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Force of 150 Tamil Tigers Reportedly Deployed to Sri Lanka
India Says Not True

Sri Lanka's Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne believes a conspiracy is underway to create a new civil war in Sri Lanka.

A woman fighter of the Tamil Tigers takes a shooting position in Sri Lanka in July 2007
A woman fighter of the Tamil Tigers takes a shooting position in Sri Lanka in July 2007. AP Photo. Courtesy: FBI

(SALEM) - China's Xinhua news agency reported this week that Sri Lankan police deny claims of Tamil Tiger militia forces having infiltrated the island through southern India. However local media in Colombo quoted reports that 150 Tigers, freshly trained and equipped in Tamil Nadu, India, are in place in the north and east of the country.

On 2 April 2012, the Colombo Page published: Former LTTE terrorists re-trained in Tamil Nadu committing murders in Sri Lanka:

The Police came to know this information through the questioning of three suspects arrested for the murder of a member of the Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP), a ruling party constituent partner.

The EPDP member, identified as Ragunathan, a resident of Muttur in Trincomalee district, was found on March 17 with throat slit allegedly by the suspects. They have reportedly displayed a note on the body of the victim saying that they had given death penalty to a traitor and have resumed their work.

Many observers are wondering what the real reaction of the Tamil Tigers will be to the meager slap on the wrist that the UN in Geneva issued recently to Sri Lanka for war crimes committed against the Tamil people during the horrific conclusion of a nearly three-decade long civil war. It is a conflict that ended in a bloody extermination of civilians.

LTTE Resurgence?

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are a separatist group that fought long and hard for the rights of Hindu and Christian Tamils; threatened and attacked by the Sinhalese Buddhist majority from the time the country formerly known as Ceylon, gained independence from Britain in 1948.

To put it lightly, this was a year of catastrophic year world change that gave birth to a number of resistance movements that would eventually be labeled as terrorist.

This includes in addition to the LTTE:

  • The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
  • Hamas in Gaza
  • Baloch Liberation Army in Balochistan
  • Hezbollah in Lebanon

Sri Lanka had the Tamil Tigers listed as a terrorist group with the help of its friends in the west, and this led to the Genocide that swept the northern part of the island. As we have detailed in so many past reports, it was a bloody, heinous affair where children were not spared, women were sexually assaulted, and those who surrendered with white flags were slaughtered by an army working at the lowest rungs of honor, the Sri Lanka Army (SLA).

It is all sad and unjust, the Sinhala majority and the Tamils should and deserve to live in peace, but the erosion of Tamil rights over the years and refusal to grant autonomy to their region, the breakaway state of Tamil Eelam, is what led to such strife.

More than anything, problems arise from the fact that the young Sinhalese are frequently programmed by their dominant culture, to hate the Tamils and view them as a lower form of human: not very Buddhist at all. It is class warfare at its worst, and all a backlash from the years of British occupation

Now, after all of the unabated cruelty during the war, and the denial of responsibility for civilian deaths by the Rajapaksa regime, and threats toward those who supported the U.S. led resolution in Geneva, Sri Lankans see the reemergence of the LTTE. That resolution compels the SL government to comply with the report of its own Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) which did not assess any blame for civilian deaths to the SL army.

It is reported that rebels reached Sri Lanka in the guise of fishermen. Sri Lanka is known for attacking Indian fishermen, it is an historic problem of epic proportions; it seems easy to connect them to the idea of LTTE reaching their shores. Everything at this point seems mixed with speculation.

It is reported that the goal of the Tamil Tigers is to destabilize the country. Sri Lanka's Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne did tell parliament last year that LTTE training camps do exist in Tamil Nadu, and that training of this military group is ongoing. Jayaratne in fact claims that there are three secret training centers, and that one provides cadres exclusive training in assassinations.

The prime minister knows that in the past, the LTTE really means business when they conduct military operations; the cost can be heavy, and he knows they are carrying the anger of so many of their compatriots slaughtered in cold blood by the SLA. Jayaratne believes a conspiracy is underway to both kill Indian leaders, and also create a civil war in Sri Lanka.

"However when contacted by Xinhua, police spokesman Ajith Rohana said that the police did not have any information of such infiltration, adding that such claims were misleading," their article stated.

India's Zee News carried India's reaction to the notion of Tamil Nadu training camps for LTTE cadres, in the article, India slams SL media report on LTTE camps in TN:

The Indian High Commission in Colombo on Monday dismissed reports in a section of the Sri Lankan media that suggested the existence of LTTE-training camps in Tamil Nadu.

'The suggestion contained in the news item regarding the training of terrorists at three secret camps in Tamil Nadu, India is entirely erroneous and baseless. Relevant agencies of the two countries have ongoing cooperation and no such information has been brought to the notice of the Government of India,' a release from the High Commission said.

It seems that the terrorist label could severely backfire on Sri Lanka, as people branded and representing a minority culture like the Tigers, already declared as "less than" - often care less... than more, about their own personal safety. The Tamil Tigers after all, invented the suicide vest.

People pushed into extreme acts of this nature by an oppressive, occupying government, care about one thing, and that is killing their enemy. The three year anniversary of the conclusion of the war approaches, perhaps it is true as many have said, that this war has not ended, but undergone a necessary pause for training and planning.

With regard to the war crimes against the Tamils, even the Council for Foreign Relations clearly states that the violence of the LTTE, is matched by the SL government.

But the Sri Lankan government has also attracted widespread criticism for its alleged human rights abuses. Like the LTTE, the Sri Lankan government has been accused of engaging in extrajudicial killings, abductions, extortion, conscription, and the use of child soldiers. In August 2007, Human Rights Watch released a report that catalogues the various human rights abuses conducted in Sri Lanka by both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan military. - From the Council for Foreign Relations: Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (aka Tamil Tigers) (Sri Lanka, separatists)

India unequivocally denies that training camps exist, what else could their government say? Is it possible that they simply do not want to admit or be connected to such activities? The problems accompanying that scenario would be painfully obvious.

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Muthamizh April 4, 2012 6:40 am (Pacific time)

It's an absolutly False news. Conspiracy news published by Srilankan news agency to split Tamilnadu Government and Politicians from Central Govt. of india. We know Srilankans are cunning fellows. They want to create misunderstand between state and central govt of india

Editor: Thank you, we only mean to relay the news that is out there, 

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