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Michael Francke Murder Mystery Solved (Part Five)

Mike was scheduled to appear before the Oregon Legislature the very next day. He was going to expose the high level thefts of millions of dollars from the Department of Corrections.

Michael Franke's body about to be removed from crime scene
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(SALEM) - In the last installment, we explained how Frank Gable was framed for murder.

This week, we are going to explain what really happened on that wintry night in January of 1989. For some of you, this is going to be most shocking. For most of you, you already knew something was amiss.

Remember, Mike was scheduled to appear before the Oregon Legislature the very next day. He was going to expose the high level thefts of millions of dollars from the Department of Corrections.

Every decade since the 1970s, has included newspaper reports that revealed that millions of dollars were being stolen from the department. Yet those thefts endured through each succeeding (seceding) decade.

That couldn't happen without the blessing of both the Governor and the prison Warden. Both of these men, by law, were supposed to watch over and run the finances of those institutions.

Barbara Roberts

In almost yearly reports, the Secretary of State would investigate and expose high level corruption. These reports were very specific and named names and events. Yet, nothing was ever done by either the Governor(s) or the Warden(s).

At the time that Michael Francke was employed, Secretary of State Barbara Roberts (not Jewish at the time) sent Mike a questionnaire in an attempt to try to ascertain why these thefts were not being stopped.

David Caulley, the Corrections Financial Administrator, intercepted that questionnaire and responded on behalf of Mike some months later. However, the Secretary complained that her concerns were not being addressed by Caulley.

It is at this time, that the Secretary picked up a phone and questioned Michael directly about Caulley's lack of response and to verify whether or not Mike knew anything about what Caulley had done.

Whatever the catalyst, Mike dug deep enough that he discovered high level skullduggery that involved Caulley and he set out to gather the proof. Meanwhile, David Caulley conspired with Assistant Attorney General, Scott McAlister, Governor Neil Goldschmidt, and the killers who would murder Mike to silence him.

Goldschmidt and Macallister

At 4:30 p.m. on the day he was killed, Mike carried a heavy box of files (evidence) out to the trunk of his car. The prosecution alleges that it was at this time that Mike would have usurped his habit of locking the car and turning on the alarm. It was a necessary lie if one were ever going to believe that Mike was killed by Frank Gable because they needed to explain how a car prowler would be able to get into Mike's car.

David Caulley was, admittedly, the last official person to see Mike alive. For his part in the conspiracy to murder Mike, Caulley had been instructed to say that he last saw Mike as Mike was walking back to Mike's office to call Mike's wife (who was conveniently staying down in California while the murder took place). That, too, was a lie.

So why did Caulley say that Mike was going back to his office to call his wife? Because their plan had been to grab Mike as soon as he opened his car door and turned off the alarm. They needed the box of evidence from the trunk and could not get it without setting off the alarm. In fact, Caulley boldly admitted that it was his boot print that was found on Mike's rear bumper. You do not leave your boot print putting stuff into a trunk; you leave it when you remove something heavy.

The box has never been found. Wink, wink.

The plan was to take Mike into his office, after retrieving his handgun from the glove compartment, and blow his brains out. They wanted it to look like a suicide committed by a man whom had been rejected by his estranged wife. Ex-Assistant Oregon Attorney General, McAlister even told his love interest that: "They botched it. They were supposed to make it look like a suicide."

Somebody, probably either Caulley or Dick Petersen, told housekeeping (this being the janitors, etc.) to go home a half an hour early. Because virtually everybody in the building was working late, normally housekeeping would have worked until at least 7:30 p.m. in order to clean the rooms after the officials went home. Very unusual to have them all going home when they were needed the most. But it is kind of hard to shoot a man with all those witnesses running around. So housekeeping went home prior to 7 p.m.

Last week we told you about the ex-cop and his wife nearly running over Mike and the two goons who were trying to capture him. So add that to the proof. However, you must also add the fact that they were described as wearing trenchcoats. Why is that important?

Trenchcoats are not standard fare for villains in Salem, Oregon. However, trenchcoats are standard fare for villains being released from prison and/or the State Hospital. Five such men were present at the precise time that Mike was apprehended. Coincidence?

Michael "Mike" Francke and his family

I already said that I don't believe in coincidences. One of the ladies from housekeeping stated that she saw four men sitting in a car around behind the Dome Building. Meanwhile, Hunsaker claims to see two men standing in front of the Dome Building. By my math, that is six men (if you count Shorty). And all six of these men tell conflicting stories. When asked who closed Mike's car door, one of the men stated that it could have been himself or one of the other guys. In my book, such ambiguity is reticent of someone engaged in illegal or illicit activity.

Then there was the testimony of the maintenance man who said that the door to the north portico had been broken that day. It required a key in order to get in and out. Mike had been using that door all day as it was the one closest to his office. So we know that he had a key before he was murdered and the key was missing afterwards. I suspect that Caulley showed that key to the goons so they would be able to sneak back out after killing Mike. The key was missing from the dead man.

Mike had a pager. At the time he was found murdered, it was turned off. Mike never turned it off but had it in vibration mode. Nonetheless, it made noise and the goons shut it off.

When the maintenance man locked the north portico door, he turned on the porch light. It was turned off when Mike was murdered. The goons never went inside. That means that Caulley turned it off before he left there with Mike (at 6:50 p.m.). Again, so the goons could get in and out without being seen.

Remember, they were supposed to blow Mike's brains out. They had his handgun. And it was a problem for them. How do they explain where it went? Why wasn't it in the car? When they snatched Mike from his car, they tore a button off of his suit. It was found in the car but the (corrupt) police claim that there was no sign of a struggle in or near the car. Seriously? A torn button? What about the open car door?

In their haste to capture Mike, one of the goons failed to close Mike's car door all the way and the overhead light was on. It was seen by a co-worker of Mike's. She closed and locked the door...much to the chagrin of the goons who could not unlock the car without, in their minds, setting off the alarm.

Caulley, again, comes to the rescue. At 3 a.m., Governor Goldschmidt orders Officer Glover (yes, the man who threatens to kill anybody who looks into the case) to take David Caulley (officially the last man to see Mike alive, and the prime suspect in any murder) out to Mike's house. They look for any incriminating evidence. Mainly, they go there to plant the pistol under Mike's pillow. These simpletons do not realize that nobody can sleep with a hard lump under their heads. But it was a valiant effort.

In our next installment, we expose the corruption in the Attorney General's office.

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Jodie July 24, 2013 10:06 am (Pacific time)

It's a lot to chew its sickening how this can happen to ppl I am living proof of the corruption I was there I was only 16 years old you have no idea what they are capable of or to what length they will go to I feel that this is the best take in this case I've read but still some stuff don't jive

Just asking July 21, 2013 1:31 pm (Pacific time)

Yes, i understand about Abel, and Frank's rights were violated left and right. But do you understand, they aren't looking at that anymore, he has lost every appeal, so they do not care his rights were violated and it has not been enough to get a new trial, or a sentence change, or thrown out, so now it is going to take, something that they cannot ignore. Something that will blow the whole case apart.

John Atkins July 19, 2013 4:45 pm (Pacific time)

Solid proof? Yes, there is all kinds of solid proof that Abel deliberately convicted Frank. This is the stuff that I have been throwing out there. Abel was required by law to give Frank an explanation in writing. He never did explain to Frank because he had no valid reason. He still has no valid reason. I even challenged the appellate Judges to provide a valid reason. If you are looking for a video, that rarely happens in any criminal case. Abel could not give a valid reason. Do you understand that? The law states specific rules for conduct of attornies. Those laws were devised so that assholes like Abel cannot hang their clients. What you seem to be missing is the fact that none of the appellate Judges is protecting Frank's civil rights to a fair trial. These scumbag lawyers you keep talking to are not doing a damn thing in Frank's best interest. They are all blowing smoke up your ass. Go to the following website and read the law for yourself:

Abel was required to give Frank a legitimate reason and put that reason in writing. Abel has not done so. He can't; neither can the appellate Judges. Moreover, the law requires that Abel provide Frank with "Informed consent." That means that Abel was required to explain to Frank the consequences of not testifying. Do you believe that Abel told Frank that there was a 99% conviction rate for defendants who do not testify? If you are still buying into the bullshit that any lawyer is selling you, I cannot help you. I have explained this so many times, I have worn my fingers out. Read that stuff for yourself and tell all of these lying-assed lawyers to pack it.
You have a multitude of witnesses. The defense investigators were complaining so much that Yraguen had to devote numerous pages to those complaints. The defense investigators knew that Abel was selling Frank down the river. Each testified that was the case. Abel hired the expert (as required by law) that was to make Frank into a better witness. But Abel violated the law, and Frank's civil rights, by not letting the expert meet up with Frank. Any appellate Judge who reads that, is guilty of conspiracy to violate Frank's civil rights because Frank was entitled to a fair trial. He was entitled to be heard. He even wrote letters to Judges and verbally voiced his intent to testify. Read the police reports. You want evidence? The police recorded that Frank said that he was going to take the stand. He even told the cops what he was going to say when he got on the stand. Between the time Frank told the police that and the time Abel screws him, what changed? The thing that changed was Abel's intent to convict Frank by not letting Frank testify. That is all you need to know to get a new trial. But I provided you, and will provide you, with so much more.
And any lawyer who tells you different is a felon.
I'm doing my best to get this before the Senate subcommittee on organized crime. And I promise you, somebody, somewhere, is going to want Abel, and all the rest of these creeps, to explain why he screwed his clients. You see, Frank was not the first guy Abel pulled that on. Abel told me to my face that he was going to convict me...and he did. And, yes, I can very definitely prove that.
So who are you going to believe? These lying low-lifes in suits or the U.S. Constitution? These lawyers could have gotten Frank out 23 years ago, but they didn't. Now why in the hell do you think that was?
Abel is not an expert at what others think. So he has no legitmate right to say that the jurors would not believe Frank. His stated excuse was that he did not think that Frank was a good witness. His opinion is absolutely worthless. Do you know what the expert said about Frank? Nothing. The expert could not say one way or the other because the expert never ever got to see Frank. Abel's opinion is meaningless bullshit and not acceptable in an honest court. See?

Just Asking July 19, 2013 6:18 am (Pacific time)

I was referencing to evidence like, if there is actual solid proof of Able's framing Frank, or solid proof of who the real killer is, or solid proof of the timeline Mike was killed, or solid proof of Mike being kidnapped, that is just to name a few. Aside from Frank's rights being violated, we know that happened. But in a court of law, or going to anyone for that matter, there has to be actual solid proof. Know what i mean, they aren't going to go by theories John, that has already been tossed around it did not help Frank before, it is not going to help him now. It is going to take solid in your face seeable proof. Would you not agree? Just Asking!!!

John Atkins July 18, 2013 12:30 pm (Pacific time)

Just asking: here is one site where you can read up on LInda Parker and Scott mcalister:
Mike was out in the street because he had to run somewhere. I suspect that he was hoping that a cop would see him and/or someone would call the cops. Unfortunately, that did not happen.
Why was Mike stabbed instead of shot? The man who did it was a psychopath with little self-control. He was a man who liked to kill people. Most likely, Mike tried to fight them off (IE: run away). The killer panicked. It is just so hard to find good help.
People keep asking about evidence but with no specific reference. Kinda hard not knowing what you are referencing. I wrote the last book with 368 pages. I have to condense that, in part to stay within journalistic boundaries, and part so as to not reveal certain evidence which I do not want compromised until (if and when) a Congressional investigation ensues. But let's address a key issue.
This issue is the intent of Robert Abel to frame Frank Gable. That attempt was so obvious that Frank raised hell, the defense investigators raised hell (to the point that one came to blows with Abel in Depot Bay), and the whole world recognizes it. Abel said Frank would not be a good witness. He was obligated to fix that. He hires an expert to make Frank a better witness, but never lets the expert see Frank. From the day he was hired, Abel was out to frame Frank any way he could. That is all a matter of record. Abel had a prior history of deliberately framing clients and was notorious for not letting them testify. All evidence. Add to that the fact that Abel could not give a valid reason for not letting Frank testify. He was required to write that out and have FRank sign it. He failed to do so. That is huge. How much goddamned evidence does it take to put Abel away? It is already there.
The evidence proves Shorty lied. Jodie says Shorty lied. A dozen witnesses say Shorty lied. Question is, if there was no conspiracy to convict an innocent man, why wasn't, why isn't, Shorty arrested for perjury and first degree murder?
Right now, Shorty is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He needs a new story because he could not possibly have seen Frank or anybody else stab Mike at 7pm. Under the law, if you are engaged in any illegal act, say kidnapping, and the victim dies, that is murder. The law proscribes the death penalty for killing State officials and for premeditated murder. You see, even if Frank would have done what they said, he could not have received the death penalty (in the eyes of the law) because he did not murder a man who was acting in the capacity of an official. Nor was it premeditated. Add that to the proof that Frank's lawyers sold him out. No way in hell should Frank have ever been sentenced under a law that did not exist at the time. The death penalty was a smoke screen the defense attornies used to scare Frank and they knew they were lying to him.
Shorty, on the other hand, is a different matter. Mike was not just a man who caught a car prowler; Mike was a public official who was kidnapped and killed in that capacity. That is an automatic death penalty. Now would be a good time to come forward with a different story.

John Atkins July 18, 2013 7:09 am (Pacific time)

To Anonymous: Not sure if you were referring to Tim and William Coleman or if you are referring to me, the editorialist. I, despite my grumbling antics (sorry Rob), am always glad to hear other opinions. As for a PHD, I completely distrust educated people because they have been trained to think one way and to memorize a litany of useless/wrong information. I'll give you two examples. Many health care professionals are of the opinion that abusive people are abusive because they were, themselves, abused. B.S. 90% are abusive because one or both parents put the sob on a pedestal and the abuser becomes "hard-wired" into believing that throwing temper tantrums is normal behavior.
The second example comes from my own research in astrophysics. I have written at least five books and have proven that Gravity is not a force of attraction, that most planets were not formed by attrition, that the speed of light is much faster than 186,231mps, that we are fuel for the sun, etc. I even devised a formula that calculates the energy at a orbital path for a planet in other galaxies. I call it the cow formula wherein you take the speed of light (within a closed system) and divide it by the number of earth days it takes the object to go around its sun, and you get the solar wind speed that is pushing the planet laterally. In fact, I have published more than a dozen theories which should get me a dozen Nobels. But I will never see one because the Nobel Committee is comprised of Jews who seek to promote other Jews. I'm one of a handful of people on the planet who can say Einstein was a fraud and actually prove it.
As for the people who say that I have not offered any concrete proof as to what I say occurred in this particular crime, stop looking at the individual components of the omelet. If you look at an onion, you only see an onion. If you look at cheese, you only see cheese.
I am pursuing a RICO action against these thugs. A large part of RICO is predicated on patterns of behavior. James Ross was murdered for threatening to blow the whistle on these guys. Mike was killed for the same reason. All of this is substantiated by the report of John C. Warden, dated December 14, 1989. In that report, he alludes to this retalliation; as well as the sale of paroles, etc. This pattern of racketeering is substantiated by repetitive articles in each decade where corruption is exposed in the prison system. Couple that with "the good ol' boy" policy in hiring and you begin to question how an Iranian Jew could get hired in the first place. The hard evidence shows that Mike was killed after 9pm. The State maintains that Mike was killed at 7pm. The evidence is incontrovertible. Frank Gable could not have murdered Mike at 7pm. That is not a theory; that is hard fact supported by the testimony of two of Mike's coworkers who did not see broken glass in the hallway by the door Mike had broken. Nor did they see the broken window or the bloody palm print (and they were only eight feet away).
Feel free to catagorize my editorials as theories. That will never negate the evidence.
Now, if Mike did not get murdered at 7pm, and yet he disappeared at 7pm, then it stands to reason that he was abducted for that period. Indeed, he was seen running from two men in trenchcoats. Unless you want to call all of those witnesses liars, that is evidence. As I said, an action under RICO is predicated on patterns. And, of course, the fact that 90% of the top dogs are lawbreaking Jews is meaningless.
You're going to love next Monday's installment.

Forever secreted July 16, 2013 7:20 pm (Pacific time) QUOTE:(R)ecords were transmitted to the Secretary of State,
Archives Division, by a letter from the Corrections Ombudsman dated June 28, 1991. That letter provides, in pertinent part:
The files herein contain confidential information relevant to the investigations of the Department of Corrections by the Corrections Ombudsman’s Office.
This statement informed the Secretary of State that the Ombudsman used all of the files at issue to conduct investigations. The Corrections Ombudsman is empowered, among other things, “to investigate, on complaint or on the ombudsman’s own motion, any action by the Department of Corrections” or its employees, ORS 423.420(1), and, To undertake, participate in or cooperate with persons and agencies in such * * * inquiries * * * as might lead to improvements in the functioning of the Department of Corrections. ORS 423.420(6). When the Ombudsman undertakes these duties, he or she must:
Treat confidentially all matters and the identities of the complainants or witnesses coming before the ombudsman"...

pinkfloyd July 16, 2013 5:13 pm (Pacific time)

The powers that be also murdered Michael Hastings....Anyone with half a brain can figure it out. We live in nazi germany, times TEN.

justice. July 15, 2013 7:04 pm (Pacific time)

the truth is all that were in charge are corrupt psychopaths. November 2nd and 5th we will march against these corrupt s***. Join us everywhere.

Anonymous July 15, 2013 4:49 pm (Pacific time)

I was going to make some comments, but because of the virulent and hateful attitude from the editor, I think I will just say that you guys have some good information on this matter. But because my thoughts differ, I am afraid of being called a racist. I guess my PhD is meaningless and my legal background makes be an enemy of the site.

Just Asking July 15, 2013 2:48 pm (Pacific time)

Who was Mcallister's love interest? And did she tell the police or any of the defense investigators about what Mcallister had commented to her? Where is the torn button now? What would Mike be doing in the street? Why would he be running that way, i mean? So the apparent suicide didn't happen, so what is your theory as to why he was stabbed instead? Why would any of the six men, even admit to being near Mike's car at all? You know to say maybe i closed the door. Just curious, trying to follow along here with you John! I absolutely believe in Frank's innocence, always have! I wish all this your writing could help him, but isn't he going to need actual evidence and sound proof to help him? I mean yes, you are writing this and that, but isn't it going to take PROOF? Words or theories are not proof, is what i am saying. It is well overdue time that Frank be released, totally exonerated, in so many people's view, i am just saying it takes actual hands down evidence and proof, John, something to take before the courts, real solid PROOF! Would you not agree? Just asking!!!

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