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Michael Francke Murder Mystery Solved (Part Seven)

Murdering people in order to protect and/or expand criminal enterprises is a pattern of racketeering.

Michael Francke Murder trial
Media photo from the Michael Francke murder trial

(SALEM) - In the last installment, we briefly touched upon government corruption within the Justice Department. I think where a lot of people get fouled up is they do not look at the whole picture.

By looking at pieces of the puzzle, you have a hard time believing that so many people would get involved in this criminal conspiracy over a few million dollars from the prison system. So let's take a look at the whole picture.

When I speak of government corruption, it is synonymous with organized crime. The two are inseparable. You have watched movies about gangsters and we all know how the mob flourished in New York and Chicago by bribing public officials. People like Al Capone and John Gotti bribed police, they bribed Judges, they paid off the District Attorney and/or Attorney Generals. A lot of them bought politicians. On and on. No secret there.

Former Gov. Neil Goldschmidt

Many of us have watched the Untouchables where Elliot Ness did his best to hire only men who the mob could not buy off. So I know that you are aware of this aspect of the criminal world. Where you are falling short is, you look at one arm of the enterprise and think it is not enough money to pay off everybody. And that may be true.

Do you think that Al Capone or Joseph Kennedy got rich running just one speak-easy? Hell no. Organized crime has their hands in all kinds of rackets in Oregon. There is the illegal gambling (a fella named Metzger was killed over that one), there is prostitution (Kendra James was killed over that one), drug trafficking (James Perez and a fella named Larry Shelton), construction scams like the Salem Conference Center and retro-fitting schools so as to be earthquake proof, insurance rackets like S.A.I.F., mandatory car insurance and now, mandatory health insurance. It is rampant. And they'll protect every piece of it.

Former Gov. Dave Frohnmayer

You look at the prison corruption and segregate it from the big picture. It is just one facet of a very big enterprise. Think of Governor Neil Goldschmidt as John Gotti. Indeed, they even kind of look alike. Attorney General David Frohnmayer would be a capo. Dale Penn would be a Lieutenant. The only real difference is that we are talking about the Jewish mob and not the Italian (though the Italians are benefiting from it, too).

Do not stand there and stare at a solitary tree when you are surrounded by a whole forest. While you are impressed that there were so many people involved in the conspiracy to murder Mike and frame Frank, I am surprised at how few people they used to pull it off.

If their plan to blow Mike's brains out and make it look like a suicide had reached fruition, they probably would have gotten plumb away with it. Somebody failed to make a contingency plan (in case something went wrong). Personally, I think they picked the wrong night and the wrong place to try something so bold. But that's hindsight.

Look at what they did with Michael Francke. Money talks. Anybody can be bought. I do not give a damn if you are the smartest, most honest, person on the planet. Money talks. Even if a person were such an upstanding citizen that the thought of taking bribes repulses them, this person has a price. The thugs had kidnapped Mike for three hours. That would have been a good time to confront him with the facts. And what were the facts?

Murdered Corrections Chief Michael Francke

Ultimately, Mike was powerless. They had him dead to rights (no pun intended). That would have been a great time to make a deal with him. We all want to live; Mike was no exception. I would have made the deal with him and promised him that he would be assassinated if he double-crossed them. I would have threatened Mike's family. What man is going to risk his childrens' lives?

Fact is, they could have gone ahead and let Mike testify before the legislature. So what? Let's say that Caulley or Scott McAlister did get indicted and convicted. Our Governor could have pardoned him/them and used most any excuse to explain why he did so.

Killing Mike was a dumb idea. And the plan they hatched to do it was even dumber. Try this one on for size boys: You could have taken him out to his house. Better yet, you could have waited for him at his house. You could have held him at gunpoint and made him drink a bottle of scotch or whatever. You could have telephoned his wife, babbled something incoherent, and then hung up. Then you could have shot him. Maybe even make him write out a goodbye note.

Frank Gable

That would have been a more viable plan. There was only one drawback to it. You were using inmate labor. You didn't think there was any way to do the logistics on such a plan. You were wrong, but I'm not going to explain that to you. My point is, there are ways to handle most every problem that do not rely on running around killing people. That's a convict mentality and I would expect better from intelligent men in positions of power. Or am I giving you too much credit?

Unfortunately, these thugs have outsmarted themselves. You see, they opted to apply a law that was not even in effect at the time Mike was killed. That law was "Life without the possibility of parole." Their plan was, they did not want an honest man, say the Governor (in case a non-Jewish governor was ever elected), to be able to look at the case and say that Frank was innocent. So the law they used, illegally, was one which says that nobody, including the Governor, can pardon Frank or reduce his sentence. Pretty dumb move guys. Guess that one's going to bite you in the butt.

Do I think they will kill me? Absolutely. It is the dumbest move they could make. But it is the only thing they know how to use to solve problems. Ironically, it will attract a lot of attention by the feds and the rats will have to abandon ship. Their best play is to either ignore me or to employ me. Oh, and one more thing:

Free Frank Gable!

Note to crooks: Once you all let Frank go, my books disappear and my memory is no longer any good at remembering things. But you better hurry. This stuff is all over the internet. With each passing day, it is closer to going viral. My only goal is to free Frank Gable. Just something for your consideration.

I was going to leave it at that, but I just can't bring myself to do that. You readers are asking for more specific details and I have been offering some vague details. Let's see if I can be a little bit more precise.

Earlier, I mentioned Metzger. Not sure if that is how you spell his name. I am drawing on memory and the memory of a sixty year old man who never was any good at names is, at times, questionable. I remember details but not names; so let's not let the crooks in power try to persuade you otherwise.

Anyway, back in the 1980s, Metzger got the idea to rent a single hall where he could sub-lease to various organizations wherein they could play bingo as a fundraiser. For most charities, renting a hall was cost prohibitive. However, under Metzger's plan, they would all be sharing in the rent by leasing once or twice a week under a time-share. It was a great plan and became rather lucrative for Metzger and the charities.

Well, all of that prosperity attracted the attention of organized crime and they decided to horn in on the action. They had the D.A. (whom we all know is corrupt) file criminal charges against Metzger (in Washington County), alleging that he was running an illegal operation. A corrupt Judge threw the book at him and the crooks severed Metzger from his successful business. They promptly took over; a fact not overlooked by an angry Metzger.

4840 Western Ave. Beaverton in 2011, Oregon even starts kids out early
in gambling - "Kids Play Free". Photo: Google Satellite

In short order, the hoods ran Metzger out of state so he couldn't attract too much attention to their corrupt acts. He was forced to flee for his life. So he goes to California. Within two months, they assassinated him so that he could not attract any more attention to what they had done to him, and what they were still doing.

I was curious about that operation and discovered that it was on 4840 Western Ave. in Beaverton. I went there with my girlfriend and played bingo (at Sunset Bingo hall). Out front, I saw a sign that listed about thirty names of various frats (not charities). It just so happened that most of the frats sponsoring the bingo were operating out of offices in the same building as the bingo. In other words, you could form a club, like, for instance, "I'm too damned lazy to work," or "I stubbed my toe," and they would rent you part of an office (wink) and you were then free to sponsor your own bingo game.

That discovery was in 1988. My girlfriend telephoned one of the so-called frats and a man with a gruff voice answered. He had no idea what she was even talking about. Some frat! So my girlfriend telephoned the Attorney General's office. Somebody took her complaint. A short time later, another angry man with a gruff voice called from the A.G.'s office and threatened to kill my girlfriend if she did not shut up. Considering that they had already killed Metzger, we had no reason to doubt them.

F.Y.I.: we know the call originated from the Oregon A.G.'s office because the caller I.D. said so. In 1988, the A.G. was Dave Frohnmayer. His subordinates were Scott McAlister, Ted Kulongoski, Thomas Denney, and some semi-honest folks. And too many that were not so honest.

All of the proof you need for any of this is in old newspaper accounts. One thing the bad guys cannot do is to make all copies of all newspapers disappear. Oh, they can try. But it is as futile as pissing into the wind with the hopes that you won't get wet.

Just in case you have doubts that the Oregon Attorney General's office is/was affiliated with organized crime, especially when it comes to gambling, you can do one of two things. First, you can walk into most any bar and see slot machines. The thugs call them video poker but that doesn't negate that they are illegal slots.

Second, you can walk into any large bingo hall and see players with bingo machines. Those, too, are illegal and you can find that out by looking at O.R.S. 167.167. Judge Greg West says that the law doesn't count. In fact, this particular criminal threatened to kill me (when they put me in a secret "trial") if I ever filed charges against organized crime interests again. I had filed a small claims action against Boys and Girls Clubs bingo.

The machines were unfair because they allowed people to seriously alter the odds of the game in their favor. People with machines can play thousands of card verses the human who can only play a maximum of 24 cards. In addition, the machine tells the player when he or she has a bingo. A human often misses a bingo when the human fails to see the winning pattern or fails to coverup all of the called numbers.

Ironically, many people, myself included, quit playing bingo because almost all of the winning was being done on machines where the user had dumped two, three, or even four, hundred dollars into it. They are not fair and it is a felony for a player to use one against a person without one.

The FBI once quipped that it was pretty stupid of the criminals to run an illegal business out of a business that was making more money than the illegal one. For years, B & G Clubs bingo thrived. With the advent of the machines, they lost so many customers that they had to reduce the number of days that they could play 'cuz they were losing money because of the machines. That's pretty dumb boys.

Did you know that the Oregon lottery doesn't even pay off the big winners? A corporation, let's call them XYZ, pays it out on behalf of the lottery. After Oregon takes its cut, around 8.5 %, the rest of the money goes to XYZ. This is why, when you win, you can choose to have twenty yearly payments or one lump sum. If you take the lump sum, XYZ gives you about forty percent of the total; they keep the rest. If you take payments, XYZ gets all the rest of your money to loan to people at high rates of interest. You, yourself, do not get any interest. In fact, you lose money with inflation. Wouldn't you like to be XYZ?

The Oregon Lottery, as Dale Penn can attest to, is largely unregulated. Taxpayers have no idea how much money was made and only the mob knows for sure where (and why) the money went. We need to pass laws that reveal every dime earned and where that money went. Otherwise, we have a situation where the mob can send large checks to each other at will.

Dale Penn - center of the corruption

Many of you want to know what any of that has to do with either Frank Gable or Michael Francke. You all are too used to being on the defensive. I am trying to show you how you can go on the offensive. Frank is never going to get a fair hearing because the power brokers, who are Jewish, won't let him. Therefore, the prudent thing to do is to remove them from power. And to do this, you must appeal to Congress. More specifically, you must write to the Congressional sub-committee on organized crime. Simultaneously, you must let as many people as possible know what is going on.

The things I reveal are called patterns of racketeering. Murdering people in order to protect and/or expand the criminal enterprises is a pattern. Ditto for covering up those crimes and/or framing innocent people. Under the R.I.C.O. Act, the Oregon Lottery becomes a criminal enterprise, S.A.I.F. becomes a criminal enterprise, Nike becomes a criminal enterprise, the Board of Education becomes a criminal enterprise, the Parole Board becomes a criminal enterprise, etc., etc., etc.

Now the crooks have two choices: they can let Frank go or they can hope like hell that the United States Congress, the United Nations, and/or other international organizations, do not interfere. You guys are making millions of dollars, monthly; you sure you want to give that up for one man? Or risk it all by killing more men?

Free Frank Gable.

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justicia August 5, 2013 12:45 am (Pacific time)

John i am into exposing it all. We need to find a way to get compensation for all the victims and families that have been destroyed by these true tyrants. Government corruption one thing,hurting our children is a whole different ball game.

Truth Spreader July 29, 2013 1:04 pm (Pacific time)

It used to be, years ago, that the Oregon Department of Corrections was pretty much self-sufficient in feeding the inmates. Then the Trench Coat Mafia had an idea to open up operations to outside sources due to the scandals of theft and outright corruption at the back gate of Mill Creek giving away slabs of beef and trading healthy cows for sickly ones to the good ole boys. So they got in bed with a guy that took millions and fled the country, leaving his wife behind. Plan three was the golden age of corruption, as they came up with their own idea to tap Oregonians twice. They created OCE which takes money from Oregonians to feed the inmates, they serve them the cheapest thing money can buy. Secondly, they turn around and sell inmates food on canteen that is even unhealthier to eat, and astronomical prices. They make a killing on items that inmates can buy. There is no accountability for that. We have seen the firing of the director of OCE as he has bucked the system there. Collette Peters fired him, after the AG gave her advice not too. Peters also has a reputation of being less then honest.

You gotta ask yourself, who is worse, the inmates, or the one's charged with taking care of the inmates? Our prisons are full of low level criminals, being taken care of by high level criminals?

The definition of insanity, is to keep doing the same old thing, and expecting different results!

How many decades have the trench coat mafia been running DOC and how much longer will Oregonians allow them to take millions of dollars into their own pockets?

John Atkins July 29, 2013 11:57 am (Pacific time)

About ten years ago, I befriended a fella who used to be a janitor in the Capital Building. I have heard all kinds of stories about the sexual exploits of the power brokers. These included blowjobs in the cafeteria, threesomes, and plenty of grabassing. Some of this was substantiated by an attorney friend. None of this should be a shock to any of us as organized crime goes hand and hand with sexploitation. It is asymptomatic of the problem and not, in and of itself, problematic. I would not get fixated on this deviancy to the point of obscuring the more germane criminal behavior we are in pursuit of.

justice. July 29, 2013 10:20 am (Pacific time)

Any comments or info about the salem child sex rings of the 80's and 90's. is there any proof that Goldy or Mcallister had more victims then one?

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