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Reefer Madness: the Worst Form of Chronic Paranoia

Prosecuting attorneys, judges, juries; seem to feel that severely punishing Marijuana users is a sort of game.

DEA raid in LA
This has to be one of the funniest photos out of LA; the DEA agents and cops live out an exercise in self-humiliation.

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - As a physician, I never knew until fairly recently that Reefer Madness and subsequent paranoia were both contagious and very long lasting. The diatribe about the horrific dangers of Marijuana by Harry Anslinger and the Hearst newspapers of the late 1930’s has lasted to this day and I am certain that it will continue.

There seems to be a very broad band of those afflicted. The worst or most paranoid involved seemed to be the police and sheriffs who seem to be orgiastically driven to “bust” Marijuana users, growers and grow sites.

Once in awhile they must return the pilfered “weed” or the town, city, or county government must pay back the injured parties. The latter doesn’t seem to happen very often.

I don’t know if the next worst paranoia afflicted are the prosecuting attorneys, judges, or juries. They seem to feel that severely punishing the Marijuana users is a sort of game in which they get more “atta boy” points the more they punish the accused. They are truly sick. I think this is called sadism!

The next group is really a special surly group of the afflicted working for (?) the U.S. Government. There seems to be about six or so departments of hooligans decisively leading the pack formulating and dispensing lies about the “dangers” of Marijuana when in reality the main dangers to the users and growers are the police et cetera stated in the upper paragraphs.

The preceding paragraphs are almost too easy to relate. One really high level person in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), Administrative Judge Francis Jones, says that “Marijuana is one of the safest and most effective drugs ever found by man”. His judgment was disregarded by the paranoid anti-Marijuana sufferers who seem to have become the final arbiters about this very special miracle medicine.

It is comforting to me as a fifty-year advocate for Medical Marijuana with over 5000 successfully treated patients with no complaints about its hazards that I know of.

In the meantime, the State of Washington will have on the 2012 ballot in November a measure to legalize Marijuana use for all over the age of 21.

I am totally sorry to think that so many policemen and all of the rest of the orgiastically paranoid persons mentioned above will be walking beats rather than hassling sick, debilitated Marijuana users.


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