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Marijuana Committees and the Mexican Mafia: Are they Partners?

The marijuana business is bringing billions of dollars to the Mexican marijuana mafia.

mexican mafia
2007 Congressional Research Service presented this map of cities reporting the presence of Mexican drug trafficking organizations.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - It is astonishing the way efforts toward legalizing marijuana use have gone since about the 1970’s when Vietnam War Veterans brought it back home with them.

Years before that, it was Caribbean islanders and African-American musicians who carefully transmitted marijuana from New Orleans to Memphis, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City and essentially all along the East Coast.

It took a while till it penetrated to the rural areas, but it has done so and the rural areas now grow it for themselves and also for the suburban and those that live in the cities centers.

Almost everywhere there is a 10% usage by the general population and increasing all the time with more and more states legalizing it for medical use. The arrest rate throughout the country is about 10% as well.

Most medical users were previously “recreational users”, but were actually “self-medicating”: using it for medical purposes, such as Anxiety, Anguish and Insomnia caused by Pain.

Along with legalization for medical purposes, anti-marijuana committees have burgeoned. Their main purpose seems to be to make the regulations so awkward and severe that legal growers and their patients have a difficult time getting it for a reasonable price, or even finding it. The black market appreciates that very much.

The Mexican marijuana mafia can always cut the legal price and make more money than any legal dispensary or selling place.

There are literally thousands of Mexican peasants that can be recruited into the Mexican mafia marijuana business. It is a job and it does pay more than not working.

Recent news articles about the Mexican marijuana mafia business provides some outrageous statistics. In Baja, California (Mexico), there was a 300 acre marijuana farm worked by 120 laborers. The farm could produce 120 tons of marijuana worth about 160 million dollars. Another farm find was 148 tons in a bunch of tractor trailers at Tijuana on the U.S. border.

Another find was El Bufalo Farms, with 1,344 acres and about 2500-6000 tons, worth between 3-8 Billion dollars.

The above reports are from within Mexico. Their power and presence goes right up the coast to California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado, and ignores any semblance of “legalization”.

Local police frequently ignore these grow sites because they are guarded by many with all kinds of guns and booby traps.

Huge marijuana plantations have been found in the U.S. National and state parks. For example, 14,500 plants were found in a Colorado National Park. Idaho produced a farm with 12,545 plants. These “grows” are big business and have no connection to our politics or opinions. This should give the reader an idea of the extent of the Mexican marijuana mafia.

The Mexican mafia was started in a California prison about 1950. Their membership is now in the thousands and is constantly growing. Their branches are probably in every prison in the United States. The mafia leaders control everything that the Mafia does.

There seems to be an ongoing turf fight between the Mexican mafia and the DEA, or its brothers and cousins. Money from the illegal marijuana industry is in the low Billions of dollars, and the money goes mostly to the marijuana mafia, in Mexico.


This map shows U.S. cities reporting the presence of Mexican drug trafficking organizations. (2007)



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G.A October 17, 2017 10:52 am (Pacific time)

Trying to buy your book Medical Marijuana for Dummies How do I go about that

 EDITOR:  The book has not yet been published, but we are working on finishing it in Dr. Leveque's stead. He passed away May 2015.

G.A. October 17, 2017 10:50 am (Pacific time)

American gangs are heavily involved in Marijuana. Stop calling Americans, Mexicans. Mexican Americans are not from Mexico there from the U.S.

Ralph E. Stone June 8, 2014 7:54 am (Pacific time)

Why not legalize marijuana in all the states and tax it.? That way we satisfy the demand for marijuana locally, tax it and by doing so take away the "king crop" from the Mexican drug cartels?

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