Tuesday August 11, 2020
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Salem-News.com (August 11, 2020 02:03)

COVID-19 Claims One More Oregon Life

Oregon reports 227 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, 1 new death

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - COVID-19COVID-19 has claimed one more life in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 357.

Oregon Health Authority reported 227 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Monday, bringing the state total to 21,488.

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Salem-News.com (August 11, 2020 00:08)

How CBD Tackles Severe Lung Inflammation

There’s a growing need to pinpoint potential treatment options for COVID-19.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Cannabis leaf with CBD oilIf you know anything about CBD, you know that there’s a laundry list of health and therapeutic benefits associated with the cannabinoid.

One of the most recent benefits to be added to the list is the compound’s ability to reduce severe lung inflammation. And in today’s climate, this is a huge breakthrough.

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Salem-News.com (August 11, 2020 01:10)

The American Debt Crisis - Growing Debt a Concern Amidst Pandemic

As of March 2020, the average American household was drowning in over $138,000 in debt.

(SALEM, Ore.) - money problemsThe American economy set records in the second quarter, and not in a good way.

The economy plummeted 32.9 percent between April and June, making this the worst plunge ever. This is due to the novel virus rampaging throughout the United States, causing businesses to shut down and millions of citizens losing their jobs.

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Salem-News.com (August 06, 2020 12:33)

Puget Sound Peace Activists on 75th Remembrance of Hiroshima/Nagasaki Bombings

Activists appeal to personnel at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor: Refuse illegal orders; Refuse to launch nuclear missiles

(PUGET SOUND, Wash.) - USS Henry M. JacksonOur proximity to the largest number of deployed strategic nuclear weapons puts us near a dangerous local and international threat. When citizens become aware of their role in the prospect of nuclear war, or the risk of a nuclear accident, the issue is no longer an abstraction.

Our proximity to Bangor demands a deeper response.

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Salem-News.com (August 04, 2020 13:50)

Federal Agents Expelling Asylum Seekers as Young as 8 Months from the Border

“The government is playing cowboy with regards to children’s safety”

(BEAUMONT, Tex.) - father and sonThere are specific rules on how the government is allowed to hold migrant children. The 1997 Flores Settlement requires migrant children in detention have certain rights, including that they be released quickly and held in licensed child care facilities.

Instead, the U.S. has moved hundreds of minors to a clandestine network of hotels — under the custody of a contractor not licensed to care for children. Advocates say many are now “virtually impossible” to find.

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Salem-News.com (August 04, 2020 12:51)

China and the United States Could Avoid an Unnecessary War

Both the Chinese and U.S. governments are engaging in reckless behavior that could lead to disaster.

(LONDON) - oceanAlthough few Americans seem to have noticed, China and the United States are currently on a collision course—one that could easily lead to war. Their dispute, which has reached the level of military confrontation, concerns control of the South China Sea.

The U.S. government insisted on the treaty’s guarantee of free navigation and proceeded to challenge China by sailing its warships through waters claimed by the Chinese government.

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Salem-News.com (August 03, 2020 12:28)

Steal Of The Century: Trump's Palestine-Israel Catastrophe (Documentary)

How Donald Trump's actions have resulted in an escalated environment of violence throughout the Palestinian territories.

(OCCUPIED PALESTINE) - Robert InlakeshThe 'Steal Of The Century' is a documentary by Robert Inlakesh, filmed on the ground in occupied Palestine, investigating the peace process, Donald Trump's proposed 'Deal of the Century' and why the Palestinian people have unanimously rejected it.

It also seeks to show the brutality of the occupation under which the Palestinian people live, as well as a brief look into the history of Palestine-Israel.

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Salem-News.com (August 03, 2020 11:48)

Stop on Red Campaign to End Needless Traffic Deaths in Oregon

Running a red light is extremely dangerous

(SALEM, Ore.) - stop on redHow many times have you run a red light... or seen someone do it? If you’re still alive, you’re lucky.

Red light running is a significant cause of serious injury crashes in Oregon. Because it often results in T-bone crashes, red light running can cause debilitating brain injury and death. It is essential that every driver in Oregon heed the warning to Stop on Red.

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Salem-News.com (August 03, 2020 00:49)

Major League Baseball Opened Too Soon

It is clear that the MLB cannot keep its players safe.

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) - Yoenis CéspedesIt is time to pull the plug on Major League Baseball. From the beginning, I suspected from the beginning that the reopening of the pandemic-shortened Major League Baseball season would be short-lived.

Given the raging pandemic, MLB was unwise to reopen in the first place.

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Salem-News.com (July 30, 2020 15:08)

Technology's Effect on Industries

Business models are changing quickly as different industries employ the internet to provide services and products.

(SALEM, Ore.) - TechnologyCompanies and firms in any industry want to keep up to date by having the latest innovations that have been made possible by the growing technology.

Some of the technological advancements that have helped the industries include...

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Salem-News.com (July 29, 2020 19:03)

July 29 National Day of Action to Save Hotel Jobs

Only 37% of hotels have brought back at least half of their employees

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Hotels COVIDThe pandemic continues to have a devastating effect on the hotel industry and its employees.

AHLA declared Wednesday, July 29 “Save Hotel Jobs,” a National Day of Action for hoteliers across the country to urge lawmakers to swiftly pass additional stimulus relief.

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Salem-News.com (July 29, 2020 13:36)

Oregon Governor Announces Phased Withdrawal of Feds from Portland

Federal Law Enforcement was asked to leave when they showed up. Now they'll go under certain conditions.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Portland protests“After discussions with the Vice President and administration officials this week, the federal government has agreed to my demand and will withdraw these officers from Portland. They will also clean up the Courthouse, removing the graffiti.

“The local Oregon officers of the Oregon State Police will provide protection for free speech and the security of the exterior of the courthouse with the Federal Protective Service."

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Salem-News.com (July 28, 2020 17:29)

Man Charged with Starting Fires at Justice Center

Schinzing was identified via videos from YouTube, Twitter, surveillance cameras, and still photos posted online.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - SchinzingAbout 30 individuals entered the Justice Center through the broken windows. They spray-painted portions of the office; damaged computer and other office equipment, furniture, and interior windows; and started fires.

Among those who entered the Justice Center, 32-year old Edward Thomas Schinzing was identified. Schinzing spread a fire that started near the front of the office by lighting papers on fire. The building’s fire sprinkler system activated and extinguished the fires.

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Salem-News.com (July 28, 2020 15:20)

14 COVID Deaths in Oregon Bring Total to 303

Oregon reports 342 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, 14 new deaths

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - COVID-19A message of condolence:
“As we surpass 300 deaths related to COVID-19, including the 14 deaths reported today, I wish to extend sincere condolences on behalf of everyone at OHA to the families who have lost a loved one to this disease.

"It is a stark reminder of the work all Oregonians need to do to bring this pandemic under control. Together we can slow this disease and prevent this terrible loss of life.” – OHA Director Patrick Allen

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Salem-News.com (July 28, 2020 14:27)

Subtle Matter: Where the physical and spiritual unite

BOOK REVIEW: “Weighing Soul Substance”

(OLDENBURG, Germany) - Dr. Klaus VolkamerDr. Klaus Volkamer’s new book, “Weighing Soul Substance”, builds bridges across the gulf that has separated science from spirituality, materialism from mysticism.

It confirms the reality of auras, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psychokinesis, telepathy, and precognition, and presents empirical evidence that these phenomena have a material aspect.

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Salem-News.com (July 26, 2020 12:50)

US Judge Robert Drain: Recuse Yourself!

US Judge Robert Drain should not be presiding over the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case.

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - Robert DrainThe disgraced Sackler family, owner of Purdue Pharma maker of the criminally marketed opioid OxyContin, has been in the news over a bankruptcy case in NY.

This case is being presided over by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain of White Plains, New York.

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Salem-News.com (July 21, 2020 14:26)

Where Am I From?

The people of Palestine love the ancestral land from whence they came.

(GAZA CITY, State of Palestine) - PalestineA POEM:
"Where am I from?"
I'm from the land of prophets
Where they ascended to heavens.

I'm from the land of olive trees,
Lemons, apples and oranges
Where the guests are generously hosted.

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Salem-News.com (July 21, 2020 12:19)

Air and Ground Resources Battle 35-acre Wildfire in Douglas County

The cause of the Days Creek Fire is under investigation.

(CANYONVILLE, Ore.) - Days Creek FireFour Type 2 helicopters and one Type 1 helicopter have been working on the fire, in addition to two large air tankers and two single-engine air tankers.

Equipment and personnel from industrial landowners, industrial operators and the Umpqua National Forest are assisting with suppression efforts.

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Salem-News.com (July 21, 2020 12:05)

Oregon Paddlers Must Carry Permit August 1st

Failure to show the permit is a Class D violation with a $115 fine.

(SALEM, Ore.) - paddle boardPaddlers of non-motorized boats will need to carry a Waterway Access Permit beginning August 1.

The permit is required for all non-motorized boats 10 feet and longer and replaces the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Permit.

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Salem-News.com (July 21, 2020 11:36)

Crash into Shore Leaves Two Children Hospitalized

Anyone with information, video, or photographs related to the crash should call Detective Pyle at 541-967-3950.

(SWEET HOME, Ore.) - Lewis Creek ParkThe crash occurred about 2:00 p.m., while many were in the swimming area at Lewis Creek Park on Foster Lake east of Sweet Home.

A 23-year old male was operating the personal watercraft in the area when he lost control and the watercraft sped off toward shore striking several people with the worst injuries to two minor children.

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Salem-News.com (July 17, 2020 21:18)

Salem Man Arrested for Shooting Police Officer

Salem Police Detective Angus “Scotty” Emmons was treated and released for non-life-threatening injuries.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Salem Police detectives were in their vehicle after conducting an investigation when an unknown vehicle drove up next to the detectives and several shots were fired at the detectives’ vehicle.

One of the bullets penetrated the car, striking a detective in the arm.

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Salem-News.com (July 17, 2020 13:06)

Unidentified Federal Officers Detain Peaceful Anti-Racist Protesters

"The outside agitators from Donald Trump’s paramilitary force must be withdrawn from Portland immediately."

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - The Trump Administration sent federal law enforcement into Portland in order to suppress Oregonians advocating for justice at Black Lives Matter protests.

Federal law enforcement is utilizing unmarked vehicles to detain peaceful protesters.

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Salem-News.com (July 15, 2020 23:51)

Schools Reopening During a Pandemic?

Risk of infection for students, teachers, school staff and all of their families should be of prime concern.

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) - Many states seem schizophrenic about school openings, especially states that have done too little too late about curbing the pandemic.

Trump is pressuring schools to reopen without regard to whether it is safe to do so. And many red state governors are feeling the White House pressure to reopen in spite of the rising levels of new cases in their states, giving little or no consideration to the risk of infections to teachers, school staff, students and the families of these students.

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