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Tens of Thousands of Jews Protest State of Israel in NYC

Many Orthodox Jews say Israeli militarism and nationalism leads people away from peaceful Judaism.

Orthodox Jews inNYC protest Israel

(NEW YORK CITY) - On June 9, 2013, tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews assembled on the streets of New York City to protest against the existence of the State of Israel, and to condemn it's current "evil decree" to draft yeshiva students.

In Israel, every person, male or female, is forced to serve in the military when they turn 18. Increasing numbers of young Israelis are refusing to serve. In this case, Israel is trying to force Orthdox Israeli scholars from their Torah schools and into the army. They also say that the state of Israel itself is a violation, caused by the Zionists who are heretics. They say when they were starving in Jerusalem during WWI, the Zionists collected money from Jews around the world who sent it to help, but the Zionists withheld it, seeking conditions for their own power.

This is a major condemnation of Zionism, and distinguishes Zionism from Judaism, precisely as political activists have been trying to do but for which are called anti-Semitic. No one can call hundreds of enraged Orthodox Rabbis trying to preserve the pacifism of Judaism, anti-Semitic.

The mass demonstration shown in the video, took place in Federal Plaza Square in lower Manhattan. A huge platform had been set up for the well populated event, which was attended by several hundred rabbis and leaders of communities.

In front of the platform were seated hundreds of prominent and esteemed people, while the rest of the square was overcrowded with the tens of thousands of participants. Fiery speeches from the speakers gave Israel no quarter, condemning its endless illegal use of deadly force during its 65 years of occupation in Palestine.



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Mike Corbeil June 19, 2013 9:23 pm (Pacific time)

I'll submit this again, for there was no message at all after submitting this the first time and maybe it's because I included Internet domain names, which I'll now disable by replacing the dot with "(dot)".

Hello, you West-coasters.

I'm in the east so it's a little difficult to say hello face-to-face. :)

Short but fine and "Good News" article. People who complain about Biblical scripture being a lot of bunk because of all of the wickedness committed in the name of God and/or Jesus of Nazareth, aka Christ, or simply based on some Bible texts, should possibly think about this again when we have examples like from these Orthodox Jews who know a little about this book and their religion. People who accuse all Jews due to treating the wicked Zionists of today as if they're representative of all Jews, which they most definitely aren't, might want to rethink how they communicate about this. Being Zionist of today doesn't mean being Jewish, for we know that there're also Christians (so-called) who support this wicked Zionism. But even if the latter wasn't true, then we'd still have the fact that Zionists of the sort we have today and for too long now aren't representative of all Jews, did "screw" many innocent Jews with WW II and, now, I additionally learn that it also happened during WW I as well, thanks to your article. "Holocaust Industry" is their game of deceit, or one of them anyway, according to excellent professor Norman G. Finkelstein, including for the title of one of his books. That's his coinage, but he's irrefutably right and we can confirm this with just a little time searching and reading when we don't already know the information. It isn't long to learn of the historical and present examples as long as a person is willing to read things that most news and opinion media omit to tell their readers and viewers. They don't want to publish anything critical/negative about AIPAC and the ZoA, Zionist Organization of America (see Grant F. Smith at IRMEP(dot)org for related info., f.e.).

There're the Orthodox Jews against Israel but also what I'll call organizations of secular Jews, people with various degrees of religious beliefs, who're opposed to the crimes of the present state of Israel. In Canada, there's Independent Jewish Voices Canada, ijvcanada(dot)org, f.e. The members can but don't have to be religious, however I believe that they're all Jewish in one manner or another; if not religiously, then I suppose it's ethnic, only.

But many people who hate the criminality of Israel write or communicate as if every person who's Jewish is to blame; rather than specifically or clearly saying the Jewish Zionists or Zionist Jews of today, they just condemn all Jews. It's absurd to do that, but many people, in the US anyway, regularly do it. I don't know how much that happens outside of the US, but it happens a lot there.

Because of these latter dufuses, it's always great to learn about more Jewish activism expressing opposition to and condemnation of the criminal conduct of Israel. It'd always be very welcome anyway, but it's especially welcome when we have many dufuses condemning all Jews as guilty when they definitely aren't all guilty and many make far better activists than the dufuses who go around blaming/condemning all Jews.

Anyway, I'm glad to have come across this article and your website, which was found when searching for other copies of a new article by Keith Harmon Snow about wrongful, corrupt adoption of children of the DRC, a piece he co-authored with Jennifer Fierberg and for which you used the title of, "SPECIAL FEATURE: Christian Saviors and the Adoptions Industry in Congo", newly published as of June 18th. Seeing that you will publish or re-publish such articles, I had to check out your website a little more.

Looks good, and keep up such good work. We won't find many websites daring to publish writings of Keith Harmon Snow and you re-published his new one. It's a very good sign about a website.

Nice comment Mike, we are indeed fighters for the human race and we do criticize Israel frequently but I totally share your sentiment, it isn't about 'Jews' at all, it is about this paramilitary expression called Israel, and there are so many good people there, working with us, not against us.  As far as Keith and Jennifer, these are two of my favorite people in the whole world, I suspect the best two writers on the subject in America.  Just today I carried a piece from Jenn and used a photo of Kagame that she took personally, truly a gifted woman she is, we are so lucky to have her on our team, I hope you will be hanging around, we have a lot of fresh content each day, shukran!

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