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Hempstalk: Cannabis Culture and the Fight For Equality

The message of Hempstalk and cannabis advocates across this state still has not been heard

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - portland hempstalkPortland’s annual Hempstalk Harvest Festival advocates decriminalization of cannabis for medicinal, industrial, and social use in Oregon and across the United States.

Founded in 2005 by The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation (THCF), the festival takes place on September 24- 25 in Waterfront Park, and features food vendors, live music, guest speakers and craft booths. This public event has always been free to attend.

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Fatal Crash on Highway 99W Claims Life of Newberg Man

HWY 99W was closed for approximately three hours.

(LAFAYETTE, Ore.) - fatal crash on Highway 99WWednesday afternoon, just before 2 p.m., emergency responders were notified of a serious injury crash on Highway 99W near Stoller Rd, two miles north of Lafayette.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a 2007 Ford pickup, pulling a dual axle utility trailer loaded with gravel, was southbound on Highway 99W, when for unknown reasons, veered right onto the southbound shoulder and then veered left into the oncoming northbound lane of travel.

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Help the Environment by Starting at Home

Cut back on your carbon footprint while simultaneously reducing your monthly bills.

(SALEM, Ore.) - honeybeeThe world is in an interesting position nowadays. Due to advancements in technology and the level of connection made possible by the internet more and more people are aware of the impact of the human race on the planet.

Though there are those that want to pretend as if this is not a problem, most sensible people can easily see that action must be taken in order to keep the planet thriving for the survival of the human species.

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FDA - Opioids for Pediatric Patients - How could you get it so wrong?

"The FDA reached this life-threatening decision without regard for the lives of children..."

(MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.) - FDA angry officialThe purpose of the two-day meeting was to discuss prescription opioid analgesics for pediatric patients. The FDA experts and their egos were in plentiful supply as they fell over each other condoning opioids for pediatric patients.

Unfortunately the audience in the large auditorium was sparsely attended -- no Partnership for a Drug Free Kids and no advocacy organizations.

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Hwy 18 Two-Vehicle Crash Claims Two Lives

Slick roads during the first major rainfall in some time may have contributed to the crash.

(OTIS, Ore.) - Hwy 18  fatal accidentA two vehicle crash about 6:40 pm Saturday claimed the lives of two 20-year old women and injured others.

Police say a 1999 Honda Civic was traveling eastbound on Highway 18, just east of Lincoln City, when it failed to negotiate a corner on the wet roadway. The Honda slid into the oncoming lane where it collided with a westbound 2010 Kia Soul.

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Mavi Marmara Court Case to Continue at Caglayan

10 innocent people killed, 56 innocent people injured, 700+ innocent people abused. The trial continues.

(ISTANBUL, TR) - mavi marmaraOn trial for murder are Israeli Chief of Staff Rau Gabiel Ashkenazi, Commander of Naval Forces Eliezer Alfred Maron, Air Force Intelligence Director Avishay Levi and Israeli Intelligence Amos Yadlin. An Interpol notice was issued for these four defendants.

The families of 10 martyrs killed on board Mavi Marmara flagship when it got attacked by Israeli military forces are following the trial. They will be present in the courtroom during this hearing as well.

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Statement by the President on the Explosions in New York City and New Jersey

"By showing those who want to do us harm that they will never beat us, by showing the entire world that as Americans we do not, and never will, give in to fear" ~ President Obama

(NEW YORK CITY) - Good morning, everybody. I want to say a few words about the explosions that occurred here in New York City and New Jersey and the other devices that have been found in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on in New York and New Jersey, we’re also focused on the stabbing attack at the shopping mall in Minnesota. At this point, we see no connection between that incident and what happened here in New York and New Jersey.

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The Future Cries Out: Water Is Life

Sometimes the forces of corporate supremacy don’t get the final word.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Salem-News.comThis isn’t Flint, Michigan, but I feel the presence of its suffering in this cry of outrage at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. No more, no more.

You will not poison our water or continue ravaging Planet Earth: mocking its sacredness, destroying its eco-diversity, reshaping and slowly killing it for profit.

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Merkley, Wyden Move Columbia River Restoration Act Forward

Legislation to be included in water infrastructure package that could pass Senate as soon as this week

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Columbia River Today, Oregon’s Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden announced that the Columbia River Restoration Act is moving forward as part of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), which is expected to pass the Senate as soon as this week.

The legislation was added to WRDA as part of a broader amendment agreed to by Democratic and Republican leaders on the Environment and Public Works Committee.

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20-Year Old Man Killed in Crash with Freightliner

The Ranger collided with a northbound Freightliner pulling double trailers loaded with lumber.

(HUBBARD, Ore.) - Salem-News.comTuesday morning, just before 8 a.m., OSP Troopers and emergency personnel responded to the report of a two vehicle collision on Highway 99E near milepost 26, north of Hubbard.

According to Trooper Freitag, the investigation revealed a white 2008 Ford Ranger operated by 20-year old Andrew Pine, of Hubbard, was travelling southbound when, for unknown reasons, he crossed into the oncoming lane of travel.

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Alpha Alternative Solutions in Keizer, OR.
Alpha Alternative Solutions is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary located in Keizer, Oregon. Our Happy Hour specials are from Sun-Thurs 12p - 3p. Open to both recreational and OMMP. (September 13, 2016 16:20)

University of Portland Ranked in the Top Ten Regional Universities in the American West

UP is ranked 7th in the West by 2017 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - university of portlandFor the 22nd consecutive year, the University of Portland has received a top-ten ranking by U.S. News & World Report, which today released its 2017 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings.

The University of Portland is the only school in Oregon to offer a College of Arts & Sciences, a graduate school, and nationally accredited programs in the schools of business, education, engineering, and nursing.

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Lebanon Fire Investigators Help Sheriff Apprehend Arsonist

Detectives were able to identify a suspect from the surveillance camera images.

(LEBANON, Ore.) - Kristian LeeLinn County Sheriff's Office Detectives arrested 19-year old Kristian Ray Lee, of Lebanon, on Monday in connection with seven arson fires in the area of Rock Hill Drive near Central Avenue.

The fires were set between the dates of July 30, 2016 and August 28, 2016 along an approximately quarter-mile stretch of Rock Hill Drive between Central Avenue and Ty Valley Road.

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The Death of One of Washington's Favorite Tyrants

The sordid history of US support under both Republican and Democratic administrations.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - John Kerry with President Karimov The death of long-time Uzbekistan dictator Islam Karimov has brought rare U.S. media attention to the Central Asian country of 30 million. Uzbekistan is ranked among the half dozen worst countries in the world for human-rights abuses.

What U.S. government officials and our media mostly ignore, however, is that American taxpayers subsidized that regime and its brutal security apparatus for most of Karimov’s thirty-five years in power.

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Bow Hunter in Custody Following Death of Hunting Partner

Pekarek attempted to render aid to Cummings and then called 911.

(LA PINE, Ore.) - La Pine, OregonPekarek was a passenger in the vehicle and he exited the vehicle with his bow to attempt a shot at the deer. Cummings exited the vehicle with his bow and remained on the road.

Michael Pekarek briefly saw the deer and was ready to fire his arrow at the deer, but it moved out of view...

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Pakistani Christians with False Hopes of Refugee Status

Religious minorities in Pakistan are persecuted under stringent blasphemy law.

(ISLAMABAD) - Pakistani ChristiansReligious extremism has gone to its peak since Afghan refugees entered Pakistan.

Due to terrorism, Pakistan has lost thousands of its precious lives and properties. Religious-banned outfits have attacked schools, worship places, parks and even law enforcement agencies and their places.

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No Cannabis Re-Scheduling, And Now Kratom Too

Now it will sit idly alongside Cannabis, and the research stops there.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Mitragyna speciosa leavesAs you all will know, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency failed to re-schedule Cannabis at the Federal Level last month.

For many years, Cannabis has been Schedule 1, alongside cocaine and heroin. Despite being used as medicine all over the United States, and the world over, Cannabis is deemed at the federal level to have no medicinal value.

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Vandalism at Cape Kiwanda Destroys Duckbill Formation

Vandals crossed a fence put there for safety, and then destroyed the landmark.

(PACIFIC CITY, Ore.) - Duckbill sand structureA natural rock formation at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area was found in pieces last week. The park is on the Oregon coast in southern Tillamook County.

The sandstone pedestal, known locally as the duckbill and roughly 7-10' across, was located in an area of the park fenced off for safety.

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Hostile Takeover of a Longtime Cannabis Icon

“They haven’t paid me a penny, but they’ve taken everything I’ve owned in my whole life.” - Paul Stanford

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Paul StanfordPaul Stanford was fired June 10th. BLINDSIDED, he would say. He received a certified letter from S.M.A.A.R.T., the corporation he owns a majority of, telling him he was out.

Instantly, Stanford’s share in his own company was reduced to as low as 3%. According to Stanford’s attorney, the issuance of an additional 23 million shares is a deliberate attempt, done in bad faith, to dilute Stanford’s shares in S.M.A.A.R.T.

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Douglas Throckmorton, MD, Deputy Director of FDA - I expect an apology!

I participated in a "stakeholders" teleconference with Dr. Throckmorton to discuss the "FDA's strongest box warning on opioids". Or, did I?

(MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.) - Douglas ThrockmortonI questioned if the FDA worked for pharma or was protecting the American people. Then I said -- "So far this year you have approved 7 or 8 extended release opioids -- when is enough enough? You have sat back while 26,000 people died this year alone."

My response to challenging Dr. Throckmorton was a voice saying the teleconference was over and I was disconnected.

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Lafayette Man Killed and Three Injured in Head on Crash

Contributing factors are still under investigation.

(LAFAYETTE, Ore.) - fatal axOne man was killed and three others injured about 2:40 am, early Sunday morning. The two vehicle crash happened on Highway 99W at milepost 31.5, near Lafayette.

Preliminary investigation revealed a 1997 Toyota Camry was traveling southbound Highway 99W when it crossed the centerline and collided head-on with a northbound 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

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Cannabis Crusader Turned Grifter Finally Will Answer In Court

NORML Acting Director will have a chance to clear his name and could get a million dollar judgment against Oregon’s “mastermind” activist, Travis Maurer.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Once lauded by Newsweek as the “crusader” for ending cannabis prohibition, the now disgraced Maurer already has judgments decided against him in recent months.

Randy Quast, who is currently the acting Director of NORML and is temporarily residing in Washington D.C. to fulfill those responsibilities, filed the lawsuit in January claiming Travis Maurer, and his wife, defrauded him out of around $850,000.

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Kudos to Colin Kaepernick

Don't professional athletes have a greater responsibility than just to themselves?

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Kaepernick’s protest is reminiscent of Tommie Smith and John Carlos, two black-American sprinters standing on the medal podium with heads bowed and fists raised at the Mexico City Olympic Games in 1968.

Their protest was not only one of the most memorable moments in Olympic history but was also a milestone in America’s civil rights movement.

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Sex Crimes Detectives Arrest 39-Year-Old for Abusing a Child, Possessing Child Porn

Detectives are concerned that Chandler may have victimized other children.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Portland Police Bureau Sex Crimes Unit detectives arrested a 39-year-old man Wednesday after an investigation into reported child sexual abuse and possession of child pornography.

Ronald Nelson Chandler was arrested on charges of Unlawful Sexual Penetration in the First Degree, Sex Abuse in the First Degree and six counts of Encouraging Child Sex Abuse in the First Degree.

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