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White Men Can Dance

In Washington, Thomas Kennedy is released over false charges while in Oregon, Terrence Kimble continues to sit in prison. Is the fact that Kennedy is white a coincidence?

Black and white piano keys

(SALEM) - A Longview, Washington man was released after being held in prison for years on a false charge of rape against his daughter. At the age of 23, she recanted her story about being a victim as a young teenager. She had lied.

Her conscience apparently kicked in as a result of her adopted religious values, and she came clean. Now, a man who has been imprisoned as a child rapist, is now viewed as what he always was, an innocent man.

Terrence Kimble awaits his own release. The facts in Kimble's case are nearly identical to the Longview story, only Kimble's accuser, a stepdaughter, has not yet come forward to admit that this man too, is wrongly convicted. He is watching his life slowly slip away behind bars. Kimble lost his mother two weeks ago, she died without seeing her son set free.

William Coleman, the former Oregon prison guard who rallies for Kimble's innocence, says the Longview man was wrongfully accused of raping his daughter nine years ago, around the same time Kimble was falsely accused. Nine years is a long time in prison.

"She admitted that she lied, she only did this because her mother and dad were going through a nasty divorce, so her school friends helped her make up lies, just like in Kimble's case. Thomas Kennedy served 9 years and he's now out of prison. In the report that was on the news this morning, the DA stated she (the 23-year old) will not be charged with anything, because they don't want to discourage anyone from coming forward if they have been raped."

Terrence Kimble deserves the same justice. What I mean by that is that he is a human being and deserves to be considered, this has not happened. In fact, Oregon's Governor, John Kitzhaber, specifically rejected his clemency plea. As such, the Governor is not serving his state's residents; only its legal corruption and complicity.

Mr. Kimble should not be in prison.

For perspective, Mr. Kennedy was sentenced to 15 years for repeatedly raping his own 11-year old daughter, which we now are told he did not do. However the prosecutor in the case says the evidence at the time did match the crime. That can't mean too many things when you are talking about an 11-year old girl.

Source: Guerino, Paul; Harrison, Paige M.; and Sabol, William J., "Prisoners in 2010,"
Bureau of Justice Statistics, (Washington, DC: US Department of Justice, December
2011), NCJ 236096, pp. 7 & 27.

Blatant Racism in Oregon

Bear in mind that Kimble, who is African-American, is serving a 19 year sentence for Sex Abuse; the victim in the case was his stepdaughter who according to doctors that examined her after the accusation - had never engaged in sex.

There was no DNA match, no history of sexual misconduct, nothing. She was two years older than Kennedy's daughter at the time of the alleged offense(s).

  • Kennedy, who is white, received 15 years for repeatedly raping an 11-year old.
  • Kimble, who is black, received 19 years for a single reported incident of Sex Abuse of an older teen.

In the information to the right: "Prisoners in 2010," Bureau of Justice Statistics, one detects an alarming rate in the incarceration of Blacks in Oregon and Washington. The two NW states saw the number of African-Americans behind bars escalate in a significant way between 2000 and 2010.

In nine years, Oregon's Black prisoner population jumped from 10,580, to 14,403, that is a 26.543% increase. This does not match crime statistics for the same window.

This is an illogical pattern, particularly since gang crime largely involving the black population did surge in Portland, Oregon, and then settled again as though it had never happened... in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The timeframe does not correspond with the spike in imprisoning African-Americans in this region of the country, where Blacks only account for a small part of the population in the first place.

Kimble is falsely accused, wrongly convicted, and a victim of government racism in Oregon's shameful court system out of Eugene, in Lane County.

His story of injustice as a Black man in Oregon is very real, and people in power reading this right now know this is purely the case.

I am including all of our links about Kimble's story below, please take the time to read them, particularly the most recent articles. Unlike the Washington case, the evidence against Kimble did not match.

In a letter to Kimble, Gov. Kitzhaber wrote:

August 8, 2011
Mr. Terrence LaDelle Kimble
Snake River Correctional Institution
777 Stanton Boulevard
Ontario, OR 97914-0595

Dear Mr. Kimble

I have received and reviewed your application for communication of sentence.

The power to grant executive clemency is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I believe that a governor's clemency power should be exercised sparingly. The separation of powers inherent in our system of government, and respect for the workings of the judicial system require that the governor's clemency power be used in only the most extraordinary of circumstances.

I have considered carefully whether the application for commutation should be granted. Under the circumstances I have concluded that a commutation is not warranted. I am therefore denying your application.

John Kitzhaber M.D.

Come on Governor Kitzhaber!

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It doesn't matter! March 18, 2022 9:11 am (Pacific time)

Oh trust and believe this man is guilty! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Yall just listen to anything. Yall should be ashamed!!!!

Anonymous April 7, 2012 12:00 pm (Pacific time)

I wish I would have commented earlier..But is this really a black/white issue? Altho I agree with Anon at 12:42, this situation is different. What I think is, what can the person do when he gets out of jail? This guy could speak at rallies and so forth with much info that will hurt the establishment lies. Whereas, some guy who was convicted on a lie from his daughter wont hurt them...I hope you understand what I am trying to get out here. People who expose the IRS are in prison for 25 years etc. If you rape someone, they dont care, but if you expose their lies, they will imprison you. I am exagerrating of course, but not so much maybe. I hope I made sense here..

Anonymous April 4, 2012 12:42 pm (Pacific time)

People out there who are knowlegable about the correction system will not hesitate to buy your premise This Editor is right, Blacks do not disproportionately committ more crime however they are treated as if they are.  Look, I am a DOC officer in Oregon.  I am telling you this, if we don't comply with all of it, we are either out of work, or worse.  Try doing what Coleman did, there is no support.  Thank you, thank you very much.

Shame on us April 4, 2012 12:29 pm (Pacific time)

Another day I wake up and remember that I dont live in the place where I once lived, a place that doesn't follow the laws set forth. I live in a land of racists.

Anonymous April 4, 2012 10:08 am (Pacific time)

How does the black incarceration rates compare to other areas? Especially those areas that have higher black populations, therefore more black jury members and judges/prosecutors?  I suspect that fairness increases right across the board.  There should be laws that ban all-white juries in cases involving ethnic people.

Anonymous April 4, 2012 9:38 am (Pacific time)

Your guys constantly put fuel un the Racism bull shit. You want to talk about Racism an discrimination because you are white?

 Editor: No, because we are human and because it is wrong.  We hate it because we're Americans, you obviously wouldn't understand that in whatever country you live in.

I'm sure you dont want to hear that story. So please cut the crap and write about something else.

 Editor: Pay attention, we publish news all day long about 'everything else'.  You are another paid shill - had your number in about three seconds.

The Middle East is burning, we have an incompetent President and you worry about Racism. And you call yourself reporters? Ha can I laugh?

Editor: No you can't and why is the Middle east burning again?  Oh yeah, racism.  Later nameless wonder.

Anonymous April 4, 2012 9:16 am (Pacific time)

Here is an interesting quick video on our prison system that I think everyone should view..

Mr. Roman Black April 4, 2012 3:08 am (Pacific time)

How is this continuing? I admit I was skeptical at first, but no more, no way. I will look for updates on this, also I suggest a letter writing campaign on this man's behalf, it can raise awareness and be very effective.

Valarie Green April 4, 2012 12:59 am (Pacific time)

I'm from Texas, it is shocking to read this about Oregon.  How can the governor not see that Mr. Kimble is innocent?  I did read the links, I can imagine Kimble must be very angry losing his mother while in prison a place he never should have seen the inside of. Mr. Governor free Kimble or the people will.

Jack Little April 4, 2012 12:46 am (Pacific time)

Wow! i hope your state's Governor frees Mr. Kimble very soon, this man should never been put in an Oregon prison, but i guess they had to put him in because they needed to meet their goal to keep put blacks in prison. Governor free Kimble!!

Greg Rodgers April 4, 2012 12:06 am (Pacific time)

I live in GA I'm white it's a few Kimble's down here. It's not right but it shows you that we got a long ways to go to eliminate racism. Free Kimble Governor.

Lori Williams April 3, 2012 11:58 pm (Pacific time)

Free Kimble - he served his time for nothing. I hope he sues. Governor free Mr. Kimble!!

Mike Johnson April 3, 2012 11:54 pm (Pacific time)

Maybe now the governor will free Mr. Kimble, maybe not because he's not white. Sad!!

Anonymous April 3, 2012 6:24 pm (Pacific time)

So compare and contrast each individual's criminal history. Anymore it takes a lot to get put in prison, and most are reflective of a long trail of arrests, before the hammer comes down. Then you have these people spend just a small fraction of their sentences. Check out the recidivism for these people, and compare and contrast the racial backgrounds, that is, if you want an accurate reflection. I don't think you do. Just the same the process will continue as well as federal oversight if there is "blatant racism" in actual existence, not what a few laypeople with agenda's believe. Maybe some formal coursework in Oregon Corrections would be in order. A degree would be better.

Tim King: You obviously didn't read the story?  This is not about "these people" - that makes you sound like an offensive ass, no offense.  Anyway take your advocacy for this system somewhere else, this is a new day and your archaic thinking and justification for official abuse is not helping anything.  I add relevant information for a dialog about the facts, not this.

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