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Question for Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, NY:
Why Yet ANOTHER Hearing on the Criminals of Purdue Pharma?

Hundreds of thousands of victims want prison time for the offenders -- not more hearings.

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - Carolyn B. MaloneyRepresentative Maloney, if you are going to hold hearings in an effort to reinvent the wheel and have no intentions of bringing justice to victims of Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family, or are looking for further political aspirations, victims need more -- much more!

They need RICO charges and prison time for the Sackler family and the "brains" behind Purdue Pharma resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and addictions throughout the country.

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New Construction Gives A Bright Future For Salem Culture

Development of local culture enriches the whole community.

(SALEM, Ore.) - vineyardsSalem has seen leaps and bounds in terms of its cultural landmarks over the past year. This has most recently been seen in the opening of The Reed, which the Statesman Journal highlights as a fantastic conversion of a historic building into something that can truly bring the local community together.

Both new and old are being targeted in this wave of renovation that is seeing new developments boost Salem’s cultural stamp.

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Family of Antonio Williams, Killed by NYPD in 2019, Files Lawsuit

Six officers reportedly drew their guns and opened fire, killing both Antonio Williams and Officer Brian Mulkeen in a reckless hail of 15 bullets.

(NEW YORK, NY) - Antonio Williams v. NYPDToday, the family of Antonio Williams announced a lawsuit against the City of New York and NYPD. Announced in a virtual press conference, the lawsuit aims to seek justice and redress for Williams’ unjust killing and wrongful death.

Also, the family released previously unseen footage from the night of Williams’ death. The footage supports the family’s statements that the NYPD unnecessarily escalated the interaction and recklessly killed Williams and a fellow officer.

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Trump's Bleak Environmental Legacy

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." - Friedrich Nietzsche

(LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.) - Oregon pondThe Trumpsters weren’t surreptitious, they loudly signaled, telegraphed their true intentions during the 2016 election runup: They were both eager and willing to sell our heritage outright, not just mortgage but potentially bankrupt the present and future of our natural resources.

Profit to them being more important than our native habitats, their first move was to significantly cut funding to federal protection agencies, gut out or in plain sight roll back our unique air, land and water quality oversight regulations.

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4 Local Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Growing companies must connect with their customers!

(SALEM, Ore.) - Salem-News.comLocation matters in business. Despite the rise of the Internet and the numerous tech advancements that have allowed for the development of e-commerce, small businesses still need to have a good relationship with customers in their communities.

Indeed, local support can be key to the growth of a new company. As such, businesses should take steps to engage with local customers and to build a loyal customer base in their geographic area.

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As Medicine Advances, Recovery Times Decrease

Surgical patients now experience less pain and shorter recovery times

(SALEM, Ore.) - medical procedureAs researchers discover new ways to treat patients, these new surgeries, treatments, and procedures become centered on patient comfort and care. This, in turn, leads to decreased recovery times.

So, let’s take a look at a few different procedures and how their recovery times have gone down in recent years.

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Why You Should Plant Your Own Marijuana At Home

It's high time to call over whomever is judging you for consuming marijuana and set some things straight.

(SALEM, Ore.) - cannabis marijuanaThe 21st century is the era in which we are getting rid of prejudices and embracing the new and different. We are now living in a time where rules are to be broken and voices to be heard. We now say so long! to rigid, outdated ways of thinking and welcome the vanguard of human thoughts.

This is specifically true with marijuana. The world today isn't the world that used to look down on cannabis and cannabis users, it has evolved into one where marijuana growers are looked up to as masters and professionals in the field.

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Oregon Reports 10 More Deaths Due to COVID-19 and 1,099 New Cases

Oregon sets pandemic records as 2-week "Stay at Home" order goes into affect.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - COVID-19The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients across Oregon rose to 406 today, marking a new record for the pandemic. The largest increase was in the Portland metropolitan area, and in the Willamette Valley, and in Jackson and Josephine counties.

There are 94 COVID-19 patients in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, two fewer than yesterday.

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Coping Without Losing Hope in a Spiraling Crisis

There are lessons to learn from indigenous/native people.

(OCCUPIED PALESTINE) - Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and SustainabilityIt is almost a year since the start of this global pandemic with over 50 million who were infected and over one million died from. Everyone of us can count personal loss, economic and human.

Countries like India, Brazil, and the US were especially hit hard because of their corrupt leadership. But every country and region in the world suffered. Here in Palestine as an example, the viral infection rates are still on the rise especially in Gaza.

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Stormy Weather Makes Dangerous Conditions on Oregon Coast

Coast Guard urges caution for forecast weather conditions and "King Tides"

(ASTORIA, Ore.) - Salem-News.comThe Coast Guard would like to make the public aware of dangerous conditions expected to occur offshore and along the coastal Pacific Northwest this weekend, starting as early as Friday.

The National Weather Service has issued storm warnings, high wind advisories and hazardous seas warnings for much of the Washington and Oregon coasts, lasting as late as Saturday evening.

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Book Release: Oregon's N. Santiam Canyon---Before it Burned

The Canyon Cuts Both Ways/hidden stories—Sixteen overlapping stories from the heart of Oregon’s North Santiam Canyon

(RIDGEFIELD, WA) - book reviewCox crafted the overlapping stories in this collection to draw readers into Oregon’s North Santiam Canyon, recently in the news because of wildfire.

The powerful sense of place anchoring this cohesive work nearly elevates that canyon to the status of full-blown character—one with an omnipresent impact on the psychology of its inhabitants.

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Joe Biden is Now President-Elect
Kamala Harris is the Vice President-Elect

The question remains: how did a misogynist, racist, lying, incompetent and corrupt person garner 47% of the vote?

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) - trump firedThankfully, Joe Biden has finally been declared the winner of the presidential election. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be the first woman, the first Black woman, the first Indian-American woman and the first daughter of immigrants to be elected as vice president.

Our democracy couldn’t withstand another four years of Donald Trump.

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Purdue Pharma - I don't answer your questions - you answer my questions!

The questions in their email are too ludicrous for me to respond.

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - pharmaOn September 29, 2020 I wrote an article for entitled "Janel R. Miller, Deceased Will Not Be Another Statistic in the Opioid Epidemic!"

My editor at received an email from the criminally convicted pharmaceutical company, Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin. The subject of the email was "Follow-up question regarding your media article."

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Tim King: The Dude That I Knew

In pursuit of truth and justice, Tim would see a fork in his journey and take the lesser traveled path.

(LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.) - Tim King, Roger Butow“It’s very far away, takes about a day to get there... if you travel by dragonfly.” Jimi Hendrix (“Spanish Castle Magic”)

The dragonfly in Jimi’s tune, which I once had the pleasure of seeing Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson play together, was the nickname of his band’s van. What do these seemingly tangential or irrelevant things have to do with Tim?

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Oregon Reporter Dies After Motorcycle Crash

Timothy Andrew King, Obituary
4-2-1963 to 10-4-2020
A life taken too soon.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Tim King obituaryFROM THE PUBLISHER:
There are no words appropriate to encompass a powerful, positive spirit such as Tim King. The family and the Kings at large appreciate all of the prayers and good wishes during this terrible time.

Info on the Celebration of Life is included below. Please remember Tim with joy in your heart. ~Bonnie

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How Often Can You File Bankruptcy?

When you get a bankruptcy discharge, creditors cannot make any move to collect their debt.

(SALEM, Ore.) - bankruptcyYou may be facing financial hardship and are wondering what relief options are available to you. You may have become unemployed and bankruptcy is now looking like a legitimate option.

Whatever you are facing, the purpose of this article is to explore the bankruptcy option in Oregon for those who have already filed a bankruptcy in the past.

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Tim King: Boldly Leading Where Others Wouldn't Dare

How do you come to terms with the unexpected and tragic death of a real-life superhero?

(SEATTLE, WA) - Tim King in AfghanistanI first met Tim while working at KATU News in Portland, OR in the mid 2000’s. Being a journalist meant something different then, although Tim’s reports never wavered from what were basic tenets at the time: fairness, accuracy, impartiality, objectivity, accountability, truthfulness and justice. This was the ethos of Tim.

Tim was the Salem photographer for KATU.

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Tim King: The Man I Never Met But Will Never Forget

Obituary for Tim King from Alexandria, Egypt

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - Tim and Bonnie KingI got to know Tim through my collaboration with (a distinguished online site that promotes world peace & advocates free speech & human rights).

I am Ashraf Ezzat, a medical doctor from Alexandria Egypt. Like Tim, I had many passions, for I’m also an independent documentary filmmaker and author.

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Tim King: Gone to Heaven's Streets

His real legacy is the people he helped and encouraged along the way.

(JACKSON, Miss.) - USMC black ribbonWhen I heard from Bonnie King about Tim's unexpected death, I had a sense of disbelief, followed by denial - and then finally acceptance leavened by a measure of despair.

There are too few good people fighting against the forces of darkness that threaten to engulf all of us, and he was one of the very good ones.

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Are people dying of COVID-19 or with COVID-19?

Is fear consuming us rather than good common sense and demanding answers?

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - masks for saleThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been releasing data almost on a daily basis for months, updating their findings on COVID-19, a virus which has invaded every country in the world -- though we knew little about what made it tick.

Much of the information contradicts itself and is a roller coaster of fact or fiction.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Achieve their End-of-Year Goals in 2020

The best business leaders are incredibly efficient with their time management.

(SALEM, Ore.) - To understate the obvious, 2020 has not been a normal year. Yet, despite the many disruptions and challenges of the past seven or so months, many business owners and entrepreneurs have managed to survive –– and even thrive –– during the first three quarters of the calendar year.

Now, as we approach the end of 2020, it’s crucial for business leaders to focus on meeting their annual goals and finishing out the year on a high note.

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New Mandate Ready and in Form Ahead of Keeneland

On the news today for Horse racing, several betting shops will be closing due to Nottingham's high-level COVID-19 restrictions.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Marc Chan-owned New Mandate is available and in the form of his race next month at Keeneland, according to trainer Ralph Beckett.

After coming out victorious in the Group Two Royal Lodge Stakes and the Listed Flying Scotsman, the Marc Chan-owned horse will be hoping to claim his fourth consecutive wins in November at Keeneland and with todays outsider pick punters can bet online regardless of the betting shops being closed down.

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Tim King, We Were Blessed to Know You

Relentlessly compassionate. Ever focused on telling the uncomfortable truths. A warrior of the news cycle.

(LONG BEACH, Calif.) - Two weeks ago today, my friend, Timothy Andrew “Tim” King left this world for the sweet hereafter. It has taken me this time to clear my head and to commemorate him.

I first met Tim King when I had returned to uniformed service in the wake of 9-11.

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