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The Story of Jack Herer and Hempstalk (VIDEO)

Hempstalk paused for the Hemperor: and the bands played on. This is's 13,000th news report. photos by Dexter Phoenix. To purchase photos from his worldwide photo collection, write to Dexter at

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - No name in the cannabis movement has more recognition than Jack Herer. The runners up are all of his best friends.

The author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" was the first to introduce Americans to the dirty and shady, even downright shameful history of the criminalization of this plant; source of the strongest natural fiber known to man.

Few, if any, are more loved or respected, or more outspoken; so naturally many took it hard when Jack collapsed with a heart attack a little over three months ago, after speaking at Portland's Hempstalk event.

What has taken place since Hempstalk, Jack's struggle to recover without a voice for himself, is beyond tragic.

Friends and supporters of Jack's have divided, but this is the story of what took place the weekend Jack fell ill.

It is about the feelings people have for Jack, the single most outspoken marijuana legalization author and activist.

The video features the words of organizers, activists and performers from Hempfest, as well as the music and the other sights and sounds of this premiere, heartfelt and brave annual event.

No ten-minute video can begin to convey the excellence of Hempstalk, or the pain and the tears that overcame those who know Jack, that suddenly realized what was taking place that day.

Photos of Hempstalk 2009, Portland, Oregon by Dexter Phoenix

Paul Stanford of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, says Jack's friends performed CPR for 25 minutes while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. This is a long time for somebody in Jack's condition.

Paul Stanford says their request for an ambulance to be present at the event was denied. Speaking in tragic retrospect, Stanford said the long trip for medical crews did not help.

At the present time, Jack is in a Eugene, Oregon care facility, where his supporters hope he will continue to improve.

This is article number 13,000 for under our current design. The site was created by Site Designer Matt Lintz and launched January 4th 2006. The 13,000 published articles referenced here, do not account for stories from our previous design, which was launched in July, 2004.

It is a fact that the number 13 holds a great deal of symbolism for this movement, the letter 'm' is the 13th in the alphabet, it seemed highly appropriate to dedicate this piece, article 13,000 in the history of, to Jack Herer, the Hemperor of Cannabis.

Jack and Jeannie Herer kindly assisted over the years as we tackled stories on this sometimes complex subject. The assistance has always been a big help, especially when dealing with heavies like Asa Hutchinson of Homeland Security, whom I accused of trying to kill American kids in an article over his insistence on placing the words "meth and marijuana" together, intentionally implying to kids and parents that they are one and the same. (see: Are Former Homeland Security Undersecretary Hutchinson's Words a Death Sentence for American Kids? - Political Perspective by Tim King

The willful exploitation of ignorance has never helped this nation get ahead, not at all. We hope you continue to heal and find your way back Jack, and that you do it all again. You are a great person and friend.

Special thanks to Bonnie King and Michael Bachara.


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Geronimo November 24, 2012 12:34 pm (Pacific time)

I had a double fiuosn back surgery done 1yr ago this past Aug. I take 6 oxycodone pills daily. If marijuana is not harmful the why can't I try it in Alabama. They say that it's better for me than the med's I'm on. Will marijuana help my back??? What will it feel like??? I tried to hits once on a bong, I got way higher than wanted. Pain was gone greatly, but too high, panicky. Wasn't worth the scariness of that night. I want pain gone with happiness and relaxation. Any ideas on strands, how to u

Josh A, December 25, 2009 9:20 pm (Pacific time)

Get better Jack you know you deserve a second chance for helping make the best medicine anyone could ask for. Bummer about the amphetamines... what's the deal with that I wonder? Jack is not known to do dangerous drugs to my (limited) knowledge...

Linda S. December 25, 2009 3:38 pm (Pacific time)

Thank You, for this Very Touching Video. I know my daughter will hold on to it dearly. Wonderful Christmas Gift From you two,to All Your Readers, and all The People in The Whole World Who Love and are Praying For Jack. Thanks,Linda(Seeva's Ma) VERY SAD DAY FOR HER and JOY and EVE

Another Hempster December 24, 2009 12:52 pm (Pacific time)

Keep getting better Jack Herer!

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