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Marijuana: Where Does It Come From?

You probably have questions, who grows all these plants? Most of the time it is the Mexican Mafia.
Marijuana can be smoked, eaten, made into tea, and it can also be vaporized, which experts like Dr. Leveque highly recommend. Where it really comes from, may surprise you.

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - I’ve posted about this before; see Medical Marijuana: Where Does It Come From? on It grows north as far as the Arctic Circle but best in real tropical areas. It also grows in backyards, attics, bedrooms and basements. That said, where does it really grow?

The newspaper West Coast Leaf has stories all about Cannabis/Marijuana from all over the U.S. and for that matter all over the world. A very interesting article was printed in Vol. 2, No. 4 for Winter 2010. It was all about CAMP (a 27 year long Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) which destroyed 4.5 million California marijuana plants by Nov. 2009. Los Angeles County ranked 5th with 340,000 plants destroyed.

The most plants destroyed were in Mendocino, Trinity and Humbolt Counties. Who didn’t know that??? The crops had the value of about $18 billion. 76% of those destroyed were on public lands - National Forests, et cetera. The raids were mostly done by California Highway Patrol (CHPS) with 665 raids to date. Texas and West Virginia are considered the number 2 and 3 states. but it is grown in every state, every Canadian Province and all over Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. You knew that, didn’t you???

With all of this destruction you might presume that most of it was destroyed. Surprise, surprise - it is not so. There is so much of it being grown, that if they destroyed even 70% there would still be much left over. The distribution and availability is the problem, Legal Medical Marijuana Card holders know this all too well.

You probably have questions such as, "who grows all these plants?" Most of the time it is the Mexican Mafia who plant and care for thousands of plants. These are really huge plantations because each plant requires at least a 4ft x 4ft area.

Naturally, small-time growers - of which there are at least 8000 in Oregon - are usually smart enough to stay within the legal limits of 6 adult plants and 18 baby plants, one foot by one foot or smaller(Oregon's medical patient individual limit).

Other countries such as Holland grow Cannabis/Marijuana by the ton, but they use greenhouses to control light, temperature, water and fertilizer. In some places these plants will grow up to 20 feet tall. They look like fruit trees. The reedier varieties (like Thai) resemble bamboo.



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d February 2, 2011 7:50 am (Pacific time)

Around my way the bud is garbage everyone got this brown shit and im from the lehigh valley in pa

Vic May 17, 2010 10:51 pm (Pacific time)

When I lived in Oregon, I grew pot in my basement. I usually had around 30 plants at any one time in the flowering room, and another 30 in the clone room. Within six miles of my house, I knew four other growers. Within twenty two miles, I knew ten. The weed we grew was better than any outdoor Mexican Mafia weed, thats for sure. No one buys that unless they are down and out or cant find the good stuff....maybe in the 70s, but not now.

Daniel May 17, 2010 6:39 pm (Pacific time)

Dr most of the pot in Oregon is from Oregon or California . The low end market is from BC , the lowest end is from Mexico . The east coast and midwest still have a large Mexican market but its changing as more states legalize for medical . Oregon is an overall exporting state not an importing . Most of the pot busts in California and Oregon are Mexican immigrant growers producing on government land in these states . Also include all the want to be' who flooded west to cash in on the green gold rush . Most of the growers on private land are left alone unless they have problems with there neighbors or ex partner . China is still the number one grower of industrial hemp, but zero medicinal ! Dr most of the workers on the pot farms in Mexico are just poor workers trying to get by , the real Mafia are the owners not the field hands . There may be 8000 small time abide by the law growers , but also thousands more not so law abiding ones in Oregon . Its coming to a water shed point the LAW needs to change and soon will ! I believe there is much more pot consumption going on than the government figure show . With you I agree , Lets Legalize it and quickly !

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