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MARIJUANA FOR SALE! Legal Pot for Oregon Adults

No longer do marijuana consumers have to hide their preference for pot.

Sweet Irish Kush marijuana
Oregon-grown cannabis is well known as some of the best in the world. Shown: Sweet Irish Kush Photo by: Bonnie King

(SALEM, Ore.) - Pot enthusiasts in Oregon are especially happy today. Recreational cannabis sales begin as of now.

Oregon voters passed Measure 91 last November by a wide margin, and their voices have been heard. The Legislature gave Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries permission to sell to the non-medical market until retail stores are set up, and those sales begin today.

Everywhere you turn, there is cannabis. It is a life-long fantasy for so many, coming true right before our very eyes.

Educate Before you Recreate

The majority of adults that will be purchasing marijuana are not new to it, but they have never stepped into a store where it is available on the shelf. Many have used marijuana throughout the years, growing it themselves or using a black market connection for the herb. This is a new day. A long-awaited day.

Or, perhaps you're not a veteran cannabis user. You've got a learning curve, but you'll catch on. Take it slow.

“Flowers”, as dried marijuana buds are called these days, are plentiful in type and variety. Some shops have over 3 dozen strains to choose from, and it can be an overwhelming decision. Luckily, dispensaries have “budtenders” behind the counter who are well-versed in all that is cannabis, and they can answer your questions.

What do you want to buy? For first-timers, it's important to understand that all weed is not alike. Not at all.

Basically, it will help you to know what you're looking at. In general, there are two species to know: Indica and Sativa. Cross-breeding has created innumerable hybrid strains, which may be your preference.

According to The Weedblog, the most popular Indica strains currently include Kush, Northern Lights and White Widow, and popular Sativa strains include Purple Haze, and Mauwie Wauwie. There are many more, you will be impressed by what the dispensaries have to offer.

Nothing but flowers will be available for recreational purchase until January 2016, which is also when the 25% tax will be assessed. There is no tax at this time.

Remember to bring your ID (21 & over only), and bring cash because most shops don't take credit/debit cards. Information will be presented to all clients with warnings to keep pot away from kids and warnings about use while pregnant.

Coming Out of the Canna-Closet

After decades of using cannabis secretly, behind closed doors, while fearing the consequences of ever being “found out”, Oregon adults can finally emerge from the canna-closet. Some are hesitant, and understandably so. Employers can still drug test for cannabis, and they can fire you, just like always. There are some exceptions to that, but very few.

Indeed, it is a wary road to an open, guilt-free lifestyle, but Oregonians are embracing the chance. It is time to put the past behind us, and move into a new age where incarceration is not a factor for simple use of the age-old herb.

This is real.

Adults (21 & over) can now buy 7 grams of marijuana from a dispensary, a day.

The law allows adults to have 8 ounces of dried marijuana in their home, and 1 ounce outside the home, they can grow 4 plants per household (regardless of how many adults live there), they can possess 72 ounces of fluid cannabis products, and have 16 ounces of solid cannabis products. In January, they will be able to buy up to one ounce of concentrates as well.

Now that four pot plants can be in the back yard, you'll soon discover that it can be an expensive endeavor. Be sure you protect your investment by learning how to grow without reinventing the wheel. The cannabis community is very helpful, and there are many resources available.

Adults 18-20 are considered “minors”, and cannot buy marijuana. That was the will of the voters, and so it stands. OMMP patients are not affected by this limitation.

A minor in possession of less than an ounce of pot is looking at a $650 fine. Possession over an ounce, but less than 8 ounces is a Class A misdemeanor. Possession of other cannabis products will get them a Class B misdemeanor.

Select Dispensaries are Ready for Rec

Over 200 medical marijuana dispensaries will be opening their doors to thousands of new customers this morning. Most are offering special “welcome” event activities, which vary depending on where you are.

In Salem, Cannamedicine is serving up chili, Herbal Remedies has a food truck and others have lots of cookies, snacks and drinks. The Other Spot in Portland is serving Donuts & Dabs @ 9am. Contact your favorite dispensary to see what they have planned. Many will give welcome packets to the new customers, complete with information and valuable coupons.

Tuesday, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) sent out a special notice to say that Measure 91, section 46 states marijuana may not be given as a prize, premium, or consideration for a lottery, contest, game of chance or skill, or competition of any kind. Dispensaries may not conduct raffles.

OAR 333-008-1500(3) A dispensary may only sell limited marijuana retail products to an individual and may not offer or provide any other product containing marijuana to an individual.

So, enticing recreational customers to “come again” will be done without marijuana as an incentive. There is plenty of competition out there, so they will likely be judged on variety and customer service.

Products and prices will vary between dispensaries, but shopping purely based on cost is not advised. Visit different dispensaries and ask questions, learn what they offer and if they have specialties. Once you get your cannabis, remember to head home, or to private property. There's no public consumption in Oregon, at this time. (It's not beer, after all!)

Enjoying cannabis is one of the earth's greatest gifts. Legalizing the choice to use cannabis is one of Oregon's greatest moves... if I do say so, myself.

(Sources: leafscience.com; WeedBlog; Charitable Activities Section of DOJ; Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program; Wikipedia)


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