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Attack on the Mavi Marmara - Names of the Israeli Navy Commandos Released

174 soldiers who took part of the military operation are detected and photos of 148 of them have been found.

Israelis who attacked the Mavi Marmara
Special thanks to Silvia Cattori

(ROME) - The Turkish daily Sabah issued, on 26 September 2011, a list of 174 names of soldiers and Israeli military officials identified by the Turkish intelligence services (MIT) as having taken part in the attack against the Mavi Marmara, in May 2010, attack that resulted in the deaths of nine members of the NGO Turks IHH.

Soldiers found on Facebook

Further information has been revealed during the investigation on the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara ship. It includes nearly all the names of the soldiers who took part in the team that attacked the Mavi Marmara and killed 9 civilians and injured more than 30 people. According to Turkish daily Sabah, Turkish prosecutors pressed the button after the Israeli government did not give any response to the Turkish jurisdiction.

The Turkish intelligence unit scanned the images of the attack second by second; the detected profile images were compared in Facebook and other social sites to find the names of the soldiers who participated in the attack.


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The conversations of the Israeli soldiers, who used the social media sites, are scanned line by line. The conversations were evaluated by experts who also know Hebrew.

Once a soldier’s Facebook profile is detected, then other soldiers are reached through the friend list. The names of the soldiers have also been confirmed by the Israeli sources of the Turkish intelligence.

The intelligence unit also investigated the photos taken by Israeli press during IDF’s special unit Shayetet 13’s visit to naval base in Atlit. The written and visual media of the moment of attack and after it are also described. The Israeli commandos’ faces were detected and identification information was correlated.

These names are included the list of names provided by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, one of the organizers of the Freedom Flotilla.

174 soldiers who took part of the military operation are detected and photos of 148 of them have been found. The names of the Israeli soldiers and commanders are located in a schema according to the chain of command.

The prosecutor sends the names in the schema to the Israeli authorities to ask whether the soldiers took part in the attack or not. According to the Turkish intelligence unit’s report, the primary person responsible of the attack is Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The cabinet decisions are mandatory to Prime minister to give the order of the operation.

Therefore, all the members of the cabinet are also responsible of the attack. Israeli Minister of the Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak are considered the primary responsible in its being given the order of attack. However, the names of the military authorities are not included on the schema.

Photos of the 155 Soldiers

According to the hierarchal order, the responsible listed as: Chief of General Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, the Commander of the Israeli Navy Aluf Eli Marom, the head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Amos Yadlin and the commanders of the special unit of IDF, Shayetet 13, Ami Ayalon, Zeev Almog, and two other naval officers commanding the raid on the ship, whose names cannot be detect. The schema is included also the names and the photographs of the 148 soldiers who followed the orders. The photographs of the 10 soldiers whose names cannot be detect send to the prosecutor. The prosecutor, asked the names of the all the soldiers who took part in the attack, to the Israeli Chief of General Stuff.

The Names of the Soldiers:

Avi Peled,
Aviad Perri,
Aviel Siman,
Avihay Wizman,
Avihu Ben Zahar,
Avishay Levi,
Avishay Shasha,
Aviv Edri,
Aviv Kochavi,
Aviv Mendelowitz,
Baruch (Barry) Berlinsky,
Basam Alian,
Ben-Zion (Benzi) Gruver,
Bnaya Sarel,
Boaz Dabush,
Boaz Rubin,
Boris Schuster,
Dado Bar- Kalifa,
Dan Dolberg,
Dan Harel,
Daniel Kotler,
David Shapira,
David Slovozkoi,
David Zini,
Eden Atias,
Eden Atias,
Efraim Aviad Tehila,
Efraim Avni,
Eitan Ben-Gad,
Elad Chachkis,
Elad Itzik,
Elad Shoshan,
Elad Yakobson,
Eli Fadida,
Eli Yafe,
Eliezer Shkedi,
Elik Sror,
Eran Karisi,
Erez Sa’adon,
Eyal Eizenberg,
Eyal Handelman,
Eyal Zukowsky,
Gil Shen,
Gur Rozenblat,
Gur Schreibmann,
Guy Givoni,
Guy Hazut,
Haggai Amar,
Hanan Schwart,
Harel Naaman,
Hila Yafe,
Ido Nechushtan,
Ilan Malka,
Itay Virob,
Liran Nachman,
Michelle Ben-Baruch,
Miki Ohayon,
Moshe Tamir,
Nadav Musa,
Nathan Be’eri,
Nezah Rubin,
Nimrod Schefer,
Nir Ohayon,
Niv Samban,
Noam Keshwisky,
Ofek Gal,
Ofer Lahad,
Ofer Levi,
Ofer Winter,
Ofer Zafrir,
Ofir Edri,
Ohad Girhish,
Ohad Najme,
Omer Dori,
Omri Dover,
Or Nelkenbaum,
Oren Bersano,
Oren Cohen,
Oren Kupitz,
Oren Zini,
Pinkhas Buchris,
Raz Sarig,
Ron Asherov,
Ron Levinger,
Ron Shirto,
Ronen Dan,
Ronen Dogmi,
Roi Elkabetz,
Roi Oppenheimer,
Roi Weinberger,
Sahar Abargel,
Shai Belaich,
Shaked Galin,
Sharon Itach,
Shaul Badusa,
Shay Unger,
Shimon Siso,
Shiran Mussa,
Shlomit Tako,
Tal Alkobi,
Tal Bendel,
Tal Kommemi,
Tal Ruso,
Tamir Oren,
Tamir Yadai,
Tom Cohen,
Tomer Meltzmann,
Geva Rapp,
Tslil Birbir,
Udi Sagie,
Uri Ron,
Yair Keinan,
Yair Palay,
Ya’akov(Yaki) Dolf,
Yaniv Zolicha,
Yaron Finkelman,
Yaron Simsulo,
Yehosua (Shuki) Ribak,
Yehu Ofer,
Yehuda Fuchs,
Yehuda Hacohen,
Yigal Slovik,
Yigal Sudri,
Yizhar Yona,
Yoav Galant,
Yoav Gertner,
Yoav Mordechai,
Yochai Siemann,
Yochanan Locker,
Yom-Tov Samia,
Yonathan Barenski,
Yonathan Felman,
Yoni Weitzner,
Yossi Abuzaglo,
Yossi Bahar,
Yossi Beidaz,
Yotam Dadon,
Yishai Ankri,
Yishai Green,
Yuval Halamish,
Zion Bramli,
Zion Shankour,
Ziv Danieli,
Ziv Trabelsi,
Zuf Salomon,
Zvi Fogel,
Zvi Yehuda Kelner.

September 26, 2011.

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