were clearly in no danger.

The amount of tear gas fired at the children required immediate medical attention, and two ambulances arrived at the school.

A Palestinian teacher said that 30 school children and 15 teachers suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation. It is also worth noting that a nearby retail shop also had to shut due to tear gas entering the premises.



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doesn't matter October 3, 2014 10:39 pm (Pacific time)

Whoa, my post posted AND I got responses, rad - looks like I touched a nerve or 2 eh? I noticed neither of you addressed my point tho, odd. Instead I got insulted by "anonymous", whom I assume is one of those tolerant Obama voters...? AmIright? And, no, sorry Franny, I'm no racist nor paid messenger. Just one of the many supporters of Israel (also not Anti-Palestine) interested in offering solutions, not whining about problems.

fran September 25, 2014 6:57 am (Pacific time)

wow. thats two stories in a row about gaza that had some racist anti- palestinian rant posted as the first response. Luckily everyone knows that there are israeli and pro- israeli propagandists who are paid to scour the net and post this kind of hatred in response to any article that shows even a little support for the palestinians.

Anonymous September 24, 2014 6:49 am (Pacific time)

To the last person that commented here "doesn't matter"...of course it doesn't matter, you're a heartless bastard. Children aren't "put", they LIVE and go to school in this homeland where their families have been for hundreds and hundreds of years. YOU, however, are deemed unacceptable by all social standards. Please do not reproduce.

doesn't matter September 23, 2014 10:35 pm (Pacific time)

Tell the Palestinians to keep the little future terrorists out of the way and stories like this will cease. OR better yet - the world of journalism could stop writing articles of this nature, thereby eliminating the reason the Palestinians put the chilluns'' there in the first place. Just a thought... I'll be sorely disappointed if this is deemed 'unacceptable" by "people"

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