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THE CON: Medicine's Obsessional Approach to Circumcision

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.- W. C. Fields.

Baby safe from circumcision

(MONTEREY, CA) - Over 100 children die annually from their Blood Sport. Yearly this is more than John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and the Manson family’s combined totals. Circumcision is a Mock Death ritual of play killing.[2] Criminally and medically circumcision is a Genital Dismemberment.[3,4] Circumcision is a sexual crime.[5,6]

Intent of a perpetrator is not a factor when obligated professionals make a Mandated Report. When children are involved, protection of the child is paramount. A sex offender often pursues their activity as a career and abuse many children over time.[7] Circumcision is a social ritual of Child Abuse and Child Molestation. Routine Infant Circumcision is NOT a valid medical procedure.

American medicine with its American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement is the only national medical society to endorse circumcision in the world. The policy statement is a sham of Deceit, Deferral and Deflection. Any stated Denial of the fact they urge parents to seek more information is smoke and mirrors in double-speak.

Circumcision is a game.[8] Like an execution’s firing squad each physician hopes they are not the one with the live bullet. In essence a circumcision death is an Involuntary Manslaughter. What an unlucky bumbling group. What a lucky gang they have been getting away with it in lieu of medical malpractice payouts.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is organized medicine’s front man. They are the shill. Dr. Thomas Frieden Director of The Centers of Disease Controls (CDC), when head of New Your City’s Department of Health under Mayor Bloomberg once inferred ALL males should be circumcised. Dr. Frieden’s statement is genocidal in a purification ritual akin to the psychological structure of the Nazi doctors.[9] Other medical organizations as Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology and Family Practice where present with the CDC in advisory status to the AAP.

Obsessive Stalking

For over 150 years American medicine has possessed an obsession with the human prepuce – and taking it. They always invent a disease du jour in bovine scatology. The prepuce becomes their Token as serial rapists and killers take objects

Circumcision is Stalking and Sexual Harassment in medicine’s Hostile Environment. The Oakland, California Kaiser hospital with the Palo Alto County Hospital told parents they could not legally take boys home uncircumcised. Outside medical societies a few circumcision advocates belong to or are associated with groups using circumcision for eroticism. One group the Gilgal Society has members that write articles and/or have influence on the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Obsession entails stalking and narcissistic behavior. Obsessive personalities blindly focus on their target and do not lose interest.[10] He disregards facts that contradict his Mission – they are of no use to him.[11]

A narcissist with a Mission feels he is chosen. A sense of superiority and entitlement lead to individual and social aggression. He is convinced he has the right to perpetrate Genital Cutting onto others.

Narcissists are not in love with themselves; they are in love with their reflection. They feel compelled to have the victim conform to their own self-image. A sense of superiority and entitlement lead to individual and social aggression.


Serial sexual predators use one of three approaches to access victims.[12,13] They are the Con, Blitz and Surprise. All modes are narcissistic. Perpetrators believe it is their right to take from others. They act in their Comfort Zone. The Con implies Plausible Deniability more than the Blitz and Surprise. T he medical degree allows vast leeway to improper behavior.

Violence never decreases over time; it only increases. Socially, each time the religious ritual of circumcision has been officially changed severity of excision and malevolent behavior worsened. Two exceptions have occurred recently. First is eliminating the sucking of blood from the penis except for a minority of Fundamentalists; and, second the initiation of the Brit Shalom.

The Con

The CON is the major Approach used by medicine with circumcision. They act friendly and have a calm attitude. Cons often wear uniforms, as the doctor’s smock in a clinic or well dressed in coat and tie when giving their presentation. The 2012 AAP circumcision Policy Statement is a carefully crafted misleading improper and incomplete Differential Diagnosis. If accepted one is subjugated for life.

There is often extreme pressure on parents through repeated suggestions and questions. Society must be disabled first, then parents. The Con Approach increases over time as the predator becomes more confident and organized. Hospitals are very controlled environments. Religiously perpetrators wear vestments.

The Blitz

The Blitz is brutally violent. Suddenness is not the defining factor. The Blitz approach describes the attack itself. Total time with the victim may vary. One mohel, going beyond any religious meaning, is said to often say when circumcising that the ritual is getting even for Jewish persecution. The Blitz is commonly used by the Anger Retaliatory type of serial sexual predator.

The Surprise

The victim is chosen and a trap set. The child victim and usually as well the child’s parents are not aware what is going to happen. Yet, the parents may know without telling an older child.

Usually attack is from behind but not necessary. The Surprise is mostly used by the Power Reassurance predator.

Passive Initiation

Passive Initiation is having another person commit an act without the initiator’s direct involvement. True motives for circumcision hide under religion in a non-Jerusalemic deity demand and medicine through improper inference. Delegation is common with females, the weaker sex, and used by some men.

Charles Manson at 5 feet and 2 inches is not known to have killed during his group’s crime spree. The AAP Policy Statement on circumcision by their Task Force members is to entice people to have others in their medical gang harm their child. They are but the Barkers of a carnival who get you to enter the show.


Victimology is the criminologist’s study of victim traits such as lifestyle, employment, background, likes and dislikes, financial troubles, alcohol or drug abuse, daily routines – and even who the victim spoke to last. This information helps law enforcement officials understand why specific victims are targeted. It enables them to pinpoint persons who might be at risk. It also narrows the perpetrator’s profile and helps them understand his motive. A Victim Profile may help law enforcement personnel take proactive measures to draw out and apprehend the offender.

Victimology provides direction for use in interrogation. For example: does the perpetrator feel remorse, does he feel he is on a mission, is he proud of his crime, or is he trying to get revenge? It also helps to protect the public, making it possible to warn those who are most likely to be in danger. Knowing the Victim Profile aids the criminologist understand what happened during the commission of the crime.[14]

Malignant Hero Syndrome

A Malignant Hero is a person or group of persons who falsely create a crisis then miraculously rush in to solve the problem. Their ruse crisis may become real or just remain imaginary. They have the answers. They are the Savior. The world is rescued. People are cured. Everyone lives happily ever-after. They watch over us.

We are secure in their bondage.

And all their dreams will come true; to hell with you.

Angels of Death are the most striking example of medical Malignant Heroism. Both sexes perpetrate yet women slightly predominate.[15] Mostly they act alone though Teams are known to have existed. Teams function through Shared Psychotic Disorder. The majority are nurses or other caretakers who have close contact with their victims. Her victims are the weakest and most infirm with no ability for self-defense. Tools and methodology are interwoven with her environment. Ego and domination are at the core of her motivation. She sets up control of life and death over her victims. In her mind, her victims have no rights to survive in their present state of existence


Come up sometime, and see me. You can be had. Mae West.
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Other Social Mandated Reports can be accessed from:

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All articles are Mandated Reports to the social body regarding socialized and
acculturated violence and abuse.
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Richard Matteoli graduated from St. Mary's College of California in 1967 and Creighton University in 1971. He is retired from the US Navy where he spent most of his career attached to the United States Marine Corps and officially rated a Devil Doc. Other clinical experience outside private practice includes working for California Indian Health and California's Solano County Clinic for the poor as well as the Solano County Jail.

He is the author of the Handbook text references The Munchausen Complex: Socialization of Violence and Abuse and The Totemic Analogy in Bible Symbolism. has carried several articles over the years. Dr. Matteoli has also been helpful in research for other articles we have carried, particularly with regard to military base contamination. We have been very pleased to have the honor of sharing his valuable writing with our readers.

You can write to Richard Matteoli at this address:

End Israel's Unwarranted Murder of Kids


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