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PTSD Betrayal: Personality Disorder Sequel (Even Major's & Colonel's get PTSD)

A sucker punch to the guts...

Officers and PTSD

(MOLALLA, OR) - I could not believe that the military, Army, Navy, Marine Corps & Air Force and VA could be more viciously cruel than they have been to our war veterans. The VVA, Vietnam Veterans of America, have finally been able to get into the cesspool of the records of this continuing mind destroying practice against ALL of our PTSD destroyed, battle veterans. They actually found that the Navy and Air Force were the worst offenders. After the egregious scandal at Fort Lewis, Washington, it’s difficult to believe that things could be worse.

The Army and Marine Infantry actually produce the most PTSD destroyed victims but the Air Force and Navy really take first prize for being far worse in regards to Personality Disorder discharges.

According to the VVA, the Navy, since 2002, has discharged 7735 veterans with Personality Disorder (PD) instead of PTSD. How they recruited so many sociopaths is impossible to believe. For the Air Force, in 2006 they committed vicious slander with PD discharges to 1114 of 29,000 service members a rate of 3.7%. How did they recruit so many sociopaths??

The VVA published its report: Casting Troops Aside: The U.S. Military’s Illegal Personality Disorder Discharge Problem written up in March 25, 2012. The VVA’s findings were that the military discharged over 31,000 troops on the basis of PD. To even consider that PD could be a pre-existing condition before enlistment is too far out beyond the stratosphere. PD in their discharge papers makes them ineligible for many VA benefits which they should have but further, like a kick in the guts, makes them ineligible for many good civilian jobs. To employers PD means CRAZY or nearly so, what a malevolent gift. This even makes wounded veterans ineligible for basic medical care for their war injuries.

U.S. Senator Patty Murray from Washington State is the chair person of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee which is investigating the “Boars Nest” of goings on at Fort Lewis, Washington where thousands of PTSD diagnoses have been reversed to PD. Apparently the Navy has changed the word PD to AD – Adjustment Disorder.

All this above is a crime by responsible officers including Medical Officers and/or Psychiatrists. The strange factor of this whole shebang is a recent study by Major Richard L. Dixon, Jr. about PTSD problems in Majors and above. The title of his Masters Thesis is: PTSD Type Symptom, A Study of Field Grade Officers and Implications for the Future of the group 5% were Army Officers and 2% Marine Officers. There were 297 Majors or above. They as a group believed mental health counseling (medical therapy?) would “damage their careers”.

Most of the Dogfaces KNEW there was something WRONG with some/many of our officers but it seemed they were immune from treatment or even getting them replaced from command.

Major Dixon wrote an excellent detailed thesis on PTSD and its ramifications for the military. He dedicated it to his brother who was DESTROYED by military PTSD. It may be that Major Dixon himself has PTSD.

I can just wonder if these 297 Field Grade Officers are being screwed the way the enlisted men are.


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G 2/3; April 4, 2012 11:30 am (Pacific time)

hang these "administrators of lies"by their testicles,if they have them.

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