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Severe Pain: Marijuana Versus OxyContin

Marijuana wins hands down.

Marijuana vs Oxycontin

(PORTLAND, OR) - For the lucky pain victim in the 18 states with legal medical marijuana, it is much better and much safer than OxyContin which has killed thousands of pain patients in the past few years while marijuana has never killed anybody in the past 5000 years.

Newspaper and television news programs are full of the horror stories about deaths, accidental and otherwise, about OxyContin and Vicodin, which may be as many as 38,000 a year! It appears many physicians are dispensing them like M&M's or peanuts, probably to naive, unsuspecting patients who falsely assume, if it's prescribed by a doctor, it must be both safe and effective. As a matter of medical fact, they are not safe and they're effectiveness is far overshadowed by their lethality.

The Oregonian reports an Associated Press article, which states that in Oregon, 600,000 patients filled these narcotic prescriptions in 2012, but only about ten doctors and ten pharmacies were involved in this frequently lethal activity.

The Oregon Medical Board has persecuted several physicians (including this one) for aiding medical patients to get medical marijuana permits and in Oregon, at least 35,000 patients, or 70% of the total patients who have used OxyContin and Vicodin have switched to the far safer cannabis/marijuana.

Valium- like drugs have also killed thousands of patients and caused about 30% of the deaths. Yet the Oregon Medical Board has DONE NOTHING to protect the general public against these quack pill-pushing doctors, but spends its time persecuting and prosecuting not only the marijuana doctors, but also their sick and disabled marijuana-using patients.

The figures above are for legally prescribed drugs and they are far more dangerous and lethal than heroin, meth and cocaine. Marijuana doesn't even come into the picture because many states erroneously consider cannabis/marijuana to be a severe addicting drug which it is not! They also seem to believe the U.S. government's false propaganda that marijuana has no legitimate medical use. The 18 or so states in which it is legal, probably have more than a million marijuana card holders who are using marijuana safely and effectively for at least 30 different medical problems. Severe pain is the main use for about 70% of all patients. Migraine and Fibromyalga patients consider marijuana the best, safest medicine.

Many states are trying to reduce the prescriptions and use of OxyContin and Vicodin but this is really a pandemic and the American patients actually use about 90% of these drugs in the world.


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Jroy August 11, 2016 5:17 pm (Pacific time)

How many people have lost their lives or ruined academics by using alcohol? Dropped mic. Think about it

Tom March 9, 2013 2:22 pm (Pacific time)

Prescribed meds are more lethal than heroin, meth and blow? C'mon!! I am all for new marijuana legislation, but spewing false scare tactics like this is no better than the movie Reefer Madness. OxyContin and the like are dangerous if abused. However, these meds give responsible chronic pain patients their lives back. I am a chronic pain patient and I also smoke grass on occasion. One thing I can say for sure, marijuana does not alleviate my pain.

Anonymous February 22, 2013 7:09 pm (Pacific time)

"...while marijuana has never killed anybody in the past 5000 years." How many do you think have been killed and seriously injured being under the influence?

 Editor: I don't know because I've never heard of  that happening.  Certainly marijuana has been found at the scene of fatal accidents but I can't name one where the person was not intoxicated on alcohol.  

How many young kids have ruined their academic potential by using?

 Editor: This is not an argument about getting kids stoned, they should refrain until they are adults.   

How about their social and physical development?

 Editor: You are talking about children, Dr. Leveque is not.  In no way did you even touch the subject of this video, did you notice that?  You prefer seeing children addicted to OxyContin?

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