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Is Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Just Parroting Nonsense?

I can’t say whether Whitehouse believes what he says, or if he just figures it’s best to parrot the propaganda in order to get votes.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse photo:

(RICHMOND, R.I.) - Last night (Feb. 12) I went to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s event in Narragansett, RI.

In regard to all the talk of the threat from Iran, I tried to remind him of some of the US assaults on Iran:

    Overthrowing the elected Mossadegh government in 1953,
    Installing the Shah for 25 years of brutal dictatorship,
    Shooting down an Iranian civilian airliner in July 1988,
    Providing weapons and intelligence to Saddam Hussein for war against Iran.

And throughout all of this Iran did nothing to us.

As AIPAC beats the drums for war against Iran, I wondered what would happen to a US Senator if he disobeyed an order from AIPAC.  The effort was wasted.

Whitehouse just parroted the nonsense he has heard from Obama and Netanyahu and AIPAC.  Iran is a great danger. He and I have a difference of “opinion” on Iran.

I can’t say whether Whitehouse believes what he says, or if he just figures it’s best to parrot the propaganda in order to get votes.  He’s obviously a good speaker, and he makes an audience think he’s sincere.

I also asked how an elected official who has sworn to uphold the Constitution could vote for the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).  In addition to authorizing another $662 billion for military adventures, the NDAA blatantly violates the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments to the Constitution.  I got no answer to this question.


Rod Driver studied engineering and mathematics at the University of Minnesota, receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1960. He worked at Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque for six years before taking a teaching position at the University of Rhode Island for 30 years. Rod says he became a 'peacenik' in 1951 (thanks to a few weeks on Pariss Island). He became particularly active in opposition to U.S. wars in Indochina and U.S. involvement in overthrowing governments and supporting dictators in Latin America and Iran. As the Vietnam war was winding down Rod began paying attention to the abuse of Palestinians - enabled with U.S. weapons and dollars, which has never stopped. Rod is the founder and president of the non-profit Justice First Foundation.

In Rhode Island Rod was an elected delegate to the state constitutional convention of 1986, Then he was elected a state representative for 10 years. At this time he is not in office. You can write to Rod Driver at this address:

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Scott February 15, 2012 5:11 am (Pacific time)

America’s multiple and continuing mid east wars have all been initiated with the urging of AIPAC, the Conference of Presidents, and other Israeli agencies. All have benefited Israel at our expense. American Jews were central to, and grossly enriched by, the Wall Street obscenity. Israel is a Jewish state, a racist apartheid state. It feigns and exploits alliance, but an ally Israel will never be.

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