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On the Eve of Legal Weed in Oregon

We are at the brink of a new day in Oregon, a legal day.

Oregon marijuana
Oregon marijuana buds (flowers) still on the plant, nearly ready for harvest. Photo by Bonnie King

(SALEM, Ore.) - On the eve of legal weed for adults 21 and over within the state of Oregon, chaos and confusion continue on because of OLCC ignorance while dispensary operators struggle and stress hoping to fill the demands of the opening cannabis retail sales industry explosion anticipated to take place come morning.

Out of the currently licensed 345 cannabis dispensaries state wide, over 200 of them have already given notice to the state heads that its their goal and intent on cashing in on recreational sales of the new cash cow of Oregon.

Beginning at 12:01 a.m., state licensed dispensaries throughout the green state will be permitted to sell Up To 7 Grams of cannabis flower ONLY to recreational consumers aged 21 years or older.

The door swings open to all adults regardless of residency to legally purchase cannabis Flowers, and this reporter cannot empathize enough, that its flower Alone they will be allowed to purchase.

What this means is that any and all other products, such as extracts and concentrates, oils, tinctures, medible edibles and even clones and plants will NOT be an option for healthy consumers to freely buy... those sales remain only legally permittable to valid state sanctioned Patients alone... not even a medicinal cultivator can purchase so much as a single clone... only patients with a valid OMMP sanction in hand, period.

On the more positive side of the coin, all Oregon consumers will face No Tax on their purchases from tomorrow thru January 1st 2016... then a 25% canna-tax will be implemented at least to recreational customers, though likely will go across the board meaning come new year, all could be paying taxes, medical included.

As of right now, a grand total of 30 cities/counties of Oregon have elected to "opt out" of the recreational cannabis empire now sweeping our nation by super-storm... whether or not more will is yet to be seen.

Those currently in the retail canna-sales business are scrambling for stock both for tomorrows anticipated rush, as well as long term inventory... Which is proving nerve racking thanks to the states ignorance causing disastrous potential to the pro-sales industry.

Justin Croy, of "Green Remedy" dispensary in Portland proudly declared to local media that his company already has 5,000 joint ready to be sold, and surely is hoping it will be enough to get him through opening days explosion, while other club operators scramble searching for any and all cannabis flowers they can get their hands on within the state.

Another obstacle they face, is that the state is disallowing out-of-state flowers to be sold in an Oregon licensed dispensary business.

This combined with the lacking of pro-grow licensing option means retail canna-businesses are forced to rely upon the harvests of state patients, not to mention the fires that charred the west as serious dilemmas to retail option's of Oregon.

Additionally as well, there is talk that a dispensary operator much have a license from the state which have most proprietors upset at the thought of having to choose and then likely change their licensing with the state of Oregon just because they want to sell to healthy too.

The price of cannabis flowers have suddenly spiked as high as an additional $500 per Pound just within the last few weeks of this month across the wild wild west, and Dispensaries as well as clubs report that the price will average price per gram will be somewhere in the ballpark of an additional $2 bucks per recreational buyer.

Oregon's recreational law's involving cannabis befell to the hand of the OLCC which in this reporters mind may well be the most unversed approach to cannabis cultivation and regulation for the state.

California legislature too are readdressing their cannabis laws come the first of the year, but among the wisest of moves is that they are governing it more appropriately via their states department of Agriculture... after all, who else knows the ins and outs of plant cultivation as far as any state government agency is concerned, especially insisting it be regulated "like alcohol".

State liquor control generally handle finished products such as beer, wine and whiskey, but prior to the finished product, it's usually agriculture type government agencies that oversee alcohol cultivation such as hops fields and winery vineyards.

Oregon, in this reporters opinion, should treat cannabis cultivation no different, especially on a commercialized level as it's the agriculture officials that are more apt to be versed in cultivation issues and obstacles such as molds, bugs and so forth more than those paid to bust stores for selling to minors or closing down a bar.

Stay tuned to Cannabis De-classifieds for future updates regarding this and All your cannabis questions, issues concerns and education.


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