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Raping and Murdering Your Way Into War Crime Court
'Indisputable' - the Only Word for Sri Lanka's Guilt

Sri Lanka's army messed up big time in deciding to rape and murder a famous TV reporter named Isaipriya.

Shoba, commonly known as Isaipriya, who was a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist and television broadcaster (TamilNet)

(SACRAMENTO) - If a government remains indifferent and defiant long enough, even the west can lose its patience. Sri Lanka's President Majinda Rajapakse oversaw the elimination of approximately 160,000 Tamil people during the closing months of the country's civil war.

Isiapriya was an LTTE officer

Touted as a hero at first for eliminating the Tamil Tigers or LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), Sri Lanka's President Majinda Rajapakse has since been exposed as a war crime president. He runs this country with his three brothers, all of whom hold high political positions and a large portion of the nation's wealth.

The country has sailed into political turmoil because of the unrepentant attitude of its national leaders. There are thousands and thousands of photos and videos of the minority Tamil Hindu and Christian people being slaughtered by the Sri Lankan government, and after a while their squawk, "fake fake" starts sounding irresponsible and ridiculous, even to those who at first could not believe the charges.

Tamil Tigers were militants, but most of the people killed by Sri Lanka in the early months of 2009 were just families. Civilians were specifically targeted by the Sri Lankan Army. People were terrorized, chased, children were given no quarter. The Tamils of Sri Lanka endured a bloodfest and those who lived are forever scarred.

This article is partly excerpted from the report Sri Lanka Can't Deny This... Disturbing Video Proves Sri Lanka Army Committed War Crimes, filed in June 2012.

War proponents and propagandists often make excuses for criminal acts that take place in combat. People who have never heard a shot fired in anger can be the first to stupidly say, "Well that happens in war."

Yet most of the crimes we criticize governments for are not committed in the heat of battle, they generally happen after the smoke clears. War crimes take place during bad wars. Politics are behind this most grim expression of criminal militant brutality.

Shoba, commonly known as Isaipriya, who was a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist and television broadcaster (TamilNet) and a member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, gives a clear idea of what motivates these crimes. Prime motivating factors are lust, greed, indifference, and the knowledge that there will be no repercussions for acts committed against enemy prisoners and civilians.

While this report concentrates on the video showing Isaipriya's body as an obvious rape/murder victim, and alternately posed as a dead militant, a new video clip has emerged as well, thanks to Channel 4 in London. This unforgettable footage shows Isaipriya's actual capture.

Sitting half naked in shallow water on what appears to be a mud flat, she is taken by soldiers who initially cover the top half of her unclothed body. There is no explanation as to why she is only partly clothed.

In the video we see her brought closer to the camera. Soldiers initially mistakenly identify her as the daughter of LTTE Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. She tells them that she is not Prabhakaran's daughter, and then the video ends.

In death, Isaipriya is still wearing the white cloth that the Sri Lankan Army covered her with in death photos, though it was alternately moved to expose her breasts.

Excuses, reasons, explanations...

Recent reports about Isaipriya divided her name in half, referring to her as Isai Priya. She was a mother, a dancer, an actor and journalist with TamilNet. Isaipriya had health issues and she didn't carry a rifle, she carried a microphone.

But even if she had been a full bore LTTE fighter, there are international laws that protect combatants after they are prisoners of war.

Sri Lanka did not follow these rules of war. In the first photos of Isaipriya, she is dead, her clothes are stripped away from her body, her hands are tied behind her back and her pants are pulled down, her legs are spread. Dead women with their legs open and their clothing stripped away, who are bound, are generally rape victims.

She is photographed and videotaped initially it appears, where the murder likely occurred. These are the images that show her with her hands bound behind her back. They are backed up with video that Channel 4 used in 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields'.

It shows very clearly, that the girls who are recently killed, are actually covered up to some degree when the video begins, and then the clothes come off again to reveal their damaged, nude, dead bodies.

No human being deserves such a fate. Isaipriya led a dignified life, it is a tragedy that her life ended so violently, in a story packed with lies from the Sri Lankan government, which has categorically denied every element of indisputable truth.

These are hard images to look at, but they tell more of a story now, than they did at first. A London attorney named Vasuki Muruhathas, who represents an unnamed Tamil war crime victim, recently acquired and released 32 new video clips of captured and dead LTTE fighters.

It is clip #28, at 2:56, that heavily indicts Sri Lanka in the death of Isaipriya.
This video shows her body in a row of dead fighters, presumably photographed for identification by the Sri Lankan Army. The still frame to the right is recorded after the clip on the left, according to metadata.

The thing that sets this video apart, is that the young woman is not bound in these shots. Her hands have been untied to make her appear as one more dead resistance fighter, but we know that shortly before this, she was laying in a pool of blood with her hands tied.

This is where the deception of Sri Lanka's government clearly enters the picture. They really must have assumed their critics wouldn't eventually see through their constant denials. Sri Lanka portrays all media who report this information as groups with personal beefs against their country.

Several things are clear:

  • Isaipriya was captured alive or surrendered, or else she would not have been restrained. Nobody ties the hands of a dead person, so she was alive at first.
  • The positioning of her body; the nudity and seemingly depraved references to her naked form recorded on video, indicate a state of sexual interest and assault.
  • The fact that her hands are untied and that she is laid in a row of corpses, proves that the SLA tried to cause the viewer and consequently the world public, to believe that her death was a legal act of war when it could not possibly have been.

We have the proof and there is no need to ask about whether war crimes took place, it is painfully obvious that they did. These clips are all one needs to see to know Sri Lanka's forces acted with great depravity and that no captives, even non-combatant journalists, off limits to their abuse and destruction.


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