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Medical Marijuana Malicious Information: The Oregonian & Portland Tribune
Wrong, Wrong & Wrong Again

Get the Legislature to Legalize the use of marijuana; bankrupt the Mexican Mafia and run them out.
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(MOLALLA, Ore.) - I am repeatedly astonished by the Reefer Madness articles in the newspapers by reporters who are using ignorant scare tactics to reduce or block the use of one of the safest medicines ever found.

The Oregonian almost always has some snide remarks to make about me & marijuana in general based on the Reefer Madness diatribe.

Anne Saker wrote an elegy of sorts about Jack Herer, Leader of the Hemp Movement, but also reported on Hemp Fest in Los Angeles with 500 vendors and thousands of visitors with the snide remark that Oregon might soon have Hemp Fests and dispensaries like California. I have news for Ann Saker, Oregon already has low level dispensaries, probably about 2000 of them, they are called CLUBS.

The Tribune has had a three-part series which again used the Reefer Madness information. The first statement made was that “the marijuana system was broken”. This is ridiculous. It never was a SYSTEM in the first place. The Legislature, DHS and the Oregon Medical Board screwed it up so bad that everybody involved in it is breaking some law every time they touch marijuana or even when the Doctors and Nurses et cetera, see a patient. The paper prints that “The law is turning innocent patients into criminals”. The law states that patients can use it but they cannot buy it – and growers must give it away for FREE. A camel is a horse put together by a committee and this is the best example. This law has fostered and encouraged the local BLACK MARKET and made many millionaires of the Mexican Mafia.

The Tribune seems to condemn the fact that Oregon has 36,000 marijuana card holders. The U.S. Government estimated that Oregon has 300,000 occasional users. Most of them are trying to get to a Doctor who will sign their applications. Oregon has 8,000 Doctors. 3,000 of them have signed applications but about 2,500 have signed only one or two. Ten Doctors have signed 70%, 21,000, of the applications. For most of these ten that is all they do – no regular practice. The law REQUIRES they be the regular TREATING physician. All of them are breaking this stupid law!!!

Josh Marquis, Clatsop County District Attorney, says that people are “abusing the system and just want to get high”. He’s totally misinformed (Reefer Madness again). Oregon has the most stringent requirements, but for many – not the 10, that is ignored. They are too closely scrutinized. High School and College users are the largest group and not monitored by anyone.

The Tribunes part three article has many Reefer Madness errors. Mark McDonnel, Senior Deputy District Attorney for Multnomah County, says “The police have thrown up their hands, they don’t know what to do”.

Well, I have a suggestion, get the Legislature to Legalize the use of marijuana. This will bankrupt the Mexican Mafia and run them out.

McDonnel also wants a breathalyzer-like test for marijuana users. There isn’t one chemically valid, and physical tests aren’t valid because many patients are physically disabled. One of the state's leading marijuana advocates opposes dispensaries. I understand she has her plantation in a back room of her house.

New Jersey has just started dispensaries and stringent rules for a permit. Their rules are sooooo strict, almost every doctor will be breaking that law. The local mafia will find a way!

The Tribune bleats that marijuana is carcinogenic. The U.S. Government has a patent on it for Anti-cancer activity.

Various Government hired guns like R. Gil Kerlikowske, Tom McLeland and The National Institute of Drug Abuse say the tests for efficacy and safety have not been done. Reefer Madness again. Marijuana/Cannabis IS the most studied, most effective and safest medicine in the world – for about 5000 years.



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