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Reports Indicate U.S. is Mobilizing for War in Iran

Israeli influence over U.S. policy is reaching new record levels, as word is announced that the U.S. is moving serious weapons into place for a possible strike on the people of Iran.

Iran and U.S. flags

(SALEM, Ore.) - Iran has never attacked another nation, and according to the international group that oversees nuclear activities, Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.

Israel, on the other hand, possesses at least 150 nuclear warheads that could take the world out several times over. Undeclared nukes illegal with the world community. Who should we really question?

Iran's infrastructure does not support the ability and the country has firmly stated that it is not developing nuclear arms, only nuclear power, like so many other countries on this earth.

Israel's nuclear warheads were revealed in a report featuring the words of President Jimmy Carter in May of 2008 on[1].

All of the years with Israel at the world negotiation tables stating that it was a non-nuclear entity, using that "defenseless" line to gain political ground, were blatant, false statements, and so the sympathy they elicited was also totally false. The U.S. government was aware of it the whole time, according to Carter, supplying the deadly parts that comprise Israel's nuclear arsenal today.

People in many circles have known this for a long time, since an Israeli nuclear scientist defected to England and told the Times all about what was taking place with the development of nuclear warheads that are not registered or claimed under the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty well over twenty years ago[2].

Why the commotion over this today? Because the United States may be preparing for another dirty unilateral war.

The Sunday Herald reports that hundreds of powerful US bunker-buster bombs are in transit from California to the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, where they will be used in preparation for a "possible" attack on Iran.

The newspaper in London also revealed that Americans signed a contract in January to transport 10 ammunition containers to Diego Garcia.

The Sunday Herald wrote: "According to a cargo manifest from the US navy, this included 387 'Blu' bombs used for blasting hardened or underground structures. Experts say that they are being put in place for an assault on Iran’s controversial nuclear facilities. There has long been speculation that the US military is preparing for such an attack, should diplomacy fail to persuade Iran not to make nuclear weapons."

This newspaper in the UK also reported in 2007, that stealth bomber hangars on the island were constructed to take bunker-buster bombs.

Damned if you do, or if you Don't

"If they run they're VC. If they stand still, they're a well-disciplined VC".
- Marine door gunner in the movie, Full Metal Jacket

Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear capabilities, but we were convinced under Bush that they were steps away from launching an attack on the U.S., which in retrospect is ridiculous. We stepped in, saw over 5,000 Americans killed, tens of thousands injured, hundreds of thousands caused to suffer from PTSD, and Iraq is a total mess. We divided the Sunni and Shi'ite populations, we caused a civil war. The United States devastated a functioning country with infrastructure.

Iran has no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear capabilities, and they state that to be the case. Still, the people who hate Iran and want to see it wiped off the map, with Joseph Lieberman at the head of the list, will state over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... that Iran is "developing" nuclear weapons, when every piece of evidence states the opposite[3][4][5].

Deadly nukes; the Israelis have them - they have driven this whole modern warfare snafu according to a growing list of reliable and documented sources. Israel is a nation driven by a racist ideology guided by the religious philosophy Zionism, i.e. "The Chosen People" - which is the excuse used by Israel in quickly claiming almost all of the Palestinian land for itself, and killing a countless number of Palestinians along the way, while at times losing many of their own[6].

Our writers have, on different occasions, very recently in fact, drawn the lines connecting the dots between the U.S. war in Iraq, and Israel. The belief is that Israel is trying to destabilize this entire part of the Arab world in an effort to speed its ultimate claim of all of Palestine's land[7]. You see, Egypt is playing ball with Israel and the U.S. these days. It used to be a hotbed of anti-Israeli activity, today they are staying out of it. In the process Egypt has sealed off the southern border of Gaza in concert with the U.S. and Israel, furthering the concentration camp atmosphere for these abused people, who are treated like animals and guarded on all sides[8].

But Iran is one of the few countries that will stand up and say something about Israel's genocide of the Palestinians, and that is why all of this is taking place. It also makes the Iranians better humanitarians than the U.S. or Canada in particular[9]{10].

Iran's History with the West

I have written before about how the U.S. and England ripped off Iran in the years following WWII for oil, treating their national representatives with prejudice and overall disdain. Racism is a nightmare[11].

The U.S. helped the British SAS take out the first Democratically elected President of Iran in 1953 because he spoke about nationalizing Iran's oil and cutting the west out. The 'Shah' was kidnapped, brainwashed, threatened, and went back to Iran to be a western friendly leader until the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The Iranians took Americans hostage as part of this Revolution, though they were eventually released, and that has been the central point for all American animosity toward Iran in recent years[12].

They were pissed off that we had for all intents and purposes, ruled their country from 1953 to 1979, and who wouldn't be? Some Americans seem to sport this vast ignorance about patriotism and nationalism in the world. For them it is hard to understand that it exists in every nation and place. It is hard for any person to separate their loyalty from the place of their birth, it is a simple human dynamic. The people who side with and work with the U.S. in many cases, are viewed as traitors. As usual, those who worked with Americans benefited in some, even many cases, and many fled after the Revolution.

Iraq was financed by the United States to invade Iran and the horrible Iran-Iraq War ensued, costing thousands of lives on both sides. A friend of mine in Tehran, says people everywhere in her country still suffer from what we know as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD from those years, and they are not people who were even in the military.

Then after starting the Iran-Iraq War and watching it rage for years, the U.S. blew an Iranian airliner out of the sky in 2008, an absolutely scandalous act of mass murder by the U.S. Navy, as Iran was in the process of defeating the U.S. financed attack against their country.

According to Wikipedia:

"The cruiser USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655 with the loss of all 290 passengers and crew on 3 July 1988. The American government claimed that the airliner had been mistaken for an Iranian F-14 Tomcat, and that the Vincennes was operating in international waters at the time and feared that it was under attack, which later appeared to be untrue. The Iranians, however, maintain that the Vincennes was in fact in Iranian territorial waters, and that the Iranian passenger jet was turning away and increasing altitude after take-off. U.S. Admiral William J. Crowe also admitted on Nightline that the Vincennes was inside Iranian territorial waters when it launched the missiles. At the time, the captain of the Vincennes claimed that the Iranian plane did not identify itself and sent no response to warning signals from the Vincennes. Apart from Iran, other independent sources, for example the airport of Dubai, have confirmed that the plane did indeed identify itself to the American naval ship and also confirmed that 'the civilian aircraft was ascending and therefore could not have posed a threat,' agreeing with Iranian officials."[13]

Israel Murdering Farmers

Israel built division walls through Palestinian land on the West Bank in recent years and now their soldiers shoot the farmers who dare to use their land.

According to Investigators with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and eye-witness testimony, Friday, 4 September 2009, Maher Ghazi al-Za’anin drove his four children, including Ghazi, 14, to their farm, 500 meters away from the border with Israel, in the northeast of Beit Hanoun town. On their way to the farm, they were surprised by an Israeli military jeep. Al-Za’anin and his children were frightened, and ran away. Israeli soldiers in the jeep immediately opened fire. Ghazi was wounded by a bullet to the head and fell to the ground.

"If they run they're VC. If they stand still, they're a well-disciplined VC"

The father carried the child to their car, whereupon IDF soldiers fired at the car, hitting it with two bullets. The father drove to Beit Hanoun Hospital and the child was transferred to al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City in critical condition. Ghazi was admitted to the intensive care unit, where he was pronounced dead on the following morning, Saturday, 5 September 2009.[14].

Israel carefully planned and killed over 1400 in Gaza, including approximately 400 children, while injuring tens of thousands. The abuse of Israel toward the Palestinians is the single worst thing taking place in the world today. There is no more brutal regime in place than Israel's.

So if Lieberman and the boys manage to actually build the position for attacking Iran, I would start packing the canned food, many boxes of it. I am not alone in saying that we would never accept this as Americans.

Any move to attack either Iran or Venezuela for that matter, will not be supported by the American public. Massive campaigns will be launched to support military desertion and protests will begin and people will take to the streets and it will not end, ever.

If a plan is actually devised to attack Iran, then Barack Obama will be remembered as a President actually worse than George W. Bush, something most have always believed was nearly impossible. Bush got the world's death machine revved up a couple of thousand RPM's, but any plan to actually take military action against Iran will blow the American military engine, guaranteed. That is an engine made of delicate things called human beings. American human beings are not supposed to be wasted in stupid needless wars based on lies.

Iran has never attacked the U.S. or talked about it. The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said something once that was misconstrued as "wiping Israel off the map". It is the same old thing over and over and over and over and over and over again. Whereas Israel can make plans to outwardly attack Iran and then suck its pawns, the Americans into it, and insult people and brand an entire religion as "terrorists" when nobody does more terrorizing than the Israeli Defense Forces.

During the 1930's and 40's in Germany, genocide took place and the Red Cross was at least tricked into believing that Warsaw Ghetto wasn't as bad as it really was, in the years preceding the main events of WWII. Gaza is clear, YouTube, all over Al Jazeera, and other serious sites. Anyone who cares can see the civilian destruction and devastation wrought by the IDF against the people of Gaza. Doctors said they saw no militants, only civilian men, women and children, plenty of children with injuries too severe to describe.

It is disgusting that the U.S. government ignores this clear case of genocide and series of war crimes documented against Israel's attack on Gaza in 2008/09 called "Operation Cast Lead". A Jewish War Crimes Tribunal Judge, Richard Goldstone, wrote the report that cites numerous violations of International Law; targeting schools, hospitals, and directing civilians to evacuate to certain areas, which were in turn attacked with millions and millions of dollars worth of bombs supplied mostly by U.S. taxpayers. They used white phosphorous, which is totally illegal to drop on homes, which they did. There are no excuses for killing 1,400 in retaliation for the 4-6 Israelis who died in Hamas rocket attacks.

And while the primary western nations ignore this genocidal insanity, the U.S. government is up to its old tricks and wants to thrust our nation into its final conflict, on behalf of Israel. Nice knowing you guys, maybe all that stuff about the Mayan Calendar is right on target, but it is all because of willful human aggression from the United States and Israel.

Not to mention that a damned war is taking place in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, less than a stone's throw from the back door of the good old U.S.A. No, let's not take care of things at home, even on this continent for that matter, let's just plot the end of mankind by attacking a country that has only defended and avenged itself by taking hostages, in all of this time. Let's rely on the FOX New Channel to misinterpret the words of people like the Iranian President, and to get everyone good and stirred up in a general sense by repeating those pat terms that the Zionists have rammed down our throats. "Nuclear weapons", "Wipe Israel off the Map", these are the lame things that Israel will use to justify this action. I personally think that a square-off between Israel and Iran would be one matter, but having the U.S. involved on behalf of a country that commits genocide, will be the final straw.

Attacking Iran would be the end of everything as we know it, and Americans will turn away from their leadership if such a dirty and dastardly move is attempted. It'll quickly become a third world nation, as if we aren't in all reality totally broke and in debt anyway, thanks to the last few years of Bush.

On a selfish level, our combat troops are tired and broken and have been wasted and it continues. Starting another war in another theater could only be a move to bring about an end to the United States that we know, one way or another. Iraq was a bad idea, nobody serving there is happy about it. The deaths are ugly and there have been too many. Afghanistan includes a fight against people who treat women and girls badly, so there is some justification as the Taliban are not real Muslims according to my Islamic friends, but a walking distortion of it. Taliban are Afghanistan's Westboro Baptist Church, only much larger.

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Simon December 31, 2010 2:53 am (Pacific time)

Stopped reading in the 3rd line or so...

150 nukes cannot destroy the world,cannot destroy 1% of the world, cannot destroy humanity and cannot do it several times over.

U.S has 10k nukes if 100 could destroy the world why would they need 10k...? to destroy the world 10k times...?


Silly Simon....

ray lucero August 22, 2010 9:35 pm (Pacific time)

tim your stupid iran will start world war 3 along with russia you need to wake up stupid dont you read your bible

Tim King: God is against war and violence, do you know what Jesus said about war and violence?  And why do right wingers lack the capacity to respond without insults?  You have had your one chance ray and if you have to call people stupid, you have no business being here.  I try to be patient but seriously get sick of this kind of garbage.  

Shlomo July 14, 2010 4:00 am (Pacific time)

"Iran is no threat to anybody, never has been".
You are so right:
Opressing its own citizens with unhuman laws, hanging dissidents and homosexuals, stoning women to death for adultery? This is no threat to anyone.
Sending 12 year old children to battlefield in a stupid war of 8 years which ended up with 1 million dead people? This is nothing.
Massacring more than 100,000 opposition members in secrecy within its prisons in the 80's? Who cares? "There are problems everywhere".

"Israel is a threat to all of us".
Who can resist this deep analytic prediction?
Ongoing genocide of 300,000 people in Darfur since the 90's? Nothing to do with us.
150,000 Chechens killed by Russia. So what?
100,000 Algerians murdered in Algeria by Islamic jihadists? Their problem, not ours.
But 6000 people killed in Palestine since 100 years? This is our REAL problem.

PS: I don't think that Palestinians' lives are cheaper than any one's, no matter the amount of casualties. But come on Tim. Proportions. It seems that your dictionary has skipped this word. Yes there are problems everywhere. But your problem is lying in your mind. I suppose if you lived in the late 30's of the 20th century, you would strictly oppose the war against the Nazis saying "Problems everywhere... American warmongering... Guided like sheep... Germany is no threat... Jews are threat to all of us."
Best regards from Israel

Tim King: Shlomo, is it worse for Iran to oppress its own citizens than it is for Israel to oppress Palestinians?  My point is that western media constantly goes after this country and I'm sorry, but look at the record, and I am talking about Iran's wars on other nations.  Tell me all about it?  The U.S. had hostages taken and returned alive, I was around then as a teenager, and that bruised the hell out of America's ego.  This country funded Iraq's terrible invasion and several long war on Iran in the 1980's.  Iran was totally screwed in the post WWII years by the British.  They were ripped off and had their democratically elected president yanked out of office by the CIA and SAS and he was replaced with the Shah who again, was friendly and supportive of western oil needs.  You know you know I hate Nazi's and their ilk.  I don't hate Israel, I do want people to live, I want Israel's terrible genocide to end.  I wonder if you even can see the real videos living there as you do.  One story published by an Israeli we think very much of today is about the eradication of a Palestinian town.  Please open this, it is also in Hebrew, and tell me if the YouTube video plays in Israel:  Shalom Shlomo, don't assume I am bad because I want exclusively true non propaganda-based news going out.    

Iranian American June 4, 2010 11:16 am (Pacific time)

I hope that the United States and Israel bomb Iran until it is cleansed of Islam. That includes killing all the Arabs that forced this cancerous religion upon the Persian Empire.

P. Thomas May 18, 2010 2:24 pm (Pacific time)

What you pretend to pass off as journalism is a waste of bandwidth. It would be best if you stay with local birth and death notices.

Tim King: So P, or is it Pee?  I'm as real as you're ever going to know.  Worldwide and on the inside, contacts in every place, you're attempt at an insult's a real disgrace. 

David Emme April 10, 2010 3:01 pm (Pacific time)

No doubt the Iraq was was fallonius. It almost seems that because of the unjustified actions in one country does not justify not taking action in another country. Seeing many of the statements by Iran in the past few years and viewing their actions, I kind of wander how a terrorist nation who has attacked Americans and Ametrican interests (EDITOR COMMENT: THERE IS NO TRACK RECORD OF IRAN ATTACKING THE UNITED STATES THAT IS WORTH MEASURING; ISRAEL ON THE OTHER HAND HAS KILLED AMERICANS ON THE GROUND IN PALESTINE AND ATTACKED THE U.S.S. LIBERTY IN 1967 KILLING MANY AMERICAN SAILORS, AND NEVER ATONING FOR IT)  as well as now training and arming fighters for Al Qaeda against American troops in Afghanistan-for many including myself, now is a good time to be bombing Iran's military capabilities and suspected nuclear sites. (YOU ARE HOW OLD?  PERSONALLY I DON'T CARE, BUT I HAVE SEEN THE DESTRUCTION THAT THE USA HAS BROUGHT THESE PLACES AND I'VE FELT THE HATE.  THE ENTIRE THING IS A SHAM.  ALSO, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT WARMONGERS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES.  THIS TYPE OF ATTITUDE IS WHY PEOPLE HAVE SUCH A PROBLEM WITH THE US MILITARY.  BOMB IRAN?  WORST IDEA IN THE WORLD, JUST TELL YOUR FAMILY YOU LOVE THEM THE DAY THAT HAPPENS, BECAUSE WE WILL ALL BE THROUGH )

Of course, some will say look what happened to Iraq. Well yes, lets look at what happened in Iraq when Iran decided to go capture an oil well right across the border. This was not a few decades ago but a few weeks ago.

Iran has sponsored terrorism against the USA. (TERRORISM OR DEFENSE AGAINST TERRORISM?  SO IF YOU GREW UP IN THE MIDEAST, YOU WOULD TURN ON YOUR FAMILY AND CULTURE BECAUSE THE USA SAID YOU SHOULD?) Taking President Bush's statements of committing warfare against nations supporting terror, many of us in Iraq and in the armed forces who grew up watching Iran backed terrorists committing warfare-it was a no brainser to many of us.

On the other hand, this is not an Arab nation as seeing Saddams actions as nothing short of yanking our chain around as the only possible option to keep two nations at Iraq's border whiich os also Iraq's most natural enemy, hearing many statements of predicted actions against the USA and wiping Israel off the map. (THAT IS COMPLETE BS, THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT WANTS TO WIPE ANOTHER COUNTRY OFF THE MAP IS ISRAEL, AND IT WANTS TO KILL THE PEOPLE OF IRAN)

Perhaps this is a prelude to war with Iran or borrowing a playbook from the Reagan administration letting our enemies we will kill and destroy you if you continue this path, so lets go take the 6th fleet and conduct arial and naval operations within sight of Iran. (REAGAN WAS A CRAPPY PRESIDENT; HE IS WHO THE HOMELESS VETERANS HAVE TO THANK, FOR CHANGING THE WAY MENTAL HEALTH IS FUNDED AND REGARDED, GREAT GUY THAT MOVIE ACTOR REAGAN)

The problem is, if you use this tactic, when they pull your punk card-you b etter be able to follow up. (PUNK CARD?  IS THAT THE LEVEL YOU ARE WORKING ON WHILE DISCUSSING WORLD POLITICS?)

This is not the first time we started putting bombers in Diego Garcia and probvably will not be the last as we also have our preposition ships located there as if needed-literally Marines can be In Iran in about 48 hours. 

It is not about wanting to dominate another country, but as history shows-a nation that has a nuke will cause her enemies to seek the same capabilities. One look in history will show us when China and India were at war, basically India developed nuke capablities. Maybe they only had one but sometimes one is all you need.(THERE IS NOT A SHRED OF PROOF THAT IRAN HAS NUKES BUT THAT DANGEROUS PLACE CALLED ISRAEL HAS HUNDREDS OF THEM.  PEOPLE ARE SO CONFUSED THAT WE CAN NEVER SAVE THIS.  THE GOP PUNDITS HAVE CONVINCED GUYS LIKE THIS THAT EVERYTHING FALSE IS TRUE, AND VICE VERSE.)

Then India's natural enemy-Pakistan decided they could not be bullied by India-so they went and got thier own nuke.

The point is that it will not end with Iran. As for me while training to deploy to Iraq, the one quwstion I always had is if N Korea is a part of the axis of evil and we are going to war with Iraq over suspected nukes, why have we not bombed and invaded N Korea yet? (PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEIR REAL PROBLEMS ARE IN THE WORLD)

David April 8, 2010 3:05 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, are binary chemical weapons BB Guns or weapons of mass destruction? You, sir, are an anti-semite.

Tim King: Israel has hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons and a reputation as a trigger happy warmongering state.  This is what people need to worry about, not your propaganda fantasies.  You sir, need to define what an anti-Semite is; we have published several articles about it, educate yourself.  Criticizing Israel's over reactive military state or its destructive politics, is neither religious, racial or cultural.  Your country is committing genocide, simple as that.  I work with plenty of Jewish people is generating this material, perhaps you need to buy a dictionary.    

AWWar March 18, 2010 8:15 pm (Pacific time)

So basically what you have to say is 'Nah Uh, you are the liar'. Then some how, despite me not saying a single thing aside from pointing out your own inaccuracies, you claim its some how racist, or a 'Bush Pattern'?.   So some one says you lie. You respond with 'you racist'. Some one says you lie, you say 'Bush Pattern'? Sounds like between that, and your rabid rambling conspiracies about how I may also be some Israeli agent along with 'others sent here' to lie... When they only say, you lie. Is just sad, unprofessional, and comical. The desperation by attempting to act as if by not going to Iraq, their stories are some how any different. Some are opposed, the majority aren't. They miss home. You attempt to act as if that means they are opposed to what is going on. While acting as if you stand behind them.... Its another desperate attempt at sounding like you care, while attacking what they do. You aren't fooling any one. You are angry I disagree, and simply state your story is a lie. I add nothing to claim I work for any one, racist, or am some how using some 'Bush Pattern'. The story is a lie, the so called facts in it, lies. Your comments, unprofessional. You clearly can't take criticism.. Or have people disagree with out some how being labeled one of your many....   Again, truth sha'll set you free. How do those chains feel?

PS - Thanks for at least trying to reply. Regardless of how misleading and ridiculous it is.

Tim King: I use the term racist because Israel has separate laws and policies for people, depending on their cultural/religious group.  There is no common ground friend, maybe on another subject there would be.  A revolution is taking place, we are a big part of it, I hope you and everyone can change your energy and try to find a way to fix it, rather than defend it.  I have just seen too much to believe in anything less than fact.  There is always a great deal of emotion in these criticisms of Israel.  There are not two truths, there is only one.  I know the people of Israel have taken a lot of grief, I know many were born there and believe it is their birthright, and that to a degree is fine.  People need to get along, laws need to be enacted to build transparency.  Soldiers who violate laws need to be held accountable, and so do their national leaders, in any country, at any time.  You say you are not an agent for Israel, accepted; but boy are you defensive about it.  You suggest I don't take criticism but that is not an accurate assessment; I published a story to communicate information, not to have it challenged at face value.  My mind's eye picture of you is a little child with a severe entitlement issue, like Israel itself, pounding your fist and screaming "lie" "lie" "lie" when you know I am not doing any such thing.   

AWWar March 18, 2010 3:42 pm (Pacific time)

Like your article, that was filled with nothing more then hate.... Comical how you label me some thing when all I did was point out you are factually inaccurate and used lies in order to make a story.. Some how that's being a 'propagandist'. Which is comical because I actually made no statements that could be labeled propaganda. Which only shows more about the character of the writer, you. That instead of taking some ones opinion you are in fact spreading lies, you attempt to label them some thing with nothing to go on except they disagree.  I did this simply to prove you are just a hate filled person. Knowing you would respond exactly like you did. With baseless accusations. Which is what I originally said the article was... So I think the proof is in your own words. As well as your "approving comments". Because its clear you don't agree with freedom of speech if you can't accept comments that disagree with you. Which makes you just like the Iranian government you support. Which again was planned. And you fell for it. Proving you are exactly like the Iranian regime. Which is why you support them. Birds of a feather flock together... Which is why we have this article. I would say good try, but it was really a sad attempt at sounding unbiased and non-anti-Semitic. Buy you are, you clearly hate Israel, and side with the oppressive Iranian regime. You should work on hiding that a little better. How much they paying you Tim? As far as being to Iraq, nope I have not been there. How ever I know tens of thousands of troops and speak to many frequently. A minuscule amount agree with you.   But since you have proved you are willing to lie to make a point. Chances are you hear the same as me, and are just lying more to prove a point. The truth sha'll set you free. For now enjoy those chains Tim.  If you want people to take you seriously, you may want to try and act like a professional. Not some one who can't take criticism. Or hold a debate with out resorting to lies.

Tim King: You know, people can read for themselves, and conduct research, so your entire platform is thus compromised.  The truth is a real bitch when you are on the wrong side of it, but I did not put you there, you put yourself there.  I detect a Bush pattern in your words and those of the other paid Israelis who hassle us all day.  You still believe that if you lie often enough, and loudly enough, that it will somehow change things.  Well I have to hand it to you, the approach worked here very well for a long time, but people can only be cowed for so long before they open their eyes.  Didn't you start out asking if I am paid by Iran?  That is funny, since you actually are paid to do what you do.  I have no support from anyone there, though it wouldn't hurt our feelings, and I am sure that plenty of people in Iran and Israel would contribute to our efforts, but it isn't about that for us.  You should be glad that almost all western media follows the program.   I am amazed that you have the audacity to view my work, 100% based on fact and attributed, as something less than the truth when we know it is true.  Iran has no established history of violence toward neighboring countries, but who could blame any country for standing up next to a 'country' that practices genocide as part of its national, religious extremist platform?  The fact that you have not been in Iraq means a lot, and that is not an insult, there are plenty of place that I have not been to, but I have covered stories all over Iraq.  People reading this know I have been there, it means a lot in comparison to someone who has not. I also spent two months covering the war in Afghanistan and I don't refer to it the same way; that is a different war, or at least it was when I was there in 2006 and 2007.  Iraq is a wreck, a mess.  The Coalition divided the people of this place along Sunni and Shi'ite lines, as happened in Rwanda between the Hutu and Tutsi people.  Finally, you are simply an Arab hater I guess, that is all I can derive from this.  You call me anti-Semitic?  We ran four articles on anti-Semitism recently.  You should read them and learn something.  There is not a racist in my world pal, only in yours.  We work with Israeli people, we love Jewish people, it has nothing to do with it.  At the same time, I have no love for any religious extremists, all they have ever done is bring the world hardship.  Too bad, I think few 'religious' people actually behave in a way that reflects those teachings.   

AWWar March 18, 2010 2:18 pm (Pacific time)

I wonder how much the person who wrote this was paid from Iranian money? Because only a complete moron would believe 90% of this. So many statements prove the writer hates Israel, and would side with the devil if need be in order to take down Israel.  Very anti-Semitic. Extremely nonfactual. And completely naive. I won't be visiting this site again if this is the type of crap they push... The last paragraph sums up the delusional lies.. "Iraq was a bad idea, nobody serving there is happy about it."
Strange how I speak to hundreds of troops. The overwhelming majority completely disagree.  Good way to try and act like you are for the troops. More lies... Sad. Horribly written. Factually inaccurate. End of discussion.

Tim King: Actually you are the exact kind of crap I'd like to push.  You are in the wrong place you silly little propagandist.  Your cat is out of the bag and it is a real lion.  We are working with Israeli people to spread the truth and to counter your lies about Iran and yourselves.  Israel is a fantasy in the eyes of many.  You believe you are 'entitled' to take what others possessed, well screw that.  Thieves are thieves; Israel is a thief.  Palestinian people possessed 98% of the land that you have stolen like murderous bullies.  The people who suffered under the Nazi's are living in squalor and poverty, Zionism is the devil's path.  Damned liars, pretty soon I am going to completely stop approving this crap.  You have no control, be thankful that I let your stupid lies exist here, of course only so I can continue to illustrate to people how complete and long this lie really is.  God bless the Palestinians and the good people of Israel who are not part of this murderous monster called the IDF.  Someday you will all end up in a military tribunal, that is where thousands of IDF soldiers need to end up.  Americans will figure it out sooner or later, I think it is happening sooner.  By the way, have you been to Iraq?  I have you idiot, now go back to FOX News and stay there.  

long live Iran March 17, 2010 3:44 pm (Pacific time)

. "U.S. bombers are ready today to destroy 10,000 targets in Iran in a few hours, Ten thousand targets? There is more to this than the concept of overkill or even the remote possibility that there are that many targets that can be described as part of Iran's nuclear program. It is typical U.S. insanity and murderous behavior. The idea is to devastate, depopulate and rule. Does this planet need yet another people and nation devastated, with its infrastructure attacked by military hardware, made unlivable for its population in the foreseeable future? Does this planet need another area where terrorist bombings are a daily, hourly occurrence? This insanity has to be stopped, and it has to be stopped. The civilized world cannot allow this to happen to another country. Iran is an ancient civilization and culture. In over 200 years, Iran has done absolutely nothing to infringe on its neighbors. However, quite the contrary is true. Iran has suffered regime change before at the hands of outsiders and has not forgotten it.Wake up Iran you need your nuclear bomb.

Hank Ruark March 17, 2010 3:04 pm (Pacific time)

Ed Cayce: Yours re Alinsky shows only venom and hatred for what he accomplished. One thing he did say was "You can only beat dollars by organizing people", to which most of our readers will respond rather than to your flat misstatement. Where's YOUR worldwide famed record for anything, sir ? I knew and worked with kids growing up in neighborhoods he saved in Chicago. You ever had any connection with area or people or with him or his colleagues ? Until, unless you can prove potent progressiveness in some desperate areas, as he did, yours is simply smear here for impact on situation you know little about in comparison with Tim, who has been there and done something right in the area.

Roland March 17, 2010 12:11 pm (Pacific time)

First and foremost, the American public needs to realize that our democracy doesn't function and that the Pentagon has the power. Secondly, this will be the century that belongs to Asia and our "decision makers" have concluded that we must harness China and Russia's growing power by controlling the energy pipelines that run through Central Asia. That would explain our presence in Georgia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Crippling Iran is the next step in attaining unfettered control over the flow of oil and gas to Europe and China. Tim, you act as though Israel should just pack up and move out... Why would they? They believe that it is rightfully theirs and they are willing to fight to the death for it. America is simply helping them in that fight, because others say that it should be theirs. Right or Wrong, try offering solutions rather than the mediocre history lesson of which I am fully aware.

Ed Cayce March 17, 2010 9:53 am (Pacific time)

The Alinsky rule is to keep pushing Lies and False stories to depress and exhaust your opponents. Alinsky failed. Iran will be competely destroyed and Iranian operatives will be chased down as will those who put out their propaganda. Hardball is not a game for you foreign and domestic terrorists, it is your conclusion.

Sal March 17, 2010 9:01 am (Pacific time)

You keep referring to the war in Gaza, so let me set you straight; Hamas fired THOUSANDS of rockets into Israel starting with Gush Katif many years ago. Even after Israel pulled its own people from there (which was a mistake) they continued to fire rockets at CIVILIAN targets. Why do you think they did that? Israel gave them numerous warnings and chances to negotiate peace but they never really stopped. This is what you call a war and in war you must defeat your enemy. The 1400 dead you quote is wrong. It's more like 1000, which most of whom were Hamas who are legitimate targets. If Hamas would have stopped, then the war would have been avoided. Furthermore, we also know that they were using their own civilian's as shields which is no surprise since they're dirty terrorists.

Tim King: Sal, we're going to be rolling to a stop with this dialog.  I want rational debate but you sir, you inject direct falsehood and the discussion doesn't need it, nobody needs it.  You are attempting to portray things as they are not.  No parties disagree on the 1400 + as a casualty figure.  People aren't stupid, though it is obvious you hope they are Sal.  Israel received rocket attacks, that is true.  Around six people died as a result of that.  The IDF response led to seven or eight more Israeli deaths.  That is it.  Anything you attempt to cite will need to be attributed here.  We attribute everything, if it is not listed it has been before.  Israel has choked the population into that tiny strip and made promises that were not delivered about taking down the blockade.  Finally, the doctors interviewed in Gaza said there were civilians being brought in for treatment, not Hamas militants.  Certainly some Hamas fighters were killed and injured, but there is no direct record of them being treated that I have seen, that is not to say it doesn't exist.  Israel directed civilians in Gaza to leave their homes and then the IDF attacked the locations the civilians were told to flee to.  This is not acceptable international behavior.  It has nothing to do with who did what, only that crimes were committed on a very large scale.  Again, I am going to stop approving your comments that repeat the same false allegations over and over.  Same goes for that other guy who keeps going here.  People who are discussing politics tend to learn and change, paid agents are strictly agenda driven.  I think you represent the second group.  Either way, is real true free press in the world and we have no obligation to carry your words of explanation for Israel's mass murder of the Palestinian people and overall dismissal of genocidal acts.  Shallom. 

Sal March 17, 2010 8:51 am (Pacific time)

This so-called news is filled with lies and is pure propaganda. Israel doesn't shoot farmers for approaching the security fence and it didn't plan to kill civilians in the Gaza offensive.
All it takes to see one's intentions is to look at their society; Israel is a democracy which has built a country from swamp and desert. The muslim world (which includes the Palestinian 'terror'tories) is a cesspool of bigotry, corruption and hatred.

Tim King: I wish you were right sal but you aren't.  Read it and weep, we only work with documented facts:   Sep-07-2009: IOF Willfully Kill a Child in Beit Hanoun Town, Northern Gaza -

laurelle March 16, 2010 8:57 pm (Pacific time)

Isn't this a question of defence industry per se? Not only has Israel predicated its economy on defence trade, so has the US to an extensive degree, and from what I understand there is even a binding stricture on US Def.Dept. to sell x amount of defence systems each year. How many wars in the Middle East have been fought with US hardware? The industry seems to direct all geo-strategic rationale within the Middle East. My point is, Iran too is involved in the industry of defence. I don't see how there can be any causal resource management within the Middle East, nor geo-political progression until this industry is regulated systemically within the state system per se.

Jim Knight March 16, 2010 7:54 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, are you kidding me. "Iran is no threat to anybody". What the hell are you smokin'? To refresh your memory on the man mouthpiecing for your beloved regime, here are just a couple of quotes from Ahmadinejad; "We don't shy away from declaring that Islam is ready to rule the world.", or how about this one, "The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm.", or, "Israel is doomed to be "wiped from the map" in "a war of destiny." I don't know, maybe I just misunderstood Mr. Ahmadinejad. You're lost.

stephen March 16, 2010 7:02 pm (Pacific time)

lol knew who I was thru my IP address. You put up with me even with our disagreements, you are a good man. Thru all of the bull, we will probably become good friends. ANyway, I clicked on the link and it worked. Try again. I get a bit frustrated by so many lies, and I do truly try to find truth even when it hurts. 911 really kicked my butt when I learned the truth. I understand why people cant accept it. I was sick for weeks. I also have a video of the 5 israelis admitting on israeli tv that they were filming 911 as it happened. They were the same 5 israelis that were arrested and let go. I will find it and send it to you. if the link does not work from previous, go to youtube and search "Drunk israeli settler brags how jews killed Jesus" I would like to infiltrate john hagees church and put this on their gosh darn big screen tv. :-)

Ersun Warncke March 16, 2010 7:01 pm (Pacific time)

John March, trying to equate the modern State of Israel with some fables from pre-history is a bad joke. And you are telling other people to wake up? Laughable.

Ersun Warncke March 16, 2010 6:54 pm (Pacific time)

Douglas Benson, I definitely agree with your assessment of the U.S. government's relationship with Israel. The U.S. is allied with Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and is occupying Iraq for largely the same reasons the British empire was occupying Palestine and Iraq. Control of the Suez canal and the ability to exert influence on oil extractors are the primary motivators for the imperialists. That said, the propaganda of the State of Israel, and their weird coalition with radical evangelical Christians, certainly helps to provide the cover that these crazy military exercises require. The Israeli State does exert influence, but its influence is most successful when its goals mesh with those of the imperialists in the U.S. government.

Eddie zawaski March 16, 2010 6:42 pm (Pacific time)

The only problem I had with this article was the "Weight of history" argument. Pumping out a list of Zionist crimes is more boring than convincing. The other problem is that telling historical truth about Israel in the public press brings out the Mossad Information Brigade. They operate much like the czarist Cheka with so many informers and informal agents, many of whom are not certain about whom they serve. On the other hand, people need to be reminded about history and a journalist has a responsibility to do just what you did. Unfortunately, most people are too lazy to read or pay attention to things like injustice heaped on somebody in an isolated corner of the world outside the USA.

bob March 16, 2010 6:11 pm (Pacific time)

israel has a right to exist and has been invaded 3 separate times by their arab neighbors. besides that they are constantly attacked all the times with rockets and suicide missions. granted israel responds harshly, maybe too harshly at times, but they are fighting for their survival. if the muslim arabs thought they could combine forces and destroy israel they wouldnt delay to do just that. muslims cannot tolerate a jewish state and have said so numerous times. the problem is that either you are a muslim or an infidel, no in-between. perhaps israel has become indignant towards their neighbors but the arabs are to blame too with their rhetoric and their history of aggression towards israel. no one wants war but it is obvious that sooner or later its going to happen. its interesting though how through time the world has always been against the jewish people and that after hitler attempted to exterminate them god not only brings them back to their land but they are the dominate power against all odds. though they may be wrong at times there is no denying gods hand is on this small nation.

Tim King: Our writers don't say "Jews this and that" so stop generalizing your references to Muslim people in such generic racist terms.  You and your cohorts are so full of yourselves and your contrived fears that you probably can't stand to look at yourselves.  You know Israel is a warring overactive nation with a pattern of exterminating an entire race of people.  There are good people in Israel all over the place who do not agree with your nation's military policies any more than most of us like what Bush did.  I think though, that more Americans have the ability to at least eventually admit they are wrong.  Israel lacks this, and so do her blind followers.  

Anonymous March 16, 2010 4:53 pm (Pacific time)

Tim: sometimes the links dont work because of the and etc..please make sure this works..its important..I also suggest I think you and mike rivero should join up. I will contact u personally

Tim King: Stephen, I hot linked it for you but the code does not seem to work, feel free to resend and you can also send the URL of the site, thanks.

Anonymous March 16, 2010 4:44 pm (Pacific time)

how about the US regime not only killing innocent civilians around the world, but setting up a police state in the US? How about the jewish zionist banksters who just stole all our money? HOw about Iran having no nukes, and has not started a war in 200 years? how about the TRUE translation of Ahmadinejad's words? He said, that isreal will wipe its ownself off the map because of the atrocities it creates. How about this? If Iran attacks anyone, anywhere, their entire country would turn to molten glass. THey know this, and are not going to start anything. When I lay my head to sleep at night, I do not fear Iran, I fear israel and the u.s. It is now common knowledge that the zionist Rothchilds want to take over the world, and they will do anything to make it happen. Most every country in the world knows about the federal reserve bank run by the rothchilds, and they are not going to take it anymore. Either israel and the u.s back off, or we will see WW3, and the US will lose.

Gregory March 16, 2010 4:41 pm (Pacific time)

The article is not biased. It is simply a lie with a bit of half-truths in the name of pacifism.

Gregory March 16, 2010 4:39 pm (Pacific time)

Hamas sent many hundreds of rockets into Israel before Israel responded in force. So if Hamas had not succeed in killing many people in this way it wasn't for lack of trying.

Tim King: 14 dead Israeli people as a total result of those attacks that you say included "hundreds of rockets".. I was not there to see how many rockets Hamas fired.  They did it in reprisal to the Gaza blockade, half the Israeli deaths or more were from the military, four of those died by friendly fire.  The toll in Gaza: 1,400, almost all civilians.

Gregory March 16, 2010 4:37 pm (Pacific time)

Peace-loving mullahs in Tehran are responsible for about a million deaths of Iranians and Iraqis alone and I'm not even counting innocent people killed in Iran sponsored attacks in Argentina, London and Israel.

Tim King: Oh yeah Greg, and Israel killed eight bazillion.  Why don't you stop trying to insert BS as factual material, I won't have it.  Where are those one million?  Geez you are full of it.  There are many legitimate criticism of the crazy religious extremists; Zionists and fundamental just about anything.  This is the thing, the Muslim people may be centered around religion, but that is because many have lost so much, and that is all they have left.  It is possible that the U.S. and Coalition forces killed up to a million Iraqi people, the numbers vary a lot.  Even in the Iran-Iraq War the deaths were in the tens of thousands, not the hundreds of thousands.  That lovely debacle was fueled and started by the U.S. anyway.  Thanks for making us hash over such depressing subjects there Gregory, but we'll do what we have to do.

Anonymous March 16, 2010 4:15 pm (Pacific time)

there will be no war with Iran in 2010...2011 yes. Also, 2010 will show 30-50% devaluation of the dollar, military will continue to be set up around the world in 2010, because attacking Iran will bring WW3, and the elite are not yet ready. No Iran war in 2010, but if you want to see the truth about the economy, check my research on this link

Max March 16, 2010 2:41 pm (Pacific time)

You are a bigot anti semite and all around AH.  Your slant on the world is terrifying and false. Max

Tim King: Max, my Jewish friends and I are rolling all over the floor over that one, I'd say 'good try' except it wasn't!  Hang onto yourself with the trembling and all, sorry the truth scares you so much.  So that is what Israelis go through when people talk about their national behavior?   Hey, since we're both here, what a coincidence that one of our most esteemed writers, Professor and Author Jeff Gates, just wrote an article on that exact subject, so now people can read your, pardon me... STUPID accusation, and learn how that happens every time a reporter tells the truth about Israel and its genocidal behavior as a supposedly civilized nation.  It is anything but, and Israel's whole platform is racist.  I don't think 'Chosen People' means some kind of license to kill people and steal their land.  Dirty pool Max, glad I'm not swimming in it.  Anti-Semitism - What is it? - Jeff Gates

John March 16, 2010 1:04 pm (Pacific time)

"150 nuclear warheads that could take the world out several times over"? Your a marine? Really? Iran history is persian history if you know it, Cyrus the great was a friend to Israel, however; The regime in Iran, is not persian, it is based on the most radical Islam there is. Wake up man.

Tim King: Wide awake John.  Maybe things can be better if Israel quits lying about their nuclear program.

Rich March 16, 2010 12:55 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King: Shame on you for treating this as news instead of the opinion-laden load of bull that it is. Equating the US military's efforts to be prepared in case hostilities break out between Israel and Iran with making war against the "people of Iran" is just plain dishonest. The US isn't readying an all out, Iraq-esque blitz against Iran - if you need proof, let me reassure you that if that were the case, those shipments would involve a heck of a lot more than bunker-busters and ten ammunition crates. Your fear of the US going to war against another Middle-Eastern country in understandable. But to say that the need to stop a crowd of lunatic mullahs from acquiring nukes is equivalent to preparing a strike against the people of Iran - many of whom, are equally repulsed by those same mullahs - strikes me as outrageous, paranoid, and uninformed.

Supporting Christianity does not involved worshiping in the Westboro Baptist Church.  Islam and the whacked out teachings of the mullahs you refer to are as much of a problem in the world as anything, but that isn't what this story is about.  Do you recall those months before the Iraq invasion?  Glad you are so sure that we are not seeing a rerun; I certainly hope you are right and I am wrong.  Even if there was a war between Iran and Israel, Israel is committing genocide and needs to be busted on a world level.  Iran isn't doing a lot.  It is far from perfect, plenty of problems, but it doesn't have nuclear weapons.

Roger Billingsley March 16, 2010 8:56 am (Pacific time)

"Iran is no threat to anybody, never has been.  To the contrary, Israel is a threat to all of us."

And your a damn fool!  

Tim King: Thanks Roger, in this event you and are together comprise a contraction, therefore it would properly be 'you're' rather than 'your'.   Shallom Roger

Andrew March 16, 2010 11:17 am (Pacific time)

This article is incredibly biased. It presents opinion as fact and is downright false most of the time. I won't get into the details because each point you make can be easily picked apart to reveal a biased and misleading interpretation, but one example won't hurt. Israel targets "schools, hospitals, and directing civilians to evacuate to certain areas, which were in turn attacked with millions and millions of dollars worth of bombs supplied mostly by U.S. taxpayers." - True, Israel did fire at them, but only because Hamas was firing rockets at Israel from those buildings. Israel drops leaflets prior to tell the innocent to leave. They do not target the innocent as opposed to Hamas. What would the U.S. do? Do you see how your biases paint a misleading picture of the situation? This article is nothing more that propaganda and brainwashing.

Tim King: Biased in the name of humanity and what is right.  The Hamas rockets killed a tiny handful of people, six if I recall.  Israel killed over 1400 in response.  Israel will eventually be taken to task for it, they operate like criminals.  If you support it and have blood on your hands, that is not my problem.  I try to educate you guys but you wouldn't know truth if it was standing square in front of you.  Israel drops leaflets advising civilians in that concentration camp to move to a certain area, then they bombed it.  I have video and photos of everything I bring up.  We can also talk about the multiple ambulance drivers that the Israeli snipers shot, and even intentionally prevented from reaching and treating other ambulance drivers who were already shot while trying to reach families.  Too many criminals and murders in the IDF, but since the politicians are all criminals, what could we really expect.  Many of us dream of your Uncle Neti being cuffed and taken away, some day it might happen.  

You Sheep March 16, 2010 11:12 am (Pacific time)

You will believe anything fed to you! Iran has been too busy killing their own people to launch wars on neighboring countries. Lets not forget the tens to hundreds of thousands of terroists that they train and export all around the world.

Tim King: That is funny, we are the least sheeplike people in journalism, and you have wool for hair.  You are a liar and a propaganda person, probably paid.  Israel stole the land it sits on, that is the worst form of terrorism, done in the name of religion extremism, aka Zionixm.

Israel has been attacked from every direction but the west since its' inception. Israelis had to fight for their independance from British rule much like we did. When Britain finally gave up, the independance was declared, and the superpowers of the day immediately recognized Israel. If you feel that poorly about Israel, then you should be sickened by your own country. Iran will eventually have nuclear weapons. If they are stupid enough to use them, they will be blasted back to the stone age. Just hope it's not you that is the one or two cities hit by their weapons.

Tim King: Again, Israel stole what it has, there were only pockets of Jewish settlement then.   We have published the maps repeatedly showing how Israel took what it did over the course of such little time, ultimately claiming all but 2% or so of the land for itself.  What is left the settlers and government in concert continue to take away.  My country has legal nukes, Israel has criminal nukes, pretty different.  I don't like any of them, but I especially dislike the illegal and undocumented cache that Israel maintains.  You illustrate the less than gracious nature of Israel by insulting the British, but then you Zionists are the biggest entitlement babies that ever messed up the earth.  You think it is all owed to you, but it isn't and you can't have it and will soon return large portions of it.  The fact that the British helped Israel get established in the late 40's and then you guys turned around and attacked the British shows the nature of Israel.

Chances are, Iran will do nothing. They will talk big and back down. Why do you think they do this? We pay them off to shut their mouths. I'd much rather smack them in the mouth, maybe then, they would stop their bullying of the region.               

           Tim King: All Iran has done is said that it does not have nuclear weapons, at least they are honest.  

Jane March 16, 2010 9:56 am (Pacific time)

The only reason I voted for Obama was he promised to get us out of the wars and now this? Apparently, the democrats and republicans are all the same.

Hank Ruark March 16, 2010 9:39 am (Pacific time)

R.M.: You wrote: "Iran is an American enemy at this time, and we must make sure they cannot harm us, there is only one sure way of doing that." You treat Iran and its people as if the people and their govt. were will you bomb 'em all, or do you somehow plan to separate the innocent from the others ? If not, do you contend we must now bomb Iran to destroy any danger, current or only futureish ? When do you propose to trip that trigger for The Big One, and what do you suggest we do for anything left afterwards, to make sure humanity still survives somehow ??? Do you really believe ANY international attack NOW can avoid that final cataclysm ??

douglas benson March 16, 2010 8:58 am (Pacific time)

Good article ,but I think you give too much credit to Israel . Our goverment [not the people by the way ] has been and is busy expanding our empire . We have wrapped up the drug trade ,taken back the panama canal ,secured our oil intrests [China was on the verge of taking a huge chunk of the available oil] . The list goes on and on . Its no secret that Israel is our foothold into the middle east .I think you go too far when you insinuate that Israel is the puppet master ,rather I belive they are the puppet on our strings . A usefull tool giving us deniability . The real problem seems to be the spoils of war that should rightfully go to pay for these wars is going to big oil and the like .For example does anyone know what percentage of the petrol dollars in Iraq are going to war repriations [tribute] . They were talking about it for a minute but then britney forgot her panties and nobody cared anymore . I suspect that when Bush Jr wanted to default on the debt the WB and WTO gave him an out and bingo 9/11 WTO and WB get it all, records destroyed, war spending ,and all the spoils of war .

Steve March 16, 2010 8:52 am (Pacific time)

Besides Zionism being a repugnant ideology of greed and violenece, the US needs to promote its own interests in the Middle-East and the greater Islamic world of over 2 billion people. Most Muslims have nothing against the US and actually admire American values, but the blind support for Zionism and AIPAC influence over US policies have done immense damage to US credibility in the world. 5 million imported Zionists living on stolen land and on borrowed time in a sea of Arabs and Muslims simply won't survive demographically. It has only been 60 years and not a single country in the region has accepted the Zionists and things are only getting worse. The US needs to stop the billions of American taxpayer dollars spent on shoring up the brutal Zionist entity strutting like a puffed up chicken on US dollars and arms. It is high-time to look after US economic and geo-strategic interests.

Hank Ruark March 16, 2010 8:40 am (Pacific time)

For anyone needing further facts supported by documented history, seek out details of Iran/Contra and add also the full story behind Project for the New American Century.

Kathy Elliott March 16, 2010 8:22 am (Pacific time)

Tim's article is what every congressperson should be holding in their hands right now. When is it that we get our country back? Supporting Israel "right or wrong" is destroying any moral capital we might have. By the way, if Israel would become a peaceful nation and stop with their pre emptive wars, wouldnt that be a better way to provide security? Or is the notion of security a great cover needed by Israel to keep the US paying for their land grabs? My thanks to the Salem News for posting this article.

A. March 16, 2010 8:11 am (Pacific time)

That was not, "News". That was an uneducated, communist opinion column representative of (and further highlighting) egregious incidents of baseless propaganda within the "progressive" media. Move to Cuba.

Oregon Reader March 16, 2010 8:11 am (Pacific time)

Since 99 percent of everything we read about is pro-Israel, it is good to hear the dissenting voices, of which I agree in part. It is time for Israel to stand alone financially. No longer should we, at the cost of billions, continue to support a country that does little more than export a political lobby, using our OWN funds, to buy off military and political support. I see Palestinians who are near homeless, in their own land, while the taxpayers of the U.S. built shiny new highrise building to house the unending flow of new-Jews to Israel from everywhere in the world. This continues the course of action that makes the region unstable.

Roger Milner March 16, 2010 8:10 am (Pacific time)

I absolutely loath Israel and have wanted that country's oblivion since June 1967 when they attacked the USS Liberty. I was in Vietnam at the time, and I imagine many of you posters were toddlers or not even alive when that went down. Just visit the USS Liberty website for more info on that war crime. Just the same Iran's leadership is totalatarian, and their people are on their own; if they do not change their government's structure soon, then they will suffer serious consequences. Iran is an American enemy at this time, and we must make sure they cannot harm us, there is only one sure way of doing that. To say they don't have a developing nuclear weapons program and they are not sharing tech with North Korea and others is naive, as is comparing the number of nukes Israel has for that's too late to do anything about. If you want to put pressure on Israel and at the same time see their control over our elected leaders ask these senators and reps. to call for all funding of them to stop: Feinstein, Boxer, Kerry, Levin, Wyden, Lautenberg, Schumer, Waxler, Waxmen, Engel, Nadler, Frank, and on and on and on. Considering that Jews are 2% of America's population, then see what percentage are in positions of power and ownership of the media from newspapers and TEXT BOOK PUBLISHING to television and movie making. All the kinds of media that controls info flow, and shapes opinion. Note: When it comes to serving in the military, since the Korean War Americans Jews have not been showing up, but are happy to see us Gentiles (Goy) bleed for them. Of course if you point this out you are an anti-semite. This exposure will have results if one stays the course for this is about truth, not to be intimidated by those whose self-interest has nothing to do with American values and the welfare of our people. I assure you, in a very brief time period you will see how the above referenced people ignore you, so voting them out of power and looking into sedition/treason charges may be away to change behavior pronto.

Steve March 16, 2010 8:09 am (Pacific time)

The imported Zionist cult has literally bankrupted America and now plans to set the world on fire with warmomngering. US has already suffered enough by supporting the Zionist entity occpying Palestine. It is time to stop coddling warmongers and look after US interests in the new Asia centric multi-polar world.

Debbie Menon March 16, 2010 7:44 am (Pacific time)

Oh well, It was the PsyOps people who coined the phrase in Vietnam, "Win the Hearts and Minds of the People." This presumes that to win the hearts and minds of the people, if that were possible, would be to win the war. But, it is difficult to win the hearts and minds of a people upon whom you have been raining bombs and bullets, or who suspect that the first thing you will do after they give up their hearts and minds is to take their bodies out and line them up against the back wall in the football stadium. You are still going to have to shoot or bayonet a great many of them before they will quit sniping from behind the trees, flee the battlefield, or submit to your domination.
So, the bombast and bullshit war is played, not to win over an objective or a "targeted" "enemy" people...but to keep the folks back home hard at work and out of the streets, and to dissuade them from building fires in front of Parliamentary and Congressional Buildings and Offices! To keep the sheep in line and moving patriotically forward to the slaughterhouse, or dashing to get to the front of the line in front of the Armed Forces Recruitment Offices.
And I ask, "How many Americans, even after reading this, will recognize or accept that it is they, themselves, who have been BS'd and fed a diet of mixed crap?"
Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
With the cross of Jesus going on before.
Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
Forward into battle see His banners go!
Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
With the cross of Jesus going on before.
--Sa­bine Bar­ing-Gould, in Church Times, 1865
... and it rolls on, ad infinitum, et ad nauseum!

Steve Real March 16, 2010 7:41 am (Pacific time)

Fantasy man won't you write another fantasy for me? And when you are found out to be wrong... your credibility will be totally worthless in this world and at this time.

gp March 16, 2010 5:48 am (Pacific time)

Two things: several years ago I noted that the US sent over 50 bunker busters to Israel. So there is plenty of this weaponry in the middle east already. Maybe those were used on the tunnels, who knows? Secondly, Iraq and Iran both were secular states that allowed women to work,drive and go without a veil prior to US intervention. I think that it was also better for women in Afghanistan prior to the ascent of the Taliban which was a result of US interference. So, in these three countries it was better for women prior to all the military posturing and democratic salvation. As for the writers who still don't get it about Israel, they are the same ones who believed W had some WMD, people who research and don't just read propaganda can find the truth. To support Israel at all in any way is to be part of the killing machine that wipes out the Palestinian people. The truth is there in plain sight. Turn off you r TV, read, think and forget the vile talk radio show verbage that spews from your uninformed mouth. It is interesting to me that people all over the world "get it" but the illiterate couch potatoes in the US dominates the thinking there. Why is this? Part of it is that name calling stuff. Like "LIBERAL" is an insult? Anti-American if we don't support Israel? Preposterous thinking! not thinking at all.

Anonymous March 16, 2010 3:19 am (Pacific time)

I agree 100% w/this article. I am an American citizen and am disgusted by the undying support for judeo-nazism. I see America as Spain or Italy who supported Germany.. instead we support Israeli terrorists. Words cannot describe how horrible i feel that our own gov't will not put their people first but instead Israel w/all the money in their pocket to buy congressmen off, the manipulations, etc. God help us all.

bill March 16, 2010 3:03 am (Pacific time)

Wow Tim, where's your objectivity? I hope for peace, but give Israel a break.

bill March 16, 2010 2:58 am (Pacific time)

While I hope for peace, I find the blatant anti-Israel bias very ugly. I mean really what do you think would happen to Israel in that neighbourhood if they weren't strong or heavily protected? And human rights abuses, well where is your concern for what Israel's enemies are doing? I mean come on I hardly think Israel is doing anywhere near what some of their neighbours have done. And Iran, they're scaring far more of their neighbours than just Israel.

Dr.Torad March 16, 2010 2:51 am (Pacific time)

You my friend have no idea and don't see how you have won any awards. You sir are a liberal and need to leave this country, Iran threatens to whipe country's off the map and kill there own. I mean Russia for Christ sake is against them! Who do you think fuels the palestinians Iran does and so has every other terroist leading country.

Osotan; March 16, 2010 2:49 am (Pacific time)

Dr. Rosenberg, may I ask what your doctorate is in?, and "anti American" is a strange accusation as if "pro-American" would be to continue the road we are on? And no Dr. it's not sciene fiction. If your doctorate is in medicine do you treat any veterans of these wars for physical wounds or PTSD? If not maybe you should be offering your services to military or civilian hospitals in Iraq or Afghanistan or Gaza or are you in Haiti helping out now? I am really interested.

Massoud Raji March 16, 2010 2:18 am (Pacific time)

Thank you Tim.
You're a genuine Jihadist. May Allah reward you for your sincere alignment with us, away from US.

Tim King: Yeah, being against war makes me a real bad guy, oh and caring about my brother and sister American military forces, slap me down for that, right?  Inshallah Massoud, sorry that  insults are your only tool.

DrRosenberg March 16, 2010 1:54 am (Pacific time)

Tim: No mention of the brutality of the Iranian regime against its own people? No mention of their leader consistently threatening to wipe Israel off the map? No mention of facts....this is science fiction and anti-American.

Tim King: There are problems everywhere in the world doctor, but this story is about military posturing and continual American warmongering.  We are not going to be guided like sheep into another round of unnecessary deadly war on behalf of Israel.  Iran is no threat to anybody, never has been.  To the contrary, Israel is a threat to all of us. 

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