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CIRCUMCISION: Captivity of a Sacrificial Caste

Ultimately, we’ve got to ask ourselves as a society if there’s still nothing sacred. And if the answer is yes, then I hope the lives of innocent children are always on the top of the list. John Douglas, FBI.[1]

CIRCUMCISION: Captivity of a Sacrificial Caste

(MONTEREY, CA) - Circumcision’s main sacrificial caste is the child. Socially males are more sacrificial than females, though females are not exempt. With Cultural Imperialism spreading into non-circumcising societies the sacrificial caste becomes non-circumcised individuals within the host society.

Matriarchal and patriarchal functions cannot exist without the other.

Serial killers and child molesters share similar personality traits.[2] Circumcision is expressed[3] as a mock-death ritual.[4] The initiate must die in an old life to be reborn into the perceived proper society. Mythic ritual revolves in the concept: Those who have the power in giving life have the power to take life. Jungian psychologist Clarissa Estes stated:[5]

So who is the Wild Woman? She is the Life/Death/Life force.

Macro-social allowance of serial genital dismemberment in circumcision’s social and interpersonal relationships stand on (a) Stockholm Syndrome and (b) Societal Stockholm Syndrome whose criminal structure is based on a Cycle of Violence and trauma[6] in (c) Munchausen Syndrome in Collective Transmission. Social sexual function was explained by Joseph Campbell with:[7]

The woman becomes the vehicle of nature. The man becomes the vehicle of society, the social order, the social purpose. The woman is life. The man is the servant of life.

Stockholm Syndrome – Survival Identification Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor(s) on whom they depend for survival. The term was coined by Dr. Nils Bejerot, an addiction specialist, who was the psychiatric consultant for the Stockholm police during a foiled bank robbery.

The two bank robbers held three women and one man hostage over 130 hours. Afterward the hostages said they felt: 1) the police were enemies and 2) developed positive feelings for their captor. Also 3) the captor develops positive feelings toward hostages. Later two of the female hostages became engaged to their captors.

Stockholm Syndrome may help explain behaviors of battered wives, incest survivors, physically and emotionally abused children. Similar symptoms are seen in PTSD with inability to enjoy previously enjoyable experiences and increased distrust of others. Many professionals use Acute Stress Disorder instead of PTSD.

Three factors are necessary coinciding with family structure: 1) The situation must last for days. 2) The captors remain in contact with hostages. 3) Captors show kindness and do not harm them. If harm is perceived by the hostage there will be no bond. Thus throughout history the religious psychological pillow is required for childhood genital rituals. Improper medicine has usurped the shaman.

During the captive period hostages will regress to childish and infantile patterns of thought and behavior.[8, 9, 10, 11]

Societal Stockholm Syndrome – Societal Traumatic Bonding

Societal Stockholm Syndrome, coined by Dee Graham, involves local patterns of aberrant behavior including troubling experiences.[12] Though the abusive act of genital dismemberment occurs once to each sacrificial person it is re-experienced as a continued social enforcement with each subsequent ritual event.

Societal Stockholm Syndrome is the paradigm used for women to escape their abusive homes to a sanctuary because laws are insufficient to protect them. With impotent laws regarding circumcision as well as law enforcement for battered women the institutional mute sanction makes this form of Stockholm societal.

Three phases are common in this cycle of violence: 1) Tension Building which occurs at the time the male child’s sex is determined. 2) The physical abuse of the child; and 3) the Honeymoon phase which often occurs as a feast afterward with presents in Jewish and Muslim usage.[13]

Patterns of Domestic Violence and Abuse are generational. Abused victims often become abusers. Ritual circumcision is no different and extremely organized with religious and medical excuses using inherent guilt and shame.

Lima Syndrome – Release of Abuse

The Lima Syndrome is the inverse of Stockholm Syndrome. It is coined from a militant group taking hundreds of hostages during an event at the Japanese Embassy in Lima, Peru. The militants in sympathy with their hostages released them within hours of taking them prisoner.[14]

It is imperative for people and society to see the humanity of children, adjust behavior and cease and desist the abuse of circumcision – a Genital Dismemberment. It is the child that experiences the socialized apocalyptic event.

Serial killers are inadequate types to begin with, and the ones who need partners to carry out work are the most inadequate of all. John Douglas, FBI.[15]

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All articles on circumcision are Mandated Reports to the social body regarding socialized and acculturated abuse.

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Richard Matteoli graduated from St. Mary's College of California in 1967 and Creighton University in 1971. He is retired from the US Navy where he spent most of his career attached to the United States Marine Corps and officially rated a Devil Doc. Other clinical experience outside private practice includes working for California Indian Health and California's Solano County Clinic for the poor as well as the Solano County Jail.

He is the author of the Handbook text references The Munchausen Complex: Socialization of Violence and Abuse and The Totemic Analogy in Bible Symbolism. has carried several articles over the years. Dr. Matteoli has also been helpful in research for other articles we have carried, particularly with regard to military base contamination. We have been very pleased to have the honor of sharing his valuable writing with our readers.

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