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Romance, Love, Stress, Sex, Anandamide, Dopamine, Bliss

Some Enchanted Evening
You May See a Stranger
You May See a Stranger
Across a Crowded Room...

The model cell membrane for Lynch and Reggio’s simulations was a bilayer sandwich of lipids — nitrogen (blue) and phosphorous (gold) heads facing outward on both sides of filamentary tails (gray).
Model cell membrane for preliminary simulations to establish anandamide’s arrangement. Courtesy

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - This is the essence of my title and this article. If I must explain, I will attempt to do so. The first four ALL cause ANANDAMIDE release. About 2 weeks ago, I saw a story on TV News which investigated about and reported on the “love at first sight” phenomenon triggering anandamide release. It probably works for many people. I know that it worked for me, several times.

Some may think my words of the title are somewhat random – not so. Some Enchanted Evening sums it up. Almost every guy (and gal) has had this experience. If not I truly feel sorry for you.

John McPartland several years ago published that Osteopathic Manipulation (call it massage if you must) caused the release of anandamide, the bodies own cannabis. He also wrote that this occurrence was similar to the “runners high” or chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture. I can’t remember others. Search endocannabinoind John McPartland.

Another more recent article in by Storm Crow titled Cannabinoids Reduce Infant Mortality sheds much light on the wide number of actions of anandamide and also THC, the chief medical substance in cannabis which results from stress or pleasure.

Nursling animals including humans require anandamide to suckle and grow. High amounts of anandamide are in the breast milk of new mothers of all animals tested so far.

All this is getting back to the title and the TV show. It is my contention that viewing a desirable mate triggers romantic ideas which can be followed by love, a bit more strong, followed by sex, still a bit more strong and all are followed by anandamide production which releases dopamine, the pleasure neurotransmitter. This is followed by BLISS which according to my Funk & Wagnalls is gladness, exalted happiness, heavenly joy, et cetera. I trust you get the idea. If I am not partially correct, semanticists will straighten me out.

Cannabis as medicine is rapidly coming back into its own medical niches. It was once the most used, most popular, most effective medicine for a myriad of medical conditions and nobody had the slightest idea of how it works. We are beginning to find out.



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Anon June 25, 2015 9:59 am (Pacific time)

Dopamine is over rated in terms of Euphoria. It's more of the motivating factor that leads us to the endorphins. If you hold your breath, dopamine levels steadily increase, and then endorphins increase when you take a breath.

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