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Marijuana Messages: Time Magazine's U.S. Amerijuana and Misdirected Potshot Puns

It's about Time...

Time Magazine on marijuana
Courtesy: Time Magazine

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - It is good to see that TIME MAGAZINE finally featured the reality of Cannabis/Marijuana (C/MJ) as medicine but simultaneously giving the author, Reverend Andrew Ferguson the C/MJ jollies or cerebral orgasms by reeling off and inserting all of the C/MJ cutsiepoo jargon along with the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DRUG ABUSE (NIDA) hogwash about the erstwhile dangers of C/MJ which has been used globally for about 5000 years without causing erstwhile medical hazards.

C/MJ is the safest, most widely used medicine in the world with at least 400,000,000 users and according to TIME at least 16,000,000 in the U.S. with NO epidemic of harm except to psychiatrists such as Dr. Thurstone, quoted by TIME, who are trying to protect their turf with questionable counseling.

Rev. Ferguson employs the entire lexicon of pejoratives about C/MJ such as pot, weed, intoxicant (compared to highly lethal Percocet=Oxycodone), gourmet buzz, dope (compared to glue sniffing), potheads, pipedreams, maui wowie (misspelled mowie wowie), nebulous symptoms of pain, nausea and vomiting, C/MJ HIGH, etc. There is a whole lot more!

If Rev. Ferguson cared to look, he could have discovered that C/MJ is excellent medicine for about 100 plus medical conditions. Chronic pain is number one for patients previously using Oxycontin and other Morphine-like DOPE. He can call them DOPE, after the dictionaries indication that DOPE previously referred to Opium! C/MJ is better for nausea and vomiting than any other medicine. For Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it is very useful as it is for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Oncologists or cancer doctors were the first to recommend C/MJ for the vicious nausea of chemotherapy and yes there are scientific studies indicating C/MJ might be useful against some cancers.

The Rev. Ferguson compares C/MJ to Alcohol and Tobacco. There is no contest. Alcohol and Tobacco each kill hundreds of thousands of people a year. C/MJ NEVER killed anybody.

C/MJ does produce euphoria in medium to high doses. Medical patients consider this to be a benefit. Illness and debilitation cause depression and euphoria must be considered a real benefit.

I congratulate TIME for coming “out of the closet”. I’ll bet many of their employees use or have used it. Many college students and professors use it.


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