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Press TV Interviews Anna O'Leary, Political Commentator in Ireland About Developments in Gaza

Here we are with no fuel. The sewerage is on the streets of Gaza because the power plants are out. It is such a big humanitarian crisis and we the people of the world must push America, must push Israel. These are the two parties that are behind it.

Anna O'Leary
Anna O'Leary

(DUBLIN) - Press TV has conducted an interview with Anna O’Leary, political commentator, Ireland, about Amnesty International saying the Israeli siege of Gaza for many years is collective punishment of all Gazans. Amnesty International has called on Israel to immediately lift its siege on Gaza.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: We wanted to get your assessment on the situation in Gaza. What exactly is the Israeli game plan here?

O’Leary: The situation in Gaza is once again very disturbing. For those of us who respect justice and humanity we have a long catalog of disrespecting the people of Gaza, punishing them collectively. It’s been going on for 65 years with an end game of genocide.

And the world must act. The world is standing by and doing nothing.

Here we are with no fuel. The sewerage is on the streets of Gaza because the power plants are out. It is such a big humanitarian crisis and we the people of the world must push America, must push Israel. These are the two parties that are behind it.

America contributes 11 million dollars per day - not per week or month... per day. 11 million dollars of American tax payer money funds this genocide that is going on in Gaza.

Amnesty has spoken out now. Amnesty has spoken out any times and nobody does anything.

The children are dying. The people are dying and we are witnessing a 21st century [cleansing] and if we do nothing about it we are party to it.

Press TV: How much responsibility do you think Egypt has in this situation as well considering it has shut down many of those tunnels and is pretty much controlling the Rafah Crossing quite severely?

O’Leary: Egypt is obviously like other Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia for example and has started working with Israel. This is against everything - what is going on - killing the Arab children killing the Palestinian people.

And I being Irish I see the Palestinian as my blood brother, my blood sister. They fight for their freedom and for their basic human rights is akin to what we went through under the British. So, we must be especially vocal against this.

Egypt is in turmoil and Egypt is... It is anarchy in Egypt right now and we can’t just blame Egypt.

This has been a long term policy by Israel to rid Palestine of its population - An ethnic cleansing; A genocide. There is no other word for it. It is a strategy that Israel has adopted.



Anna O’Leary - Dublin, Ireland

Anna O’Leary, North Kerry writer, lived in the Middle East for seventeen years. Her fascination with the area has continued unabated. Her poetry, fiction and non-fiction are imbued with a sense of the Middle East.

Her short story was published in ROPES, and launched at Cúirt 2011. As a journalist she has written for Al She has appeared on the satellite channel, Press TV, as a Middle East commentator. She won a short story prize at K.I.S.S. (Kerry International Summer School) in 1996. Her poetry is published by Kerry Literary and Cultural Centre.

Anna worked on the Bin Laden family’s private jet; was a guest of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad; and lived in a royal palace in Riyadh. An award winning Interior Designer she executed palace projects. Anna’s first book in progress, Saudi Arabia: Axis of Power, tells of her meeting with Osama Bin Laden.

After Iran’s revolution she moved to Kuwait and to Egypt. In her second book in progress, Iran: Axis of Power , she paints a rich canvas of pre-revolution Iran, and of Egypt caught in the turmoil of Anwar Sadat’s assassination. She was flying the Peace Route for Egypt. In Egypt she met Israel’s one-eyed general, Moshe Dayan. She frequently went horse riding with the late Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi of Iran.



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Ron December 3, 2013 7:22 pm (Pacific time)

It is bad enough that we turn our back on our own kind, (USS Liberty 1967) now we are letting children die in the streets, leaving them with no help. My heart aches for these people, as I still remember their efforts to murder every last American on the USS Liberty. LBJ was evidently standing in the background applauding their efforts. This is not the country I grew up in.

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