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Why Did Sri Lanka Kill So Many Children?

Photos (BBC) tell of a painful, grisly and deadly time in Tamil history. American journalists need to pay attention.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - As the Israelis lay siege to Gaza, killing children by the score, our newsroom received a whole new batch of images from the Genocide in Sri Lanka that ended just a little over three years ago. The subject, as you will see at the bottom of this report, is one I have covered for years in great detail.

In fact, past articles exposing these horrific slaughter photos of dead and twisted human bodies, are some of's most viewed pages right now, even though they were written months ago.

The writings and multi-media reports are a sad and terrible tribute for tens of thousands of ethnically cleansed Tamils- the minority group in Sri Lanka forever under the grinding thumb of the Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lankan government led by President Majinda Rajapaksa and his brothers.

Oh it is a family affair from the breeding grounds of nepotism, and anyone who steps out of line in this island nation finds their life in jeopardy very quickly.

When they aren't being killed in government attacks, Sri Lanka uses their fleet of 'white vans' to abduct, torture and murder their political enemies, particularly media, who dare challenge the status quo.

Silent Witnesses

These photos tell so many stories. The picture of children being hanged in their own home; this is an image we have seen before but only the children, not the man who we assume to be their father.

Dead kids tell no tales they assume...

Or do they?

Thanks to these gruesome images, their deaths will never be completely unknown. Only monsters could be responsible for this.

They were murdered it appears, based on the calendar on the wall, in 2006. This is a year after the plans to terminate the Tamil people in the north of Sri Lanka were put into place. They were killed in an area called 'The Vanni'.

It is former U.S. President George W. Bush who greased the wheels for the Tamil Genocide. The event left up to 160,000 Sri Lankan Tamils dead.

Bush helped Rajapakse and his henchmen designate these desperate people as 'terrorists' - that is an American word that means 'strip people of humanity'. The civilians were mass murdered under the 'exterminate the terrorist' banner.

They scared the GoSL so much. State terror governments don't expect their victims to fight back. LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) were resourceful and dedicated like few groups that came before them.

They had already lost so much by the time they were formed that dedication to the cause of freedom was central for the Liberation Tigers.

The LTTE was faulted by its critics for having used child soldiers when their situation became desperate, but it is clear from these pictures that the plans the government had for these people was much worse, particularly for the innocent children and for the record all children in this world are innocent and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to be slapped or worse, possibly much worse.

Here, civilians were told to enter no-fire zones and then attacked and killed once in place. Sri Lanka would later claim that they were used by the Tamil Tigers as 'human shields' and that is the biggest line of horsecrap ever spoken or written.

No resilient resistance organizations use civilians or kids as human shields. That is pure bull and a simple excuse for war criminal governments like Sri Lanka and Israel.

Tricking non-combatants; women and children, into entering areas to be killed, even the devil might not have done that! Perhaps the government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is worse than the devil. I can't help but entertain the possibility.

As a father, I cannot begin to comprehend the thinking behind this operation that did so much more than murder with bombs and rockets as the photos of the hanged children and their dad show.

It is true the LTTE or Tamil Tigers as they are more widely known, were some of the best military minority resistance fighters and tacticians who ever lived and fought, and they had many successful attacks against and engagements with the Sri Lanka Army (SLA).

But what matters, is that the Tamils spent 30 years; from the year England ended their colonization in '48, trying to hold onto their language and culture and human rights peacefully and non-violently before they ever went militant.

Sadly, as a journalist I feel it is necessary to acknowledge that non-violent protests all too often, are truly weak and limited and that while many want that to be the only approach, non-violent resistance runs the risk of becoming cowardice.

This point was made by the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi and also by our writer, the outspoken former U.S. Marine Ken O'Keefe who battled the Israelis during the siege of the ocean liner Mavi Marmara in 2010.

Ken took a ton of grief from the pro-Palestine non-violence folks, all of whom slept comfortably the night Ken fought for his life disarming two Israeli 'commandos' who killed nine of his friends and shot and injured dozens.

When faced with an oppressive nation bent on murdering its own citizens who happen to be from the 'wrong' religion, fighting back is one of the only possibilities. Those who wish to remain non-violent as their families are slaughtered are not heroic people.

Sex Abuse and Rape

When examining the various parts of the Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide, one is inevitably faced with the brutal nature of the Buddhist state terrorism program that Tamils had to confront - sadly similar to the plight the Burmese Rohingya people are dealing with today where Buddhist mobs have been burning villages and murdering people left and right.

That's right, as I write this, once again... Buddhist killers are attacking religious minorities with torches to burn and machetes to slice the humanity out of vulnerable civilians of the 'wrong' religion. Soldier and police sex abuse of Rohingya Muslims is another constant problem.

As we have significantly documented, there were mass rapes of women and girls conducted by troops of the Sri Lanka Army. They actually recorded the aftermath of one of these escapades on their own video cameras, and those images... loading nude female rape / murder victims into the back of a truck, include statements from the soldiers who joke in extremely callous, insensitive ways about the dead, mostly dead... or soon to be dead, female victims.

A soldier shockingly proclaims of one victim, that he "would like to cut her tits off". What kind of people does Sri Lanka allow into its military? In twenty years of news, covering the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and dozens of deaths, murders, and other terrible crimes; after all of that, I have never heard such foul words uttered in such a casual tone.

This goes right to the very soul of humanity as far as I am concerned, creatures like this existing as armed soldiers... the mere notion of it is beyond comprehension.

    The nude bodies are kicked and treated like inanimate objects, while at least one of the women is clearly still alive.

The video from Channel 4 in London as you can see by looking below, has been removed by YouTube. This is no mystery, it is another example of how Google is a paid element of the Sri Lanka Genocide.

I wrote before about how Google doctored the Google Earth images on Sri Lanka (as they were shot during the Genocide) and sewed in a frame from some time after the killing, to make the area look peaceful, to ensure that the bodies are removed or rotted away.

War criminals like YouTube, and Google is on their side. At any rate, I am glad we recorded below the words so YouTube can't help the GoSL as much as they would like, the pricks.

The revelation as shown in one photo, is that the SLA did cut the breasts off of women and to me it looks like another clear case for the International Criminal Courts (ICC) and I suspect they will find it very interesting as it corroborates our worst fears.

Images of Utter Horror

The translations from Sinhala to written English were performed by Channel-4 in London and they are indisputable. As Presenter Jon Snow said, "These disturbing scenes raise extremely serious questions for the government of Sri Lanka."

This is the same military organization connected to terrible sex crimes in Haiti, where members of the SLA were deployed as part of UN peacekeeping forces, there to assist earthquake victims.

Sri Lanka has a running history of severe corruption and the war crime allegations are enough to put it over the edge.

The only thing they are really even facing, is the implementation of their own measures as proposed by the Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), it's own government investigation, and it barely attributes any wrongdoing to Sri Lanka, it blames the LTTE for everything, it scarcely scratches the surface of what took place, and this they vehemently resist?

The obvious problem is that this needs to be addressed in a serious way, like the Nuremberg Trials, not just to have a hand slap be the total extent of their punishment.

Even though it is terribly biased toward the SL govt, the LLRC report does contain sound recommendations and at a minimum, this will be a start of something that can grow.

What We Can Do

Hundreds of people have written to me over our ongoing coverage of these matters involving Sri Lanka, and I want to make a point; and that is the main reason I have gotten into this so deeply, is because I am a father, and a son, and a brother, husband and uncle. Now I learn that my heart is also the same as my Tamil friends I have gained over these reports, and there are many.

I mention this because I want other US reporters to pay attention to these stories and follow them also if they have the guts.

As I said, Burma or Myanmar as it is now called under its Rakhine Buddhist government, is burning bright at the present time and I have the exact same relationship with the Rohingya Muslims over their Diaspora and suffering.

They did absolutely nothing to earn the wrath of the Buddhist mobs and government troops and police. Hindus and Christians in Sri Lanka, Muslims and Christians in Myanmar...

I can not put into words how important these experiences have been and continue to be, yet I need others here in the US to jump in the game because the potential impact covering the stories the mainstream news media ignores, like this, is vast and sometimes even very direct; hauntingly direct. (See: Did a Ghost Crawl Inside My Laptop? )

The shadow of emotion looms. Even after reporting news in Iraq and Afghanistan, nothing is more intense than spending hundreds and hundreds of hours editing these images of death, it is hard... really hard, but I spent no more than a total of thirty minutes today balling uncontrollably over the death photos from Gaza and these in Sri Lanka, not too bad right?

That left practically the whole day for writing and editing all of these tragic accounts and images and it isn't even 3:00 a.m. yet, score! I was really impacted and it just keeps coming back. I'm not sure if I lost it this badly when my parents died on the same day five years ago. I need help from other media to fight these bastards. Did I say that already?

How can this level of inhumanity exist? What happens to people? What gets into their hearts? Other reporters, are you listening?

This is serious. We have to raise the flag and do what we know to be right and go full tilt in our reporting, hardcore... take no prisoners when you write and edit because there are not two sides in a Genocide. I would give none of them a chance to respond or be represented.

WATCH VIDEO: New Song 'Depression' - Graphic Truth of Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide -
Song by Agron Belica Story by Tim King

I can summarize the contact I have personally had with high ranking Sri Lankan government officials... "We didn't do it". They deny every detail vehemently and say we reporters just have a beef with them and that we have no business suggesting that matters in Sri Lanka should all be handled strictly internally with no outside involvement, of course.

If given a chance, the people we are writing about would handcuff you then rape you and then blow a big hole through your head. They do not deserve anything.

My best advice is to ignore your pre-programming and follow your heart as a human being and journalist, it is very simple. As Americans our impact is larger than I could explain and I need to not be the only one following these stories.

I write about Palestine, I love everyone there, but this can not be the only battle we are collectively fighting. I have noted so many Tamils supporting the people of Gaza in recent days too, and our friends in Balochistan where equal amounts of state terror drive what is known to we journos as 'Pakistan's Dirty War'.

They are suffering without a voice... thank God we have been able to build up to a point where at least none of these flagrant government characters (players) from California to Colombo enjoy it when we write badly (honestly) about them.

Regarding the camaraderie with the Tamil people, anyone can read the comments on these stories, hundreds and hundreds, all listed below... just follow the links, comments are at the bottom of each story.

From my own Sri Lanka reports on the war crimes against the Tamils, I feel as though I was adopted by this culture because I spent the time researching and writing and confronting this unforgivable Genocide.

In fact, as's Executive News Editor. I was asked to give the key note address at the FeTNA (Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America) conference in Baltimore, Md. on 6th and 7th July 2012. ( I spoke to 3,000 Tamil people mostly of Indian descent, about this unimaginable tragedy.

Tim and Bonnie King with other distinguished speakers
in Baltimore, Maryland last July, for the FeTNA event.
Read the article by Sri Lanka Guardian

USTPAC (US Tamil Political Action Council), invited both Bonnie King and I to Baltimore to speak about our coverage of war crimes in Sri Lanka. Elias Jeyarajah, PhD, President of USTPAC, which holds a parallel session during FeTNA. ( made the arrangements and we hopped a flight to the eastern seaboard for an enlightening weekend.

I have written approximately 50 articles that explore and reveal the events that culminated in the ethnic cleansing of Tamils in the north, in May 2009.

I will admit that I am also driven by the large number of missing and murdered journalists who were eliminated for writing about the war crimes against Tamils.

I do maintain the greatest hope that future generations can heal this planet, end the suffering; straighten out the crooked thinking and religion-dominated governments that lead to so much dramatic tragedy.

When I see the murdered Tamil children, it sends a chill down my spine and it is hard to look at the results of such cruel, calculated killing, just like in Gaza, without really wanting to do something about it.

I refuse and will always refuse to endorse any government that subjects people to such horrible oppression; so fierce and unyielding that that the only answer is armed retaliation and resistance, and this is the story of the Tamil Tigers and other resistance organizations that are exactly the opposite of 'terrorists' to the people they support and protect who ALWAYS have less.

It is also extremely important to note the context of the more than three-year long government attack; that the Rajapaksa government directly violated a standing peace treaty with the LTTE.

It is reminiscent of what the US Army did over and over to the Native Americans here. No attacks from the Tigers were taking place when the treaty was violated and the Tamils were laid to waste.


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kootes June 9, 2015 11:28 am (Pacific time)

thanks to Tim King editor for showing the truth ..god bless u

James March 31, 2015 1:16 am (Pacific time)

I will never forget the faces of those children. They were gorgeous kids. What kind of RAT could look them in the face and want to destroy them? I hate this world....

Nadarajah Sivam December 29, 2014 10:30 pm (Pacific time)

We like to see pictures of killings by tigers too. Because both parties done wrong. why don't you forget all and develop our country or Why can't we have TAMILNADU as our mother land as it is big enough for all of us tamils to live there. At the end bloody politicians will be benefitted and not the poor public as us will be ever benefitted.

J. June 5, 2014 3:38 pm (Pacific time)

I can't believe this is 2014! I guess human kind's genes evolve too slow to prevent the toys its brain provides from destroying itself. WWII is 3 generations ago, in 3 generations we haven't got the capability to evolve into being conscient enough to handle peace, while the means to destroy have boosted.

Rand February 26, 2014 8:03 am (Pacific time)

all this things are rubbish!! the Sri lankan army killed only LTTE people!! there are a huge different beetween LTTE and tamil people!! dont write this rubbish things if you don't know the different between terrorists and normal tamil peoples!! GO AND VISIT SRI LANKAN TAMILS AND THEN WRITE SOMETHING WITHOUT BARKING LIKE A STUPID DOG!!

Oh yeah right, one of these days you might see me, and I would be at risk because of the lack of honor that now represents Sinhala Sri Lanka.

LoveBess February 6, 2014 2:09 am (Pacific time)

i believe this story coz the LTTE is very reputed to do bad somthing and some srilankan here in my country is all bad

sam February 3, 2014 6:29 am (Pacific time)

this all are lying srilankan pepople never doing like this thigs

William December 1, 2013 8:34 pm (Pacific time)

i hope god makes the world end soon all this is sad all this is unnecessary pain........

jayalingam( I'm from mulathive) February 10, 2013 9:41 pm (Pacific time)

the man who wrote this article has no idea about Sri Lanka. don't sell your brothers and sisters for money. these crimes were done by ltte. sinhalese live luxury life than us because ltte never allowed us to do business or study. they just collect tax and made army. only Tamil who had luxury life were prabha , his family and all the tna ministers. after cessation of war our life became better. now I run a small communications center without any problem.

saradiyel December 16, 2012 3:41 pm (Pacific time)

bullshit..! mother fuckers. sri lankan soldiers are the best in the world.. get all this facts and put it in ur ashole..

Tim King: Best at committing war crimes and Genocide?  No argument there  Sure - you guys kill unarmed kids and rape women along with the best, and you belong six feet deep.

senapathy December 6, 2012 10:54 pm (Pacific time)

india -A COUNTRY OF BASTARDS IS responciple for this

mmahen December 2, 2012 2:36 am (Pacific time)

The world says so many kind words about defending the weak and helping the downtrodden. But when it comes to action there are always Palestines, Sri lankas and Myanmars where the minorities are crushed with the help of the powerful nations of the world, purely based on geopolitics.
When will we see Justice in this earth?

Editor Words of Wisdom and a great question at the end.  I surmise that our constant coverage of the exact stories you name makes about the total opposite of the whoring mainstream news.  We will only become louder over time because peace deserves a chance, thank you so much.

Josh Akers November 22, 2012 2:26 am (Pacific time)

Hey nice speech mr. anti Zionist Nazi Facist... you come off like a moron who cant spell though. This article is also NOT about Israel, so your lucky you posted your crap on SNC because you would be censored anywhere else. I would never allow your BS if this was my news site... your lucky Tim King lets assholes type that much on this site. END OCCUPATION!

Josh Akers November 22, 2012 2:12 am (Pacific time)

Buddhism must include a firm belief in Karma. One translation for Karma is simply, TRUTH. These "Buddhist" murderers dont have any respect for karma. As an avid follower of Tibetan Buddhism I am deeply offended by these... LITERALLY animals... More like demons... They are NOT Buddhists. Buddhists are TRUTH seekers with the DEEPEST of respect for others. In other words, this shit makes me sick.

Vitorino Batalim November 21, 2012 5:33 am (Pacific time)

Project My Fellow non Zionist Americans, Zionist has created for itself the conviction that the best way to control everything, good, money, gold and people is by a comunist regime. What does this mean for them and for us? It means that they began supporting people throug state subventions represented by tickets with which people can buy elementary needed goods without working. This way people go becoming lazy and loosing working habits.Slowly more and more people are falling in the trapp. Zionists know they process needs time and they are not concerned about time needed. They experience has proved that with enough time they have reached everything they want until they get the control. So the number of people who live supported by State Tickets is alredy about fifty million, about a quarter of the total population which they control. Imagine one of this days, when they dicide the time has come they stop the distribution of the tickets und use those 50 million hungry citizens to arm them and start a revolution like that they didi with Bolchevicks telling them they have to stoll their own food and other items they need like in Russia in Tzares time. Can you preview what will happen? But their is something more to think about. This people, depending of state support to live are not safe. After they kill as many millionb of Americans Zionists want to be killed this people will be mostly exterminated and those who are not killed are to be enslaved. So no one who is not Zionist Nazi Fascist can laugh or fill glad and happy.For the non Zionist Nazi Fascist people Zionists have created and planed the same destiny. Death or slavery. Wakeup, my fellow Non Zionist Americans. Our common fight is aginst Political Zionist Nazi Fascist Project.

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