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Jewish Roots of Islam's Extremism

“Both Judaism and Islam proceeded from the same fundamental premise, influenced by the same tribal culture and practically followed the same orthodox pattern“

“Police arrest two after residents chase officers, hurl rocks, and burn trashcans to protest the removal of a sign that calls for the separation of men and women on a main street.”
“Police arrest two after residents chase officers, hurl rocks, and burn trashcans to protest the removal of a sign that calls for the separation of men and women on a main street.”

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - "Ultra-Orthodox, Israel Police clash in Beit Shemesh; officer wounded …" The first guess most people will conjure up on listening to this piece of news is that the report was probably talking about some Muslim extremists in Afghanistan or may be Somalia, not so far-fetched a guess, but to everybody’s astonishment the Ha'aretz report was talking about Jewish extremists specifically in Tel Aviv, the very heart of the state of Israel.

Anyway, those who thought of Muslims as more fitting into this story of flagrant discrimination against women ought not feel totally disappointed for it actually doesn’t make much difference whether we were talking about Jews or Muslims as long as extremism is concerned. For both Judaism and Islam proceeded from the same fundamental premise, influenced by the same tribal culture and practically followed the same orthodox pattern.

    So much, indeed, was Muhammad indebted to the Jews for a great portion of his teaching on this and other subjects that the Qur’an has been described as a compendium of Talmudic Judaism. (Blair, The Sources of Islam, p. 55).

A lot of westerners are not to be reproached for associating Muslims with violence, racism, intolerance and discrimination, after all, this kind of anti-Muslim propaganda is what they have been fed over the last decade and specifically following 9/11, and ironically by a Jewish-controlled mainstream media.

And if they haven’t been told different, how we expect them to know better .. or even refrain from subscribing to the impending and irreparable Israeli/American folly in Iran?

And since this is no mainstream hypnosis, we might as well hit you with part of the true story about the relation between Judaism and Islam.

In the wake of 9/11, an extremely important milestone in the history of Mossad, and as the mainstream media spotlights began to focus on Islam as the new global enemy, many in the US & Europe were made to think of Muslims as some aliens who landed on planet earth with their weapons of mass destruction, hate-mongering dogma and premeditated plans to annihilate the west.

And as the shrewd prelude of the ‘clash of civilizations’ was being played out, incessant questions about Islam that begged an answer, soon surfaced on almost everybody’s mind “why we never knew enough about Islam; how was it founded? What’s Islam all about and why is there so much extremism in this religion?

The Qur'an

According to Islam online, Islam is the religious faith of Muslims, based on the words and religious system founded by the prophet Muhammad and taught by the Qur’an, the basic principle of which is absolute submission to a unique and personal god, Allah- notice the etymological correlation with Elohim- the designated word for the god of the Hebrews.

Muslims also believe that Islam is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith that was revealed at many times and places before, including through Abraham, Moses and Jesus, whom they consider prophets. They maintain that previous messages and revelations have been partially changed or tampered with over time, but consider the Qur’an to be both the unaltered and the final revelation of God. In other words, and as the Qur’an put it, with the revelation of the Islamic verses “the pens have been lifted and the pages dried out”

Arabian variation on a Hebrew theme

Should anyone decide to study those reportedly unaltered and final words of god in Qur’an, he will be astounded by how much the holy book of Muslims is crammed with old stories from the Bible and specifically the Hebrew scriptures.

Now, don’t you get misled into assuming that I’m substantiating Judaism as the ultimate and genuine revelation from god that is truly worthy of following, a claim that could easily be challenged by tracing the Hebrew stories of genesis with the whole epic sequence of Adam & Eve to the Sumerian mythology and by tracing the monotheistic theme in Judaism to Akhenaten’s worship of Aten , or even by watching the Israelites’ backbone story of Exodus denied any entry to the ancient Egyptian texts , rather I’m only trying to underline and pin-point this ‘copy-and-paste’ relation between Judaism and early Islam- so much for the new religion “ Kopimism

The Sacrifice of Isaac by Caravaggio

Within the confines of the Qur’an you will meet Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon and the rest of the Hebrew mythological patriarchs. Their stories are retold again but with variations that allowed the new prophet’s –unaltered- religion to somehow fit into the Abrahamic tales one way or another.

Reading the Qur’an will practically feel like recounting familiar stories from the Midrash and Talmud but with a Mohamedanian/Arabic flavor.

For example, the story of binding of Isaac, as awfully sadistic and inhuman as it is, is retold in the Qur’an in the same melodramatic scenario where Abraham bound his son, Isaac, before placing him on the altar, all set to sacrifice him as commanded by Yahweh, but in the Muslim version Isaac is conveniently replaced with Ishmael and Yahweh/Elohim with Allah.

Throughout the whole Qur’anic narrative we will encounter other countless examples of stories, Noah’s flood, slavery of the Jews in Egypt, the Exodus, the wandering in the wilderness, etc., copied from the Torah, with exactly the same historical anachronism and exaggeration, and pasted into the Qur’an.

But alongside the biblical stories we will also encounter, as we wade through the chapters of Qur’an, a tribal narrative very similar to that of the oral discourse of the Jewish rabbis and their formulation of god and the world around us as exactly found in the Talmud.

Qiblahtain Mosque, Situated in Madinah. In the beginning and influnced by the Rabbinic tales, the Muslims offered their prayers facing in the direction of Jerusalem!

Historically speaking, Mohammed- who was illiterate and had worked as some sheep herder for many years of his teens- had the privilege of mingling with the elite of the Arabian society- a turning point in his life- only after he had been married to Khadija bint Khuwaylid – a business woman of intellect, culture and vast wealth and influence and who practically asked to marry him. And this is actually when the story of Islam commenced.

After his marriage, a new window into the multiculturalism in the Arab peninsula had suddenly been opened for the newly married shepherd, and of all the new experiences, contacts and new ideas he was introduced to, Mohammed was most intrigued by the Jews’ fascinating stories and their pride in relating to a long line of prophets that goes back to Abraham and his special pact with god.

Mohammed decided that the Jewish story had to be continued with new characters, locations and even with a whole new divinity.  But as Muhammed was carving up the body of his new religion, little did he know that he was standing in the precarious shadow of Judaism.

There are abundant examples of the Qur’anic records which are reliant on Jewish sources that can be traced either to the Bible or to Talmudic records such as the Midrash, Mishnah, etc.

There were a host of Jewish communities settled in Medinah and other parts of the Hijaz- major cities in the Arab peninsula- from which Mohammed almost certainly obtained his knowledge through direct conversation and from listening to rabbis educated in Talmudic laws. And this is where and how Islam acquired its radical edge- next of course to being the product of a tribal culture.

In the Jewish Talmud- a word repeatedly mentioned in the Qur’anic verses- the rabbis put attitude before everything else, so they made sure that jews were superior to the gentiles in intellect, in morality and as a race. And likewise did Mohammed in the Qur’an and managed to keep this prejudice but with a new attitude as he featured the Arabs as god’s best people ever- a new variation on the “chosen people” theme.

For it is important to know that Mohammed was acquainted with Jewish teachings not by reading the Bible, Talmud and Midrash, but through serious conversations with the Jews. (Rosenthal, Judaism and Islam, p. 8).

Now, with history, copying ancient tales and theology aside, I ask you to take a look at the so called extremists in both Saudi Arabia – the hub of ultra-conservative Muslims- and Israel- the world’s political asylum for ultra-conservative Jews, and see if you could tell the difference between the Haredim community and the wahhabis’.

Dogma brothers

Salfi vs. Haredi

Once again, you will be surprised by how similar ultra-conservative Jews and Muslims are in regard to their looks (the untrimmed beard, the 19th century outfit), their cuisine (Kosher and Halaal) and their interpretation of the ever-changing world around them through the rigid scriptures they recite and hold as the only and indisputable truth … and yes, and most of all, you will be bewildered by how similarly they both perceive and treat the woman pretty degradingly.

According to tribal culture and values- the shared roots of Judaism and Islam -women’s ‘misbehavior’ is not only a shame on the family but on the community, the village, the tribe, the neighborhood and the neighbors.

When it comes to women’s rights, both Haredim and Wahhabis or Salafis kind of speak the same language. It’s a racist and hate language actually. For them the woman is a constant reminder of the mythological first sin and how Eve (the woman) seduced Adam (the man) and therefore got him kicked out of God’s heavenly kingdom.

Na’ama Margolis, the eight-year-old girl student in Beit Shemesh who has been subjected to harassment by Haredi men

And again leaving the rituals, with all the wailing at the wall and the rotation around the Kabaa aside, both hard-line Muslims and Jews view the woman, according to their tribal and religious culture, as a man’s possession and a reflection of his honor and who should never be equated with him.

Both the wahhabis/salafis and the haredi believe that the woman should be segregated from men in public domain, should cover up and should confine to her home and to only go out in case of absolute necessity.

Bearing that deeply entrenched misogynistic concept in mind, we won’t find it peculiar to read about women, covered up from head to toes and banned from driving cars in Saudi Arabia, for it is a practice that could propagate prostitution and lead every unmarried woman to eventually lose her virginity and turn into some whore…

nor it would be strange to hear of “Mehadrin” buses – those Israeli buses which are separated by gender and require women to sit at the back … or to even hear of the shocking story of Na’ama Margolis, an eight-year-old girl student at the Orot LeBanot School in Tel Aviv who has been subjected to harassment by Haredi men, in beit shemesh, who believed she dressed immodestly and therefore spat on her face and hurled stones and insults at her like “prutza” (whore) and “shiksa” (the Yiddish term for a non-Jewish woman).

What’s painfully ludicrous is that hard-line Muslims and Jews recognize each other as bitter enemies unaware, through their blatant ignorance of history, of the fact that they both claim authority from practically the same dogma.

“Absolutely, I would not hesitate to spit on any woman who is not dressed in a modest way as the Torah commands, yes, even if she was a 7-year-old girl. After all, I’m a sane man” commented one of the Beit Shemesh haredim community interviewed by Israel’s TV Channel 2’s Shai Gal- watch the whole shocking video with English subtitles here.

“We are trying to determine what kind of society we are – is this a democracy where the majority decides, or is there a minority that pushes everyone in one direction?” asked city councilor Rachel Azaria, who has led the fight against haredi extremism in Jerusalem for years.

Mrs. Azaria’s question didn’t pass unanswered, and while the wahhabis and the salafis are reaping the fruits of the Arab spring and gaining more strongholds in the region, that haredi from Beit Shemesh assured his interviewer form Israel channel 2 with a defiant tone that “whether you like it or not, all of Israel will be ultra-Orthodox. And nothing anyone can do about it.”

But I tend to disagree with that fanatic ultra-orthodox Jew or any of his Muslim counterparts for that matter. Indeed, there is something which all of us can do that will help us take the first exit out of this speedy and crazy way to Armageddon , we can draw the line, that thin and often overlooked one, between history and myth.

History, history! We fools, what do we know or care.

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Dr. Ashraf Ezzat is an Egyptian medical doctor whose passion has always been writing. He says of all the human-related studies, he finds himself attracted to history. Ashraf stresses that history helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be.

He says Egyptology holds a special place in his heart, for Egypt is where the human conscience sprouted. In ancient Egypt all things civilized began to evolve.

"I write articles and share posts of interest to me and hopefully to a lot of people." Dr. Ashraf Ezzat says you can drop him a line any time at: "I like to exchange knowledge and experience, I think that`s what Blogging is all about."

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Anonymous February 8, 2012 6:04 pm (Pacific time)

The below quote by Governor Christie is why Israel will never have congress or any Whitehouse administration abandon them. The screams about bigotry, apartheid and Zionism is simply not going to alter the inevitable showdown that is coming between Western Civilization and the true slavers and oppressors of individual freedom. Soon, it will be all over, and it will be final. There will be years of clean-up, but that's good training for our military, and a way to get rid of old ammo. Governor Christie, NJ: ‘I Admire Israel for the Enemies It Has Made’ "“America should stand by its friends and its democratic allies, even, and sometimes especially, when it’s unpopular to do so,” Christie said, outlining his foreign policy vision. “And you know I know, that it may not be fashionable in some of the chancelleries, the foreign ministries, and salons around the world to talk about why America stands with Israel – but that’s no excuse not to be saying, and saying it loudly.” Christie continued: “I read a quote from President Franklin Roosevelt which I thought made this point much better than I ever could. He says, ‘Please judge me by the enemies I have made.’ In that same spirit, I would like to say to all of you tonight: I admire Israel for the enemies it has made.” The New Jersey governor went on to explain that Israel’s enemies are America’s, and that the two countries share important values. “We both believe in self-government, we both believe in democracy, and unalienable rights,” Christie said. “From what I understand, the Knesset and Israel’s free, vibrant news media make Trenton seems like a cordial and sleepy atmosphere. You’ll find that hard to believe, if I say so myself.”

Except... February 8, 2012 2:59 pm (Pacific time)

Editor: OK, I hope you give this serious thought, I appreciate your comment by the way. I'm sure you know that Zionism only dates back to the 1890's, it was Herzl's idea- not one from the Bible. -
Me: I do NOT believe in Biblical entitlement. I am in fact, more than secular, I'm closer to Atheist. (and make that demographic disaster above more like 20-30 years).
And you realize of course, the Vast majority OF the few percent of anti-zionist Jews are Ultra-Orthodox religous freaks (that would be included in the critical article above), just as those orthodox settlers of the opposite opinion who want the whole West Bank. -

Editor: Zionism is a (sorry) racist philosophy that is the basis for Israel's current apartheid laws. -
Me: Zionism is no worse than any other Nationalist movement.
Unlike say the USA, or Australia, Jews not only have a 3300 year history in the area, but continuous, if oft small, presence.
Before Herzl was born, Jews were the largest constituent of the Jerusalem population (Ottoman Census 1844)
Arabs got 87% of the Mandate (77% in Jordan which is 70% palestinian) and [offered but refused] a split the rest with. the Jews. Half of the Jews part was the Negev Desert. -

Editor: yet this is exclusively what Zionism seeks to accomplish.
Me: Zionism has already been accomplished.
There are a few freaks who want the West Bank too, but even those [Peaceniks etc) who wish to Withdraw to the 1967 borders are still 'zionists'.
Those settler types were removed from Gaza and will be removed from whatever area of the West Bank isn't negotiated/traded for. -

On Apartheid....
[even] Jimmy Carter has withdrawn that charge. He has clarified he meant only the territories, Not Israel proper.
And in the territories, they are currently in a semi-war with Israel, Not being governed by them. -

Editor: The Palestinian people had NOTHING to do with the Holocaust, the people of Jewish heritage can live anywhere they want, even Iran has laws that protect Jews, yet they constantly, ever since '48 and before really, eject Palestinian families from their homes, and of course entire neighborhoods. -
Me: No one was 'evicted' before the Arabs started a war. UN Resolution 181/The partition involved Not a single Arab having to move.
As a result of The Arab invasion however, Many refugees were created.
More historically speaking, the Arab population of Palestine Exploded from the late 19th c to 1948. -

Editor: Israeli soldiers regularly fire at peaceful protestors at Bi'lin and they harass the fishermen of Gaza in terrible unforgiving ways. There is no tolerance when racism is allowed to flourish and Israel has done just that, as Sri Lanka has. This is a constant subject, please absorb it with an open mind."
Me: Thanks for your sincere if hyperbolic reply.
(and I have given it much thought already).
The current Israeli Government is Certainly a BIG problem Netanyahu/Lieberman/etc are disasters.
There will be no peace while they are in office.

Editor: You have to study history, have you truly not heard of Dier Yassin?  The mass killings of Palestinians began in earnest with the 1948 declaration, the Stern Gang and the Irgun,are you familiar?  Do two wrong make a right?  Do you know that the neighboring Jewish community, which had perfect relations with their Muslim neighbors, took the surviving children in?  There are great people in Israel, I know it runs the gamut like any place, but the ruthless military arm is far too easily accepted by Israelis, and that goes for hasbara propaganda also.  I have personally dealt with ridiculous mistruths from the IDF.  In the end religion is not meant to be government, it will never work.  As a final thought, if you really don't believe separate laws for Arabs constitute apartheid but they do, for days.  Thank you.  

Except... February 8, 2012 1:47 pm (Pacific time)

First, I'm not the same person above. -

But your article isn't about 'zionism', it's about Jews. -

One could only wish you devoted equal time as per relgious extremist. -

As a secular Jew, I Do worry about the Demographics of Judaism. -

Secular Jews reproduce well below replacement (and inter-marry at 60%) while Orthodox have infinitely more children
In 40 years this means a large difference in what we now know as 'Jewish'. A difference, I as a a secular Jew, am not happy about. -
One more issue....
There's nothing wrong with being a 'zionist'. (ie, supporting the idea of a Jewish state where it is now). - The Vast majority of Jews (over 95%) are 'zionists' in that they support the existence, if not every policy, of Israel. -
I find those who use 'zionist' as an epithet, are in fact Bigots.


Editor: OK, I hope you give this serious thought, I appreciate your comment by the way.  I'm sure you know that Zionism only dates back to the 1890's, it was Herzl's idea- not one from the Bible.  Zionism is a (sorry) racist philosophy that is the basis for Israel's current apartheid laws.    Nobody on this earth has an entitlement that places their needs above those of others, yet this is exclusively what Zionism seeks to accomplish.  In order to be part of this, you have to subscribe to Israel's separate laws for Jews and non-Jews, you have to accept 'Jewish only' roads and a national policy that has created a massive Diaspora.  The Palestinian people had NOTHING to do with the Holocaust, the people of Jewish heritage can live anywhere they want, even Iran has laws that protect Jews, yet they constantly, ever since '48 and before really, eject Palestinian families from their homes, and of course entire neighborhoods.  Israeli soldiers regularly fire at peaceful protestors at Bi'lin and they harass the fishermen of Gaza in terrible unforgiving ways.  There is no tolerance when racism is allowed to flourish and Israel has done just that, as Sri Lanka has.  This is a constant subject, please absorb it with an open mind.  There is nothing wrong with any religion, but when a particular one is doing the killing it gets called out, no excuses for inhumanity. 

Anonymous February 8, 2012 10:43 am (Pacific time)

Wow is ther anything you suckers dont blame on the Jews? Thats the biggest bs i ever heard. Every religion has a history if violence but Islam is the inly one who kills people in the name of their religion. Islam still behead people, rape woman and little girls, allows marriage with little girls, circumcise girls and so on. Islam is thousand if years behind, stuck in the past. Marriage to more than one women, cover. Them up like mummies. Islam is the only religion who is treating women like that and treat them worse than animals. Any other Religion is peaceful. Iff course there some moderate Muslims but you sure dont hear much from them. Oh well, keep blaming it on the Jews, you Jew hater.

Editor: Hey you know, you threaten a family and nobody cares what religion you are, or how much it intoxicates you to be Jewish, but wait... you're a zionist, that is different from being a Jew, so I guess that means you're unqualified to make these points.  Nobody hates Jews except maybe you, nobody wants extremists of any nature or culture or variety doing weird stuff to kids, like when rabbis circumcise baby boys with their teeth.  Nobody likes a government that has 'Jewish only' roads and different apartheid laws for Jews and non-Jews like Israel, but then you just love that don't you?  You would have been cool in South Africa, in fact you would have been the first lay waste to little kids at a protest, at which point you wold scream at them, "You just hate me because I'm Jewish!" right?  Yeah, we've got your number.   

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