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Michael Francke Murder - Closing Arguments

The prosecution contends that Mike was stabbed at around 7pm. Obviously, the timeline would not permit that. Nor would the forensics.

Michael Francke, Oregon's former Corrections Chief
Michael Francke, Oregon's former Corrections Chief; he was found murdered on the steps of the prison 'Dome building'. Photos courtesy: freefrankgable.com and other sources.

(SALEM) - When one looks at the timeline (as presented by the prosecution) of this crime, the first thing you notice is the fact that, let me repeat, the fact that the pieces of the puzzle do not fit. Let's start with the stuff that Yraguen noted in his 104 page decision way back in 2001. For simplicity, so you'll always know what document I reference, I always refer to Yraguen's pages as ER-1, ER-2, etc.

On ER-8, Caulley says he left Mike in the hallway of the Dome Building at 6:45pm. By the time he walks out to his car, warms up the engine (this was wintertime), and leaves, at least five more minutes has passed by. Meanwhile, according to Caulley, Mike walked back to his office and telephoned Bingta. I don't have access to all of the court records so I have no idea how long Mike may or may not have talked to Bingta. Personally, I do not think any such call was ever made...at least not by Mike.

Be that as it may, Mike could not have left the building prior to 6:55pm (unless he walked out with Caulley). In this very, very, narrow window of opportunity, Shorty was alleged to have driven up, waited a few minutes for Jodie, chatted awhile, and then beat a hasty retreat. Now, if Hunsaker exited the building at 7pm (as he asserts on ER-11), he should have seen Shorty's car. Moreover, Hunsaker should have seen the open car door. Hunsaker should have seen the five guys headed to AA and Hunsaker should have seen Dianne Long (ER-44, she left the Dome Building between 7:02 and 7:05pm).

On page ER-23, Shorty claims to have gone to the Dome building between 6:30pm and 7pm. He wasn't seen when Caulley came out. He wasn't seen by Hunsaker. His car, however, was seen by Dianne Long at 7:05pm.

Somebody is lying. My money is on Hunsaker. I believe that Hunsaker was told to go home prior to 7pm. I believe that the whole housekeeping/janitor crew left just prior to 7pm. And, of course, to save their jobs, they said that they did not leave until after 7pm. This is, in fact, corroborated by the testimony of the Haskins. On ER-44, the Haskins stated that they were waiting on Hunsaker. Marsha says she left at 7:05pm. Jim Haskins says that he locked the door behind Hunsaker and left from the rear of the building at 7:10. How could they be waiting for Hunsaker if Hunsaker was already in his car waiting for them?

You will note that, on page ER44, Hunsaker later estimates that he, himself left at 7:10pm. These people did not, and could not, get their stories straight. And that is a pretty clear sign of deception. Moreover, there were so many things happening at 7:05pm that these people had to have witnessed, but they claim they saw nothing...or very little.

'Shorty' Harden - center

I think Hunsaker and the Haskins drove off no later than 7:02pm. As soon as they departed, the five goons from the Hospital appear (ER-47) from behind the building (where three of them had been sitting in a car with Shorty). They claim to see an open car door. In reality, the car door was left open when they snatched Mike.

The prosecution contends that Mike was stabbed at around 7pm. Obviously, the timeline would not permit that. Nor would the forensics. The man had barely three minutes to live and the last thing he did was to break out the north portico door window. As callous as the prosecutors were, I am surprised that they did not charge the dead guy with vandalism. Irregardless, that window was not broken until after 9pm. No way in hell did Mike live two full hours after being fatally stabbed.

Ever see a man suffering from a heart attack? The stab wound to Mike's heart would have mimicked a heart attack. He would have moved very slowly. He would have been in tremendous pain. Yet the prosecution would have us believe that Mike sustained such a wound and walked the length of a football field (and without losing a solitary drop of blood). In ten million years, that could never happen.

How did the prosecution explain Frank Gable's ability to get inside of Mike's locked car? They claim that Mike inadvertently left his car door unlocked, and failed to set the alarm, when he went to his car at 4:30pm.

Frank Gable

Let's see, on the day before Mike is going to blow the whistle on some crooks in office, he takes a heavy box of files out to his trunk and then fails to lock the car? And then he fails to set the alarm? No way.

Next, the prosecution would have you believe that Mike left his handgun at home on the most dangerous day of his life. Moreover, they claim that it was under his pillow. That was a lie.

The prosecution asks you to believe that Mike disregarded both the danger to himself, and the procedures that he had been taught. The prosecution wants you to believe that Mike ran up to a stranger who was burglarizing his car and Mike demanded to know "what are you doing in my car?"

Let's see if I got this right. Mike fails to lock his car. Mike fails to set his alarm on the car. Mike ignores his training to call security whenever he sees a problem (such as a man in his car). And Mike forgets to take his gun to work that day. The man is so fearful for his life that he tells his brothers that he may get killed. He is so fearful for his life that he even tells co-workers that "if they want to get you, they can get you." On the day before he is to testify against the bad guys, Mike decides to live vicariously and recklessly? Who, exactly, are you trying to bullshit? Oh, I forgot...the twelve idiots in the jury box.

Returning to the prosecution timeline, they alleged that Hunsaker leaves the building at 7pm and sees Mike standing toe to toe with a man who is taller than himself. Mike appears unhurt and actually hurries into the Dome building. Is that really the story that you are going to stick with?

At 7pm, Hunsaker does not see Mike's open car door. That is a huge problem for the prosecution. If, as they assert, Frank lunged out of the car and stabbed Mike, who in the hell closed the door? Mike has a hole in his heart and you think he is worried about his door? Frank allegedly just stabbed a man and you think he was worried about an open door?

Miraculously, as soon as Hunsaker drives away, five guys in trenchcoats appear on the scene. And, oh my, Mike's door is standing wide open! That dirty crumb, Hunsaker, must have stabbed Mike. He is the only one that was allegedly there between 7:02pm and 7:05pm. At 7:05pm, Dianne Long exits the building and does not see an open door. Nor does she see the overhead light on in Mike's car. What she does see is a silver sports car parked on the sidewalk. She doesn't see the five guys from the Hospital. They claim to be there. Why don't they see Dianne or the silver car?

This is a case of the first liar swears to something and the rest back him up. None of them gets the story straight. Some of the five guys say that they saw Hunsaker going to his car. Of course they did; they were sitting in a car around back. Obviously, they were not walking or Hunsaker would have seen them. Hunsaker did, in fact, see one of them out front. Whoa! Wait a minute! Stop the presses! Did I really just say that only one of the AA guys was standing out front? Weren't there two guys standing there? If only one was an AAer, who the hell was the other one?

Obviously, the second man was Corrections financial wizard, David Caulley. But didn't he say that he went home at 6:50pm? Yes, he did. Caulley said a lot of things. Mostly Caulley lied his ass off. Well, now you're thinking I've really gone off of the deep end. How in the world can I prove that David Caulley was one of the two men standing out front when Hunsaker exited the building?

The short man, the one that Judge Yraguen tries to pass off as Michael Francke, hurried into the Dome Building. Is that not what Hunsaker stated under oath? Sure it is. And another employee testified that he locked the doors, as he always did, at 5pm. Therefore, the man whom Hunsaker saw entering the Dome building at 7:02pm had to have been an employee with a key.

We know that Mike had a key, Jim Haskins had a key, Dick Peterson had a key, and David Caulley had a key. We know the man entering the Dome Building was not Michael Francke. Ditto for Jim Haskins. That leaves only Dick Peterson and David Caulley. Of those two, only one left his incriminating boot print on the back bumper of Mike's car when he retrieved a heavy box of files from the trunk.

The prosecution would argue that Frank Gable had a key to the Dome building because Frank's wife, Jayne, had a key to the Dome building. True, Jayne did have a key. But her key was to the back door and the man going inside went in from the front. Sorry Dale (Penn).

Michael Francke's car

Earlier in the series, I revealed that Caulley had taken the heavy box of files out of Mike's trunk. At that time, I made the erroneous statement that the box of files had never been found. I have since learned that there were 23 garbage bags of shredded documents in Mike's office. So we now know where those files went; don't we David?

If anybody still has any doubts that top prison officials were involved in both the murder and the coverup, let me squelch those right now. Testimony of every one of Mike's lackeys revealed that they had been in meetings in his office all day long. Those meetings lasted right up until 6:30pm. During those meetings, not one person saw a single bag of shredded anything. Mike "disappeared" less than a half an hour later. Caulley admitted that he was the last person to see Mike alive. Caulley says that was at 6:45pm when Mike was walking back to his office. So?

So we know that Mike was not shredding anything. Some time between 7pm and 1am, somebody(s) shredded all of those documents. To do that, they needed Mike's office key. In no version of the prosecution's many fantasies about Frank Gable can they account for him loitering around inside a building shredding documents. But we do know of two guys who were seen loitering inside the building off and on all night. David Caulley and Dick Peterson were conspicuous in their presence. Caulley was in charge of the finances and Peterson was Francke's second in command. Both had plenty to lose.

The prosecution points its finger at Frank Gable. They cannot explain the unlocked car, they cannot explain the car alarm not set, they have no valid explanation for where Mike's files went after he placed them in the trunk of his car, and we know that Frank Gable did not tell housekeeping to go home half an hour early. Nor did Frank Gable turn off the porch light.

The prosecution purposely hid facts about this case from Frank gable. The prosecution never told Frank Gable that his attorney, Robert Abel, was a swine who routinely got his court-appointed clients convicted. That fact was why they employed him in the first place. To date, nobody has explained to Frank Gable that one method used by Robert Abel to convict his clients was not letting them take the witness stand. Though, on hind-sight, it is as obvious as the proboscis on your face.

Robert Abel was adamant, right from the very beginning, that Frank not take the witness stand. Everyone around him was aghast that Robert Abel was so blatantly trying to convict his own client. Frank's investigators all knew it and tried to do something about it, but corrupt Judges dismissed their concerns as irrational, unsubstantiated, and completely outside of the investigators' ability to reason.

In his 2001 opinion, Judge Yraguen sides with his pal, Mr. Abel, and claims that Abel was acting with the greatest of intellect. Excuse me, the man was an alcoholic. What intellect? You mean the intellect required to frame one's own client for first degree murder? Do you mean the intellect not to fulfill his legal obligation to explain to his client why his client should not testify? Remember, under the Professional Code of Conduct, Abel was required to commit to paper his reason(s) for not wanting Frank Gable to testify. To date, he has been unable and unwilling to do so. It is a lawful requirement that not one Judge has ever called him on because all of the Judges looking at the case are just as corrupt as the one who tried it.

Mr. Abel claims that Frank would not make a very good witness. He cannot explain why. Moreover, he had an obligation to work with Frank to make him a better witness. But this drunk bastard never has the time to do that. He did, however, hire an expert to work with Frank but he never, not ever, lets the expert get together with Frank. Despite the lies Abel tells to whatever court, his actions speak volumes. He knew his client would be convicted if his client did not testify and he fought with Frank over the issue, as well as fighting (sometimes literally) with the defense investigators over the issue.

This corrupt Yraguen downplays it by stating that Frank did not fight hard enough for his right to testify and so Frank does not deserve to be heard on the issue. What a crock of shit that is. That is tantamount to stating that the other victim, Michael Francke, deserved to die because he did not fight hard enough. Yraguen, why don't you and your mob pals take a long walk on a short pier?

How hard did Frank need to fight in order to preserve his right to testify? On ER-27, Frank says: "I know that's going to sound pretty stupid on the stand, but that's the story I'm sticking with." It is obvious that, prior to being brainwashed by the cops, by his own attorneys, and even his soon to be wife, Karen Steele (wink-wink), Frank had every intention of testifying...even if he did sound stupid.

I had studied hypnotism back in 1970. I used that as a thesis when I studied theology in 1975. It is the underlying force behind saluting the flag and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, it is what motivates patriotism, it is at the core of virtually every religious sect in the world, and it is what the prosecution was doing to Frank Gable. Let's return to page ER-27 and read what the cops say Frank said to them.

You know what statement Frank was referring to when he said he was going to sound stupid on the stand? He said: "I wasn't on the State Hospital grounds when Michael Francke was killed, did not kill Michael Francke, and don't know who killed him..." Now, ask yourselves, why would that statement sound stupid on the stand?

Because, at the time that Frank made the statement, the cops had kept him awake for the better part of 48 hours. He was tired and confused. That is obvious. Equally obvious is the police intent to mesmerize Frank into confessing to a crime that he did not do. Let's look at another statement from that same page.

Frank says: "The back of my brain is telling me that I did it but I know I didn't." The police had implanted self-doubt in Frank's brain. Once there, it was easy for them to build upon it. When Frank makes the statement: "There are only two people who know who killed Francke and God." The cops quoted that verbatim. Remember, Frank had been deprived of sleep and had been hounded by the cops for two days. The sentence made little sense. Still, it is easy to speculate that Frank meant to say that only Mike and God knew who killed Mike. However, when the cops pointed out that Michael Francke was dead and questioned him about that statement, Frank says: "Well, then, there are only two people who know Francke---yeah, me and God."

Later on, the cops would twist what he said around and testify that Frank Gable stated that only himself and God knew who killed Mike. That wasn't what he was saying at all. His intent was to say that Mike and God knew who killed Mike. He also meant to say that God and himself knew that he did not kill Mike. Cops were busy using hypnotic techniques to confuse Frank and create self-doubt. It is this self-doubt that Abel would then build on to try to get Frank confused enough not to testify.

"You won't be a good witness." Abel declared. At that point, remembering the confusion the police had put him through, Frank was starting to agree. But Frank still wanted to testify and, as Yraguen states on page ER-74, "Mr. Gable was vacillating about testifying, and Robert Abel talked him out of testifying before the defense rested."

You forget, Frank Gable had sat in jail for well over a year. You try that sometime. Then try it with the cops telling you that they don't believe you. Try it with your own lawyers telling you that they don't believe you. Then add to that a woman who seduces you (Karen Steele) into believing that she is on your side and she tells you the same thing. I.E.- "You won't make a good witness."

Robert Abel told Frank that it would be stupid for him to testify. The cops told Frank it would be stupid. His girlfriend told him that it would be stupid. With all of those people brainwashing him, did he really want to look stupid?

I find Frank's Will to be incredible. After suffering through months of relative isolation (jail), and being constantly bombarded with negative auto-suggestion, Frank still wanted to testify. I believe his downfall came when they succeeded in getting Karen Steele to trick Frank. That was the last straw they needed in order to dupe Frank into not testifying.

Karen Steele was not an idiot. She knew that Frank would be convicted if he did not testify. Frank Gable should have sued her ass for more than a divorce.

And what was Abel's lame excuses for not letting Frank testify? Number one on his list was: he did not believe that the State had proven their case. That had nothing to do with Frank's testifying. Absolutely nothing.

Number two on his list was: the defense had tried to come up with an alibi but couldn't. In truth, few people could tell you where they were a particular day two years ago. But we can all remember that we did not go to the Dome building and kill a man. The jury needed to hear that.

In his wanton effort to justify Abel's crime in not letting Frank testify, Yraguen adds to the bullshit at the bottom of ER-74 with: "(a) in addition, producing more drug dealers and addicts simply emphasized the jockey-boxing theory of the State..." How in the hell does that have any bearing whatsoever on why Frank couldn't testify? Yraguen, like his predecessors, was blowing smoke up our asses.

The third reason given by Yraguen for why Abel did not let Frank testify was: "Mr. Abel was concerned about what Mr. Gable's demeanor would be on the stand." What demeanor? You mean the demeanor where he cries because he is not guilty? Or do you mean the demeanor where he is angry at the cops and his own lawyers for framing him? Or, perhaps, you meant his demeanor where he was dazed and confused from all the brainwashing? What damned demeanor?

Number four of this ridiculous farce: "Gable was never able to get his story together." Well, duh. Who could under those extraordinary circumstances? Fact is, Frank did not need a story at all. All Frank needed to say was that he did not do it and he wasn't even there. Why did he need a story at all? See, even you are trying to brainwash him (and us) by saying that he needed a story. And, if Abel was not a drunken dolt and conspirator against his client, he could have easily shown where the police deprived Frank of sleep and brainwashed him. But, heaven forbid that this lousy excuse for a human be forced to defend his client...especially when a crime family wants him convicted! (Editor's note: This article references the fact that a number of individuals involved in this state corruption are Jewish. The point is that a commonality bonds these various state officials; it is not antisemitic to point out that members of a particular pattern of corruption hail from a specific religion)

Finally, we get to excuse number five, as given by Abel's drinking partner, Judge Yraguen: "Finally, a question arose as to what advantage, if any, would be gained by showing that the plate incident and noise for the eviction were attributed to others since the landlady had been called and testified that it was because of the Gables' noise, which would show that Janyne Gable wasn't at home alone as she said?"

Robert Abel

For clarification, Frank's wife, Jayne Gable, had testified that she was home alone on the night of January 17, 1989 (the time that Mike was murdered). Frank had picked her up from work at noon because she was sick. However, on the night of the 17th, Frank threw a party wherein some people were very loud and even through a plate (breaking it). We know that Frank threw the party because Jayne was sick. So we know she didn't throw it. The landlady evicted them because of the noise and that eviction notice was given the next day, January 18th, 1989.

The question on the floor was would Frank Gable's testimony add anything to what the landlady already said? I think the answer is obvious. What is not obvious is what does that have to do with Frank Gable getting on the witness stand and saying that he did not kill Michael Francke? Yraguen tries to muddy the water. Personally, since Jayne was sick, I believe that, if Frank left, she would have thrown everyone out.

I have not heard one legitimate reason for not letting Frank testify. Robert Abel could not provide one. Judge Yraguen could not provide one. Judge Greg West was acutely aware that Frank was going to be convicted if he did not testify. Ditto for Storkyl and Steele. The investigators knew it. I knew it.

More recent photo of Harden

What would have been gained if Frank had testified? One, the jurors would have gotten to hear somebody call Shorty a liar. Two, they would have gotten to hear that Frank and Shorty did not like each other. Three, they would have gotten to hear how Frank had not ratted on anyone when hired by the Keizer police and so the State cops used lies in order to make people hate Frank. Four, they would have gotten to hear how Frank did not know where he was that night but he did know that he wasn't there. Five, they would have gotten to hear Frank Gable tell them that he did not kill anyone. And that was very, very, important. They needed to hear that.

Six, the jury needed to bond with Frank (the human being) instead of being repulsed by Frank (the drug dealer defendant). This is a trait inherent in all people of all walks of life. For instance, if we were all lined up to play a game of ball, and two people were assigned to select teammates, you know who they are going to select first? People they know. The jury did not know Frank at all. The only thing they knew was what others were saying about him. All of that, every single bit of it, was negative.

The cops hated him, the prosecution hated him, even his own wife hated him. That is all the jury knew...other than he used drugs and beat his wife. That is a lot of negativity to overcome. That was not going to happen unless Frank took the stand. Bad witness or not, it was the only hope that Frank had. Even if Frank looked like the biggest idiot, that was an improvement. Do you know how many people go for the underdog? The jury would have loved this idiot. It was an endearing human quality. Can't convict a man solely because he is an idiot. Moreover, the jury would have bonded with Frank and looked for something to exonerate him. Instead, they demonized him and worked to that end.

Another photo of the Michael Francke crime scene

All of the available evidence clearly shows that Mike walked out to his car with David Caulley at about 6:45pm. After Mike opened his car door and turned off the alarm, the goons grabbed him from his car. They tore off one of his buttons in the process. Yet the police, themselves criminals, swear that the torn button is not evidence of a struggle in Mike's car. I guess their state of mind wants us to believe that Frank Gable lunged out of the car and stabbed Mike. Afterwards, Frank must have ripped off one of Mike's buttons and tossed it back into the car. Yes, that must be it. Wink-wink.

Two goons start walking Mike back towards the Dome building where they intend to shoot Mike with his own handgun. Meanwhile, Caulley gets Mike's keys from the ignition while a third goon retrieves Mike's handgun from the glove compartment. Caulley by the way, told them the gun was there because he knew Mike's habits.

Caulley opens Mike's trunk and lifts out the heavy box of files that Mike placed in the trunk at 4:30pm. He then places the box of files in his own car. During this time, Mike breaks free of his captors and runs towards Center Street. Caulley and Goon number three walk to a point approximately in front of the main entrance. Caulley intended to drive off with the box of files but, as soon as Mike ran away, Caulley had to stick around to make sure that they recaptured Mike. It is at this time that Hunsaker exits the building and sees them standing there. Caulley whispers some instructions to goon number three and the goon runs across Center Street.

Michael Francke's body at the Dome building

Crime scene at the Dome building

What about the "ugh" sound that Hunsaker claimed to have heard? I believe that the sound Hunsaker heard was the noise Mike made when he slipped and fell. Mike was wearing cowboy boots. Those things are not worth a tinker's damn on wet grass.

I believe Mike was around the corner of the building where Hunsaker could not see him being chased by the two goons who were seen chasing Mike away from Center Street. An ex-cop named Tooker, and his wife, both saw Mike and these goons when they nearly drove over them. Incidentally, Hunsaker can thank his lucky stars that Mike fell...otherwise, the bad guys would have been forced to kill him, too.

When I first began this venture more than eight years ago, I had a hard time getting anyone to give me access to data. However, in a very short time, thanks to Rob Taylor's website, I managed to get copies of the Cory Memo, Yraguen's 2001 Decision on one of Frank's many appeals, and Judge Warden's report to Neil Goldschmidt.

In 2005, I published a book called the Michael Francke Murder Mystery Solved. That book has little bearing on matters at hand...other than it contains the three aforesaid documents.

Former state prosecutor Scott McAlister

When I published, I purposely refrained from making too many specific comments about the case. I wrongly reasoned that people could read those documents and piece the puzzle together. If they could, it appears that they were too scared to say anything.

Since starting my weekly series, I have learned many things that I did not know beforehand. For one, I did not know about McAlister's sale of paroles and wheeling and dealing with inmates. I now understand why that was such a huge deal that Yraguen purposely undertook to sweep it under the table.

Ex-Oregon Attorney General prosecutor McAlister had made so many incriminating statements to his secretary in Utah. At one point, Scotty boy got very angry that "they botched it; they were supposed to make it look like a suicide." The "they" he referred to were the inmate murderers. They were supposed to blow Mike's brains out with Mike's handgun. Caulley set the stage for that murder by proclaiming that Mike was going back to his office to call Bingta (Mike's wife). The theory would be that a despondent Mike was rejected by his wife and committed suicide. But Mike was stabbed before that plan could succeed.

An interesting thing about Scotty boy was the fact that he was getting updated reports from Oregon about the case. His pal, Thomas Denney, was the only one 'back home' who was in a position (as head of the Grand Jury) to send Scott updates and documents regarding the Francke investigation. The Attorney General's office was not investigating the crime; Marion County D.A. Dale Penn was (by way of the Grand Jury). So add that to the evidence pile.

Another thing I learned about was the 23 bags of shredded documents alleged to have been in Mike's office. If true, that is a huge, huge, and critical, piece of evidence that adds to the proof I already presented as to the conspiracy of the State police to coverup the crime and frame Frank Gable. When someone shreds that many documents that fast, it is clearly to hide something.

What does that have to do with police corruption? Remember the button the police lied about? The police deliberately ignored all of the important evidence. They should have reassembled the shredded documents. They should also have collected fingerprints off of the garbage bags and shredder. Don't forget, those bags were not there before Mike left his office. Someone had to put them there.

Another thing that I learned about was the discovery of a United States Marine Corps bayonet. It had blood on it and was found in the vicinity of Mike's murder. Allegedly, it was tested to see if the blood matched Mike's. I say allegedly because I do not believe the Oregon State police. They are liars and hoodlums who went out of their way to frame an innocent man. That bayonet needs retesting.

Remember the week ten installment? I revealed that Cappie Shorty Harden was a recently discharged Marine with hand-to-hand combat training. A big part of that training was in using the bayonet. Harden collected hundreds of knives and had a fetish for them. He even brought one back from the Marines. Hmmmm...I wonder where it went?

Neil Goldschmidt

Four experts testified about the murder weapon. One said that the murder weapon was a Chicago Cutlery knife because Frank Gable had access to this kind of knife. Another said that a hunting knife was the murder weapon because Gable had been alleged to have owned it.

Dale Penn

Another witness testified that a pocketknife made the fatal wounds. Finally, the fourth witness claims that the bayonet could have been the murder weapon. That is a lot of uncertainty. I would call it a huge amount of reasonable doubt.

One more thing, the type of wounds were very much consistent with the way that the Marines are taught to fight. You will note that Robert Abel avoids all of this. Shorty's military records should have been subpoenaed. Ditto for his instructors.

Tick tock. It is only a matter of time before Shorty is arrested for murder. More than likely, he'll be given the death penalty (as much for the crime as for framing an innocent man). It is not John Atkins who these thugs should be worried about. Do you not think, for even a moment, that Shorty will not come forward with the truth? Shorty can finger the bad guys...including McAlister, Caulley, and Peterson.

Everybody in connection with either the murder, the kidnapping, or the coverup, can and will be charged with first degree murder. We can start with Goldschmidt, Streissinger, Penn, Kulongoski, Frohnmayer, West, Abel, Storkyl, Yraguen, and at least a half a dozen cops.

Ted Kulongoski

The cat is already out of the bag guys. It is not me that you need to fear. You really should be afraid of your cohorts. The question is not "will somebody rat?" The real question is "who will rat first?" The first guy goes, relatively, free; the rest are going to fry.


You have had 23 years to make this thing right. For the past two and a half months, I have offered you every opportunity to do the right thing. You knew this day was coming, but you figured noone could put the pieces together. You thought I was bluffing (as one comment mentioned). Instead of doing the right thing, you all immediately looked for something to lock me up for. Your mouthpiece "justice" or "justicia" tried to set me up to say something hateful about all Jews instead of just the ones responsible for this heinous crime. Then you tried to get me to say that I was going to do something to get even with you. Are you really that ignorant?

Early on, I told you that I was gifted...if you can call extreme intelligence a gift (sometimes I think it is more of a curse). Why would you doubt me? You even scoffed at me by opining the notion that I was bluffing. In the first place, what the hell would I gain by bluffing? My life is on the line and you think I'm bluffing?

It is time to let Frank go. He is innocent and I cannot believe that you cowards would sink so low as to put him behind bars for your crimes. And it is more cowardice to leave him there. You need to let him go and pay him for what you did to him. From this day forward, every time you think of Frank, you are going to feel a twang of remorse. That sense of guilt is going to get so strong that you are going to think about committing suicide. And the only relief from yourself will be to let Frank out.

If you all want a believable reason to give John Q. Public for why you are letting Frank go, I will be happy to provide you with one. The one I would, personally, like to see, is the fact that Robert Abel never got Frank to sign a paper stating that he knew why Abel did not want him to testify. Code of Conduct mandates that such be provided. Frank could not have made an informed decision because nobody ever told Frank that he would absolutely be found guilty of murder if he failed to testify. Period. Abel should be disbarred and stripped of everything he owns. I leave that to your consciences... if you have any. That being said, let's continue with exposing your crimes.

On August 22, 1989, seven months after the murder, Cory Streissinger writes a memo to her boss and cohort, Governor Neil Goldschmidt. In the memo, Cory mentions that the public is crying foul and the legislature is going to launch their own investigation unless Neil does something to prevent that. Nowhere in that memo does she express any regret that Michael Francke was dead. Nowhere in that memo did she ever express any concern that they should find the killer(s). Her only concerns were to keep the legislators out, keep the feds out, and to coverup any connection between Mike's death and the corruption in the department of Corrections. All three of these concerns are felony crimes which they actively engaged in.

We could start with the Obstruction of Justice charges. We could throw in the Civil Rights violations. We can add to that the Conspiracy charges. Of course, the prosecution is going to argue that this memo only shows mere intent. They will say that intent is meaningless without action.

Just the simple fact that these felons sent copies of that memo to the very thugs who would engage in all manner of crimes in order to convict an innocent man is enough to satisfy the action requirement. It establishes the existence of a conspiracy. Under the law, conspirators need not even know each other. In this case, not only did they know each other, they were intimately acquainted within a Jewish crime family.

Michael Francke with President James Carter

Reading the Cory Memo to Neil, one sees many of the other cohorts in this saga. Ted Kulongoski, Stan Long, Tom Imeson, Dale Penn, Emil Brandaw, Jake Tanzer, Herb Schwab, and Fred Pearce, all stand out in this document. Ultimately, John C. Warden (if that's his real name) would be selected to conduct the facade that was put before the dubious public.

Meanwhile, pals Kulongoski and Frohnmayer manage to get cohort Thomas Denney on the Grand Jury (even though he has not received a summons to appear). A corrupt Judge, believed to be Paul Lipscomb, palms a piece of paper that makes Denney foreman of the jury that will indict Frank Gable. Judge Estagaard signed an order that allows a State cop to sit in the room.

It is obvious, even to a man of relatively low intelligence, that a man with 3 minutes to live could not possibly have been stabbed at 7pm and then broken a window out after 9pm. Could not have happened.

Then the thugs wanted us to believe that a man suffering from a heart attack, a man with a hole through his heart, walked the length of a football field. Worst still, they ask that we believe that Mike did that without losing a drop of blood. That is impossible. Truth is, Mike was nowhere near his car when the goons stabbed him.

Twelve of the stupidest people in the world sat on the jury that day. Either that, or they were co-conspirators. I suppose that is possible. After all, they did get their own boy on the Grand Jury. Why not taint the trial jury, too? I don't like to think about that though. So let's just call them twelve idiots.

The evidence clearly shows that Frank Gable did not kill James Michael Francke. So we know that wasn't what got Frank convicted. The main reason Frank got convicted was because his mob lawyers would not let him testify. Their brethren selected Robert Abel and John Storkel to represent Frank just for that reason. Abel was famous for deliberately helping the State to convict innocent men whom the State had little or no evidence against. And I do mean famous. He has a history of not letting clients testify.

Abel's intent to convict Frank was so obvious that the defense investigators were crying foul. Yraguen alludes to this many times within his decision. Yraguen's oppinion was that the investigators did not have a right to be concerned as they were Abel's lackeys and should have been kissing his ass. Excuse me, asshole, but if I see someone being persecuted by you creeps, especially to the extent that Abel and cohorts were hanging Frank, I would express my concerns, too.

At every step of the way, the State was acting in a wanton and willful manner. Their cohort medical examiner claimed to have failed to take a core temperature of the body so as to convolute the time of death. They tampered with witnesses, they tampered with evidence, they threatened people who got too close to the truth, the defense attorneys had defense witnesses followed around, evidence was concealed, bribes were handed out like Halloween candy, and prisoners were abused. The State made a mockery of the Grand Jury. And Neil Goldschmidt ordered it.

The thefts that they murdered Michael Francke and James Ross over have continued, almost completely unabated, since at least 1970. That is not to say that the methodology hasn't changed somewhat. In the 1970s, inmates could receive disability checks, social security, welfare, and even foodstamps. Many of these inmates saved up forty or fifty thousand dollars...or more. And that was a huge problem.

Richard Marquette, true-crime-101.tumblr.com

One inmate, Richard Marquette, saved up enough money to buy a parole. It was the only way that this particular man was ever going to get out. Richard gained notoriety as a serial killer slash cannibal. He would kill his victims, then chop them up to freeze for later consumption. Richard was out mere hours before going on a killing spree.

That case garnered much media scrutiny and the Oregon legislature felt compeled to do something to try to prevent others from buying their freedom. That was when they decided to pass laws that prohibited inmates from receiving their disability and social security checks. But the crooks were far from finished.

First, they expanded the entire prison system. More prisoners meant more money in the till. It was a slower and more arduous procedure that prompted the invention of a more lucrative innovation. And prison industries was born.

The crooks sold their plan to the legislature. It sounded like a very good idea. In order to promote ethical work habits, they proposed that inmate ventures be constructed so as to employ more inmates. It was hoped that, in time, prison enterprises would not only become self-sustaining but, also, turn a meager profit that would reduce the tax dollars needed for the prison budget.

There was only one drawback to the plan; the crooks couldn't stop stealing. People were getting suspicious and numerous audits of prison industries was ordered.

As I said, the thieves couldn't stop stealing long enough to let things die down. On April 20, 1988, Secretary of State Barbara Roberts sent a questionaire to Mike. She wanted to know what was being done about the thefts. Two months later, On June 16, 1988, the prison's financial administrator, David Caulley, answered the questionaire on Mike's behalf. Problem was, David was not responsive to Barbara's questions and concerns. So she telephoned Mike to ask why.

Mike did his job. Mike investigated Caulley and then audited the books himself. There were huge discrepancies and shady deals galore. Worse than that, none of these things could occur without Caulley's knowledge. Ditto for Peterson, the prison warden, and the State Hospital Superintendent. Unbeknownst to Mike, the Governor already knew that. So Mike was a dead man the minute he opened his mouth. Way to go Barbara!

That led to the infamous July 28, 1988, "A" shed fire. To keep the audit from discovering that the shed did not contain all of the materials that were supposed to be there, the thieves burned it down. Nonetheless, arson investigators knew that those materials couldn't possibly have been there.

The "A" shed fire attracted so much attention that Michael Francke had to look into it. It had been barely a month since Barbara had telephoned him about the thefts at the prisons. He didn't like what he found, and dug even deeper. That was probably the time that he discovered McAlister was making deals with inmates. He couldn't get Mac fired but he could limit his ability to see and talk to inmates. A fact that prompted Mac to jump ship one week before Mike was killed. One week!

Michael Francke's glasses from the crime scene

Mike was murdered on January 17, 1989. On December 14th of that same year, John C. Warden turned in his investigative report. John C. verified that everything that was wrong in January was still going on. Paroles were for sale, "misstatments" of fifty thousand dollars per month were ocurring, double-billing on large dollar items, lucrative contracts were given to friends and spouses without competitive bids, employee whistleblowers were being fired, beaten and/or killed, inmate whistleblowers were taken to the hole and beaten or killed, on and on, etc., etc.

Neil Goldschmidt had given John C. Warden barely 90 days in which to conduct his investigation. Goldschmidt knew Warden could not adequately do it in that short time. Goldschmidt just wanted to be able to say that he had ordered an investigation. Kinda reminds you of Frank Gable's defense lawyers. They hired an expert to make Frank a better witness, but never used him. It was for show only.

Many of you are of the opinion that nobody, particularly the police, could deliberately convict an innocent man. Sorry, but there are some very evil people out there who lack the ability to feel compassion for other people. Moreover, there are those who thoroughly enjoy killing people. And some wear uniforms. Look at the Portland police.

About forty years ago, the Portland police made headlines for hanging up dead possums on the doors of black business owners. This harassment is precisely the same that the mafia enjoyed back in the late 1800s in New York. One of the mob's rackets was insurance. Ring any bells?

The ploy works like this here (with variations, of course): A mobster would walk into an establishment and tell the shop owner, clothier, restaurateurs, or whomever, that having mob insurance would be conducive to a prosperous business enterprise. Conversely, not having such insurance would be detrimental, not just to the business but, also, to his or her health as well. Those who stood up to the mob were harassed (yes, including the hanging of dead animals on their doors), beaten, or just burned out.

In the 1960s and 1970s, that is what was happening to blacks in northeast Portland. In the 1980s, with the influx of Asians from Cambodia, the police expanded their operation to include southeast Portland. When the Cambodians started getting murdered (sometimes whole families), the Oregonian sent a reporter in. When queried about who they most feared, it wasn't some unknown killer or killers. The Cambodians stated that it was the police that they most feared. And with good reason.

In 1981, these thugs murdered a black security guard who was just stopping at a convenience store to get a bite to eat on his way to work. That man, named Lloyd Stevenson (if you care to look it up), was choked to death. The police were reprimanded for using that type of hold. Their reaction? They came to work wearing t-shirts that said "smoke 'em, don't choke 'em!"

Remember how I said that Neil Goldschmidt and Cory Streissinger were cold-hearted sociopaths who lacked the ability to feel compassion for either Michael Francke or Mike's family? This trait is almost always inherent in people who like to kill. Were the cops at all concerned for Stevenson's family? Nope. Were they at all concerned for killing an innocent man? Nope. These men were cold-blooded murderers who should have been fired. But they weren't.

I, myself, would like to ask a certain individual why that was. What do you say Multnomah County D.A. Michael Shrunk? Care to take the table? Please tell us why you spent so much time making cold-blooded killers look innocent?

Cops in Gresham, a suburb of Portland, tried to arrest the victim of a fiery explosion. Most of the man's clothes had been burned off. He tore the rest off. He walked a ways down the street in search of help. Finally, he collapsed in the center of the highway. Police found him sitting there, obviously in a great deal of pain. Did they try to help this black man? No sirree. These callous thugs attempted to put handcuffs on this victim.

At this point, the man resisted. He could not understand why they were hurting him instead of helping him. The police, scared to death, ran back to their car and got in it. The enraged black man then jumped up and down on the hood of their car. So the police subdued him. You wanna know how? They shot this naked, unarmed, black man, seventeen times with their 9mm handguns.

Kendra James

How about Portland police officer Scott McCollister? Scott and his white partner waited for a black girl, Kendra James, to come out of a motel. They followed her, and her cronies, onto a dark side road and pulled them over on a phony traffic stop. They claimed that the car she was riding in had a bad turn signal. Wink-wink.

Though they had no reason to, these bad boys took the driver and front passenger out of the car. They purposely emptied the car of all occupants except Kendra. Then these racists walked around the car and chanted "Kendra's going to jail." This, Mr. Shrunk, is called harassment and it is, coincidentally, illegal. The cops threatening to kill the other occupants of that car if they revealed this fact was also illegal.

As soon as Kendra James hopped into the front seat, McCollister jumped in on top of her and proceeded to beat her senseless. He weighed 240 pounds; she was barely a hundred. Scotty broke her nose, he fractured both her jaw and her cheekbone, and her face was a bloody pulp. Kendra fought off her brutal assailant as best she could. She constantly tried to knee and kick him in the groin. Semi-conscious, she finally lands one in his crotch.

In pain, pissed off, McCollister crawls out of the car and pulls his gun. He fires one shot into her ass. Because she is laying across the front seats, barely conscious, the bullet travels up through her torso, lodging in her heart. That is first degree murder. But Shrunk allows Scott and his partner to disappear for three days while they worked on concocting a b.s. story about what had happened. If the crime had not been so tragic, their excuse was almost laughable. Scott claimed that he shot her because she was sitting up and trying to drive away.

Can't argue with forensics. Ain't no way to shoot a person in the ass if they are sitting on it. But that's the story they ran with. On the witness stand, Scotty testified that he tried to mace her but his unit must have malfunctioned. In all of America, his is the only unit to do so. I am pretty sure that if he had stopped beating this woman long enough to pull the mace from his belt, it would have worked. Did Scott have remorse for his crimes? Nope. When queried, Scott laughed and said he'd do it again.

One question that pops into mind is why would Kendra be so afraid of going to jail? She was only wanted on a misdemeanor. The answer comes from other sources. Inmates had been beaten and/or murdered in the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC). The mob wanted her to sell drugs for them and/or prostitute. When she had refused, while incarcerated, they took her down to a private room and beat the crap out of her. Of course she did not wish to return there. Would you?


James Perez refused to sell drugs for the mob. Cops pulled him over and shot him dead. After murdering this unarmed man, they tased him. The tasing officer held the weapon on James for three minutes. He would have held it on him longer but a fellow officer came over and quipped: "You think he's done, yet?" They just murdered an innocent man and they tell jokes? How heartless.

Last year, these thugs beat a homeless man to death. They beat this man so bad that they broke every rib in his body. Every rib! If you ever had a broken rib, you know how painful that is. This man suffered through every single one of his ribs being broken by thugs in uniforms. They had no intent in subduing; they intended to kill this man. It is all part of enrolling in the Red Squad. Look that one up.

These are not men who are trying to restrain people. These are men who are out to cause people substantial bodily injury. And they think it is funnier than hell. No remorse, only a total lack of compassion for fellow human beings. Senseless murders at the whims of some very sick and twisted individuals. And the District Attorney sanctions every bit of it...including white cops burning crosses in the front yard of an elderly black woman.

At the time that Scott murdered Kendra James, Police Chief Mark Kroger wanted to fire him. That was the prudent thing to do. However, Kroger's boss, Vera Katz, prohibited Kroger from firing this menace. She kept the murderer and forced the resignation of Mark Kroger. Now there is justice for you.

Vera Katz - blog.oregonlive.com

The point of all of this is that there are some very sick people in office. You are of the opinion that Goldschmidt, Caulley, Peterson, and MacAllister would not sanction the hit on Michael Francke to protect their criminal interests. You think these guys are fine upstanding citizens. Neil was exposed for banging his teenaged babysitter back when he was Mayor of Portland. Mac was busted for kiddie porn and served time in a Utah jail. This not only shows that they were sexual deviants, it shows that they were power hungry criminals, too.

We have the August 22, 1989 memo that proves that Neil and cohorts conspired to hide the link between prison corruption and Mike's death. It is in black and white. It is irrefutable and incontrovertible evidence that exposes this high level corruption. Some weeks ago, Rob Taylor, rightfully, challenged me to reveal what these thefts were. I explained, hopefully, that we need not show what the thefts were; only that these thugs were willing to break the law to conceal them. The thefts might have been anything; a cup of coffee, a donut, a pair of panties, whatever. Doesn't matter. The conspiracy to Obstruct Justice and to Violate Civil Rights is, itself, a major felony.

At the time, I referred Rob to the John C. Warden report to Goldschmidt. In that report, Warden names specifics. Monthly thefts of fifty thousand dollars, sales of paroles, double-billing on big ticket items. We are not talking about petty theft. But it doesn't matter. We have cops in Portland, and elsewhere, killing for pleasure. What is so hard to believe about inmates doing likewise? And what is so hard to comprehend about a bunch of inmates lying in exchange for a few dollars and a chance at liberty?

For the past two and one-half months, I have done my best to try to get these outlaws to free an innocent man from prison. I proved Frank Gable's innocence. More than that, I proved who the guilty man was. But let me clarify something. Shorty is guilty as sin of the murder of Mike Francke. But so are Judges Greg West, Yraguen, Paul Lipscomb, Estagaard, and any other Judge involved in this case, either directly or indirectly. Ditto for Barack Obama, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernancke, Eric Holder, Sonia Sotomayer, Ron Wyden, Vera Katz, Neil Goldschmidt, Michael Shrunk, Dale Penn, Dave Frohnmayer, Ted Kulongoski, Hardy Meyers, Thomas Denney, Cory Streissinger, Robert Abel, Storkyl, Ackom, Glover, Bain, Berning, Salle, Lewman, Caulley, Peterson, and all the rest...including the six guys who kidnapped Mike and the six who brought him back. Wink.

Many of you are wondering what in the hell Obama, Geithner, Bernancke, Holder, Sotomayer, Ron Wyden, and Vera Katz have to do with the murder of Michael Francke? In short, every one of them is a felon who routinely engages in the deprivation of Civil Rights. The State conspiracy to murder Mike, and to frame Frank Gable, can only exist because of the criminals at the national level, and elsewhere.

Rosenblum and Goldschmidt

Oregon Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum, is the person responsible for prosecuting all of these local felons. But she steadfastly refuses to do so because she, herself is a member of the same mob. In fact, Neil Goldschmidt appointed her to office and used his clout to get her to where she is today. No way in hell is this woman going to prosecute others who were Jewish. That makes her a felon. And Eric Holder will never hold her accountable for her crimes.

So you see, when it comes to filing racketeering charges on these criminals, who is going to do it? Proving the conspiracy was and is easy. But you'll never get a Jewish person in office to turn on another who is Jewish. Never. Won't happen. Even if every major news organization in the world ran films of the murder and video of the conspirators in action, they will never be prosecuted.

For two and one half months, I have revealed who did what. My stated goal was to get Frank freed from prison because he is innocent. I gave the thugs every opportunity to comply with the right thing. I have shown them that we can prove they are the real killers. They laugh because they hold all of the power and think they are invincible at this point. Perhaps they are.

Consider Karen Steele. Conveniently starts an affair, of sorts, with Frank prior to his conviction. It was easy; he had been incarcerated for more than a year. She knows Frank will be convicted if he does not testify. Yet, she helps Abel pull it off. Frank trusted her with his life and she stabbed him in the back. Of course, she divorced him when it was all over.

Bingta was, conveniently, out of State when Mike was killed. After the murder, she collected over a million bucks and split with a lot of the evidence we could use to prove Frank innocent. She wasted scant time doing so. Where was her concern that Mike was murdered?

Too many people are of the opinion that only a lawyer can free Frank Gable. That proves how brainwashed you are. You think lawyers are Gods because they have brainwashed you into believing that. In the case of Robert Abel, he actually believes that he is a God. So do all of his cohorts. Read my lips: You are not Gods.

How low do you have to be to put on a police uniform and then go to a bunch of druggies and make deals? How low do you have to be to tell lies to those druggies to make them think that Frank Gable ratted them off? Not only was that immoral, it was illegal as hell. Honest cops do not give up snitches. So why ain't the cops in jail where they belong?

The cops had hired Frank to be a snitch but Frank never had time to snitch on anyone. Part of that agreement was that the cops could never tell anyone that Frank had been hired as a snitch. Not only did these thugs tell everybody Frank was a snitch, they made everybody think that Frank had ratted on them. That is pretty damned low. And criminal.

In America, being right is not enough. The Courts simply do not work for poor people any more...if they ever did. Courts are playgrounds for attorneys to rake in millions of dollars. Courts are places where corrupt Judges make wrong calls in exchange for sexual favors and/or greenbacks. Cops get on the witness stand and lie their asses off to convict innocent people. American Citizens are expendable and, at best, considered excess baggage. We mean nothing to the power brokers who believe themselves to be Gods.

You ask that I prove that these thugs are in cahoots with one another. I have proven that. What good did it do you? They are reading it, too. Have any of them acted yet? No. And they won't because they still feel invulnerable. That is that God mentality at work.

Wherefore, I am not wasting any more time talking about what I've already said. Instead, I ask that you join in my fight to free an innocent man; a man who was brutally persecuted by a corrupt judicial system. WE MUST FIGHT.

No, I am not advocating that we pick up guns and go after these thugs. I am a pacifist. As such, I urge a non-violent approach. Copy and paste everything I have written onto a CD, or print it out, and mail it to a major newspaper. I suggest that you mail it to the Los Angeles Times. Somebody, somewhere, will step up to the plate and get Frank Gable released. And the more of us doing it, the more they'll look at it.

You have stated that you want to help. You have stated that you are behind me. You wanted a plan, well there it is. If you want to be able to sleep at night, you'll put your heart and soul into doing this. Meanwhile, I am sending my CDs to Congress. There has to be an honest person in that crowd of 523 people. Let's work together so that we can all again say that we are proud to be Oregonians and/or proud Americans. You, like me, have to do it or you won't sleep at night. Seriously. An innocent man is in prison.

Free Frank Gable!

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to julee July 1, 2015 6:55 am (Pacific time)

please contact me at rainystorm295@yahoo.com i can absolutely help you. email me and i will give you my phone number and i can let you know who i am then as well, ok! Thanks Julee!

Julee Perez May 24, 2014 4:12 pm (Pacific time)

Can anybody tell me where FRANK GABLE is incarcerated??? I just recently got custody of his daughters children 9his grandchildren from a previous relationship.

Anonymous May 24, 2014 4:09 pm (Pacific time)

Where is Frank Gable incarcerated at??? My step children are his grandchildren. He has a daughter who has been a troubled adult/mother and being incarcerated and I know have her children. If any information please comment. Thank you

Anonymous February 17, 2014 1:46 pm (Pacific time)

Judge Frank Yraguen obviously wants to cover up the truth behind this murder since he works for the people who did the murder, (The Oregon Dept of Corrections)!

pat attention September 22, 2013 11:16 am (Pacific time)


i know too September 9, 2013 2:44 pm (Pacific time)

I think you are hell bent on getting your pal frank out of jail and taking down people who tried or put you in jail. if you really wanted to tell the story you would tell the whole story. If you know what it is. there was little in your story i didn't already know, but there is more that i know than you ever wrote about. write all of the truth or write none. don't twist it to suite your needs/wants. that is no better than what happened to franke and gable.

Chris Petersen August 28, 2013 6:43 pm (Pacific time)

Oh you know who would be all over this? Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero Radio on 101.1. Has anyone got this info over to him yet? I know he would have you on as a guest John.

Chris Petersen August 28, 2013 6:41 pm (Pacific time)

Well well well...so we have a bloody knife found on the grounds of the murder scene eh? And the state says it was unrelated? lmfao!

Rob Taylor August 28, 2013 1:17 pm (Pacific time)

Today is Frank Gable's 54th birthday. Another birthday celebrated with a little debbie and a bowl of ramen soup...and so it goes.

John Atkins August 28, 2013 12:38 am (Pacific time)

Thanks James. Sequestered, I think the whole town knows who was in that green van. My point was not in conducting an investigation for the police. I merely want an innocent man out of prison. Locking him up and keeping him there is chickensh** and as low as it gets. I proved that Mike was killed over the corruption in the Department of Corrections. The Cory Memo proved that the Governor (Goldschmidt) conspired to hide that fact. The trial judge, the appellate judges, and the defense attorneys all argued that there was no evidence to prove said conspiracy. Reckon they lied.
As for Congress, well let's just suffice it to say that I'd like to see them all rot in hell. Thievin' bastards all belong in prison. With this crap going on in Syria, I would really like to see them on the front lines. I say the fella who starts the war should be the fella doing the fighting.
And don't get me started on Israel. Crooks.
I'm not really sure who all was in that van, but I suspect that, if I went to the SOS club, I'd probably see a couple of them.

JamesFre August 27, 2013 5:33 pm (Pacific time)

WOW, my heart hurts for you, if you find an honest person in Congress please let the World know. I will pray for strength and wisdom. Peace. James

sequestered August 27, 2013 11:11 am (Pacific time)

what if i told you who owned the green van, that was out there the night of jan.17th 1989. then you would know who the goons were. then you would know who the guys were that ever rode in that van. but what could you even do with that info, once you learn the truth?

Alva August 26, 2013 9:20 am (Pacific time)

Greetings! The site is great. Thank you for a great resource

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