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Michael Francke Murder Mystery Solved (Part Eight)

How can any men worship money so much that they would sell their own mothers for a quarter?

The patsy: Frank Gable, a petty street criminal, was convicted in the murder of Oregon Corrections Chief Michael Francke.
The patsy: Frank Gable, a petty street criminal, was convicted in the murder of Oregon Corrections Chief Michael Francke.

(SALEM) - In the next two installments, we are going to do a chronological breakdown of what transpired and who did what. We will expose some of the corruption of virtually everybody involved. I say some of the corruption because I have omitted many things which prove my case, but I do not want the bad guys to cover that up. If they persist in not freeing Frank, well, let's suffice it to say that they do not want to fail. This is one test that will be graded! In the tenth, and final, installment, we will expose who the actual murderer was. So stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

Chronology of events

1972: Serial killer slash cannibal, Richard Marquette, saves enough money (from his disability checks) to buy himself a parole. Within days of his release, he goes on a killing spree. Nobody was shocked except the victims. Conveniently, the media never really confronts the parole board with why they would parole such an animal! I am sure that Ira Blalock & Co. had some pretty interesting answers.

1976: Several inmates gang up on a "snitch." Though they beat him with pipes and stabbed him a multitude of times, the inmate lived. As a reward for carrying out the "hit," at least one of the would-be killers is paroled a year later.

July 30, 1976:

Two inmates in the Prison Psychiatric Unit (PSU) tell fellow inmate, James Ross, that they are only up there to get checks. Dr. Weissert (who professed to being Jewish), was the man in charge of both the Oregon State Hospital and PSU, and was routinely certifying inmates as being schizophrenic so that the inmates could get disability checks. Simultaneously, Weissert would receive checks from both the State of Oregon and the federal government for these disabled inmates. Wink. Much of that money would then disappear.

Ross immediately went to Weissert, and I mean immediately, and he demanded that Weissert certify him, too. Since Ross was getting out of prison in just a few weeks, there was nothing in it for Weissert and Weissert refused to comply. Ross then threatened to expose Weissert. Weissert simply, and calmly, picked up a telephone and had Ross taken to the hole (Segregation & Isolation).

August 1, 1976:

James Ross is found dead. He was hanging by a sheet in his cell in the hole. An inmate from the hospital ward said that Ross's hands were tied behind his back. It was ruled a suicide (by a man who would be free in a few weeks?).


The Secretary of State audited the prison inmate Trust Account. This is found on page 25 of John C. Warden's Report to Governor Goldschmidt. Warden's report was made part of the Frank Gable trial records and this page is numbered 008888.

The Secretary of State listed several things wrong. At the top of the list was her complaint about who was handling all of that money. Wink.

April 20, 1988:

On the next page of Warden's report, this being trial page No. 008889, we read where the Secretary forwarded her findings to Michael Francke. Only Mike doesn't get those findings. David Caulley intercepts the report and answers on behalf of Michael Francke.

June 16, 1988:

Same page of the Warden report, David Caulley responds on behalf of Mike but was not responsive to the comments of the Secretary. Even then, it took him two months to answer.

June 23, 1988:

Smelling a rat, the Secretary picks up a telephone and contacts Michael Francke directly. Mike assures the Secretary that he will look into the matter. He then confronts David Caulley (the prison financial wizard). As Mike investigates he discovered huge discrepancies which also led to his discovery that McAlister was involved in selling paroles and other acts. He takes steps to limit McAlister's ability to make deals with inmates.

December 31, 1988:

Financial Administrator David Caulley, Oregon Assistant Attorney General Scott McAlister, and Governor Neil Goldschmidt, make a New Year's resolution to get rid of Michael Francke. They intend to murder him so as to make others, such as John C. Warden and the Secretary of State, back off of their investigations.

January 7, 1989:

Mike calls his brothers and tells them that he is working on a case that may get him killed because it involves high-ranking officials (Caulley and McAlister) and others in the prison. His wife, Bingta, abandons ship. It is my personal belief that she left because she knew Mike was going to be murdered.

January 8, 1989: Assistant Oregon Attorney General Scott McAlister resigns and flees the state. He goes to work in the Utah Department of Corrections. All available evidence (which is substantial) shows that McAlister was selling paroles and abundantly rewarding inmates for doing as he wished them to do. On 1-8-89, McAlister knows Mike is going to be murdered and wants to make sure that he has an airtight alibi for his whereabouts. Nonetheless, this braggart tells people that he will come back once Mike's gone. Wink-wink.

The rift between them was legendary, yet McAlister would claim Mike was a friend. Some friend. What kind of friend gets inmates to murder you?

January 17, 1989:

The plot to murder Mike in his office falls apart when one of the goons fails to close Mike's car door all the way. Mike's co-workers see the dome light on in his car and investigate. The goons have to drive away with Mike for some three hours while they wait for things to quiet down at the Dome Building where Mike worked.

Somebody tells housekeeping to go home half an hour early (Caulley?). Somebody turns off the porch light (Caulley?). Somebody turns off Mike's pager. Caulley leaves his boot print on Mike's bumper when he takes out a heavy box of files. Somebody shreds 23 bags of documents in Mike's office. No attempt is ever made to reassemble those documents. Wink. Both Caulley and McAlister can breath a sigh of relief.

January 18, 1989:

Mike's body is discovered on the porch of the Dome building. Mike had to put his fist through the door window to try to gain entry because the goons had his key to the door.

January 24, 1989:

Scott McAlister complains about the hit on Mike. He is angry that they botched it. "They were supposed to make it look like a suicide!" Damn, it's so hard to get good help!

June 23, 1989:

On page 25 of Judge Yraguen's 2001 decision on one of Frank's many appeals, Yraguen notes that the State police received a tip, on June 23, that Frank Gable looked like the composite picture of a man who was seen loitering inside the Dome Building on the night Mike was murdered. I believe that the police did not receive the tip until July 23 because I believe that the Keizer, Oregon, police gave the State police that tip. I will explain that shortly.

June 30, 1989:

Officer Kent Barker of the Keizer police gets Frank Gable out of jail down in Coos Bay. During the drive back to Salem, Barker tells Frank that he looks like the composite of the mysterious man seen loitering in the Dome building (where Mike worked). Have a look for yourself:

Frank Gable, very obviously, does not look like the composite. The mystery man is Mexican and/or Italian. Frank is your run-of-the-mill white guy (though I am told that he is part Native American). I have been unable to find a picture of Frank with a moustache (Native Americans are not known for facial hair). Moreover, I doubt that Frank ever owned a pin-stripe suit. If you do not have one, kind of hard to wear one.

Also note that such a suit would be issued to a man getting out of prison, if he so desired one. This is an important clue for a lot of reasons. First, run of the mill killers do not wear suits around Salem. Killers being released from prison would. Think about that one. If you were the warden, or McAlister, or whomever, you would have access to prison files. You would know who all liked to kill people. You would want someone who was illiterate and greedy.

The State prison is right across the street from the State Hospital (where Mike was killed). There used to be an inmate gift shop outside of the prison. The gift shop was run entirely by convicted murderers. The warden could get one of them out, anytime, day or night, on the pretense of needing floors swept or whatever. Such an inmate could then murder someone and return to prison and have an "iron-clad" alibi.

The State made it a point to try to say that the man in the pin-stripe suit was really a copy machine repairman. The repairman acknowledges that it was not him. So the question arises, what was the State's real motive for trying to make us think it was the repairman when, in reality, it was an inmate from the State pen?

July 14, 1989:

Barely two weeks go by from the time Barker gets Frank out of jail to work as a snitch. Frank jumps ship and leaves Keizer to return to Coos Bay. I think Barker finds out Frank bailed and it ticked him off to the point where Barker contacts the State Police with the "tip."

July 23, 1989:

Believed to be the date that the State police receive their alleged tip regarding Frank Gable. Barker was pissed that Frank tricked him. The State police are miffed that Frank thinks he can screw over the cops. Period.

August 6, 1989:

Governor Neil Goldschmidt contacts the State police and demands that they find a suspect. It is believed that he initially contacts officer Loren Glover (Glover was a member of the Governor's State police escort and a close friend of Neil's).

August 7, 1989:

The State police contact Frank and set up an interview so they can interrogate him about the Michael Francke murder. Frank misses the first appointment and infuriates the police all the more.

August 22, 1989:

The Governor's legal adviser, cohort, and close "friend," Cory Streissinger, sends Goldschmidt a five page memo explaining their dire situation. The Oregon legislature is threatening to conduct their own investigation. Neil calls his friends in the State police. He demands that they arrest somebody soon. Plans are made to get an Assistant Attorney General on the Grand Jury.

This memo reads as a who's who in organized crime. Literally, every high office in the State of Oregon (and Salem in particular) is occupied by a Jewish cohort. This memo is nothing short of a blueprint for hanging the murder on anyone.

From August 22, 1989 forward, all efforts were expended to fulfilling Goldschmidt's evil quest. Next week, we expose the conspiracy of the State police to convict Frank Gable of a crime that they knew, let me repeat that, THEY KNEW, Frank Edward Gable had not committed. They think we cannot prove that. Holy crap, I hate when people think that they are so special that they cannot be held accountable for their crimes.

Free Frank Gable !

One of the PSU inmates who witnessed Ross's threat to Weissert, and Weissert's sending Ross to the hole to be murdered, was himself warned to keep quiet. In this instance, the Salem police went to the inmate's brother and stuck guns to his head. This threat was meant to let the inmate know that the inmate's family could be killed if the inmate ever came forward.

I wanted you to know that part of the story because you have preconceived ideals on how these things should play out. How horrifying is it that an inmate can be murdered at will by inmates, by guards and, simultaneously, have the police threatening his family? And, yes, we will be doing an expose on these minions (sic) of public safety fairly soon.

These thugs would go on to lockup many of the "witnesses" who would testify against Frank Gable. The thugs would put them in the hole and make them sit there until they agreed to come forward with what the cops wanted them to say.

Many of you do not even realize that Jodie Swearingen was treated thusly. As soon as they found out that she was not going to testify (lie) against Frank Gable, they made her life hell. Jodie bravely stood up to these low-lifes. And paid a heavy price. I am not even sure that she, herself, understands the full extent of their actions.

To silence Jodie, without directly attacking her family (it wouldn't look good), they made threats against her friends. Coincidentally, one of her old boyfriends, Louie B., nearly dies of an overdose of a lethal drug combo. Louie would spend the rest of his life in a vegetative state in a nursing home. These guys are ruthless animals who have no heart.

There is a lot of evidence out there against these criminals. Many people, like Jodie, are scared to death to come forward. And they have very legitimate reasons for not coming forward. Can you blame them?

Some people think I am some kind of hero for exposing these thugs and trying to get Frank out. I'm no hero. Most of this stuff, I knew years ago and did nothing. When I first heard that Abel was representing Frank, I should have tried to see Frank. At the very least, I should have written Frank a letter and warned him that Abel was helping them to convict him. And I knew that Abel would not let Frank testify. Does that sound like a hero?

I feel compassion for Frank, not because I didn't help him but, rather, because I harbor so much anger because I, myself, had spent so many years locked up for things I did not do. I harbor an intense anger towards these hoodlums who have taken over my State and my Country. The things they do are unfathomable and yet I know that they are real because I have seen it firsthand. How can any men worship money so much that they would sell their own mothers for a quarter? How can any man let the real killers go free and frame an innocent man for the crime? It isn't that I am some kind of hero; it's just that these cretins are so slimy...just ask Obama (he is, after all, the Jews' lap dog).

Obama at the wailing Wall

Next week: we expose the rest of the timeline and how the cops manufactured evidence, tampered with witnesses, and deliberately obstructed justice. They all belong in prison. All of them!

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REALLY August 12, 2013 2:09 pm (Pacific time)

if everything is as it should be where's your article for today? you have not given up have you john?

John had this week's article in on time, we were extremely lean on staff today, it is underway and will be published shortly.

John Atkins August 10, 2013 3:40 pm (Pacific time)

Everything is as it should be. I thank everybody for their input, pro and con. Tongues are starting to wag. Good. Can't wait to hear the response to Monday's edition. Some people are going to be pretty upset. But understand this, I am just getting started.

Jodie August 9, 2013 7:47 pm (Pacific time)

Justice I feel that I need to just excuse myself from this whole conversation I mean it's not really where I'm at or what I have known and I'm not living this on guesses and tossing around shit some stuff rings true but lots to my has not anything to do with the case but throwing things around to bring to pols attention I understand I wanted to check this out some in all honesty I rarely have much free time my boys keep me busy and I advocate for pit bulls and work on bettering my life I am though wondering who u are and really have nothing more to say on here because ppl can't even say who they are we have always had the shity assed justice system and a bunch of lying child molesting freaks running shit you have no idea to the length they went with this it's sad and sick ill check back see if there is anything that intrigues me

Woody August 9, 2013 5:26 pm (Pacific time)

While were at it, lets just be real, if were going to call a spade a spade. Lets refer to them at the Department of Corrections as the Trench Coat Mafia. Even the inmates know who is really running the show. They have been doing it for decades with no fear of anyone. Who do you really fear when your running the Maximum Security Prison for the state. Those who investigate those guys, the state patrol, and their defective detective just got popped with a prostitute!

John Atkins August 9, 2013 3:49 pm (Pacific time)

Your argument smacks of misdirection. I always look for common denominators. If you have some proof that all of the people I named are Masons, or in any ways affiliated with said group, I would be much inclined to go there. My business partner in PDX was a Mason. I know a lot of Masons. I do know, for a fact, that many of the power brokers in Salem/Oregon are Masons. I even attacked them for that several years ago. Likewise, many are Mensa affiliates. Despite the hype that Jewish owned and controlled media places on Masons, they are a club that has the right to assemble and discuss anything their hearts desire. Their assembly violates no laws known to me. However, I can prove that the bigshots are Jewish, that these Jews got into power, and remain in power, solely because of their race/religion, and that whole process is illegal under both federal and State law. These are things that I can prove. And, as I said, if you have proof that all of these guys are Masons, I will be happy (sic) to launch a unilateral attack on them as well. It just so happens that I know that some are members of the Scottish Rite. In fact, I have been contacted by them. But I also know that many of them have no affiliation, whatsoever, with either the Free or Accepted Masons. And even fewer are members of Mensa (something that clearly disputes the media's contention that Jews are more intelligent than anybody else.
Would you feel better if you knew that I, myself, am Jewish?
BTW, you haven't mentioned the Bilderbergers yet. These guys are interesting because, unlike the Masons, we can prove that at least sixty percent of them are Jewish. Hmmmmm....

Woody August 9, 2013 12:12 pm (Pacific time)


Again, your labeling a whole, for the part of a few. Quit looking at the tree, back up and see the bigger picture, the entire forest.

It's not the Jews, it's who walks under the cloak of the Jewish people at a place in time. By throwing that stone constantly, you are doing what they want you to do. You are distancing yourself from all the rest. By being a fanatic on the attack of what they can label as anti-Semitic, like Hitler.

But John, the naive will be naive and not look beyond what they see. Ford Motor company and the Catholic Church stood along side Hitler at the beginning of the war. Why? Because of greed and power. Henry Ford was given Hitlers greatest award.

Freemasonry, the Illuminati, they are one in the same. That is the power broker group you need to name if your going after the root of the problem.

Like I said before, they have infiltrated all churches, all branches of government. You cant just attack one group that they seriously have attached themselves with.

The Nazarene Church is heavy with them. I speak on personal knowledge there. Like I mentioned to you yesterday. Oregon Government and those at the Federal level in PDX back and support them. I will say this again, look at the man who wrote "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" and you will see how our federal judge sitting in PDX put him away for a long time for talking about the Masons.

Just look at one of their first initiation rights of passage, being Hood Winked. To be fooled. Yes John, 98% of them dont have a clue what they are really into. They do lots of great civic things for society. All criminals do good in the public eye, and do their sins in privacy. They take a blood oath of secrecy.

It's not about race, religion, or nationality. They have branches, hell, they even formed a group for their women now.

Just like drugs and alcohol. They promise a great trip. But in the end, you end up lost and confused and on the wrong side of the fence. It's the slippery slope.

Its about power, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Just look at Premo over at OSP. Adultery in the military or in government in Portland calls for that person to fired. In the Oregon Department of Corrections. Premo, the Superintendant, proves that having an affair can lead to a fast track up the promotion ladder. Those above him know of his affair with a subordinate, he later married. Did they do a thing to him, obviously not, he is still in his position. he also got her promoted to Lieutenant after she divorced her husband. There is no fair justice in Oregon, till we clean them all out, Jew or Gentile!

John Atkins August 9, 2013 7:09 am (Pacific time)

YW. I walk a fine line; one which requires tact and diplomacy. Reckon I make one lousy diplomat. It isn't that I am insensitive to all the millions of Jews who are innocent to these events. I am painfully aware of the stigma these crooks are leaving on them, too. Ditto for the Italian mafia.
A lot of this story would not make sense to many people because it seems so random. I tried to take hold of that uncertainty by showing that there was a concerted effort by the crooks in power, not just to murder Mike Francke but, also, to frame an innocent man. The common denominator is these people are all Jewish. They are a gang. Obviously, the majority of Jewish people are not gangsters.
I have studied world war two religiously. They say that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Dear God, I hope not. However, the same stranglehold the Jewish people had on Germany is the same that is choking Oregon and the United States. This does not mean that the Jews were all mobsters or that they were even remotely criminals. Problem is, when you get anybody into a high office where they are free to appoint their friends and family to all of the high offices under them, they do so at the mutual exclusion of all other religions and races. In the United States, that discrimination is outlawed and yet we can plainly see it with our own eyes.
When the Jews in Germany (circa 1930s) utilized a policy of only hiring Jews, that put a hell of a hardship on the German people. It was blatant and the Germans resented the hell out of it. At what point does favoritism become racism?
Our President is Jewish. The U.S. Attormey General is Jewish. Half of Congress is Jewish. Three-fourth of the U.S. Supreme Court is Jewish. Virtually every high office in the State of Oregon is in the hands of the Jewish mob. All of this is a huge problem that is very obvious to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Americans are in denial and profess to being offended that I call a spade a spade.
I did not put them there. I do not resent that they are Jewish. But I damned well resent it that they are stealing from us, killing us, and framing innocent people for crimes.
Why do we have to repeat history and are these Jewish thugs sure that they want to go there?

justice. August 8, 2013 6:03 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks for the reply john.

justice. August 8, 2013 6:03 pm (Pacific time)

then wouldn't the proper term be Zionist? John have you ever spoke with Jodie? Jodie what do you thin of the story so far?

Woody August 8, 2013 4:07 pm (Pacific time)


I think people take offense with the word "Jew" in the way your using it as it isnt quite understood who you are actually shooting at, with those words.

Then comes the old saying "Don't throw the baby out, with the bath water". Not all people who claim to be Jewish are those whose hearts are defiled by the bigger sinister organization who you really are aiming at. But lets not forget, they hide their deeds and their sin. Because they are by all means "A secret society".

But just as they are a polluted group. Dont attack the "Jews" without going after other religious denominations that have been polluted by them as well.

Allistair Petrie clearly claims Freemasonry the Trojan Horse of the Church, based on the fact that they have infiltrated the Christian church as well. You cant ignore that fact. So when you throw stones. Be cautious of collateral damage. It does no good for the greater cause. Attack the true enemy and not the neighbors sitting next to them, in any pew.

"Blood Lines of the Illuminati" got that man thrown in federal prison. Be cautious walking that path.

Ask Tim to have you contact his new friend here in Salem.

John Atkins August 8, 2013 6:39 am (Pacific time)

Justice: You wanted to know why I avoid implicating Tim Natividad in my story. First of all, I think it's cheesy to put all of the blame on a dead man. Ever watch Schindler's List? When the Germans wanted to know who was responsible for something, they randomly shot a Jew (accidentally two). A little boy stepped forward and said he knew who had done it. When quizzed, the boy pointed to the dead man and said, "he did it." What the hell is the point of putting all of the blame on a dead man? That may be convenient for the other ten or twelve people involved, but does not, in any way, serve justice. Under the law, every single person who, in any way, participated in the abduction, the coverup, and all of those things, is just as guilty as the man who did the actual killing. Furthermore, even if Rooster did participate in the actual kidnapping, I seriously doubt that he was the actual murderer. Here's something else to think about: Shorty said that Tim and him were tight. Two weeks after the murder, Tim was shot and killed. When the cops went to Shorty in January of the following year, if Rooster had done the killing, don't you think that Shorty would have said something instead of laying it all on an innocent man?

John Atkins August 8, 2013 6:26 am (Pacific time)

I'll be damned if I ever fail to call a crook a crook. I use the Jew word (a lot) because that is what these crooks are. The first Jew gets in and then appoints other Jews to every office under him/her. They have taken over our country, as well as the State of Oregon. I am as far removed from being a racist as is humanly possible, especially under these circumstances. However, I am not one bit afraid to call them on their bullshit. Fact is, if we get the Jews out of office, we go a long way to making Oregon a decent State again. If we could get rid of all lawyers, we would be a country again. Right now, we are all slaves to these thugs and they need to matter what the hell you want to be called.
Intrigued: The question you tabled was what would I do once the full series expires and nothing happens? If you think I wrote the series, with any expectation that it would garner publicity or compel the elite to do the right thing, you are mistaken. Fact is, an investigation has already begun. Moreover, I do not intend to stop writing. Simultaneous to writing this series, which was pretty much finished before Tim ever started printing it, I put the whole truth on CDs and mailed them all over the world (on the off-chance that I would be killed). I am still mailing them and will continue to do so.
One of the things that has sprung from my efforts is the world's awareness that the Jews own the United States. Google: Obama at the wailing wall. You will find pictures of our Jewish President with his Jewish co-horts. Damn, there's that word again.
After that, look up Nobel prizes. A Nobel was given to Obama as a bribe to commit the U.S. to defending Israel. Do you really want our children going to the Middle East to defend criminals? But don't stop there. Barack is a hebrewlized name. 'Bar' means from or in the land of.
Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General is also Jewish. Holder has used his position to keep Jews from being prosecuted so many times that the Congress even indicted his lying ass for contempt of Congress and exposed a laundry list of crimes he has committed, and is committing, and many want him in prison where he belongs. Bet you didn't know that Holder was instrumental in defending Chicago's Jewish thug, Rod Blajevovich, or however you spell his name.
Timothy Geithner (the same man who dodged his taxes and ran New York's economy into the ground) and Ben Bernancke are the two men who control the U.S.s money supply. Both Jewish.
People should not be offended that I use the word Jew so often; they should be pissed that I have to.

JUSTICE August 7, 2013 7:06 pm (Pacific time)

Jodie i have my reasons why i use the name Justice rest assured i am fighting for you Frank,Franke,the truth and all oppressed people. I admire your Moxie but please do not target me. I am on your side.

justice August 7, 2013 7:02 pm (Pacific time)

I am hearing whispers from the collective although it may be true using the word Jew is offensive to some and only hurts the movement. Please leave those words out of the story. Also any reason why most all witnesses have pointed to rooster as the killer and your story doea not implicate him ?

Me August 7, 2013 3:09 pm (Pacific time)

What's with all the racist Jew-talk by the author?

Deb August 7, 2013 9:41 am (Pacific time)

i knew a juror on the Franke case. It left her 'disturbed'. how many times have we heard from jurors that they didn't agree with the guilty finding but by the "rules of the law" they had no other choice. But we do. We have a responsibility to deny unjust laws. Jurors and the public needs to clearly understand this. As for the person spilling this story...Thanks for having the balls to blow this whistle. There are 'ringings' of truth to this that I have personally witnessed in the Albany police department. Big difference between a snitch and a whistle blower. As for whistle blowers, I say blow it long, blow it loud and clear!

Woody August 7, 2013 9:34 am (Pacific time)

Justice delayed, is Justice Denied. However you want to say it. There is something fowl in the air when senators, the attorney general, and even the governor turn their eyes and ears from blatant civil rights violations and other corruption in the DOC. The problem folks, is that it is so dirty and so fowl. That each one of them has dirt on the other, or someones close friend. Bottom line Mr. Governor, Madam Attorney General, Silence is acceptance and now you have become part of the problem and not the solution! It's time to act, or time to step down!

justicia August 6, 2013 6:26 pm (Pacific time)

Nov 2 march against corruption,global day of action Nov 5 Anonymous global day of action at the capital lets all unite. Take to the streets and expose this case and all the other crimes they have done. Along with all the people involved. Jodie john tim please Join Us on those days. We need people !

Jodie August 6, 2013 1:33 pm (Pacific time)

Tim I did have someone text you my number I was being lazy at the time because I had my baby in my arms The more I think about these comments from ppl that choose to hide behind names like justice and intrigued come on ppl are you here because you wanna help and see justice served if so start by being real I think this stuff being wrote some being pretty on it some shit way out in left and don't even belong in this mix !!!!!!! Jodie

Jodie August 6, 2013 12:21 pm (Pacific time)

Tim u can text me

Jodie I will, please shoot me your number on my phone or email me at, thanks.

Jodie August 6, 2013 10:33 am (Pacific time)

Why don't you ppl grow some balls and put a name to your comments if u have something to say say it!!!! Part of the problem is ppl that have something to say are closet cases nothing to be afraid of the damage is done its so far swept and covered that they feel untouchable they prolly laugh at shit like this especially knowing there are ppl still afraid if them and yes all then sick fucks with their child porn and victims its disgusting ppl make me sick I was 16 I was a bit scared but my anger of the corruption over road that fear!!! Where can you go with all of this? Is there any steps that can be taken? I thought frank has gone through all his applet process
As I am jodie Swearingen I have risen above the life I lived and have a decent life with my boys.

Jodie, please text me at 916 308-5902.


intruiged August 5, 2013 3:17 pm (Pacific time)

So what is your next step after all your articles have come out, and nothing has been done to release this man? you keep saying they more or less better release this man, or else. as sick and wrong as it is, some corrupt people are untouchable, it sucks. but how the hell do you fight the system? i mean i agree this man should be released. but it is the same corrupt system keeping him there. i am just saying it is hard to take down the kind of people you are talking about here. man you better have the bomb on these people, and then who the hell you going to get to listen, anyways? you better have some huge ace up your sleeve my friend!

justice over all devotions August 5, 2013 1:48 pm (Pacific time)

Why no mentioning of Bernie Guisto and how he drove Goldy around to fuck little kids. Why no mention of Jodies recant video on youtube? Bob Abel was having a affair with my friends mom during Frank's trial and while her son was being setup by the same guys one court room over. My friend has papers he wrote from 92 EXPOSING ALL OF THIS. While in Jail with Frank and alsi being set up.

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The NAACP of the Willamette Valley

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