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Jews Will be the End of Israel

One of the top investigative journalists to emerge from Israel, examines a growing conclusion...

Barry Chamish
Barry Chamish

(ST. AUGUSTINE, FL) - Israel would be such an easy place to report about if it weren't for the Jews. Here is a recent article sent by numerous readers assuming I would find it, in some way, useful. I didn't. It cemented the twisted ties between Israel and its history.

Here comes the pressure
By JOSH HASTEN, The Jerusalem Post
January 31, 2013
And even closer to home there was yet another instance of anti-Semitic
propaganda being spewed - not by Hamas, but by our peace partner, the
moderate, Fatah-affiliated Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud
Abbas. As reported by this newspaper, last week Abbas was quoted as
saying that "the Zionist movement had links with the Nazis before
World War II."

       Listen Hasten, Abbas is right and you're wrong. The Labor Zionists cut a deal called The Transfer Agreement in which the Nazis agreed to ban all German Jewish parties but Labor Zionism in return for a massive no boycott of the Nazis after. Read the book by Edwin Black before you mock the accusation. Without Labor Zionism, there would not have been the Holocaust as we know it. As hard as it is, we have to face that fact and write our history again from scratch.
       Look what the head of Labor Zionists and thus world Jewry, Chaim Weizmann, said before the Holocaust began:
"I told the British Royal Commission, Weizmann is quoted (on pages 19-20) by Hecht as telling the Zionist Congress in 1937,
that the hopes of Europe's six million Jews were centered on emigration. I was asked "Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?" I replied, "No" ... The old ones will pass... they were "dust," economic and moral dust in a cruel world...

Or, so sorry. Only those Jews who disembark in Palestine get to survive. The other 4 million, they're of no use to us and thus are "dust."
       And he was the leader of the Jews and that was his policy. He gave Hitler a free pass to mass murder.
       Apparently, I attract correspondence aimed to drastically alter my political spectrum. I'm getting letters from the Left:

 BOOK REVIEW: Alan Hart 3-volume epic on the Israel/Palestine conflict:
ZIONISM, THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS excerpt from review by Oren Ben-DorOren Ben-Dor is a professor of law and philosophy in the School of Law at the University
of Southampton in the United Kingdom...
Broadly, Hart sets out to achieve three interlinked objectives. First, he attempts to give a multi-perspective historical and political account of political Zionism and its transformation into a militarist state that maintains its unity by constantly provoking violence against itself despite many opportunities for peace and compromise with its neighbors. He shows that what began as a movement to solve Europe's "Jewish problem" through the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine, became a complex mission to gain great power-recognition of Jewish statehood.He exposes the exploitation of the Holocaust which has ensured both Israel's survival and the continuous rationalization of its militarist righteousness and expansionist behavior.

I'm getting letters from the Right:

I always liked Lenni Brenner's work on Zionist-Nazi collaboration. And he's a leftist.

        But most discouraging, the far far really far Right of Judaism has decided to convert me to their cause. One correspondent plastered my Facebook page with bigoted anti-Zionist URLs and I sent an angry reply to him, calling him, in a fit a raw passion, a moron. The correspondent missed the whole point. The Jews are the victims of a history they didn't start and know surprisingly little about. But the Labor Zionist dalliances with the Nazis worked too well, and barely 100,000 Jews survived Nazi occupation, not enough to get a nation off the ground and keep it there. Weizmann planned for 2 million survivors and many were now destined to be from the Sephardic lands. My super Right correspondent thought these contributions would win me over. He was wrong:

Here is the moron's article here.

This guy should read Naem Giladi's BEN GURION'S SCANDALS to see how Zionists killed Jews in Iraq prior to the creation of Israel. False flag attack. Giladi fingered Hagana agents in helping do this. 
Afterwards, that moron should also read the famous 10 questions essay
And this one.

         The criticism I receive can be of value to you, if only so the suspicious remain alert. This next Israeli writer exposed the scandal that Israeli medical officials deliberately, and without informing the patient, force-sterilized Ethiopian women before they flew to Israel. My readers know this is another in the Ringworm Children series.


          We conclude with a film about Labor Zionism's founder Theodore Herzl, father of Zionism. And unlike the myth of a Jewish Zionist liberator since promulgated in the Jewish world, Herzl was no Jewish liberator of anything. His dream was not for the Jews to be a free people in our own land, but be mass-baptised into German Catholicism. Watch the following film and join me in the world of disbelief.



Bye Bye Gaza

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Barry Chamish

Barry Chamish is an author and world-class investigative journalist. He first gained worldwide notoriety with his coverage of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination and the conspiracy he helped to later uncover. His book, the bestselling Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? is an expose which demonstrates clearly that Mr. Amir did not shoot Rabin. His work on this case compares favorably to the research done on the Kennedy Assassination except that Barry did much of the work himself, while it took multiple researchers to prove there was a conspiracy and break down the official Warren Commission Report.

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Barry continues to be a world-class investigative journalist who continues research a variety of subjects. He is now considered an authority on Israel and the Middle East. He is a frequent guest on a number of radio shows where he shares his research. He exposes how the leaders of the "New World Order" manipulate and corrupt the leaders of Israel, steering the nation on a horrific and self-destructive course.

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Clear Seeing February 3, 2013 4:04 pm (Pacific time)

Here's a link re some Actual History .... this issue about plunking the Jewish people onto someone else's land dates back to Napoleon's time.

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