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Medical Marijuana: What is the Dose?

A lethal dose has never happened, ever.


(MOLALLA, Ore.) - This question has popped up a million times since the discovery of THC (Tetrahydio Cannibinol) in about 1926 by Dr. Fieser at Harvard. It was thought at that time that THC was THE substance which caused all of the effects of the drug. This went on until about 1960 when CBD (Cannibadiol) and CBN (Cannibinol) were discovered and found to modulate or moderate the effects of THC. If I have my dates slightly incorrect please help me!

I have testified as a defense expert witness many times in Marijuana cases and uniformly I was asked, “What is the dose of Marijuana?” The prosecuting attorneys couldn’t understand that the usable Medical Marijuana looked like maybe dry green tea and the dose amount has nothing to do with the amount of THC, CBD, or CBN. All this being said, “What is the dose of Medical Marijuana, the amount getting into the blood, actually the THC, CBD, and CBN?” I will discuss the minimum effective dose, the therapeutic dose, the possibly hazardous dose and the dreadful dose that produces anxiety, panic attacks, euphoria, the HIGH, the hallucinations, the dry heaves, the staggers, and whatnot. My estimates are based up on a 50% more or less accuracy which is about the best I can do.

My estimation of the minimal effective dose is about 1.0mg subject to the 50% more or less. This will produce a warm comfortable feeling which most recreational users’ desire. To put it in perspective the 1.0mg is about the same size as a grain of salt or sugar.

The therapeutic dose is about 2.0mg for many or most of the medical problems, 3.o mg might be necessary for some of the more severe cases. The hazardous dose is probably about 4.0mg or 5.0mg but it appears some long term regular users may want more to get quickly into the euphoria or HIGH.

I would guess that any dose above 5.0mg in the naive or occasional user would cause completely unwanted effects such as anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, dry heaves, et cetera. It is something like a BAD alcoholic drunk!

As far as a truly toxic or lethal dose is concerned, it has never happened, ever. A physician friend of mine visiting Morocco asked at a hospital if they had hashish overdoses. They did have cases in which people would smuggle in hashish in condoms which they swallowed. In this case, the condom broke and he had full blown overdose. They pumped his stomach and he slept 36 hours and woke up with a hangover.


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Anonymous February 4, 2012 5:54 pm (Pacific time)

INFO to sh AIR to REEDUCATE ALL Public government religious SERVANTS If LINK dosen't WORK do COPY and PASTE PLEASE THANKS in ADVANCE for SHARING

Anonymous February 4, 2012 9:42 am (Pacific time)

Any critical thinking mind knows that the criminalization of marijuana is insane. As Max said "why not criminalize cheeseburgers, they do more harm, let alone oxycotin, GMO food, BPA, aspertame, vaccines, flouride in the tap water etc. Its a sick joke. Anyway, if you would indulge me, I want to bring up Ron Paul. I see these comments out there that say Ron Paul supporters just want to smoke pot, shoot heroin and snort lines. First of all, anyone who does heroin, coke, and meth does not care about politics. They dont even know who Paul, Romney or Newt are. Second of all, Ron Paul supporters want to de-criminalize drugs, not to use them..drugs can be found anywhere anyway..Its about stopping this endless useless and expensive war on drugs. Its NOT WORKING, and anyone who cant see its NOT WORKING and just putting our country into bankruptcy, is not paying attention. Same with the war on terror. Both wars were created for the elite to control, and any thinking mind knows that.

333maxwell February 3, 2012 8:44 pm (Pacific time)

Yes,..... Asking the dose of cannabis, is like asking the dose of a cheeseburger. Except in true perspective it would be worth noting that unlike cannabisa, cheeseburger can and will kill some folks.

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