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Michael Francke Murder Mystery Solved (Part Three)

Crooks like secrecy. It is how they get away with their crimes for so long.

Former U.S. President James Carter with Michael Francke.
Former U.S. President James Carter with Michael Francke.

(SALEM) - In the last installment, we made the outlandish claim that Governor Neil Goldschmidt was at the helm of the Conspiracy against Frank Gable and Michael Francke. We even stated that we had Neil G.'s confession. Very well, here it is.

Neil Goldschmidt nndb.com

In a memo dated August 22, 1989, Governor Goldschmidt's legal advisor, Ms. Cory Streissinger, reveals the plot to coverup the link between Mike's murder and prison corruption.

In the memo, amongst other things, is the declaration that the Governor should lie to the public, the investigators should NOT turn over any evidence that would show that corruption, and they needed to keep the feds out of the investigation by any means necessary.

The Cory Memo is published here for your perusal. You can read it for yourselves. Indeed, you will want to read it for yourself because of the incredible statements we are advancing. I know that as I, too, was incredulous that such a damning piece of evidence actually existed. This memo is from actual court records. Note how some of the lines were blacked out so we would not know, and the jury would not know, what was said.

The first thing that I noticed about the memo was the lack of empathy for either the murder victim or the victim's family. In fact, they considered the victim's family to be a threat to their criminal enterprise. This lack of compassion is a trait inherent in sociopaths and cold-hearted criminals. No remorse for Mike's death.

One of Neil's men had been murdered in the line of duty. Neil should have been outraged and should have wanted the killer(s) found. That is what he should be concerned with. However, Neil is doing just the opposite. Neil wants to keep federal investigators out and he wants to hide evidence that would expose the link between Mike's murder and the thefts going on at the State Prisons.

The following is taken from my book, Broken Dreams. It adequately explains the significance of the Cory Memo.

Do you remember your thoughts regarding the Cory memo? Did it seem like a harmless document that had little, if anything, to offer in the way of proving either the crimes of the elite or of Frank Gable’s innocence? If you’re not sure, go back and read it again. And again.

If somebody had told me that this memo existed, without showing it to me, I would have seriously doubted them. Even so, as I read it I was highly incredulous that such a scheme was so openly presented where a dubious public could read it.

This document is so damning on so many levels that it would take an entire library just to do them justice. Nonetheless, please allow me to address some key components. Take, for instance, the very last sentence. I’m willing to wager that this seemingly harmless passage went by you without a second glance.

Dale Penn photo: lotteryinsider.com.au

“Given Dale Penn’s expedited grand jury schedule...”

First, it shows that the author has had intimate conversations with District Attorney Dale Penn. How else could she have known about his “expedited” Grand Jury schedule?

Second, why would that information even matter to the Governor? Third, and this is as damning a confession as any I’ve seen, “all of this should take place fairly soon if you intend to proceed.”

The question you should be asking yourself is why should any investigation be rushed on account of an expedited Grand Jury schedule? The answer, the only answer, is because these scheming felons needed a fall guy---fast!

One thing you have to ask yourself is, what would happen if Dale Penn came up for reelection and lost? It wasn’t any expedited schedule; it was that they would need an expedited schedule in order to make sure that Penn spearheaded any attempt at an indictment before he left office (in the event he was ousted)!

In the very first paragraph of the memo, we read where Ms. Streissinger reveals the purpose of the memo. She says that it is a followup and summary of conversations (with whom?) the Governor has had regarding the Francke murder investigation, the possible link to wrong-doing at the State prison, and what further actions should be done about it.

That was clue number one as to the precise purpose of the memo. It is vague, at best. So let us go to the section of the memo numbered “4” and read the last sentence.

Cory writes, “I believe it is crucial not to turn this into a federal/fbi investigation if you want any assurance that it will stay within the bounds you have set.”

To adequately appreciate the importance of this memo, you should understand how procedures operate within the judicial system. Typically, when the District Attorney and State investigators have reached a deadend (as these people stated they had), the FBI is contacted and their assistance is requested.

Sometimes, especially when a government employee is murdered, the FBI will come in of their own accord. In this case, however, the Governor was adamant that the feds stay out if it. Why?

So, when Ms. Streissinger talks about bounds, she is referring to the fact that the Governor does not want the feds involved. The reason is simple enough. Goldschmidt knows that Francke was murdered because Francke had discovered the multi-million dollar theft ring in both the prisons and the State Hospital. There were millions of dollars at stake. If you were stealing large quantities of money, would you want the feds involved? Of course not.

Cory verifies this in section numbered “9” when she writes, “You will obviously want to avoid any implication that the allegations about the Corrections Department” (wrongdoing) “are correct, but you also don’t want to sound like you are prejudging the outcome of the investigation.” It was imperative that he lie to the public.

If the feds did come, then the feds would have discovered that, not only did Neil Goldschmidt sanction the "hit," Neil G. was active in the coverup. In other words, the Governor knew that the cops knew who the real killer(s) were and Neil definitely did not want the feds discovering that activity.

Courtesy: BlueOregon

Given the rapacious nature of all of those involved, it is more than obvious that the whole purpose of this memo was to keep the feds out and to hide any connection between wrongdoing in the Department of Corrections and Mike’s murder.

In fact, Ms. Streissinger makes that perfectly clear in section “1” when she states, “You also suggested that the investigative team be directed to turn over to the appropriate authorities any information not related to a possible link.”

Think about that a minute. If they turn over any evidence that would link Mike’s death to prison corruption then their whole illegal operation would be in jeopardy. Subsequently, any evidence that links corruption should get suppressed before any prosecuting authorities can get it. And that was crucial. You see, if they gave such information to the D.A. in writing, then the D.A. would have to give it to any person who might be arrested and that information might get the suspect (in this case, Frank Gable) off the hook.

Really sharp lawyers cover their butts by handing over detrimental evidence after they do one of two things. One, they find a way to present other evidence that would downplay the negative evidence’s importance. The other, they make a whole lot of useless commentary that is designed to make people think that such and such is trivial.

In addition, any such information would (legally) have to be acted upon. Heaven forbid that they get rid of the corruption. Numerous investigations, including the 1984 and 1986 investigations, were conducted even before Francke was hired.

In those investigations, as well as several others, it was discovered that there existed corruption in prison finances. Neil G. knew all about it and wanted it to continue. So it was critical that no evidence rear its head. They needed a fall guy and fast!

Keeping in mind that Goldschmidt is the boss of the State Police and of the State Prisons, let’s look at what occurred shortly after this memo. August 22nd exactly correlates with the time that State Police decided to frame Frank Gable.

On August 7, 1989, thanks to an alleged “tip” from someone who saw a composite of a man whom police were told had been seen hanging around the Dome Building the day Mike was murdered, they (re)contact Frank (ER-25). They telephoned him and a meeting was setup. When Frank failed to show for that meeting, another was scheduled for September 13.

In the eyes of the police, if you fail to show up for an interview, they consider that an admission of guilt. Makes no difference that you had a valid excuse. You’re guilty (same mentality as jurors have when you do not testify in your own behalf).

I cannot stress how many times I have stated that I do not believe in coincidences. Sure, coincidences do seem to occur from time to time. However, I exhaust every avenue before even beginning to accept them. And that is what compelled me to examine this item a little closer.

Ted Kulongoski

As I read Yraguen’s decision, I compared it to the Cory memo, as every good investigator should. Remember, the memo was written on or about August 22, 1989. Cory references conversations that the Governor has had (though, later in the memo she relates that he/they had talked with Dale Penn, the State Police (Officer Loren Glover, amongst others), Stan (Long), Ted (Kulongoski), Tom Imeson, Fred Pearce, Emil Brandaw, Dave Frohnmayer, and others).

Obviously, those conversations had taken place in July/August, and prior to August 22nd. And that exactly meshes with the alleged “tip” that implicated Frank Gable as the unidentified man seen in and around the Dome building on the night Michael Francke was murdered. This is page ER-25 at the very bottom.

Cory reveals the near-panicked frame of mind that both herself and the Governor are in. Obviously, the Governor had been in contact with the State police as Cory references that they are at a deadend. Equally obvious is the fact that all of that changes after the Governor had his conversations with the State police.

Under pressure to find someone to arrest, the police go back through their files. They need a likely candidate. They see one in Frank Gable. He is a lowlife who seems to be hated by everyone. He is a known drug user, wife beater, and drug dealer. In the eyes of the police, Frank Edward Gable is a total piece of crap who does not deserve to be alive; let alone walking the streets.

Between the conversations with Governor Goldschmidt and the fact that Frank missed the scheduled meeting, the police were certain that they wanted Frank to “go down” for the murder of James Michael Francke. And everything they did was to that end. The fact that he was innocent made no damned difference at all.

At the top of page two of the memo, we read, very clearly, the concern and motivation behind Governor Goldschmidt’s and Cory’s plans. I repeat, it is very clear and precise.

“The Francke family’s activities and the presence of Phil Stanford ensure that the issue will continue to receive attention by the press and public until some decisive step is taken to resolve it.”

What? Cory is concerned only about the suspicions of the Francke family, the public, and especially Phil Stanford? At the time, Phil was a Newspaper reporter for the Portland Oregonian newspaper and Phil frequently wrote about how the government was covering up the corruption at the prisons and especially the link to Mike’s murder.

This clearly shows that they were not after Mike's killers. But then, why should they? They already knew who they were!

Cory addresses this by continuing with: “Even identification of a potential murderer at this point is unlikely to stop the public’s questions about possible links to wrongdoing at Corrections. We are starting to hear charges of “cover-up” and this may very likely be the response to any indictment.”

Second paragraph of page two of her memo, last sentence, Cory writes, “An investigation initiated by the legislature would obviously be less desirable than one we might set up.” This particular sentence leaves absolutely no doubt that Cory was in on the scheme up to her eyeballs.

Crooks like secrecy. It is how they get away with their crimes for so long. Having somebody outside the circle of hoodlums would take things out of their hands and their cozy little operation might get shut down.

So you see, the Cory memo is not the ho-hum piece of paper that you thought it was. It is the key to this whole damned puzzle.

My references to page ER-25 or whatever, are in reference to Judge Yraguen's 2001 decision on one of Frank's numerous Appeals. Yraguen is such a hypocritical Judge that he has a hard time distinguishing his own lies from the truth. And, yes, we will be exposing this thug, too. Until then:

In our next installment we will prove, once and for all, that Frank Gable did not murder Michael Francke. You won't want to miss that one!

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John Atkins July 7, 2013 4:46 pm (Pacific time)

Point taken. Thanks for straightening me out. These interoffice memos are universally accepted evidence in organized crime cases where the intent is to show the mentality of the conspirators. Obviously, they did not care about finding MIke's killer. Not one word was ever devoted to that. Instead, the players were all concerned with covering up the thefts at the prisons and hospital and keeping the feds out. That's not just heartless; it's criminal. And that is a huge confession involving Goldschit, Cory, Kulongoski, and every person named in that memo. You'll see, it won't be a whole lot of commentary from me. I'm going to squash them with their own "facts." And I am going to follow all of that up with new evidence that shows that James M. Francke was not the first James they murdered in order to keep the thefts buried. Look up James Ross.

Rob Taylor July 5, 2013 5:29 pm (Pacific time)

@justicia...the tapes McAlister had were from an old case he worked on. If I remember correctly the participants in the tape were teenage girls under the age of 18. Don't know any names or what the case was about.

Rob Taylor July 5, 2013 3:14 pm (Pacific time)

Like I said John, I appreciate your effort here. I'm simply offering my opinion, which if I understood your comment in the first installment, you are seeking, negative or otherwise. Here's the comment you made that I'm referring to...

..."First of all, my apologies to each and every one of you who posted comments on here. I appreciate all comments, both good and bad, as they tell me I am not alone here.
I would be remiss if I did not thank Rob Taylor for his support. Indeed, if not for Rob, much of my evidence would have been buried or, otherwise, obscured from me. My brain is like a computer processor. It needs input in order to get output. So thanks Rob."

What have I accomplished you ask? Well for one, according to you where I quoted you, I guess I'm partly responsible for helping you put all this together in your series.

Having Frank's lawyer or "the enemy" as you put it out to my house was to provide her with something she wanted For Frank's appellate case, and what I provided was something Frank had asked me to try to accomplish.

I also understand this is a ten part series. My comment was directed solely on your third installment where you claimed you would "prove, once and for all, that Governor Neil Goldschmidt was instrumental in the Conspiracy to murder Mike, was in charge of the coverup and subsequent Conspiracy to convict Frank Gable, and was party to the thefts of millions of dollars from the prison system. We even have his confession. You'll not want to miss that!"

I don't feel you gave us proof. I feel you gave us subjective reasoning. And I feel that way even more so now after reading your comment..."Goldschmidt has had decades to refute this memo. He refutes nothing. In my mind, that is a confession." The confession you promised, in your own words, is in your own mind. That my friend is the definition of subjective reasoning.

John Atkins July 5, 2013 6:33 am (Pacific time)

Sooner or later, the Jewish mob is going to have to address me. You're making the same mistake that they are; the same mistake that twelve stupid people in the jury box made. You disect a piece of evidence without consideration for the rest of the evidence. This is a ten part series and yet you bring so much negaitivity to it already? The Cory Memo proves their conspiracy to coverup the connection to organized crime within the prison system. The reason for their efforts is, as always, money. Later on, I introduce the John C. Warden report which outlines the corruption. I.E. "misstatements" were occuring which were resulting in the thefts of "$50,000." per month. "Double-billing on high end items." Awarding contracts to friends and relatives. Subjective? Evidenciary?
You've had nine years and you have gotten where? Is there some reason you don't want Frank out? You've had the enemy(s) out to your house. What's that prove? For 23 years Frank's lawyers have taunted him with "trust me," and where has that gotten him? It is time for a new approach. So, please, let me get on with it without necessitating a whole lot of useless rheteric.
Everybody in the whole world is of the opinion that I cannot prove that Frank Gable is innocent. Well, not everybody; I have alliances. But you know what I mean.
In the first installment, I said that I can prove all of that and also who the murderer was. It is coming. Don't stop the trial in mid-stream.
Trial Judge (sic) Greg West said that he would reopen the trial if new evidence was admitted. I have three things that qualify (and more). What if I told you that I know who the man in the pinstripe suit is? Or how about if I told you that, at least, one other person was murdered in order to keep the thefts at the prison secret? What if I added: just as they tried to do in this case, they called that murder a "suicide." John C. Warden alluded to this by stating that they took rats to the hole and beat them up (or worse). Under the RICO Act, that is a pattern of behavior.
Did you ever think about taking any of the facts of this case to ex-President Jimmy Carter. It was an interesting choice (on Tim's part) to post the picture of Mike with Jimmy. Somebody made the suggestion that I send my data to President Obama. Obama is a Jew. Obama is only concerned with protecting Jews. Since Frank is not Jewish, Obama is useless. Don't know that Carter would be any better, but it would be worth a shot.
In any event, you have no idea what I have and I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop berating me until I finish my job. On the other hand, if you are in cahoots with the bad guys, keep up the good work.
I purposely started the series out slow. Next Monday, that train is going to pick up steam. I needed time to get the attention of the crooks in power. I figure, by the end of ten weeks, they should know I am the real deal. They could, easily, kill me, but I strongly advise against it.
Better just to let Frank out on the grounds that Abel failed to explain to Frank that not testifying would get him convicted. But what the hell do I know?

Rob Taylor July 3, 2013 7:48 am (Pacific time)

Thanks for the compliment John. Why do I sound like Frank's lawyers? Nine years invested and I understand the judicial process. Not to mention I've spoken to Frank's fed appeals lawyer at length while a guest in my home here in Iowa. I appreciate your effort here, but you're not offering proof, you're offering subjective reasoning. To entertain the thought that any of this will provoke the bad guys to engage you on the matter is wishful thinking at best. Would you in their shoes?

You also seem to forget the trial has already taken place. The rules have changed now. It's no longer about proving Frank's innocence or who the guilty parties are. The system has already accomplished that by "proving beyond a reasonable doubt" that Frank is guilty. Done deal. Case closed, except for the appeal process. If Frank can win on appeal, then we start all over again and all this that you are offering comes into play again.

Unfortunately there is no DNA available which could prove Frank innocent. If there was, the Innocence Project would've picked up the case by now. At this point (fed appeals) his lawyers are looking for trial errors that occurred which violated Frank's constitutional rights.

Remember Granny? She put together a good argument showing how Frank's constitutional rights may have been violated at trial by the trial judge not allowing Frank's lawyers to offer up a third party guilt defense. The names "Natividad" and "Crouse" weren't even allowed to be heard by the jury, which as you know would've included a confession by Crouse. Not saying Crouse's confession was truth or that Natividad is the killer. I'm saying the evidence surrounding these two people could've provided the jury with enough reasonable doubt to acquit.

Oh yeah, BTW, you do remember that I got Cory Streisinger to engage me in email correspondence a few years ago, right? As well as Scott McAlister after I visited him at his home in Tempe, Arizona. With no success of course. And you might want to research the Goldy archives where there is another interesting memo from Cory to Goldy. There are also others between the two that were removed by Kulongoski's people while he was governor. Attorney/client privilege I would imagine. How convenient.

justicia July 3, 2013 1:07 am (Pacific time)

So when will the protest start? Did scott mcallister and rooster even get see. Trying to buy kids? And does anybody know who the child was in The tapes scott mcallister got caught with? And where they came from ?

Chris Petersen July 2, 2013 10:18 am (Pacific time)

I'm dreaming of the day with Goldschmit's house and possessions being sold at a public seizure auction. It's gonna save the taxpayers a lot of money too when we can cancel his PERS as well. Him and everybody else tied into this sinking turd.

It makes me happy knowing that at least they know that we know now. It has to absolutely haunt them every day. I can't imagine how it must feel to live with such a dark secret eating away at you on a daily basis. All the money in the world isn't going to make a life like that fulfilling.

I actually have some respect for the private sector mafia, but I can't tolerate that from my own government, which is already set up to be mafia like enough. Any additional corruption in there on top of that has the potential to eventually make life nearly unbearable for its citizens. And the corruption only gets worse and worse once their confidence is built up upon smaller successes.

Personally this isn't ruining my life (YET, they easily could squash me like a bug if they wanted to) but I feel for the victims of this mafia machine. There are more than a few people who've had their lives ruined by this systemically deranged system here that has infected our great state.

When people think of my state, I'm ashamed that their first thought is "Gee yeah isn't that the state where your pedophile governor covered up the murder of your head of corrections that he was involed in?" "That state where you have to wonder now if any of the people in your prisons are actually even guilty of anything?"

It just makes anything about Oregon being forward thinking or smart totally out the window. Not to mention it makes our people look spineless, putting up with all this right under our noses.

Chris Petersen July 2, 2013 9:54 am (Pacific time)

This whole thing opens the whole can of worms Statewide and Nationally. Wonder if this is where all that government "waste" goes. Kinda like retail stores have "shrinkage" I wonder how much of our $16 trillion debt just went straight into the pockets of these type of mafia conspirators. Every taxpayer in the state has a major interest in this case. The government just wants us to think they're incompetent, it's better than poking our noses around these massive thefts and putting the brakes on the gravy train...

Chris Petersen July 2, 2013 8:43 am (Pacific time)

Someone needs to go interview that old pedo Goldschmit and get his reaction to these allegations on tape.

John Atkins July 2, 2013 6:30 am (Pacific time)

Rob, you are starting to sound like Frank's lawyers. Is there any particular reason for that? Goldschmidt has had decades to refute this memo. He refutes nothing. In my mind, that is a confession. The courts use this kind of evidence all the time. It is a communique between two members of organized crime. In 1987, the Secretary of State investigated Corrections. In 1988, the Sec. sent Mike a questionaire asking why the thefts at Corrections were continuing unabated. That was intercepted by Caulley. Months later, Caulley responded on behalf of Mike, but failed to answer the sec's questions about the thefts. The sec called Mike and that prompted Mike to look at both Caulley and the finances. This is what got Mike murdered. All of this is stuff that I will get to. The whole puzzle will fall into place. The Cory Memo reveals Goldschmidt's desire to keep the theft's a secret. If you want more specific details regarding those thefts, you can find them in John C. Warden's report to Neil G.
As for the book you downloaded, it is the wrong book if you are seeking my commentary. Nonetheless, it contains all of the evidence you need...if you are really looking for evidence.
This murder is 100% provable with both the Cory Memo and Judge Yraguen's 2001 decision on Frank's appeal. By provable, I mean that it not only proves Frank's innocence, it also proves who did it.

justice July 1, 2013 10:13 pm (Pacific time)

John. How CAn I contact you?

answer July 1, 2013 6:22 pm (Pacific time)

I did answer your question, i sent you an email, the very day you asked, i asked, he answered you, and i sent it to you. i just sent the answer again in an email to you. let me know if you received it, i am starting to wonder if you are getting all your emails.

Heavy Heart July 1, 2013 5:33 pm (Pacific time)

I'ts not very often you see people, stand up and do the right thing. Hell most people don't even care, they just go about their daily lives. When i myself started to think about that, yeah i do it too, guilty as charged, i can admit that. When i really started to think, how we all take for granted the things in everyday life. Like, hugging our loved ones everyday, or just going for a walk, smelling a flower, getting a simple drink of water. Too many to name really. I think how this man has lost all that is simple and precious to us, we take for granted. How this man can ever get back what was taken from him. i do not know! Guess Freedom, would be a start, huh? Yes the cory memo, is very telling indeed! You would think after all these years, with the ones who helped convict an innocent man, in getting older and up in years, just one person would want to clear their soul wouldn't you? Come clean finally, maybe try to make it right with Frank and God! wow, unbelievable we live in a society with evil people all around us, Very Damn Scary! Keep up the fight John! Is there anything we can do out here, to help in this fight. Write to agencies, think more of us need to step up now. This could be our loved one! Policemen in the rooms, and Prosecutor as a Grand Jury Foreman. they are trained to think one way! Say What? Isn't that grounds for something here? Dam this man's rights were violated at every turn.

Rob Taylor July 1, 2013 5:17 pm (Pacific time)

You ended your last installment with the following..."In the next installment, we are going to prove, once and for all, that Governor Neil Goldschmidt was instrumental in the Conspiracy to murder Mike, was in charge of the coverup and subsequent Conspiracy to convict Frank Gable, and was party to the thefts of millions of dollars from the prison system. We even have his confession. You'll not want to miss that!" Ummm...with all due respect, where's the proof you promised in this installment? You didn't even touch on how they were stealing millions of dollars through the prison system which you outlined in one of your books. Did I miss a link or something that allows us to read that? Oh well, I bought the download version of the book. Think I'll go back and review that part. I remember finding it quite interesting.

John Atkins July 1, 2013 11:56 am (Pacific time)

I suggest that you all read the Cory memo for yourselves. I purposely left out many details associated with this memo. For instance, you will see where the State Police were going to bring in a new team. This is the team that convicted Frank. Wink-wink. You will also note that they were going to link up with the Grand Jury. Indeed they did. A crooked Judge signed an order allowing a State cop to sit in the room while this "secret" investigation was going on. That order was signed one week after this memo. Wink. This was also the time that a State Prosecutor was assigned to the Grand Jury and another corrupt Judge made him Foreman of the Grand Jury. This document, more than any other, is a road map to their intent to frame Frank. In the next two weeks, I'll paint you the most incredible picture of Frank's absolute innocence. Let's see if the crooks can argue their way out of that one. :>}

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