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Oregon Inmate Stabbing Victim Attacked Second Time

Oregon prisons are dangerous, but not for the reasons you might think...

Clayton Howard
Clayton Howard

(SALEM, Ore.) - Last summer we told you about an inmate whose life was in peril in the Oregon State Prison system; an individual who had testified in a whistleblower case exposing rampant internal corruption. We revealed how Clayton Howard had already been stabbed in an incident that screams of 'set up' from prison administration, and that we were concerned the state would try to get him again.

They got him again last week.

It wasn't a stabbing this time, and the assailant wasn't an inmate; it was a guard. For everything he has survived to reach this point, Clayton Howard has a debilitated physical condition, mostly based on the attacks he has suffered as an Oregon inmate.

By all accounts, Howard's health was excellent before a series of physical attacks he has received from inmates in 'torpedo attacks', one violent life-threatening stabbing, and continual bouts of physically torturous incidents at the hands of prison guards, Payne heading the list[1].

According to reports, 'Payne' has an alleged history of unchecked physical abuse of inmates.

Clayton Howard has serious nerve damage from the last prison stabbing he suffered. This has been well documented by medical officials since 2008. He says his problem is continually getting worse because 'Officer Payne' has a habit of bending Howard's damaged hand backward in order to get him to walk, when he can not do so. Howard's neck and back problems are severe, according to medical reports clearly available to the prison staff. According to statements, they literally force Howard to walk, admittedly, by applying physical force that would obviously, directly affect the man's already poor condition.

The saddest aspect is Howard's immaculate handwriting; specifically his current inability to execute this artful form of communication.

It seems as though the Oregon Corrections Department is trying to end the life of this inmate. The facts have been published, the Attorney General's office has been contacted, and the reality of how the city's only newspaper totally ignores the racism and thus stands behind it, is well established.

State of Oregon officials likely have good reason for wanting to see Howard dead. Clayton Howard is a 'Jailhouse Lawyer' and this educated man has sued the state of Oregon nine times and won, while losing none.

So what does a business do when someone or something hurts its bottom line?

Clayton Howard said:

"I hope I make it back to OSP (Oregon State Prison). These people think my medical issue - I'm faking. They cuff me in a way that pinches the spinal cord and I can barely walk. They moved me to another cell on 10-6 and inflicted pain on me because I couldn't walk. What they say is a wrist lock was actually bending my fingers back (middle 30 both hands and squeezing my arm so bad I havd his finger imprinted in my arm. It's all caught on video tape. They are so mad at all the grievances I've filed. They are now trying to paralyze me. I already have a suit pending on the same dude (Payne) in 2008 so I'm amending that to all this new intentional infliction of pain. If possible contact Tim, William and DOC administrations - before they kill me."

Background on Howard's Stabbing

In this case, according to numerous credible reports, Oregon's Department of Corrections staff approached a lifer named William 'Dollar Bill' Thomas in 2006, who had a history of having stabbed or 'shanked' four different inmates in the past, who were all black. inside the Oregon State Prison.

Thomas stabbed Clayton Howard, but Howard survived and how has a serious lawsuit against the state of Oregon. All the more reason officials in this state would like to see him simply go away.

That happened already in part; Clayton Howard was moved out of the Oregon State Prison in Salem after surviving the stabbing. He is currently in the Snake River Correctional Institute in Ontario, Oregon.

Clayton Howard's story is intertwined with the ongoing story of former Corrections Officer turned Whistleblower, William Coleman, whose story has been and continues to be featured in a series of reports. Coleman will go down in history as the man who exposed racism and corruption in Oregon's prison management culture.

Sadly, this is an old story here.

The late Michael Francke

By the late 1980's, Oregon's Corrections Dept. had a well established level of corruption. It was so pronounced that then Gov. Neil Goldschmidt hired the nation's top man for resolving prison corruption.

Michael Francke was the corrections director who cleaned up New Mexico's corruption infested prisons after riots that left dozens dead.

He had been in Oregon about a year, and was three days away from providing damning testimony about Oregon prison corruption to the state legislature, when he was stabbed to death and left lying in a pool of blood near the entry of the state corrections headquarters.

Anyone with a small degree of reason who investigates this story, knows the state was involved in his murder. They convicted a scapegoat and 21 years later that man, Frank Gable, still languishes behind bars, in Ely, Nevada.

Even John Walsh from America's Most Wanted dedicated an episode to it. What a burn for Oregon's shadowy justice system that had to have been, as it was a supposedly adjudicated case. An underage drug addict was used to give testimony against Gable.

One thing is for sure; the people involved in the Murder of Michael Francke; an honorable man who was working for the forces of good in this world, are like little mice fighting over scraps. It makes me sick that they have gotten away with it for so long, but we're working on it. There will be justice some day for Michael Francke and there will be vindication for Frank Gable.

The inmate who stabbed Clayton Howard, William 'Dollar Bill' Thomas, has since vanished from the Oregon prison population rosters. His whereabouts can't be accounted for.

Welcome to the circus kids, all you have to do is be friends with the right people and you can go a long way in the Oregon justice system.

Look for a follow up article in the coming days, and an up to date list of links from this series.

The link to the original story is below; you can also click on the image below to read the history of the case in our previous article.

[1] A torpedo attack is prison slang used to describe an orchestrated physical attack, which generally comes "out of nowhere" and is designed to injure an inmate and simultaenously get them in further trouble.

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Great resources on the Michael Francke Murder:

Michael Francke - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blue Oregon - Who killed Michael Francke?

Ex-employee supports corruption claims - by Jim Redden Portland Tribune

Tim King: Editor and Writer

Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as's Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines.

Tim holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Tim has several years of experience in network affiliate news TV stations, having worked as a reporter and photographer at NBC, ABC and FOX stations in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. Serving the community in very real terms, is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. As News Editor, Tim among other things, is responsible for publishing the original content of 65 writers. He reminds viewers that emails are easily missed and urges those trying to reach him, to please send a second email if the first goes unanswered. You can send Tim an email at this address:

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John Abrahms November 18, 2010 1:40 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King you call Ollie North a criminal, and also assume I know nothing of the history of that time. You are wrong on both of your conclusions. It amazes me how the left simply cannot look at actual facts, but instead goes and gleans radical propagada and treats it as reality. Meanwhile people like North reach out to millions of people through his television appearances, best selling books and so many charity events that few half his age could keep up. Subsequently you have real criminals in congress getting away with highly serious crimes. The Tax-writing committee chairman, Rangel of New York was just found guilty of 11 ethical violations that all us non-politicians would go to prison for. Next on the line up is Maxine Waters, but neither will receive appropriate justice and just get a wrist slap. These two are felons and belong in prison. The other day Sen. Rockefeller, WV, stated that FOX and MSNBC should be taken off the air by the FCC. Two things here: The FCC does not control the cable networks, and he obviously does not know what caused our ancestors to start the Revolution. Suffice, North, was not even born when hard drugs were all over our cities, just the same, drugs are here because of demand and poor choices by some really stupid folks.

Tim King: North was straight behind the importation of drugs to US cities through the 'weapons for drugs' program and I suggest you do some reading, because he is not a clean operator in any way shape or form, he is a death merchant and we have reason to believe he is associated, perhaps directly, with the Murder of a Marine officer from my former base, El Toro, who learned that the drugs were still coming into the US in 1991.  His name is Col. James Sabow and unlike North, he had a flawless Marine Corps service record and did not have a checkered past.  North is a warmonger, a profiteer; his presence as a free man is an insult to everything that is or was right about this nation.    

John Abrahms November 18, 2010 10:59 am (Pacific time)

Ltc. Oliver North and several of his associates are heroes who saved Central America from communism and helped get American hostages released from the belligerent Iran. He has no criminal convictions. North has been the subject of an e-mail rumor that during the Iran-Contra hearings, he told a Senate committee (including Al Gore, who was NOT on the committee) that he had installed a $60,000 security system at his home to protect his family from Osama bin Laden. North is a favorite among conspiracy buffs, who maintain that his operation took guns to Central America and brought back cocaine during the 1980s. He is well liked and respected by active military and veterans. He has helped raise millions of dollars for veterans and their survivors. The people who have animus for him are generally uninformed and easily manipulated by Marxists and other anti-American propagandists. They have failed to gain traction and in 2017 (maybe earlier) many will be revisiting their anti-American behaviors. There does not need to be trials for those who fall under a terrorist designation. NOTE: In 1990, North founded the Freedom Alliance, a 501(c)(3) foundation " advance the American heritage of freedom by honoring and encouraging military service, defending the sovereignty of the United States and promoting a strong national defense." The foundation's primary activities include providing support for wounded combat soldiers, and Ltc. Oliver North, along with many others, were national heroes who saved Central America from communism, while helping get American hostages released from the scholarships for the sons and daughters of service members killed in action. Beginning in 2003, it has raised over $10 million for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund through Freedom Concerts and donations from the Sean Hannity Show and its listeners. Hannity, North, and other charity spokesperson claim that all of the net proceeds from the Freedom Concerts are donated to the fund. SHOW ME HOW MUCH HIS DETRACTORS HAVE RAISED?

Editor: North is a dishonorable piece of work  responsible for America's streets being infested with deadly white drugs.  The Contras were dirty right wing business interest bastards and the Sandinista government runs Nicaragua today.  What a waste of time all of that under Reagan was... 

Sometimes it amazes me how little comment posters actually know.  We actually have some really good stuff on old Ollie that hasn't necessarily seen the light of day.  Thanks for reminding me that I have what it takes to do a real piece on that guy.  Just because a man wears the Marine uniform does not make him credible thereof.  That uniform represents honesty and integrity and frankly it is sad that he ever put one on a single crime.  Typical right wing BS; cry and whine about crime but then when your boy gets caught, just pretend like he's a hero.  North should have been throw in Leavenworth for the remainder of his life.  

you don't know November 18, 2010 9:21 am (Pacific time)

I thought about this article allot, and I am just not sold on it's claim. There are some things broken in ODOC, but where are they not. OSP does have a longer history, and with that history comes cultures, where some become very like what they are there to watch over. These are very perplexed issues that have evolved over years of culture. But as for Inmate Howard, like a said before "human garbage". I do not see past his crimes or actions, he cries wolf where there is no cause. He is treated like the other 12,000 inmates in the state, and believe it or not Oregon run a much better, safer, and efficient department than many other surrounding states, Ca, Wa, Ut, Nv, and Id to just name a few. So to stand from afar and say the whole system is corrupted is incorrect, no it is just plain wrong. So if you see something that was foul, report it, not try to bring down the entire department. And "that's all I have to say about that"......Forrest Gump. Oh yeah tell Coleman to stop blubbering and get a life.....!!!

Tim King: You really don't have the courage to use your own name do you?  It speaks volumes about your place in this world.  If you told us who you were you would be in trouble, because you live close to the ground and lap the public trough and don't rock the boat, right baby?  I'm wondering, since you admit illegal things are taking place in the prison with relation to corrections staff, tell me this: Have you ever turned in a fellow officer for illegal activity?  Well have you? 

William Coleman is a legal and moral human being and you may not quite understand that, but there actually are people like him in this world.  Which creates huge issues for people like yourself.  William Coleman states facts and he has already generated interest that you can't reverse.  He has a deep consideration for his fellow man and in spite of everything he has been through, he has sympathy for you and your cohorts too.  But that is beside the point, the law doesn't waver in the US or Oregon and there are no exceptions for prison guards behaving in an illegal manner. 

And believe me, I know the whole system is almost created to foster illegal activity.  I know guards don't have the same responsibilities as police.  You guys are janitors of human beings.  Cope have to approach suspects a certain way, they have to sell their case for a DA and then hope their case is strong enough to withstand the court process.  You guys just sit around all day and dream up new ways to extort money from the system, from prisoners, and it has been going on for a helluva long time. 

So keep firing these little quips off, it is fine with us.  We only want to see the state prison operate with integrity and we want to see the extreme levels of existing racism abolished.  You and I know that anyone who knows or has even seen Coleman from a distance is laughing over your 'whimp' accusations, but again I get a real kick out of what you guys come up with.       

Hogwash-buster November 18, 2010 6:19 am (Pacific time)

A response to Abrhams 11-17 10:02 am comment is found here:

Hogwash-buster November 18, 2010 2:50 am (Pacific time)

Mr. Abrhams comments: "By the way have you tried interviewing the Franke jurors? I know several, and they were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt."
In reply, I say, “Hogwash, Abrahms!”
No doubt, the unassuming jurors simply believed what prosecutors pre-planned for them to hear at trial; the jurors (then nor now) need neither apologetics nor a spokesperson for their decision. What was done to Frank Gable under ‘color of law’, by complicit agents of the State of Oregon, is an entirely different matter.
There was never any credible physical evidence found useful for prosecution of Francke’s murderer/s, so an eventual conviction would have to be made upon only witness testimony and circumstances. The police and prosecutor knew this early on. Furthermore, Gable was foreclosed from testifying at his own trial, thanks to the Court endorsed ‘judgment’ of his alcoholic legal counsel, Mr. Abel (which is documented in Gable’s post-conviction and appellate trial records).
The Gable trial is a historic example of judicial complicity in Oregon, and it certainly didn’t hurt that the District Attorney Penn (who then ran the Marion County Grand Jury Game) got a little extra ‘Indicting-Gable’ help from a Deputy State Attorney General, who was coincidently called for grand-jury duty, and summarily appointed as the grand-jury foreman (thanks to judicial complicity) in this case. The State Attorney General’s office was also involved in the Francke murder investigation, providing a couple investigators to the State Police, and offering some assistance with legal assistance to Penn’s D.A.’s office.
So why did the State Police engage with Harden as their star witness for Gable’s trial? First, they engaged with sixteen year old Swearingen (both Tim Natividad’s and Cappie Harden’s ‘girl-toy’ around the time of Francke’s murder).
Swearingen thought Natividad was involved in Francke’s murder, and eventually told someone that she thought her “boyfriend” was involved. With one “boyfriend”, Natividad, dead (two weeks after Francke) Harden saw an opportunity waiting. Harden hitched his wagon to Jodie, who had been located by Francke murder investigators due to her prior statements to others. Harden stepped up as the State’s star eye-witness lie-witness, and was more than happy to play along so as to collect from the Francke Murder Reward Fund money for his perjury. He even called himself the State’s “million dollar baby” to numerous people before Gable’s trial.
Its common knowledge that both Harden and Swearingen have recanted their perjured testimonies regarding seeing Gable kill Francke, Swearingen recanting before Gable’s trial, and Harden after.
As for the District Attorney, and now Hon. Dale Penn (a Governor appointed Marion County judge), Penn should be in the State Pen instead of Gable. Qualified immunity often protects the suborning of perjury by prosecutors. Finding a meth-head patsy whose alibi witnesses wouldn't talk, or willingly changed their stories and timelines (regarding Gable) was the perfect Gable indictment leverage for prosecutors. State Police interrogators (versed to elicit confessions, even false ones) easily guided Harden's lie-witnessing. By inference to Harden, the answers they sought to hear from his lips, were finally elicited after multiple interviews and polygraphs. Swearingen and Harden would eventually get their faked stories to line up for the police,l as they did the ‘do-si-do’ through police interview rotations, over a period of several weeks.
Once they ‘talked the talk’, Harden and Swearingen were ready to ‘walk the walk’.
They were put together in a room (OSP Det. Bill Pierce present) prior to participating in a ‘mock grand jury” practice at the Courthouse. Penn also used prosecutorial tactics to sculpt Swearingen's police interview statements and polygraph answers, promising her a ridiculous ‘immunity agreement” that he would not prosecute her as an accessory of Gables!
OSP Detective William “Bill” Pierce also attended the actual grand jury proceedings (which indicted Gable). Pierce, the ultimate witness puppeteer, was uniquely present by Order of the judge! No stone was left unturned by the law enforcement and justice system cabal. Penn had continually made statements to the media, seeking to put murder conspiracy theories to rest (from the get-go). Gable’s conviction was meant to bury them.
It also protected some 'sweethearts' from Corrections (including those who had recently retired, resigned, or rode off into the sunset with their ill-gotten booties) from any further scrutiny, so they hoped.
Not to leave out the personal political agendas of Governor Neil Goldschmidt and A.G. Dave Frohnmayer, regarding Francke’s murder. Goldschmidt did not want a Federal fishing-expedition regarding the Francke murder, and especially, a possible connection of the murder to Corrections. A federal investigation could have disrupted the “parameters” he set, and undermined his Executive power base as Governor, overseeing the State Police, Corrections and the Board of Parole and Post-Conviction Supervision (all of which were headed by Goldschmidt political appointees).
Oregon Attorney General at the time, Dave Frohnmayer (a gubernatorial wannabe), chipped in his two cents worth: {reported by the Portland Oregonian, Jan. 14, 1990} Frohnmayer belly-ached about ongoing press coverage which raised questions about the Francke murder being connected to Corrections corruption: ``Why is there harm? It casts long shadows on the integrity of institutions that people depend…”
However, Goldschmidt’s then political adviser and confidante, Stan Long, was right-on-the- money with his (and others) serious concerns about the Oregon State Police culture and integrity. Long expressed these concerns in his April 15, 1987 confidential memo to then recently-elected Governor Goldschmidt. A Short version of excerpts follows, transcribed from the Long memo located in the Governor Goldschmidt Archives held by the Oregon Secretary of State:
4-15-87 LONG to GOLDSCHMIDT: “What should be a fairly simple matter involving the Fire Marshall's move to the State Police has become complex. (sic) Various associations such as the Fire Chief's Association and the Fire Marshall's Association, are responsibly and quietly resisting the move of the Fire Marshall's office to the Oregon State Police. The resistance is based upon a set of politely expressed reasons that involve loss of status for the Fire Marshall, loss of identity, etc. The real reasons, when expressed candidly, are not so seemly. (sic) The fire service community believes that OSP is a dark, repressive, and poorly managed place whose problems are confounded by lack of legislative credibility. (sic)”
“(T)heoretically, OSP would be a good place for the Fire Marshall. Most agree in private that because of the past practices there, it would be a poor and destructive place. Unfortunately, they have come close to persuading me. The intellectual isolation and unwillingness of the State Police to deal with the outside world is cited as a reason why the Fire Marshall should not be sent there.
It is ironic that one of the best soldiers in terms of responding to this proposal, is someone who finds himself burdened with the sins of John Williams, his predecessor.” (sic) the Superintendent (of OSP) advanced the case against him by how he responded to the proposal. (sic) (H)e wants to absorb the Fire Marshal's office within the department and will hear of no alternatives. (sic)
The firefighters community, almost to the point of all 11,000 of them, reacted with "I told you so.”
“Kitzhaber's first choice is a Department of Public Safety. He suggested that possibility to me several times. He believes it responds to long-standing problems with the administration of OSP, etc. “(sic) The State Police will find all kinds of ways to resist and fight a Department of Public Safety because it would alter their historic relationship with the Governor. They value their special place in the Governor's activities beyond all else. In some ways, that relationship is a blessing and a curse. It isolates them from involvement or responsibility to others and over time, has lead to their demonstration of characteristics that come from "in-breeding". I think Brandaw is trying to overcome this as best he can, having come from inside the State Police.” End Memo excerpts.
It is notable that ex-Oregon State Police (OSP) Lt. Bernie Guisto (later an elected Multnomah County Sheriff) certainly proved one prophetic point in Long’s Memo: in that the State Police “value their special place in the Governor's activities beyond all else. In some ways, that relationship is a blessing and a curse.”
Guisto (a member of then Governor Goldschmidt’s OSP security detail, assigned to the Governor 1987-1989) later ran off, not only with Goldschmidt’s (now-ex) wife, Margie, but also with Goldschmidt’s ‘rapacious’ secret (learned via Margie). Guisto was later decertified from serving in a law enforcement capacity, because through the years Guisto had blabbed the ‘Goldschmidt Rape Secret’ a few too many times (to a few too many people). Guisto lied publicly about ‘what he knew when’ in such regard, after an expose about the Goldschmidt rape-secret hit the news in 2004. Goldschmidt definitely had a lot on his mind when Francke was murdered January 1989.

you don't know November 17, 2010 1:19 pm (Pacific time)

  To "William Coleman".......shut up you idiot, what have you got 15 minutes on the job, oh yeah the job you couldn't keep, sticks and stones my friend.....sticks and stones, "wimp" "man up" "my lunch money"....your a funny guy.......real funny.

Tim King: Well you're really funny too, and I mean that.  I will let William comment back if he desires, he sure does know how to push the right buttons doesn't he?

John Abrahms November 17, 2010 10:02 am (Pacific time)

To Tim King: I have never posted on this site before until the other day, so spare me your deceptive distractions. Regarding "kinships" with other Marines, of course I embrace that reality, but as I wrote in my earlier post, combatants have limited common experience with non-combatants other than maybe Boot Camp, and that is no doubt much easier as I've heard from associates who have monitored it during war and peace times. I have been involved with several veterans organizations over the years and have found that there is a wide variety of opinions on our nation's policies, but that there is far more conformity of opinions from my fellow combat veterans (of all military branches). Statistically military veterans are far more conservative than the rest of the population, and that is reflected in their voting patterns. Maybe this is why many on the left do their best to roadblock counting military votes in their respective districts, especially when the polls show a close race. As far as your experiences in a war zone, I know many journalists that have been embedded with combat units in the field and not one has yet told me how they truely understand what combat is for the individual combatant. There are exceptions, and those are journalists who served in the military in combat. Ltc. Ollie North has traveled to the current war zones over 30 times and this is the type of individual who understands what's really going on both overseas and domestically. He is well-respected by current military and veterans. You should read some of his articles, maybe you'll gain some insight? Regarding the problems this Coleman guy is dealing with, then he should continue to pursue court action. Considering that we have a very violent crime rate and it is disproportionately coming from one group, and has been that way for as long as records have been kept, I would not expect much sympathy from people living in the northwest, or frankly outside of any urban area. By the way have you tried interviewing the Franke jurors? I know several, and they were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. Finely tuned observation skills is a must any professional needs to have, some think they have them, but usually a fringe agenda makes them quite myopic.

Tim King: Ollie North is a disgusting stinking criminal and anyone who actually uses him as an example is a criminal for even admiring him.  Ever heard of Iran/Contra?  Ever heard of Col. Jim Sabow's death at El Toro?  Yeah, the moron is one of the biggest immoral criminals in history.  Thanks for setting the record straight.  As far as your other opinions go, the law sets forth how things are supposed to go.  You guys at OSP don't operate legally.  No wonder you rally for Ollie North, are you a fan of Charles Manson too?  And you somehow manage to put a plug in for the Gable conviction too?  Geez...  

John Abrahms November 16, 2010 9:25 am (Pacific time)

Back in the late 1960's after getting out of the military (19 months in Vietnam) I worked as a psych aide at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem Oregon for two years while finishing my undergraduate degree at Willamette University. The position was in high security wards which included doing patient transfers at the nearby prison. There were some incompetent people that's for sure, but I never observed any criminal activity by anyone on the hospital and prison staff that I came into contact with. I was highly trained and experienced in observation. Over the years from my communications with people who have been involved in this type of work have told me that standards were constantly being lowered to accomodate personnel who in an earlier time would have been rejected. That "lowering of standards" has been a commonplace activity all throughout our society, and began in the mid 1960's. If anyone in the Marine Corps, regardless of rank, said I was a bad Marine, they would immediately be in a world of red-searing pain. There is very little I have in common with peace time veterans, but am glad they served their country in some capacity, but combat, not just serving in a combat zone, creates that lack of common experience. Suffice, there are Marines and there are "combat Marines."

Tim King: Yeah, right there 'John', I'm sure you were a real John Wayne on the old battlefield.  I am curious about why you find the need to use a different name every few days while leaving a comment here?  So far you are J.J. Metcalfe, Akmann and John Abrahms, all in the month of November.  Maybe this is a prison system computer and you are all sharing it?  Or maybe you are just thinking of things to write that potentially sound or seem impressive?  In the end Marines don't separate the way you are implying.  Any person who was an actual Marine feels a kinship with all who wore the uniform..  You go to a lot of effort to put down everyone that hasn't spent time with a bullet whizzing by their head.  I was a peacetime Marine but believe me I have been in Iraq when the rockets and mortars were landing.  Believe it or not, I still put my pants on the same way the next day.  Imagine that.  If you are a real person then drop an email and prove it.  

William Coleman November 16, 2010 12:20 am (Pacific time)

Answer to 'holy cow' and 'you don't know': Myself and Tim are not allowed to vist prisons out here in Oregon because Oregon officials have a lot to hide, and are using officers like you to cover up their dirt. What I'm telling the world is a proven fact with documented proof that has already a matter of court record. you can't change that.  The truth hurts and you are ashamed, seems like your criminal activities are catching up with and your GOOD OL' BOY SYSTEM. By the way, are the inmates taking your lunch money too?

William Coleman November 16, 2010 12:06 am (Pacific time)

Response to "You Dont KNOW" Tim was a Marine and is one of the bravest man I know with integrity- something you don't have.  You talk about Tim afraid of walking a teir with inmates sh*t bombing, Tim has been in places you probably sh*t on yourself. According to records Clayton Howard never sh*t bombed anyone, i believe you will sh*t bomb an officer before Howard would.  We welcome you to share your truth.  I welcome you to open debate anytime. Let's be honest, you only took this job in corrections to get back at the bullies who took your lunch money when you were kid in school. Clayton Howard is 9-0 winning cases against the the state and you tell me all these lies. Tim is putting facts out there with documents to back them up. I witnessed hate crimes and corruption while working in the Oregon prison.  Give the people the truth, you claim you have the truth... let the people know who you are: Make a stand for what you believe to be true; use your name, man up and debate these issues, or do you want to hide like a wimp?  Be brave like a Marine, Tim's not hiding!!!

you don't know November 14, 2010 5:02 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King I doubt you were ever really a Marine, sure you may of wore a uniform at one time, but packed a machine gun, protected those who could not protect themselves, I don't think so, I believe you are to afraid to truely get in harms way. you like to stand behind the crowd and yell and throw bottles, chanting your garbage as if you know. You have never walked a corridor or housing unit, or had a "sh*t bomb" thrown in your face from the likes of Clayton Howard. So you know more than I, I am a coward? I am a "Guard" as you like to call me. So after you you and William Coleman act like you know so much about Oregon Prisons and the guards that work inside them. Since you cast the first stone I will share more of the truth with you. Inmate Clayton Howard is nothing more than human garbage, that clogs and our courts with his lies, all for the tax payers to pay for, so people like you in your Volvo, and Birkenstocks and blackberry's, oh and I bet your evening joint can set back at your safe distance and talk your trash, you disgrace ever being a Marine by poking your sticks and not telling the truth from both sides of the fence. so in parting, shame, shame on you.....

 Tim King: Marines, Birkenstocks, Blackberries and Volvos, what a range you have.  I want to know where you were when I was in the Marines, you could have told my Sgt. Major that I wasn't really a Marine, and then I could have just hung my cover and walked away.  Damn, I wish you had come along a few years earlier.  The funny part about all of you  characters writing this stuff  is that you are losing.  We are getting real attention with this and each story, every conversation, loosens lips and moves justice one step closer to the door of the DOC.  People in Oregon are good, it is sad that a handful of corrupt people with badges get away with so much for so long.  Trust me, I was a Marine though surely not the best that ever wore that uniform.  I have great respect for it, and that is why I have a total of 13 Marine writers on the team.  I was welcomed by my old squadron while covering the war in Iraq.  Oh, and I am also a serious Marine history student and my Marine history articles and war reports have been published in all kinds of places.  Regarding Clayton Howard, everyone inside knows that he is a real brain and he has helped inmates time and time again.  He is a peaceful prisoner who at the very most has only defended himself from the torpedos that you guys send his way.  Trust me I have no shame when it comes to this story.  By the way, have you got a light?  

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you don 't know November 14, 2010 9:49 am (Pacific time)

Holly Cow I just read the crap William Coleman and Tim King rebuttaled to my earlier comments. If you doubt my comments go tour some of our states prisons, you'll see everything I said was true, these other two individuals have some sort of ax to grind, the public deserves facts, not garbage......I am not saying that a few people have not been done wrong, or that an inmate has not had some jail house justice. But over all it is not what William Coleman or Tim King are trying to make it out to be.......I think they maybe drinking buddies or are in some sort of legal actions against the state so when this type of activity occurs the lies start to taint the truth......So good luck you two I hope whatever it is your doing catches up with

Tim King: First of all, this is either a DOC IP or this is one more character posing under all kinds of different names.  Male, female, you name it.  Having said that, the ax I have to grind is not specific in this case.  It sounds odd, being the band of misfit journalists as we are; but I think you could safely say we are doing God's work.  I don't drink by the way, not that it is any of your business, but I had to laugh over the drinking buddy comment.  Yes, William has legal actions against the state, no sh*t Sherlock, because he was framed; screwed blued and tattooed, but he beat you guys and after being framed for 'smuggling cigarettes' (I always smile over the lack of DOC creativity- framing people successfully can't be easy).  The designers of the state's anti-Coleman plan got an embarassig F- grade because he seriously kicked all of your asses in getting 12 jurors to unanimously agree that the case presented by Brian Orrio was weeeeeeak.  You should appreciate that we haven't been pressuring the DOC by simply having reporters call every day.  I'm sure the time will come.  For now enjoy the ride, notice thou that you are losing both speed and altitude.  Keep those safety belts nice and tight. 

William Coleman November 9, 2010 12:25 am (Pacific time)

I'm replying,to (You Don't Know). I do know what's going on in the Oregon prison systems, your actions prove your guilt of hate crimes torture that goes on in the prison system. You talk about the good meals they eat, the gym, and other activities, the system gave these things to them, If you are unhappy with what you gave them, have them taken away. The focal point is about people like you who protect these officers, i know you work there or in the system,because of the words you used, You're well train to protect you buddies. If you feel what you stated is true use your real name and make a stand, know you can't because you are full of "bull crap" remember video tapes and documents and physical evidence proves allegations, remember some of your officers are the reason they need health care.

you don't know November 6, 2010 8:46 am (Pacific time)

Here are some truth's, The prison's that house inmates like Howard feed them, house them, provide health care for them, facilities to work out in (to stay strong and healthy). All the while these inmates have raped, murdered, and tortured countless innocent people. Along comes "Tim King" the all knowing do gooder, reading his words describing Inmate Howard is ignorant at best.
These Prisons feed the inmates better than the schools feed your children, Their health Care is better than your parents who worked their wholes lives to just get stuck with meda-care. Their gym's and yard's are better than the one's at your child's elementary, middle, or High School. The Court's, The Lawyer's, and many of the inmates like Howard who by the way is a liar of just about everything, manipulate everyone into believing they are being tortured in prison......everyone please see this for the lie it is and shame on Tim King for not getting the real facts, it's hard to believe they allow this individual to put anything into print, but this is the internet....fact's not required.

Tim King: Well you should write fantasy books, and be glad your nose isn't made of wood.  The prisons are pits of hell for people, the food is terrible and the black inmates are not fed as well as the white inmates.  This joker is a guard worried about his future, nothing more to it.  Everything in the prison is unjust, corrupt and dirty.  These are men serving their time, they are still citizens.  I would much rather see a liar like this comment person go down than half of those guys in the joint.  We are learning about some of these case histories, a good percentage of the people serving time were screwed over by dirty cops in the first place.  Don't worry, we are working on it, and the word is out on Oregon, plenty of things taking place in the background, and you friend will learn about this later, or sooner?  

For those just catching this, the spirit this guard reflects tells you a great deal about the inner workings of the Oregon Dept. of Corrections.  Crooked guards deciding the adjudicated inmates lost their rights, BUT THIS ISN'T THE UKRAINE or the USSR, so moron here who lacks the simple courage to use a name just falls short.  It makes me sick that people are willing to tell such lies.  Don't worry, justice is coming to the Oregon state prisons.  

William Coleman October 26, 2010 3:58 am (Pacific time)

My response to J+, or Officer Payne or DOC employee. I guess you are referring to me as "S-N". You got to be one dumbest white supremists in the history of DOC to show the viewers and the world how racist most white prison guards really are: This article came out on October 21, you responded on the same day with information you can only get inside the prison. Howard's criminal record does not state anything about contraband inside the prison, or how many lawsuits he has filed, but you seem to have this information. I don't support the crime inmate Howard was charged with: Inmates are put in prison to serve their time for their crime. It is not your job to treat them like non- humans, you made it clear in your statement that that's your practice.

In your statement, you made it clear Howard shouldn't be breathing oxygen all these years. Your statement that I unconditionally support a violent rapist is absolutely abhorrent and quite disconcerting.  What's sad is how many of you work in the DOC, it's quite a few. I'm glad you responded,because it's fact now you are DOC employee that needs to be forced to resign. Remember your job is to treat the criminals with respect and be a role model- not beat on them because they're S-N.  Officers hold inmates accountable for their actions, but who holds you and management accountable for your actions? Someone like me who observed and reported your crimial activity because the system protects people like you.

Harrison October 22, 2010 6:08 pm (Pacific time)

Sometimes it's wise to read wide sources of information, some scientifically tabulated to see how America views things:
Two Washington state Supreme Court justices stun some listeners with race comments: State Supreme Court justices Richard Sanders and James Johnson stunned some participants at a recent court meeting when they said African Americans are overrepresented in the prison population because they commit a disproportionate number of crimes. African Americans represent about 4 percent of Washington's population but nearly 20 percent of the state prison population. "Most Americans Say Government Is Too Sensitive to Minority Concerns." Thursday, October 21, 2010..."Perhaps not surprisingly, 56% of African-Americans say the government is not sensitive enough to minority concerns, while 61% of whites think the government is overly concerned. Those of other ethnicities are narrowly divided on the question. " This data is similar to the disparity that existed during and even after the OJ Simpson trial. Since Obama's election we have become an even more divisive country, and it is worsening daily.

Tim King: Bush ruined this country, Obama inherited Bush's greedy mess.  It is a sickening, pathetic mess; one of pure American greed and Texas oil.  There is almost no truth anymore, the last of America's positive image went flying out the window because of that man from Texas.  So don't blame Obama for crime rates, that doesn't make any sense.  Blame white racist males who have dominated this country from day one.   

Anonymous October 21, 2010 6:48 pm (Pacific time)

To "me"... There are people out there who are criminals. They come in all races and socio-economic backgrounds. I have seen several murders over the years, there are animals out there that simply have no conscience. You remove them from society, permanently. The majority of Americans feel as I do. Between 1965 and 2004 over 600,000 Americans were murdered. That's over ten times the number killed in Vietnam and over 120 times the number of military killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since we started dealing with our radical enemies. The murder rate is down now, but most criminologists I've been reading expect that this will change. Over the years experience has made be a pragmatic realist, thus I plan for the worst case scenario's. Part of my military training and experience.

me October 21, 2010 2:31 pm (Pacific time)

Burglary, rape, robbery...hmm. sounds like what the bankers/israel/DC are doing to millions.. Guess thats ok tho huh? Maybe anon 1:58pm, your anger is focused in the wrong direction. I am against the death penalty because prosecutors and police would lie to promote their jobs..THey learned it from israel/bankers/DC, so who can blame them, they are a product of their society, that bankers/israel/DC have created. The death penalty will only work if you kill the cancer that is causing the rape/robbery. I totally support salem-news on this subject.

Anonymous October 21, 2010 1:58 pm (Pacific time)

Editor I was the one who posted first with the questions. I am not J+. Long ago I spent some time in corrections and am very familiar with "jailhouse lawyers" and their glibness. There are many avenues to pursue grievences and the Oregon correctional system is monitored by many prisoner friendly groups. As far as those being falsely convicted I am sure that happens, as well as far more criminals are never arrested and prosecuted for the crimes they do commit. Karma? Of course anytime someone is abused that needs to be dealt with, but as I wrote above, there are plenty of civilian groups that will intervene when evidence warrants it. I do believe that we need to enlarge the death penalty to include all repeat violent criminal offenders, it will save lives and prevent more serious injuries in the future. I'm sure that you would see a downward turn in violent crimes by the repeat offenders. If not, then they were forewarned. I believe in less than 20 years we will see such laws as our crime rate begins to soar in the not too distant future. For we have crossed the line when it comes to matching employment with employees, thus the underclass that is developing will soon be acting out criminally on larger and larger scales. Just watch. Capetown and Johanesberg in South Africa are two examples. The government there no longer prosecutes the majority of the violent crimes there. It's a bad scene, and getting worse daily. They have massive segregation there, but you just don't hear about it in the media.

J+ October 21, 2010 12:13 pm (Pacific time)

Howard is in for Burglary, three counts of Rape-1; Robbery-1; and supplying contraband/possessing a weapon inside prison.
He has filed no less than a dozen (quite a few more, actually) post-conviction/habeus corpus/appeallate court cases.
I guess because he is of the black persuasion, S-N feels he is innocent.
If he is guilty of ANY of those original crimes, I say it's too bad he's been allowed to breathe our oxygen all these years. S-N's unconditional support of a violent rapist felon is absolutely abhorrent and quite disconcerting to me.

Tim King: Well, you see there is this missing factor called 'Civil Rights', ever heard of the concept?  The prisons are so full of falsely convicted inmates that any reporter working in this area has to have an open mind.  Are you one of these 'officials' in question?  Do you realize that you clearly stated here that people do not deserve rights if they are in a certain category?  Thanks for sharing the spirit with our readers that lurks behind all of this cited corruption.  So what do you think the proper thing is; are you suggesting ending the lives of people who are not sentenced to die?  You make this far more interesting, thanks for asking and then answering your own question by the way, don't think we are missing it. 

Anonymous October 21, 2010 9:13 am (Pacific time)

What is Mr. Howard in prison for? Does he have a parole date coming up? Are prisoner protection groups doing anything?

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