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The Bush Administration's Role in Sri Lanka's Tamil Genocide

An international violation of Sri Lanka's cease fire agreement was the match that lit the fuse.

Tamil victim of Sri Lankan government terrorism
Tamil victim of Sri Lankan government terrorism.
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(SALEM, Ore.) - We know exactly who is behind the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have left over a million people in the Middle east dead, over bad information that was in some cases, utter bullsh*t. His name is 'W' though today he seems to have manifested in this fellow named Barack Obama.

At any rate, it is important to understand the role of the Bush Administration in Sri Lanka. Decisions issued from the White House absolutely caused the shift in the balance of power in Sri Lanka to take place, and it is easy to see how fragile that peace was. Bush and his underlings seem to have specifically created the environment that led to the needless merciless deaths of so many Tamil civilians.

This video is fantastic; it features Jude Lal Fernando, who is Sri Lankan Sinhalese (the biggest ethnicity in the island and the only one who has been always in power). He proves once again that there are many Sinhalese who are willing to take a stand and defend the Tamil people's rights.

The pieces to the puzzle including endless accusations of how the separatist group, the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) or Tamil Tigers, is a 'terrorist organization' and to a degree, at a point in time, this was true. But to understand the real story of Sri Lanka, you have to go back to 1948. This is when the modern day Sri Lanka gained independence from British rule, and what a year '48 was for the world, particularly Palestine, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

What should have been the opening of a door to freedom, has led to a closed minded drive for a single culture society where 12% of the residents are legally instructed to ignore their own traditional language. As this video reveals, the Sri Lankan government declared that Sinhalese is the language, not Tamil.

And all of the problems with 'terrorism' followed a 30-year period of history where the Tamils followed the non-violent teachings of Gandhi. It was only in the late 1970's that things began to change, and a collective consciousness visualized the idea of a state within a state, and the Tamil separation was on. Soon there was a full government, hospitals, military, public transportation, music, art; everything required to maintain a peaceful Tamil society.

After the turbulent 1980's and 1990's, the LTTE saw changes take place from within that allowed all parties to engage in peace talks. This continued until 2001, when the United States government violated the international cease fire agreement that had been maintaining peace between the groups. The U.S. scheduled one round of the talks in Washington D.C. Since the Tigers had been named as a 'terrorist organization', they were not allowed to visit the U.S. and lost by default.

Four years later, newly elected Sri Lanka President Majinda Rajapaksa sent his forces to the north to crush the Tiger resistance for good. Thus began a process that would lead to the horrific murders of up to or even over, 100,000 people. The children, elderly, not spared. There were massive accounts of rape and torture and inhumanity was the ruler of the day.

Today the Sri Lanka government continues to ridiculously deny the occurrence and like Israel, they don't even lie well. It is sad that there are no longer nations that can be counted on to ensure that decency wins the day. All governments that insist on giving preferential treatment to a group of people because they are the 'correct' religion need to be terminated.

Since the Sri Lanka's State was founded, the Tamil people's fight for their rights has been incessant.

Jude Lal Fernando has been forced to leave Sri Lanka and move to Ireland because of his political activism. Nowadays he's a professor in the University of Dublin.

"Sri Lanka's gov is scared of the Tamil people" - Independence

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Nadarajah Balasubramaniam July 16, 2011 10:53 am (Pacific time)

We salute Jude Lal Fernand. His arguments are mostly correct and the way he presented them is brilliant.Pl. make note of this golden truth. There was no ceasefire for any reconciliation. What happened was Genocide and Genocide leads to Separation. I am leading the People's Front of Liberation Tigers (PFLT). This is now a major political party in the UK.Pl visit;

Dear Nadarajah Balasubramaniam,

I have been following the events as closely as possible and I have come to care a great deal about the tragic plight of the Tamil people.  I also am very interested in the LTTE and now, the PFLT.  If you have any information that you want carried, please direct it to our newsroom at  I am incensed over the way The LTTE was treated, regarded, and I know it is the scheduling of the peace talks in the U.S. that led to the government's horrible operation against Sri Lankan Tamils.  I refuse to brave the LTTE as a terrorist group, I believe the situation is reversed in that regard.  I salute you and your brave fighters and activists.  

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